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USA Loses To Ghana, Crying Bro Sums Up The Feelings Of A Nation (Video)

Let me lay out the scene for you.  I stumbled drunkenly home last night around 3am, awash in booze after trying my best to forget about team USA’s 2-1 overtime defeat to Ghana.

I had watched the game earlier that day at a company party held at my boss’s summer house, surrounded by coworkers. They are (mostly) casual fans, so as the final whistle blew some of them made jokes about “not having to follow Soccer anymore.” I, on the other hand, felt like crying.

Not that I’m any huge Soccer connoisseur or anything. I don’t follow the Premiership, and I didn’t recognize the names of two-thirds of our roster before the Cup started. But I was one of the millions who was enthralled in our run.

Maybe I’m fickle, maybe I’m a sheep following a Youtube trend that doubles as the biggest sports tournament in the world. But, by that point, I was emotionally invested.

So back to last night. I was watching New York 1, the trusty metro news channel and default starting point for my cable box, half-alive, visions of Asamoah Gyan taunting me in my head, when suddenly I came upon a cousin in pain. A compatriot in mourning. A sad bro, if you will.

Fast forward to 1:20 (he makes a second appearance at 2:20):

Thank you, sad bro, for having the courage to do in front of thousands of late-night viewers what I didn’t have the cojones to do at my company party. I salute you.

[Local Soccer Fan's See End Of USA's World Cup Dream] NY1

  • http://pouredwithpleasure.com billmarsano

    This is really pathetic. I’ll take baseball any day, if only because there is–as you may have gheard–no crying in baseball. No crying and no crybabies, not like like soccer players with their hammy overacting on fouls or falls real or imagined. Baseball players have that wussy stuff knocked out of them in Little League or that’s as far as they get.

    Soccer is like bad sex: there’s no scoring, or almost none. And that’s the way they like it, especially the euros. It reflects fundamental Old World-New World differences. It mirrors the Euro way in politics: lots of noise, expense of effort, posturing–and the preferred result is a nil-nil tie, leaving everyone exactly where they started from. (What Asians see in soccer is beyiond me.) But Americans like to see effort rewarded. We can deal with the occasional jewel-like pitchers’ duel, but we like to see guys–on the field as on the sofa–get to first base. And we like to score.

  • scottw

    “USA heartbreak”…Crying…feelings of a nation” ? What are you smoking ?

  • aughsum

    i just registered an account to respond to that comment…

    playing baseball is like being a cop – it’s what you do when you’re too much of a dumb hick to do anything else.

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