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Coolest Dad Ever Fine With Daughter Posing For Playboy’s “Girls Of The SEC” Issue

Auburn University has many proud traditions. There’s the annual rivalry game with Alabama, played since 1893 and fondly referred to as “The Iron Bowl.” There’s Homecoming, when students and alumni gather together to crown a Homecoming queen and participate in events like the Omicron Delta Kappa Cake Race. There are the famous Toomer’s Corner pep rallies, in which students have been throwing toilet paper over two massive southern oak trees since the 1950′s.

Then there’s Playboy’s annual “Girls of the SEC” issue, in which coeds from Arkansas, Mississippi, and, yes, Auburn, make a decision that will either a) cause a massive family rift and a bunch of creepy Facebook messages from quiet guys in their ENG 201 lectures, or b) be supported by your family… and cause a bunch of creepy Facebook messages from quiet guys in their ENG 201 lectures.

Luckily, for Haley Ann, an Apparel Production Design major with a 4.0 GPA, her dad was cool with it. Although he was “hesitant” at first, he is being “very supportive” of Haley Ann, according to her interview with The War Eagle Reader.

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And really, what choice do you have as a dad at that point? If you completely lose your mind over it, it will only push your daughter further in that direction, and one “Girls of the SEC” Playboy photo turns turns into a decidedly less-classy “Broads of Cayuga Community College” pictorial. So smart move, dad.

Also, we got a little background on how Playboy runs their “Girls of the SEC” operation.

“We shot my pictorial at a cabin in Chewacla,” she says. “It was during a huge power outage we had in Auburn that night so that made it feel even more adventurous!”

So, basically, it was shot in a dark cabin in a park? Where some would see a potential Dateline special, Haley Ann saw adventure. Oh, those crazy SEC kids.

[The War Eagle Reader]

  • NC

    “Cool” dad?  Where did he take her for her 5th birthday party?  Hooters? 

    Way to go, Dad.  Way to teach your daughter to respect herself for more than her face and body…..wow.

  • Anonymous

    ::: sad trombone noise :::

  • http://twitter.com/LexKuhne Lex Kuhne

    The “Girls of…” feature is annual near the start of the academic year, and it rotates among the conferences, so it’s likely been at least 4-5 years since it’s been in the SEC.

  • Tridentine Avenger

    How difficult is it to get a 4.0 in Apparel Production Design?  I’m guessing the answer is “not very.”  Now if she were in, say, Architecture or Electrical Engineering, I’d be duly impressed.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, she can do what she wants, just dont ask us to pay off “Forgiven”college debt in 20 years.

  • Raistlin4

    She has a 4.0 just like a college football player who is on the All-American Academic List for having a 4.0 in Hotel Management…

  • http://profiles.google.com/nosterrex Michael Boykin

    How could any father be proud of his daughter posing nude for a magazine? The longer I live in this world, the less I understand it. I used to think that we lived in a Post-Christian society, but even the Pagans had a higher sense of morality than our society has today.

  • Tim

    i can’t wait to pleasure myself to her pictures..

  • Anonymous

    She is soooo cute!

  • RepubliCLOWNS

    Looks like someone is jealous.  

  • RepubliCLOWNS

    You’re right, she should be in a burka.  

  • Mike

    Dad’s got a problem. Isn’t a father supposed to protect his daughter? This dumb ass is no better than Lindsay Lohan’s or Miley Cyrus’s father. Pathetic…….

  • Anonymous

    Dad couldn’t pay for the tuition (steep at Auburn) and he was backed into a corner. Daughter was smart and figured this could help. She really doesn’t look like PB material, but then again I might be getting too old. She looks like a clueless kid. Obviously she is not.

  • Anonymous

    If your Dem buddies have their way, she might be in 30 years or so. You do know what the big Dem plan in the middle east and eventually here is, right?

  • Anonymous

    right, and I’m not sure how guys in ENG (Engineering) 201 would even know her.

  • Anonymous

    Fact: Come to daddy!!!!! Really come to daddy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You can be ashamed of your body if you want to be. There is nothing wrong with it . It is a form of art. not pornography.

  • RepubliCLOWNS

     That was forced.  Kind of sad that we’re talking about a hot chick and you’re still talking politics.

  • RepubliCLOWNS

    She still has a 4.0.  Doubt her school is giving her special treatment because she’s posing in Playboy.

  • RepubliCLOWNS

    They know her because she’s hot.  I doubt if she knows them though.

  • RepubliCLOWNS

     Just because he’s cool with HER decision to pose nude, doesn’t mean he forced it on her. 

  • RepubliCLOWNS

     She’s kind of ratty looking but in a cute way.  At the same time, she’s not like all the other Playboy bimbos who have the same generic look.  Not saying that look isn’t hot, but it’s gets old after a while.  This chick should be worth a peek.

  • RepubliCLOWNS

    Any chick that bashes this chick is probably a fat ugly hypocrite.  If you had the goods, you would probably flaunt them for a paycheck as well.  It’s not that hard.  Just don’t pork yourself and try working out once in a while.  You too could have an enviable body.  

  • kghgk

    right…because ppl who “read” playboy consider it art

  • Darladoon

    of course they have to frame it as “dad gave permission”

    rather than “she’s an adult and can do whatever she please w/out daddy’s permission”

  • Anonymous

    How do Feel about Michelangelo’s David?
    or  Leonardo da Vinci’s Angelo Incarnato & Vetruvian Man?

    It is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Anonymous

    BTW photography is an art form.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FSPIVAFYI672OH5NOKVRTEZA4U MadCharles

    What a shame, but what the hell.  I wonder if mommy and daddy  saw the video of the latest  frat or sorority party. …

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TWK2YYJTTIDLZIVV7NKZM23Z6Q Tyler

    What are these stupid liberal doing sending their daughters to pose for Playboy?  Don’t they have any decency left? 

  • Anonymous

    Fact: Oh yes little girl I came back for another peekaboo!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    No Republican girls never posed for playboy?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry that isn’t a Dad.  Creepy step dad maybe.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure this happens every month.

  • NDanielson

    I am sure daddy would encourage her to whine and prostitute herself to her government for forgiveness of her government loans. No big deal.

  • BBBB

    stfu with that crap…..everything is art bs.  He just wants to spank his monkey.

  • ComelyConservative

    I don’t have a problem. If the father was OK and she felt comfortable with her decision then good for her. She’s smart and sexy? Hollywood needs those. Looks like the South is turning socially liberal sooner rather than later. It was bound to happen.

    And no, is not the end of the world. Is her decision and regardless of how difficult it may have been the truth is that she seemed comfortable with it. And trust me, these girls ain’t easy to get, you got to work for it. You want an Hispanic girl? Bit of advice: better make sure dad don’t know. Lol!!

    Family comes first, everyone is on the same page, no lies? Fine by me.

  • Anonymous

    How come you can’t show your body AND respect yourself for more than your face and body?

  • Irish189

    well the girls got a 4.0 GPA so that would seem to debunk the theory that she only respects her face and body, she obvs must have some respect for grades

    And as this article pointed, what could dad possibly do? Saying no won’t accomplish squat

  • WardMD

    What, pray-tell, is the difference between participating in a Playboy Pictorial, and appearing in “Girls Gone Wild”?  One’s in PRINT, the other on Video – but the “exposure” is the same.

    AND, what is so “special” about  Haley Ann (other than she’s got a 4.0 GPA) – compared to the REST of the girls who will be appearing in the SAME pictorial (that warrants coverage HERE)?

    So, she wants to appear in Playboy…  SO?

    Oh, by the way…  Where’s her Mother?  Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t see ANY reference to her MOTHER in this article…  Is she alive?  Is she still  Haley’s father’s wife (or are they divorced)?  Does she ALSO approve of her daughter’s appearance in Playboy?  What gives?  Where’s the FULL STORY?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zedge-Hero/100002365512254 Zedge Hero

    Actually anyone who knows the comprehensive level of colleges these days knows that a 4.0 today is really a 3.0 in 1990 and a 2.0 in 1970.  Yes, because of the level of everything.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  Harvard in 1950, its average GPA was 2.55. By 2004, its GPA, as a result of dramatic rises in the 1960s and gradual rises since, had risen to 3.48. a damn near full point, so now considering all that,  she also looks like she lacks confidence and to be honest, she’s not hot enough to be taken naked anyway.  sorry but its the truth

  • Anonymous

    “protect his daughter”?
    Since she’s posing for Playboy, I presume she’s of legal age. She’s a young adult and responsible for her own decisions. Now as for those “pageant moms” ( or dads), that’s a different story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshuabozeman Joshua Taj Bozeman

    She’s an apparel production design major.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume patterns and swatches 201 and faux fur 300 aren’t exactly tough classes.  

  • Irish189

    I’m going to stick up for his and say sewing is much more of a pain in the ass then I ever thought, i have an ex who was minoring in this in college and she once tried to explain all the details that go into design and patterns, sewing, etc

    I felt it would have been easier to argue that the constitution is a living document with Scalia 

  • Billy

    Iy’s Playground management.

  • Billy

    I am assuming here so bear with me.  The anti posing crowd would rather see OWS spreads?  Just wondering……..

  • Rick

    Haley Ann…career….over!  Thank you for this article.  Gives foundation to why it’s difficult to hire college graduates these days who have a clue not to upload their personal brands on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  At least here we don’t have to do a search to find out about this coed bimbo before she sends our her resume.  What’s next for Haley, Girls Gone Wild?  How about stripping at Nude, Nude, Nudes on Century Boulevard near LAX?  

    This is one of those things that truly will come back to haunt her. 

  • Anonymous

    A 4.0 in ‘apparel design’. 

    LMAO  Yeah, a brain surgeon.

  • Anonymous

    mr.abrams, please explain why mr.christopher has banned me from commenting

  • Jack

    Since she’s a “girl of the SEC” his daughter is probably also his sister-in-law.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    Your prude that is being judgemental Playboy is tasteful nude photos. There is nothing wrong with Hooters either so all claims are baseless and lies as well.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    Your prude that wants to shovel morals & ethics down people’s throat which isn’t right and your being judgemental as well. And everything else you said is wrong and you don’t know what your talking about morality is no worse than it has ever been so that claim is lie. I’m a good Christian that isn’t judgemental unlike you Michael and it also says in the bible don’t judge unless you want to throw stones in glass house. Down With Prudes Of America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    All of your claims which are lies and baseless without facts or proof your a prude that is out touch with reality. She is adult she can do what she wants if it isn’t breaking the law but you don’t get since your judgemental & pathetic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    Your a prude that is out of touch with reality and being  judgemental as well and I’m sure a conservative has posed for playboy. You put politics first and also sterotype that only liberals pose playboy which I doubt. Shove morals & ethics down people’s throats which is wrong. Down With Prudes Of America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    Your prude that is out of touch with reality and being  judgemental. Really I doubt this will hurt her finding a  job and it shouldn’t matter that she posed nude for playboy if she can do her job and is right for it should hire. What she does with her own shouldn’t matter which you don’t get.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    I would support my daughter if she wants to pose for Playboy or wants to work at Hooters. Seems like some posting are being judgemental and are prudes that are out of touch with reality. Down With Prudes Of America.

  • Lmm0019


  • Buttsex


  • Guy

    i wonder how often her dad looks at her playboy pictures

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