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Bill Conlin, The Philadelphia Writer Accused Of Child Molestation, Wrote About Jerry Sandusky Last Month

Bill Conlin is the Philadelphia Daily News columnist accused of molesting three women and a man in the 1970s, when they were ages 7 to 12. The report was published today by the Daily News’ rival, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and contains vivid and disturbing accounts of Conlin allegedly abusing the children, some of whom were relatives.

Because Conlin is (or was — he resigned over the accusations) a sports columnist in Pennsylvania, he chimed in on the Penn State scandal — or, more specifically, the alleged rape of a boy that occurred in a Penn State shower in 2002. Mike McQueary, a Penn State graduate assistant at the time, walked in on the attack, and left shell-shocked rather than intervening. McQueary’s inaction drew widespread contempt, and is one of the defining moments of the Sandusky scandal.

Here was what Conlin wrote about that on November 11th.

People who say they would have pounded the snot out of Jerry Sandusky had they been alerted by the alleged shower-room assault will remember Kitty Genovese . . . Everybody says he will do the right thing, get involved, put his own ass on the line before or after the fact. But the moment itself has a cruel way of suspending our fearless intentions.

Conlin would know about people not getting involved — he allegedly had a front row seat to similar inaction during the 70s. In the most horrifying parts of the Inquirer’s report, multiple parents of the alleged victims give their reasons for not coming forward and alerting police about the abuse that they say they knew about. Quotes like this one are mind-boggling.

“Kevin just came into the room crying. It was unusual to see a boy crying,” she said. “He told me Mr. Conlin molested him.”

She told her son not to tell his father – “his father had a terrible temper,” she said – and forbade him to return to the Conlin home.

But she continued to allow her daughter Karen to spend time with Conlin’s younger son, Peter. “I thought he was just interested in boys,” she said of Conlin.

A few years later, Barbara Healey said, she was shocked to learn that her daughter had been molested as well.

Conlin would also know about cowering during “the moment itself.” When one of the fathers of the alleged victims confronted Conlin about abusing his daughter, this was his reaction:

“He swore to me that he just touched her leg. Then all of a sudden, he started crying,” Hasson recalled. “He said, ‘I swear to God, I just touched her leg.’”


When he confronted Conlin and he started to sob, Hasson said, “it was such a pitiful sight. It took the fight out of me. I wish now I had done something more, but he swore to me and I believed him.”

[Philadelphia Inquirer, Deadspin, Crossing Broad]

  • Anonymous

    When will Rep. Marsico, Chairman, PA House Judiciary Committee, schedule hearings on the proposals to eliminate the statute of limitations criminally and civilly for child sexual abuse? The proposals have been on his desk for over 6 months. As a father and grandfather, isn’t Mr. Marsico interested in the protection of the Commonwealth’s children in the years ahead? There is NO MIDDLE GROUND, Rep. Marsico; you are either FOR children or FOR the perpetrators. 

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  • Outrageous

    I just can’t take it anymore. These sanctimonious sports writers who hate pedophilia more than anyone else is just crazy.
    In 1998 the District Attorney investigated and chose not to charge Jerry Sandusky, NOT Penn State. The only Penn state people currently know via grand jury testimony to have known about 1998 were campus police and Shultz. Sportswriters in their myopic view of a $4billion educational institution will say Joe Paterno had to know because “he ran Penn State”. This is outrageous and ludicrous and calls into question the credentials and integrity of hundreds of thousands of alumni and University employees. Shultz and crew armed with the information that the DA said I can’t prosecute were in NO position to tell anyone about Sandusky. In 2002, Mcqueary reported what he thinks he saw (based on his testimony at hearing last week) to Joe Paterno, Joe called his boss and the head of campus police. Shultz’s failure to have another investigation done as occurred in 1998 is the huge fail here. NOT Joe paterno, NOT the Penn State culture, NOT the football program and certainly not the hundreds of thousands of alumni and employees. You take great pains here to suggest the difference between the Conlin you knew and didn’t know, which is exactly what almost everyone other than the victims say about Jerry Sandusky a man who adopted 6 kids and ran a  multi million dollar children’s charity providing services to 100,000 children per year but somehow Joe paterno is painted by sportswriters as having had to know since 1977, its outrageous. Next will be that since I stand up for Paterno I don’t have a problem with protecting pedophiles which creates such an anger in me that it is almost uncontrollable. Now we have a HACK in Chicago saying he is thankful that “Paterno is almost dead” anstoning that CBS allowed it to be published and Buffalo Wild Wings and the Illinois Lottery helped pay for it amongst others through sponsorship.
    Conlin received the 2011 J.G. Taylor Spink Award presented at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., and is honored in the hall’s “Scribes and Mikemen” exhibit. As you point out the first  reaction to the allegations from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America was to say the allegations would not affect his award.
    Meanwhile, Joe Paterno, truthful and cooperating witness in a case against an alleged pedophile lost his job, had his name taken off the big ten trophy, had a coach of the year award in his name permanently cancelled and has been universally defamed by these principled sportswriters. Oh yea the actual accused pedophile hasn’t even gone to trial yet. So much for Due Process and the American way.

  • http://twitter.com/Raptor2u Rap Tor

    #JustSayin:  I wonder what the #pervert Bill Conlin thinks of Jerry #Sandusky today? #kindredSpirits #philly #dailynews #psu #p2 #tcot 

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