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Colin Cowherd Throws Kate Upton Under The Bus

Earlier today, Colin Cowherd interviewed Kate Upton. It was weird. He asked her if she ever gets uncomfortable with “58-year-old men” taking pictures of her. He mentioned her going to the University of Michigan, and she didn’t. And later, when he asked her if she got a huge bonus for being on the cover of SI’s swimsuit issue, she – in the nicest way possible – refused to say. Well, after it was over, Cowherd defended his interview tactics, and also wanted to clear something up: he was TOTALLY NOT flirting with Kate Upton, you guys.

He also doesn’t sound like he was too happy with the Upton interview in general, does he? Dismissively talking about the idea of having her on as a “coin flip,” “Whatever,” “it is what it is” – pretty harsh since he’s talking about, in his own words, a “19-year-old girl on [the] radio.” And again, Upton wasn’t combative – she called the question about the cover bonus “inappropriate” and wouldn’t answer, but listen to it here – she’s laughing through it. Getting an “it is what it is” for that? Rough.

Not to mention – Cowherd was trying awfully hard to sound so coolly dismissive of the idea he was flirting with Upton, no? But whether or not he was flirting, he came down pretty hard on Upton after the fact. Maybe it wasn’t the greatest segment of radio to ever hit the airwaves, but she wasn’t Billy Bob Thornton either, and we think Cowherd was tougher on her than she deserved. We were, though, glad to find out that the first name that comes to his mind when he thinks of an incredibly in-shape man is Tony Robbins.

  • James Eckhouse

    Why even give this douche the pub?

  • Showstoppa

    thats why she should just be on The Dan Patrick Show. 

  • Guest

    I completely disagree with the commentary. First off, she was a terrible interviewee. You could almost hear the pain from Cowherd as he waited out the awkward answers, not sure whether or not to jump in and move the interview forward. His defense of the age question was spot on. It doesn’t become offensive to ask age until a girl is pushing late 20′s at the absolute earliest. 

    Regarding the UM question, that’s on his research team….and I’m sure the intern caught flack due to the awkward moment it created.I gave him credit for trying to spark the interview with his hit-on questions. If she was a decent interviewee, she would have run with the hit-on question (i.e. worst pick-up line you’ve heard). Instead, she does the “no guys hit on me” act. Anyhow, the interview was painful to hear, but little of that was due to the Cowherd. 

  • Guest

    Really Cowheard? Pretty weird interview.

  • K-nut

     So wait… Cowherd’s the professional interviewer here… and it’s on her to run with one of this questions?  That’s lame.  Cowherd is an arrogant SOB who thinks he’s the man.  If he were half as awesome as he thinks he is, he’d made the interview work.

  • Guest

    she should of went on van pelt.  he is so much better then cowherd.

  • Reverend

    Cowherd is a hack who doesn’t watch any games, just lifts stories from the headlines. If he’s not cyberstalking Kate Upton, wtf is he doing with his time?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is such a dipshit.

  • http://twitter.com/JayDukes Jimmy in Raleigh

    Is there a bigger toolbox in sports radio than Colin Cowherd? I defy anyone to find that person.

  • Decredico

    Bullshit…she”s a vacuous airhead that is know for showing skin…any radio person should not be forced into interviewing this type of non-story person…she deserves all the derision she recieves for being vapid, untalented and a waste of media space.

  • Rob

    why u picking on Arkansas   we have more class than to ask questions like that to anyone

  • Tbone751

     I agree. He doesn’t even like sports.  He thinks he’s some marketing/statistic  guru .

  • Anonymous

    Colin didn’t have to have her on the Air. And It doesn’t matter how “airheaded” a person is. As a professional interviewer and a radio host, IT IS YOUR JOB TO MAKE THE CONVERSATION GOOD and if it doesn’t sound good then change it up and figure it out. 

    Learn a lesson or two from Dan Patrick. That man’s interviews flow like butter. Not a series of questions on a sheet. And his Kate Upton Interview sounded good. She sounded sexy in that interview. 

    So Colin, Go to H*LL. 

  • http://twitter.com/radiophlipside Jay Phillippi

     Sorry speaking from 20 years in radio and more on the phone and live interviews than I care to remember a failed interview is the host’s fault.  You get folks who are awkward and uncomfortable.  It’s your job to get them past it.  The blame for this goes strictly on Colin’s plate.

  • michael riggs

    Colin cowherd has a special level of hell satin has built him

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