Chris Broussard Courageously Argues With Knicks Fans (Video)

  • Tim Baysinger

Give Chris Broussard credit for making himself available to his detractors. The ESPN analyst was caught on video debating with a Knicks fan about his ever-changing reports regarding the destination of various high-profile players.

In all fairness, Broussard’s level of flip-flopping was below average for the average NBA writer during the now-infamous free agency clustermess of 2010.  One thing everyone can agree on: ESPN threw a lot of their talent under the bus during during the PR A-Bomb known as “The Decision.” And they weren’t too happy about it.

Still, it was pretty humorous to see Broussard being called out, albeit with some less-than-sound logic. The best part? When the fan argued that the Knicks were better off keeping Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph.

via Knicks Tweets

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