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Check Out The 20-Year-Old Butt-Selfie Goddess That Pro Athletes Shamelessly Follow On Instagram

jen selter

Meet Jen Selter. Jen is 20 years old, and grew up on Long Island, New York. She currently lives in Manhattan with her mother. She does not go to college, because she has already gainful employment — employment that is based, more or less, on the size and shape of her booty.

Jen is very open about the fact that her butt has led to her success: she has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and that number will only grow as more profiles like this one from the New York Post drop and her photos continue to be disseminated across the web. Pro athletes like Amar’e Stoudemire and, um, Terrell Owens are among her followers.

Here’s a totally not-gratuitious video of the Barstool Sports guys “working out” with her:

There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, when openly lusting after a 20-year-old girl was considered, if not downright perverted, rather creepy. It’s a testament to the power of the Internet that not only do disgusting men with shameful, semi-anonymity-driven ids feel comfortable following young women to whom they are strangers (and posting comments like “My dick in you ass -@mario_neta23″), but that the girls feel comfortable enough to add themselves to the world’s collective spank bank.

Not that there’s anything wrong in what Selter is doing, of course. She’s no different from the thousands of other beautiful women who make a living in the modeling-fashion-nutrition-fitness world, with the difference being that she appears to have done an… ass-ton of work by herself. She’s self-made.

But c’mon, Amar’e, and Terrell, and probably many others — you know you aren’t following her for the fitness tips. And despite what Selter says about never posting “raunchy” pictures, we all know what these photos are and who they’re intended for.

That all being said, we are unabashed in our use of the Internet’s tricks of the trade in getting hits, and the vast majority of the people who came to this page are not reading a single word that was written here. They saw the headline, they clicked, and then they scrolled down for the pictures of the butt-selfie goddess. Based on the amount of traffic our Paulina Gretzky and Michelle Jenneke posts get, we have, for the time being, no choice but to share these photos with you.

Plus, I mean, you have to see this girl’s butt. We’ll include some of the creepiest comments, so you can feel better about yourself, assuming you didn’t leave one of said comments.

UPDATE, 2/26/14: We thought we’d update this slideshow with some more recent photos, this time with an emphasis on the public, city-as-gym workout photos she likes to take, because they’re ridiculous. Squatting in front of a loading dock? If you say so, Jen. Props, though:

All photos via @JenSelter on Instagram

  • Anonymous

    Too much junk in her trunk.

  • JG

    Seen much, much better

  • Anonymous

    apparently mediaho likes emaciated heroin addicts with no curves

  • Anonymous

    i’d follow her…to her apartment!

  • Anonymous

    in your dreams

  • bill

    not attractive at all, her face looks like she is 40

  • ben

    this post is dead on about the shamelessness of today’s social media interactions between attention-whoring girls and douchey guys. but i would like to point out this piece appeared on a sports blog that frequently shows pics of chicks in bikinis (the dumb blonde with fake boobs type too) with words about how whoever is dating her is winning at life.

    sportsgrid, of course, is not the only sports blog guilty of this. i’m a straight man but i find these shameless pics of chicks on sports blogs stupid. if i need to look at hot chicks i’ll go to specific sites or mediums to look at it, i dont need it when i’m trying to read goofy NBA news.

  • Anonymous

    Butter face.

    Actually butter face and butter butt.

  • Anonymous

    Did you look at that horse face?

  • dasit_mane

    her glutes are on point but that face could use work

    you guys are straight lying if you’re saying you wouldn’t hit that. I’d probably die of a heart attack before finishing.

  • Anonymous

    Portnoy from Barstool looks like a dog at a hydrant.

  • aramos107

    You can’t see the face if she’s bent over.

  • q q

    Or maybe you’re just homosexual

  • okay

    Its sad that her butt gets her attention and nothing else..she’s a butter face soooo once her butt goes down hill its a rap

  • Many Fragoza

    very shapely young lady

  • Johnny Goldwater

    Jen Selt ‘er ass to the internets

  • Eric Mark

    Well, I know she is a beautiful woman.

  • Will

    “There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, when openly lusting after
    a 20-year-old girl was considered, if not downright perverted, rather

    There was also a time, not that much longer ago, when marrying a 13 year old girl was considered, if not downright your heterosexual Christian duty, rather acceptable.

  • Jay Dubb

    There was a time when Jane Fonda was considered as ‘having ass’ lmao!

  • Kristen Christian

    Women of every shape & size have a right to feel beautiful & valued.

  • Kristen Christian

    Wow. Rape culture at its finest.

  • Kristen Christian

    Because two wrongs make a right? Good grief.

  • Kevin

    How do you know he didn’t mean he’d follow her if she was like “Hey, follow me to my apartment?” Why do you people always have to attribute every pseudo-sexual comment to “rape culture”?

  • Romeo Cisneros

    What booty? Looks like any white girl ass to me. What a disappointment…keep sticking that ass out girl LMAO.

  • Andrew

    I agreed with the article until you wrote that there was nothing wrong with what shes doing. She knows she is exploiting her body to the target audience of her fame, morally challenged men. She and women like her, lust after the attention which mens lust gives them. Genders love to blame each other, Adam was the first to cop out

  • Tom

    Is she really only 20?
    This is not meant as a knock but from the pictures in the gallery, if I had seen her on the street without the info of her age I would have placed her in her late twenties early thirties.

  • Julie

    You’re crazy. She looks great. But it’s yet another illustration of how distorted our perceptions are. Hollywood tells us that women in their fifties look like Ellen Degeneres, Valerie Bertinelli and Sharon Stone. Women in their forties like Cindy Crawford, Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. When the truth is, 95% of women don’t age like that.

  • Amilcar

    I agree with you!

  • Amilcar

    I think you are a gay. Is it so difficult to understand this post?

  • Jovonne Bolar


  • Jaga

    Someone please delete Kristen Christian’s post.

  • Name

    that is the best ass ever! i like, i like a lot!

  • Anonymous

    It was a joke you idiot.

  • tates

    i’d like to eat a bowl of cereal out of that ass

  • boosh

    lol shut the fuck up

  • Matt Fleet

    Wait, what? You’re saying that’s a bad thing?!

  • Guest

    Emaciated = Stunning Fit and Healthy

    Heroin = Nutrition and Exercise
    No curves = A Posterior that is Unrivaled and Perfect!!!

    So, do you smoke da crack all day or just on weekends?

  • Matt Fleet

    Emaciated = Stunning Fit and Healthy
    Heroin = Nutrition and Exercise
    No curves = A Posterior that is Unrivaled and Perfect!!!

    So, do you smoke da crack all day or just on weekends?!?

  • Matt Fleet

    You know, I’ve read comments like that before and am thinking the same thing now… Pot is supposed to help with eye problems, but clearly it’s all but busted up your ability to see. Horse face? Seriously?!

  • Matt Fleet

    You could also use her yoga pants in a soup as well… Just saying.

  • jrock

    haha… no ones questioning your value Kristen. fucking hilarious how some broads feel threatened by beautiful women. next time u see brad pitt frolicking around shirtless in a movie, I want you to close your eyes, and find the nearest fat balding guy and tell him hes beautiful so he feels valued. lol

  • Jbkorn02

    Not a fan of large butts. I’m a breast man. And any size works

  • Jbkorn02

    Men of every shape and size have the right to judge any girl however they want. As for me I think this girls pics are truly beautiful.

  • Jbkorn02

    Almost all complaints about any gorgeous woman is from others simply jealous they can’t look like that. Sure it would be great if every girl were this hot but they aren’t. And I don’t see many getting turned down because they aren’t up to her looks.

  • Jbkorn02

    It sounds to me like she is purely jealous.

  • Jbkorn02


  • Jbkorn02

    Just like any postings about women you will always find someone in the comments section who is jealous and just pulls stuff out of their @$#. Take Kristen here for example.

  • Jbkorn02

    Not the greatest looking but definitely attractive. But I’m 35 so maybe I have more tolerance for someone who is 40. The biggest thing I’ve found that makes people look older are abusing hard drugs (alcohol included) or smoke tobacco. Strange how you can smoke all of the marijuana you want and that doesn’t affect your looks or health negatively even enough to notice after decades.

  • Jbkorn02

    I’m gonna stick with your guess

  • Jbkorn02

    Most men do like to see beautiful women any time they get a chance. And men are who read the sports magazines for the most part. Why else would Sports Illustrated have a yearly swimsuit issue? Because that is what most guys who subscribe to a sports magazine want to see.

  • Jbkorn02

    Not much to say other than I fully agree. Seems like the guy is definitely into something else other than women.

  • Jbkorn02

    So your judging girls with implants saying they are dumb blondes?

  • Jbkorn02

    Everyone has different tastes and I agree with you. I don’t understand how so many can put her down saying how unattractive she is. Maybe not the best but ugly? Not a chance

  • Jbkorn02

    What is wrong with wanting a 20 year old girl? They are adults capable of thinking for themselves. Age plays no part in dating whatsoever.

  • Jbkorn02

    I still lust after 18-20 year olds (I like they don’t want to go to the bar since I’m not a drinker but stick to the far safer marijuana). I’m 35 but no girl I’ve been with has had a problem with it. Most women like older men that I have met at clubs and concerts.

  • Jbkorn02

    Good. Big asses make girls look fat.

  • wolfstop666

    apparently ur angry an fat an don’t appreciate hard work and dedication

  • Romeo Cisneros

    No, big asses make girls look like women. No ass makes them look like little girls and your comment makes you look like a fag.

  • Anonymous

    That’s good to know, I’m a bit younger than you but into the same age range. Go for it!

  • Anonymous

    Just because you don’t want asses leaping out at you from every direction doesn’t make you gay. Sometimes you want to read about sports. I don’t want asses in my breakfast cereal either. There’s a time and a place for everything. You must be some kind of ape.

  • Jeff Tildon

    Masters golf music. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, seriously, horseface, even if it is slightly exaggerated. go look at some pix of lauren stanley (which is what led me to this girl), & them come back & question “horseface.” MUCH nicer body, more natural & believable, but more importantly, the face of an angel crossed with an absurdly sensual face.

    honestly, though, the “threatened by beautiful women” scenario is wishful thinking on the part of lecherous boys (& immature boy-men) lookin’ to excuse their bad behaviour when they’ve been turned down by women of ANY rank on their rated/number-tiered stalk-a-grams; it’s another version of the planet lesbos excuse for their failed attempts to “score.”

    women are beautiful, PERIOD, no categorized ratings systems. they (& we) are engineered that way, we’re MEANT to attract each other, both for obvious reasons, & as a form of communication, an elegant, even if sometimes awkward, means of relating/bonding to one another. you’re missing the point entirely if you reduce this dance to selfishly gettin’ your rocks off. it’s like listening to, or looking at, music/art with binoculars & a calculator.

    i’ve been mesmerized, & have fantasized, about LARGE breasts (the larger, the more fixated) since i was an adolescent, & i’ve had exactly ONE relationship/fling with an extremely busty girl my whole life! why? i don’t choose women by body parts, never have, never will. there’s a reason it’s called makin’ love; otherwise, it’s just sport…

  • Geezzzzzzz………

    Butt…er face.

  • Anonymous

    Its the American Dream and Capitalism at work tbh

  • Anton rebbe

    Feeling sexy shouldnt be important to us. Its not an achievement to have a hot ass, just a nice side thing in life, but certainly not important enough to post online or have people follow it, like its the new iPhone or something. Its just a butt. Get over yourselves people!

  • BlahBlah

    20 years old = adult both legally and physically. When – at any point in history -was being attracted to an adult woman considered “creepy”? Seems like you’re just making up random things to support some ill-defined point.

  • Anonymous

    I marvel at the sheer perfection of form and now realize, there truly is a God.

  • Texas35x

    I like my asses a little smaller

  • Anonymous

    Just one sniff of booty perfection funk is all I want.

  • Jo

    No. Jen Shelters butt pictures are rape culture at its finest…

  • Rico Carlos

    Her face is OK, I have seen better, but far, far worse. I have to wonder if she has had any work done to that booty. It is nice, yes, and although it is not a dunk so many of your are complaining about, it has perfect definition. I like butts small and large, but the main ingredient has to be definition : curves away from the lower back and upper thighs. And she certainly does not have too much. Overall she has a hot, thin athletic figure, but there are far hotter women out there. ANOWA…google her, you will not be dissapointed. Unless you are a bigot, which there seems to be no shortage of.

  • Rico Carlos

    Why delete her post. Delete mediaho’s post if anything.

  • Rico Carlos

    I’ve seen a horse face. Literally on a girl, not a horse. Every time my cousin and I went to the club this same girl came around and we would go “there goes horse face”. She really had a huge face. This girls does NOT have a horse face.

  • Rico Carlos

    Her face is at or slightly above average. And her body is pretty hot. I don’t see how you feel she is not attractive. And Jennifer Lopez is over 40, and Halle Berry, and Sandra Bullock. Are you saying they are not attractive? Because you would be wrong on all of them if you think so, including this young lady.

  • Rico Carlos

    Smoking, definitely. I know quite a few Caucasian women in their late 40′s and early 50′s with hot little figures still, but far more age in their face because of smoking and or drinking.

  • Rico Carlos

    Ah, very witty good sir.

  • Donkbuster

    Just do a g()()gle search for “Miss Bumbum”. I’m not sayin’ this girl’s not great looking, but these contestants make her look like a 10 year old boy by comparison. If you’re looking for a donk, go to Brazil, young man!

  • Art Faucett

    Yuck. Imagine the cottage cheese that comes out of that gash.

  • Art Faucett


  • Art Faucett

    LOL, kiss her ass a little more. You have no shot

  • Art Faucett

    Yup, not a good lookin woman. Why do you thing it is in shadow in that pic.

  • Art Faucett

    Yes, horse face.

  • Todd

    She is definitely attractive and fit…I prefer my women with a little more curve around the hips though.

  • Jason Bournne


  • Jason Bournne

    Don’t choke on all that semen.

  • Jason Bournne

    I’m guessing you prefer your women with penis’.

  • KaChieek

    everybody chill she has the right to have a large ass if she wants to
    even though I think asses are pretty gross but eITHER WAY //psh im a girl though so im pretty sure a bunch guys feel different

    but chill, you guys fight too much > u >

  • Deezntz

    Who cares, she probably sleeps with black guys anyway…..ewww….wouldn’t touch her

  • Faerie

    I am shocked! SHOCKED to discover that she is the child of a single mother!

  • lagunatic

    all women are whores

  • Allen B

    The white knight faggot thinking he’s gonna get laid for defending an anorexic chick with a fat ass and horse face. Aight, man.

  • Allen B

    How off-topic and retarded can you get?

  • bbt

    I give her about five years and the butt will expand and no amount of exercise will reduce it.

  • Tyler

    “My dick in you ass -@mario_neta23″

  • Anonymous

    Her body’s a wonderland. And at least no one will get hurt if she’s rear-ended either.

  • Mike

    From a man’s point of view she’s a
    woman and has a stunning ass. Girls with no ass (flat or nearly) and skinny
    bodies are like little girls…ick!

  • Evie_L

    She’s probably one of those crazy radfems who thinks all sex is rape anyway.

  • Eric

    Is she a prostitute?

  • nunyabizness71

    she needs a spanking…

  • Ralph Monroe

    I agree with ‘MediaHo’
    I’m asked….”What are you?” “Are you a leg man, a face man, an Ass man?”
    I must be an “Ass Man” because everyone I know say to me, “You’re a real ass man!”
    So I think I know asses.

    At 6’10″ I have hands (if you know what I mean) so if there are more than the sweet little balls of ass that fit snugly in my hands when I cup them…’Da Ho Gots Too Much Ass!’ – Dis Ho Gots Too Much Ass

  • PhilipJames

    You think men look at her butt and think beautiful and valued? Come on… lets get real here. I think it is a lot more about sticking something into that butt. That’s the value and beauty the men are thinking about… Women? well, whatever they want to do is fine with me.

  • Ben

    Asses in my breakfast cereal? Toby1, I don’t know if you know this, but that was FUCKING HILARIOUS. I am not sure why, buy it was. Just wanted to tell everybody this.

  • Ben

    Shit. I misspelled but.

  • Ben

    Er… thanks?

  • Ben

    You guys are just… wow.

  • namename :)

    pathetic cocksucker whore. these 2 pieces of shit are even worse for falling for something as lame as her asshole.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A right? That’s a bold offering. We have the right to only a few things on this planet, and “feeling” beautiful isn’t one of them you empty vessel. Value comes from hard work and accomplishments, and the willpower to put down the oreos and get off one’s arse. Your empty head only makes it all the more important that other’s look at you and see beauty. Otherwise, what would be the point of………you?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha.. Exactly. An assortment of holes.

  • Anonymous

    as if you ever had a chance.

  • Rolex44 Tab

    All ass and no tits!

  • Kristen Christian

    To be clear, my comment was in response to LoneWolf’s assertion that anyone who’s thin is addicted to drugs.

  • Kristen Christian

    As a woman in the public eye, I’ve dealt with a fair share of men who have followed me from my a public setting to my home without my knowledge or permission. Such behavior is neither acceptable nor legal. That’s why there are laws against it.

  • Kristen Christian

    Because a woman MUST be crazy to want to avoid some creep stalking her. Right?


  • Kristen Christian

    My thoughts on stalking and sexual harassment have no bearing on this woman’s body. Truth be told, I think she’s quite beautiful.

  • Kristen Christian

    Ask yourself how you would feel if someone were to joke in this way about your mother, sister, daughter.

  • Evie_L

    Hey, I’m a woman who’s been stalked too! Somehow I don’t think everything is a stalking threat, though. Odd, that.

  • Daddyville

    When was lusting after 20-year olds considered perverted? Not that long ago, women used to be married by 20.

  • Candice Hoyt

    Great, yet another women perpetuating the idea that women are mere objects to be gawked at and have nothing more to offer.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it is Jen, it’s the way she looks that is perpetuating the idea.

  • VPutin

    not enough junk..what you talking about Willis?

  • Creeper

    If you think her ass is too big you’re just not man enough to handle it. Big butts are awesome.

  • Guest

    LOL, why can’t you lust over women your own age, loser.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I laughed so hard, “asses leaping out”

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope that you’ll feel fine saying this when you’re 40 yourself, neckbeard.

  • GoReadYourBible

    They do, and I laugh.

  • Gym Stalker

    “No curves = A Posterior that is Unrivaled and Perfect!!!”

    You clearly have never been to a gym. If it wouldnt be a crime i’d take pictures at my gym to post here. Most have prettier faces as well. She is cute but there are much hotter out there that arent willing to expose themselves on the net…

  • Gym Stalker

    I guess im the only one that agree’s with you here. I’d like to see what these peoples gf’s look like… ick

  • Gym Stalker

    Funniest thing i have read all day. TY for the ma’am

  • Kristen Christian

    Make me.

  • saws

    Her 15 min are almost up.

  • Anonymous

    I think fat butts are so ugly. Very unattractive. (IMO)

  • Anonymous

    Apparently English is not your first language.

  • Anonymous

    She has a great future behind her

  • Montgomery Draxel

    Too bad there are no exercises for her face.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, let me break it down for you genius. It was a play on words. In the article it says she has many “followers” on instagram. I wasn’t saying I would actually follow her to her domicile in real life if I saw her in public or stalk her in any way. And if you want to equate a bad joke with condoning “rape culture” (whatever that is) then I pity you. You must be a joy to be around at parties. Sheesh

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding? She’s got a great face…

  • Anonymous

    Respectfully submitted, can’t a woman be inviting of “gawks” AND have plenty more to offer? It’s not right to reduce everything to the superficial, but it’s not right to ignore the fact that we’re naturally drawn to beauty either… is it? Had this been an article about the guy with six pack abs that all athletes turn to, would we immediately assume that his value as a person ends with the abs? Or would we allow it’s at least possible that great abs are just one of his many merits? Because, if the latter, I think we should afford Jen here the same assumption… don’t you?

  • Candice Hoyt

    She could look this good and not share it with all the perverts. There’s beautiful women everywhere. Some of these beautiful women are scientists, doctors, lawyers and so on. But the smart women with beautiful bodies are secure enough in their intelligence and know that they should be valued as more than a piece of meat, and therefor don’t flaunt their bodies all over the internet for perverts. Smart women have more respect for themselves.

  • Candice Hoyt

    Please see my comment above. You also seem to be forgetting that there is a massive double standard. Men are mostly viewed as a whole person. Probably because most women aren’t as shallow and aren’t completely focused on appearances. (yes I know not all men are shallow). But take a look at most of the perverted comments on her photos. Do any of them talk about how smart she is? Musically talented? Well read? No. They are perverts. She’s inviting perverts to gawk at her. Smart women, with self respect don’t perpetuate that. Because they know women should be viewed as more.

  • Candice Hoyt

    Future porn star with major daddy issues.

  • m473r1ck

    You can only comment on what is displayed. Musical talent and smarts are not pictured, so how could you expect anyone to comment on such things?

  • m473r1ck

    Why? Are you in the market?

  • Candice Hoyt

    That’s exactly my point. She is only drawing attention to her body. And perpetuating the idea that women are mere objects with nothing else to offer. Even the video is just gratuitous views of her ass. And the article even mentions how she doesn’t go to school because she get by on her ass…literally. Once that ass goes flat with age and she has no brain or skills she’ll end up a cheap prostitute.

  • Jance Ahrick

    Although I do believe it was just a bad joke I think it’s important for people to know that rape culture is a thing.


    I’m sure you can see how joking about “following her to her apartment” can be perceived as trivializing rape, which is a part of what rape culture is.

    Again, I believe some people are a little overly sensitive to the issue and will look for any reason to point out that it “could be rape culture” when it doesn’t have to be taken that way.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    You sound homosexual.

  • Armchair Booker

    Butter Face

  • dave serano


  • Anonymous

    Gosh are you uptight. If someone posts a picture of a beautiful flower, cute pet or anything else that makes people pause, no one thinks twice. A beautiful women who obviously works hard to foster her gifts does the same and men are perverts for looking??? Be happy for you are and stop thinking of someone else’s abilities as your shortcomings.

  • Candice Hoyt

    When did I ever say her abilities are my short comings? Good fr her she has an ass. I have waaaaaaaaay more to offer. I mostly feel sorry for her that she’s probably going to end up a cheap prostitute since she doesn’t want to pursue anything other than being a toy for men. Once that body wears out and she has no other talent, she’ll be on welfare, or in some pervs bedroom.

  • The Evil

    In Brazil you can find ass better than this one at every corner . Simple like that .

  • Anonymous

    I wish I hadn’t clicked the video. I’ve seen more charisma on a rock.

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t get sh it on my di ck no matter how good her a ss looks,an a ss is not for putting a di ck in unless you’re a f ag or a pervert,I wouldn’t mind palming it though.

  • Guest

    I think her trunk is fine,it’s those big ni66er a sses I can’t stand.

  • Guest

    Yeah right,been watching oprah again?

  • Guest

    It’s always the fat,ugly, women that nobody would touch with a ten foot pole that yells sexual harassment on the job.

  • Guest

    She gets points with me for not having those skank nasty tattoos all over her body.

  • Laurence Walker

    Jen Selter is so very beautiful and cooperative. So I draw her as a sketch pencil drawing.

  • WokOnWater

    “Did you look at that horse face?”…..lmao says no str8 man EVER!!! Who gives a damn about her face when she has the ass of a goddess. I admit, the face is a bit long lol, but the ass makes up for it.

  • Anonymous

    honestly, having seen so many asses on the Internet over the past 14 years of surfing. Her ass looks average in size.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Buttocks are not the problem, the trouble is THE MOUTH DON’T STOP.

  • guiwhiz

    I still go with what Ron White says about women and their bodies: “…If her belly gets too big, she can get a tummy tuck and have a belly
    like a cheerleader. If her vision goes bad, you can have LASIK surgery
    and have 20/20 vision. If her hearing goes bad, they can install a
    device in her ear that will give you hearing as clear as it was the day
    you were born. But let me tell you something, folks: You can’t fix
    stupid. There’s not a pill you can take; there’s not a class you can go
    to. Stupid is foevah!”

  • Angelica Bell

    Amazing the way that black women have been shamed for their curves, full lips, tans, etc and now you have nonblack women either dying for these characteristics and/or being worshipped when they get one or two. And I bet if she ate one cornbread muffin less or did one less squat her ass would disappear.

  • Angelica Bell

    You say this as though she has more than one curve -_- Point is don’t act like you embrace women with curves just bc you’re attracted to this bone thin woman with a disproportionately sized butt.

  • The Joffster

    Why would anyone look there?

  • nayab

    yea sure.. feel beautiful and valued by sticking her ass up in air…wow very valuable

  • http://www.christopherlondonblog.com/ Christopher London, Esq.

    More power to Jen Selter if she can make a living off of being a female fantasy. She has crafted a fine feminine form that many woman aspire to and many men (and women) wish they could lay their hands on. If you can sustain yourself in this manner rather than by sitting at a desk, god bless her. Its a free country, is it not?

  • kvsrvic

    i am be honest, seen much better, but those girls didn’t market their looks, her boobs isn’t proportioned to her ass.

  • mozza1974

    agreed.. fuck these insecure morons .. probably queers anyway.

  • M. Randolph Kruger

    Only a girl with a fat booty would say that Kristen. C’mon. This chicks life is her A S Signation. Most girls want it, girls that have been sucking on sodas and cheese dip call her all sorts of names and the cheese cows are the ones that dream up this politically correct crap. Sure, every woman of every shape, size and color WANT a butt like that-But they aint getting it. They are too lazy, too calorie oriented. What, they are going to love me because I intake 5000 a day and burn off only 600? Puleeze !

    She works for it, and she gets the payola from… Her A S Signation is her groove on. But as she ages and doesnt go to school, has a couple of brats, married etc the playing field will even out some.

    There is hope. Not much more.

  • M. Randolph Kruger

    Yeah, okay. The video doesnt show her mainlining heroin. Look at Phillip Seymore. He was a tub of lard and sucking the big H… He wasnt thin.

  • M. Randolph Kruger

    Hell, I would laugh, they would laugh. Who wouldnt want a toss with that bean bag. Truth be known though. The ones that are moderate and pretty good looking make better mates than little Ms fitness buff. If all she has is a butt, then the things we think of are about sex and it can last for hours but even I get tired.

  • rosi

    she is beautiful…and i love guys! have to admire other woman without being jealous, because we are all beautiful! and good for them if they have a body that its amazing!

  • Promeat
  • Owen

    No doubt about it she’s a beautiful girl. It’s her butt we’re talking about here so I’ll weigh in with my two cents worth. I can bet that the market for her photo’s is black men. Her type of butt is what they go for. As for me, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous, just not what happens to turn me on. I’m too old for her anyway. When I was single I avoided women who seemed preoccupied with their looks. Vanity has always been a turn-off for me. Now of course I’ve never met this girl so I have no idea how smart she is but I can tell you that I’d rather spend my time with a woman who’s got a brain in her head and can carry on an intelligent conversation rather than looking like a model.

  • Dean

    There is no rape culture, there is only rape hysteria.

  • https://soundcloud.com/bit-jumper bitjumper


  • https://soundcloud.com/bit-jumper bitjumper

    really man it’s 2014 can we quit the racial slur bullshit

  • https://soundcloud.com/bit-jumper bitjumper


  • Charles Neely

    lol :)

  • The TX Mage

    What if the gypboard broke and her face got seriously cut during this stupid bit of grandstanding?? Oh and everyone loves hand and tennis shoe prints on the hallway walls.

  • Anonymous

    Quit hating.

  • Anonymous

    Quit hating.

  • naoma

    No accounting what people find “attractive” — a Big Butt????

  • Tubs

    Soooo many deplorable, ignorant, and sexist comments on here.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, not impressed.

  • Shawne Mcdaniel

    To quote Kanye: “she got dat ass, I got to look”

  • Kevin Miskel

    That’s not what he was saying. Mediaho said too much junk in the trunk (a tired, overused cliche). LoneWolf was implying that if you think this girl’s butt is too big (it’s not big, just shapely), you clearly prefer very thin girls with flat butts. He added the heroin addict line as a little spice to create a mental picture. Of course not ALL thin people are on drugs. But the thin people who ARE on drugs tend to look particularly sickly and emaciated. Furthermore, you don’t have the right to FEEL anything. It’s not my job to ensure your poor wittle feewings get hurt, boo hoo.

  • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

    No, sorry, there’s no such right that says people must feel a certain way about people. Fat chicks have no right to make someone else value them, or desire them. They can feelm beautiful, but I have the right to tell them that they look disgusting.

  • Jazz

    The go-to excuse. What if she just like looks like a disproportionate clown. WHy would anyone who doesnt want to work in porn or at car shows want to look like that. First off, nobody will possibly take her seriously and she is probably a victim of constant unwanted attention. Soooooo jelly!!!

  • Yormama

    Well, say this girl is marketing her most valuable asset. If she is smart and lucky she may be able to make enough money for her and her momma to retire and baby girl can sit around on her asset as it grows old and saggy, as it inevitably will some day. She may make more money pandering to the lust of crass, icky, pathetic men than I ever did in 30 years of teaching. While some may have lost there totally undervalued dignity in the pursuit of money and sensual gratifications, at least in this situation no diseases were shared or children created or destroyed. You know we’ve all just been commenting on bottom feeders.

  • Michael Drozdzal

    speaking of girls wanting to feel valued Patrice Oneal said one of the greatest things of all time. “If you lost your pussy how would you keep your man?” Every time the woman would mention anal or oral and he would reply “See, I give you a chance to talk to me and even you reduce yourself to a series of holes” lol values

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna lie… I just masturbated like a retarded monkey in a cage to those youtube videos.

  • Anonymous

    If she was my girlfriend I’d take her out for Italian a couple-four or five times a week.

  • nifongnation

    Is she a virgin ?

  • imbackagain

    Look up this same topic on any adult website, there you go……this girl is not special

  • ande

    fat fat in her.. but 20 years is still learning..

  • Steph

    Get money Jen!!!

  • Montgomery Draxel

    No, I’m not kidding. Get glasses.

  • P. Johnson

    “Right?” For every right there must be a corresponding duty. Upon whom should the duty fall of making women of every shape and size feel beautiful?

    Who should enforce this duty when some fail to fulfill it?

    The word beauty entered into English in the 1300s meaning “physical attractivenes” from the Old French biauté meaning “seductiveness.”

    So perhaps you mean to say that everyone is right to try to be beautiful. All have the duty to not interfere in another’s attempts at living and nothing more.

    Yet no one gets guaranteed that others shall perceive beauty in the one trying to be attractive.

  • P. Johnson

    Rather than slag on Jen Selter, a bit of sleuthing would have turned up that Jen earned her glutes. Who doesn’t feel good about herself or himself when achieving anything, from establishing a successful business to scaling a high mountain?

    Here is a link to a before-and-after shot of Selter’s achievement: http://instagram.com/p/jUovmMGkf0/

  • ndave

    butter face too……..

  • Tyler Hohenstein

    “Lusting over a 20-year-old” used to be considered “downright perverted?” When, the 1940s?

  • Anonymous

    She is magnificent

  • Magnifico

    I’ll want a butt like that on my future sex robot.

  • Mike

    That is a great rump but without knowing her height/weight it might just be an average girls butt that looks great on a tiny girl. Its gotta look AND feel like a handful, like my ladies derriere.

  • Simon Michael Peters

    Not everyone can be as smart as “scientists, doctors, lawyers”. Make the most of what you’ve got. Especially with the economy as it is today. If people can’t look beyond what she’s showing, well that’s not her problem.

  • LocalHero

    Much prefer boobs.

  • nysbigdave


  • Anonymous

    Yawn.. If thats considered a ‘goddess’ butt then man I went to high school with super-goddesses..

  • ryan

    fat and gross

  • Andy Teal

    So, she’s acceptable, but her patrons are disgusting? Truly, this is an article geared toward equality.

    Hang on, I have to figure out whether to be disgusted by the subject or the author. No, wait, figured it out.

  • Andy Teal

    So, she’s acceptable, but her patrons are disgusting? Truly, this is an article geared toward equality.

    Hang on, I have to figure out whether to be disgusted by the subject or the author. No, wait, figured it out.

  • Jonathan

    How can you say she has no curves? Curves do not mean fat rolls. Curves are at the hips, the small of the back and the breasts. And she has all 3 in spades and her ass made it a royal flush.

  • Jonathan

    Your argument has a lot of merit to it but all of it seems to hinge on your opinion of women and your opinion of beauty and because this it makes everything you argued wrong. And the reason you are wrong is because you argued based on your “OPINIONS” and not facts. Not all women are beautiful, elegant, intelligent or funny. Same can be said for men as well. Beauty is also a very subjective thing and varies from one person to the next and also varies culture to culture and also depending on the age or time. What is considered beautiful today was considered ugly just a century ago. You also have to understand that even animals judge the opposite sex by what they consider “beautiful.” For instance Peacocks attract other mates by displaying their feathers and the one with the most colorful, decorative and “big” usually gets the mate. It is an evolutionary characteristic for all species to judge the opposite sex on various traits such as beauty, physical strength and so on because every species wants to recreate genetically superior offspring to ensure the survival and propagation of it’s species. So in essence beauty ensures the survival of our species and who are we to argue with evolution and nature?

  • Jonathan Coleman

    Kristen it just seems that most of them misunderstand you and it also seems that a lot of the men and even women here like to mess with you because of how sensitive you can be and they like to take advantage of this and they even probably get off on it because they are trolls and have nothing better to do with their time. I can tell that you just like to express your opinions and you are just trying to be open and talk about your issues with what she is doing or how she is presenting herself and that you have no issue with her beauty and that you actually find her beautiful. You just have an issue with how she uses it. But you have to remember that even the sweetest and nicest man is still a man and we are evolutionarily programmed to get aroused by women and even more so by genetically superior women. And then you also have to understand that men in the internet age can express these opinions in a forum like the internet because of it’s virtual anonymity and also because of the lack of shame that can be achieved by not having to say it in person. 99% of the men on here would never have the balls to say any of this out loud to her in person. I can tell you are sweet and kind woman and I just want you to know that not all men on here are stalkers or rapers and that some of us can and do use our brains. A little advice though, don’t let these immature little assholes bother you so much and take everything they say with a grain of salt.

  • Maurice

    that is right to keep have

  • Maurice

    A yeah, I’m creepy and wired thanks journalist person. I’m looking for the post right now a sorry journalist

  • PS You’re probably fat

    You technically have the right, sure, but it makes you a huge asshole. And I’m betting you’d get pissed off like a hypocrit if someone showed you the same rude, boorish disrespect.

    I think you mean you are justified in THINKING fat people look disgusting, and to be honest, as a bit of a health freak, I find obesity dangerous and distasteful… But I have manners and respect for people, and would never walk up to another human being and say something like “You look disgusting.”

    Like really, can you imagine that happening in a store? People would all think you were the disgusting one, for behaving like a 7 year old.

  • Jedaii

    Typical women BS. Tell me, Kristen, what do you think of short men ? Do you value them and do you think they’re right to feel beautiful ? Like the big majority of women, i’m pretty sure you don’t, but you would never admit it. Whant about fat men ? Women direspect men all the time, everywhere, stop acting like you SHOULD be respected just because you’re a woman.

  • Anonymous

    That butt is now at maximum payload, in terms of size. And, as she ages, we ALL know that butt is going to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And, since she has a very average face, in no time at all she’s going to be a homely fat-assed girl.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but NOBODY has the “right” to feel beautiful.
    The Constitution is vey clear on what our rights are. That isn’t in there.

  • Anonymous

    Good one.

  • Dave Algonquin

    Butter face!

  • Dave Algonquin

    You took the words from my mouth.

  • http://911dj.com Greg Legakis

    she might as well just be naked with her skin color periodically changing. Attractive, but not digniied or moral.. That’s not my opinion,that’s a fact.

  • Yerp

    You sounds like a fuckin bitch!! ” I wouldn’t touch her” you probably gets no pussy, fuck outta here

  • Yerp

    Prostitute??!? Really?! Damn you a fuckin hater, grow up.

  • Yerp

    You don’t really have a point… Anyone who can read can clearly see that. You’re just a hater with no reason to hate except you have wifi…

    You have a problem with her “perpetuating that women are objects” but in the next sentence you claim that her showing her ass will ultimately end her being a prostitute. Really??? Hahaha. Yo, please give it a rest.

  • Gregory

    I like big butts and I don’t know why!

  • Dick Tubigg

    99.99% of women want sex as much as a guy if not more and exploit their bodies in hopes of successfully engaging with more men, single and married.

  • donlon77 .

    Doesn’t distract from that ugly face…

  • ant

    What was the point of this article to point out how horny and perverted guy’s are big fucking deal it’s been that way forever get over it! She has a nice ass and is famous for it wow! All that room on this page saying absolutely nothing important should of been taken up by more pics of that ass.

  • Anonymous

    The most unattractive quality in a woman is vanity.

  • Myopinionsowhat

    @Guestyouranloser, Can’t stand them because your an azzho and your face looks like one huh

  • Sister Abigail

    I agree but this women has the right to feel EXTRA beautiful

  • Alex Silva

    the real problem is people trying to say you cant make jokes about macabre things because “you’ll hurt the feelings of victims”, like what? i’m supposed to care about this why? Every time somebody has said “i’ll kill you!” in angry jest, are they being grossly disrespectful to murder victims?

  • Alex Silva

    umm you took his comment in an extremely weird direction

  • Legalize420

    the problem is then you have stupid asshole ugly fat people making babies, baby didn’t ask to be born, baby just shot out of her mother’s vagina face first after growing inside of her stomach for 9 months.

  • Legalize420

    well if the ass is the most attractive quality then they cancel each other out for her

  • nick

    Relatively positive that if someone wants to feel a certain way, they can… Feeling is just thought; although truly feeling a way based on thought and not “reality” takes some delusion. If I want to think I’m beautiful, then I can xD I have the right to think what I want; not to say that your thoughts can’t get you in trouble if spoken or acted upon. So yes, she has a right to feel beautiful. lmao

  • Bitchniggamurka

    Lil bitch aint even that thick like some other white girls

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you people need to visit Bed Stuy Brooklyn… Then you’ll know what Junk in the trunk is…

  • gigi

    I’m a woman, deemed “beautiful” by most, have a pretty banging body — never go to gyms, but eat healthy-ish and bike everywhere. And I think that is ONE FINE ASS. Not jealous, nor would ever want to sacrifice my time to try and get one. However, I do hope this baby girl knows that there’s a lot more to “work on” in life than just you’re body — you know, if you want to find true happiness and fulfillment at some point. An ass like that can only do so much beyond pooping.

  • Chodemander

    ‘Emaciated’ is probably too long of a word for that ignorant pig.

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