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VIDEO: ESPN’s Bob Knight Curses On TV, Rece Davis Apologizes

ESPN college basketball analyst and legendary former coach Bob Knight referenced “chicken shit defense” during College Gameday today, proving once again that there’s nothing like accidental anchor profanity to spice up your Saturday afternoon.

The cursing (oh, heavens, the cursing!) occurred during a segment on the show where some of the other analysts were on the court with microphones. Members of Baylor were participating in a scrimmage, and apparently not playing good defense.

The defense was “chicken shit,” in fact. Watch as his fellow anchors react the only way they can: by throwing their arms up and laughing. Following a commercial break, host Rece Davis apologized to viewers. (Video and screengrab via Timothy Burke and 30fps)

  • http://twitter.com/LawlessKO Kevin Outlaw

    Oregon? Funny looks kind of like Baylor to me, the name on the court, jerseys, fans, LED billboards might give it away. Surprised this doesn’t happen all the time with Bobby Knight on live TV.

  • Brad

    Oregon?? Really?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but the name on the court, jerseys, fans, and LED billboards just aren’t enough. You’re selling yourselves short, Baylor.

    Oh, and updated.

  • Anonymous

    Not the first time some coach cussed over an unsatisfactory play. Last year some hockey coach accused his loosing team of p***ing the game away. Yeah, real classy…Not.

  • http://twitter.com/NickFun NickFun

    Even my dear old departed grandmother used the word “shit” quite frequently. Is there a single human being alive who is still offended by that word?

  • Anonymous

    No big deal to me, but it just shows his arrogant disregard for children that may be watching. Certainly ESPN knew exactly what they were getting when they signed Big-Mouth Bobby, and they are surely hoping for more garbage to come spewing from his mouth. I have no doubts there is much more where that came from. Nothing quite says lack of class like Bobby Knight.

  • Joero

    This is typical ESPN! They knew exactly what they were getting and in some ways they like this because it gets people saying “ESPN”. I am sure some hack at the top called to truck and said tekk Coach to apologize to which he told them to go to Hell so they had their boy Rece do it to save face. Clwon factory in Bristol!

  • docqualizer

    Not surprising coming from Bobby Knight…OOPS…

  • Joepalooka

    never a Knight fan past his very early less messianic days…he ‘pulled his Woody Hayes I’m outa control’ too many times, too long ago (not to mention he’s boring in his telecasts) but this word isn’t so crude, as rude.

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