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Medal-Winning American Hurdlers Aren’t Too Happy About All The Lolo Jones Hype

The Olympics women’s 100-meter hurdles final was last night, and Lolo Jones didn’t medal, finishing fourth. Jones, of course, was the subject of a lot of hype leading up to the Games, talking about her virginity, yukking it up with Leno and Louis C.K., eating oatmeal, etc. There’d been some blowback to this hype, most notably in a New York Times piece that said she’d “decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be” as part of a “sad and cynical marketing campaign” that propelled her fame to great heights despite her not actually being one of the top performers in her event.

The eventual results of the race illustrated this: fourth place is a respectable finish, but it was only the third-best time by an American runner in the event – Jones’ compatriots Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells won the silver and bronze, respectively. (Australian Sally Person won gold.) What did Harper and Wells think of taking a backseat to Jones, at least as far as public recognition was concerned? Michelle Beadle asked them this morning. And neither held back:

And a brief Part 2:

Well… yeah. That was a pretty substantial amount of tension. Beadle promised real-getting, and Harper and Wells delivered. There are a couple ways one could analyze this. One could look at it and say it sounds like sour grapes on Harper’s and Wells’ part that Jones became the bigger star even though they came up bigger in the event – and some did. One could look at it and think that yeah, in their spot, maybe we’d probably have some bitterness too, that we were overlooked in favor of someone we beat (while the Harper’s and Wells’ attitudes toward Jones seemed frosty, their biggest problem seemed to be with the people who made her into a star).

As for us? We’re just glad everyone got their feelings out in the open. We want people to talk. They talked, and talked honestly. While not exactly the heartwarming story of togetherness the Olympics would like you to believe they’re all about (and, in fairness, can sometimes be), this was, indeed, real. There were hard feelings, and there was no putting on a happy face for the cameras. Whether you agree with Wells’ and Harper’s feelings and/or the way they expressed them, you can’t deny it’s much more interesting this way.

  • Guavajelly

    Classless petty drivel from two women who will be coaching high school track in 5 years while Lolo (using her marketability and public speaking skills) will be a sports anchor. At least they got their time to shit.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve known Wells since high school, and like Harper she has an amazing story leading up to this medal. Maybe you should do some research before blindly slamming United States Olympians that just won medals for their country.

  • Nicoleann_hill

    Guava, you are the only classless petty person I see.  

  • fangers32

    The sooner jones is out of the spotlight the better…way over-hyped, underserving of any of it.

  • Cbobquick

    Just catty!! exemplifies where is my money attitude.  Every athlete has a story, they just didn’t have the marketability!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Classless petty drivel from two [Olympic medal winners] who will be coaching high school track in 5 years while [4th place finisher] Lolo [using her hot looks and "i'm a virgin" marketing niche] will be speaking at religious events next to Tim Tebow.

    Fixed it for ya.  No need to thank me. Gratis.

  • Joe Peterson

     Check out her record she is a past champion…..

  • Joe Peterson

    Perhaps this is another case of African American skin color prejudice.   Sure there are reasons to be upset about all the hype but darker and lighter skinned folk often bang heads with one another…… If you doubt me then where have you been over the years…

  • Cory

    There’s no question Lolo Jones has been marketed far more than her more successful Olympic teammates.  Part of that might be that it’s a bit harder to imagine Lolo Jones sitting on TV and speaking about her teammates the way Harper and Wells did.  Marketability is not just about success or having a great backstory or pretty face.  It’s also about personality and demeanor.  And, it’s taking full advantage of opportunities when they come up.  Lolo was rightfully built up by NBC in 2008 because she was the favorite, was pretty, and was a great story of coming from nothing to the brink of gold.  Because of the pre-Olympic hype machine singling Lolo out she became a star, and the story of the hurdles.  Even moreso when she found defeat in what was clearly going to be victory.  

    Sometimes, winning isn’t all there is for marketability.  Sometimes it’s also not looks.  It’s being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of the opportunities that you have.  Harper and Wells haven’t had those opportunities despite their successes through no fault of their own.  But with attitudes and interviews like the one in this post I don’t know why you’d expect any different in the future.  

  • TwoCents

    So Lolo is supposed to tell the media, “No, don’t do a story about me.”  Who doesn’t want to have their story told or be in the spotlight for a while.  Don’t blame Lolo, blame the media.  Apparently, the media didn’t think Harper or Wells stories were that interesting? 

  • Anonymous

    News Flash: Justin Bieber is not the best singer, but he’s the most popular.  Lots of people in this world work really hard, and almost all of them are not famous.  Fame is a fickle thing, and nobody should ever have expectations of becoming famous, no matter what you do.  It’s not Lolo’s fault that she draws more attention, and it’s no her fault for taking capitalizing on it, either.

  • JK

    You know what? I’d be pissed too, but I do have more sympathy for Lolo here. It really doesn’t take any less work to finish fourth in the Olympics than it does second or third. If offered a trade of public profile for athletic accomplishments, Harper and Wells would turn it down flat and Lolo Jones would take it in a heartbeat.

  • labella281

    Perhaps they should have done some research on lolo’s story before slamming a US Olympian and FELLOW teammate! Jealousy is ugly!

  • GW

    The only thing i find interesting is that even though Lolo was the bigger marketing star that Dawn won the medal the year she SUPPOSEDLY was suppose to win it all. Perason got the silver. So though she got off to a good start who is to say that she would not have been run down by the evenutal winners. I think Dawn and Kellie proved themselves no matter how bitter some may think they sound. Think of it like this Dawn has a 2 medals Gold and Silver, kellie as Bronze… Lolo has???

  • Player

    Don’t hate the Player, hate the Game. 
    Instead of hating on Lolo, they should look for better agents en PR people 

  • Anonymous

    Is it Lolo’s fault that she is attractive?   I don’t recall her making negative remarks about these 2 ladies.  Is Lolo supposed to make herself as unattractive as she possibly can so that these ladies will feel better?   (I don’t think so).   Someone needs to tell these ladies where they are from – America, baby.  Get a grip. 

  • Carlossee’ Santiago

    What those commentors who are not and HAVE not been a part of the brown-skinned communities of America cannot get is that Dark-Skinned black people are SOOO tired of NOT being chosen by the often white or light-skinned run meida. Another case of the house negro of old as the “preffered” or safe negro to feed the American public.  Harper and Wells served-up JUST a sampling of what MOST black people feel when it comes to America’s choice of beauty in black.  HOW many times do you see (other than TARGET) dark-skinned blacks without the scrunchy “good hair” in MAJOR advertising?  You don’t see it very often if at all because advertisers act as if they do not want dark blacks wearing their stuff as it may be deemed too urban or too black for mass consumption by whites who want a safer black face so that their equality resume’ has a notch to which one could reference.  It was refreshing to finally see an “unfiltered” airing of how most of the brown-skinned American communities see blacks in advertising.  Chose the light-skinned negro over the dark one even if she is vastly less talented.  And all of these references to how pretty Lolo Jones is perceived over the two darker women is based, too, on the media template we have been force-fed all of these years.  Dark girls, little black sambos, Lolo Jones, Mixed and almost white (by the media) , so the best choice.  Race is what triggered the interview everyone saw.   In order to get ANY respect in America it seems one has to “prove” one’s greatness like a Michael Jordan or a Viola Davis or an India Arie otherwise all one gets is a Haley Berry (considered not all that talented by most, by the way) or a Lena Horne.

  • BlackIsBeautifulBaby

    There are so many dark skinned beauties in America that there isn’t room here to list them all.  Blackness is not ugly.  Gloating and kicking a teammate when she is down is ugly.  

  • sMoody

    Their outward display of jealousy was low class and a poor representation of “TEAM” USA!  LoLo’s character outshines any medal that these two women own.  Sad that they didn’t choose their words more wisely nor respect a fellow teammate who also put in the work that it takes to be an Olympian.  4th place in the world is no small feat in addition to being a 2 time Indoor World Champion, 3 time Indoor US Champion, 11 time NCAA All-American, Indoor 60m record holder, 2008 Olympic trials Champion, and 3rd at this year’s trials.  She is much deserving of the recognition she gets, and we will see much more of LOLO JONES!  As for these two, sayonara! 

  • Tiffylove25

    The measure of a person’s character is not how they handle themselves when they lose, but how they handle themselves when they WIN. @Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells: Take a higher road, and if you don’t like your media attention (or lack thereof), please get yourself a new media agent that will help you to capitalize on opportunities as well. 

  • Jerry Baustian

    I watched the post-race interviews with Wells and Harper. Harper was not as talkative, but Wells came off as well-spoken and pleasant and very happy to medal. She did not seem too bummed that it wasn’t the gold. I thought they both did a fine job representing the USA.

    As for Lolo Jones… other than some good performances at the Drake Relays, what has she really done? She was good enough to get into the finals, but was never in the hunt for a medal. Still, she can say that she was one of the best eight or nine hurdlers in the world.

  • Chalkituptothegame

    I agree with the two ladies but it is not Lolo’s fault that she is white and attractive.  Her target demographics is just not restricted to sports fans.  Lolo did what she was supposed to do and that is take full advantage of the opportunity.  If the two metal winners had looks and white skin but no metal winning skillls they would have done the same thing Lolo did.  The only thing I fault Lolo for is whining about not being valued as a top athlete while collecting money and endorsements due to her looks.  Can’t have it both way dear unless you are actually a metal winner….perferably gold. 

  • Anonymous

    this is typical negro woman behavior….LOL!!!  Can negro women get along?

  • Carlossee’ Santiago

    Lolo Jones is NOT white!  Lolo jones is bi-racial.  Get your facts straight.

  • J. Blanche

    Sounds like you’ve never been in the black/brown community. Either that, or you been gone for a long time. This wasn’t a race-jealousy issue, this was a straight- jealousy issue, period. And the fact that Harper and Wells chose to handle their jealousy issues the way they did, AFTER they’d already won and backed up their personal opinions about being stronger runners, was classless.  The media will choose who they want to give publicity to regardless of dark or light skin. If the media had been interested in Harper and Wells, they would’ve done a story and gave ‘em their shine… like Jeter, like Deamus, like Felix, and all the other “darker” skinned female track stars that we ALL kept hearing about. But they didn’t, so be it. Dark skinned black folk have been “chosen” by the media over and over again for decades. How can they not, considering that there isn’t one single aspect of life that black folk haven’t influenced. (Music, Film, Sports, Politics, etc.) Now, has dark skin- light skin been an issue before? Absolutely, but it doesn’t correspond with EVERY single situation that surfaces. A perfect example would be the depiction of people with YOUR heritage. Last name Santiago, so I’m gonna guess Dominican. I got nothing but love for ALL my latino peoples in my neighborhood, but they stay ripping on each other for not being the same. There’s certain times where all I hear out of the latino communities’ mouths is ”I don’t like such and such” cause they’re Rican or Dominican or Colombian or Mexican or Peruvian etc, etc, etc. Now I’m educated enough to know that you all have specific backgrounds that include  lifestyle, food and dialect. You ALL want each one to be recognized, appreciated and celebrated. I get it, I feel you. But real talk, to the average Joe  down the street (whether he black, white or asian), y’all ALL sound the same. The average dude won’t decipher Ricans from Dominicans. You just “papi” and you speak that “guala-guala”. Do they beef about it? Hell yeah, but that’s not the reason for EVERY beef that comes up between people with two seperate latino nationalites. THAT right there is America’s problem. America needs to grow the f**k up already and start dealing with EVERYBODY on an individual basis. Ofcourse certain people of all races are going to fit the stereotypes that we as a human race have depicted each other as, but we hold on to those too tight. I truly beleive you mean well with your statements, but honestly, it sound like you been chillin around some ignorant white folk for too long. Negros? Sambos? I mean, we say that ignorance is bliss, but WILLFUL ignorance is torture. Even your use of the word “urban”. This is the type of evolution that takes place when CERTAIN white folk (not ALL), get hold of something. Newsflash for everybody, “urban” does NOT mean black. It means “city”, and it relates to a type of enviornment, like suburban or rural. You could be the most ignorant, cowardly, dull, unathletic, uncoordinated,  whitest republican living on the Upper East side of Manhattan and you’d STILL be living an “urban” lifestyle. Like I said, I believe you mean well, but you need to stop perpetuating “box” thinking. And for the record, it’s “Halle”, not Haley. I’m not exactly sure where you got this “most” garbage from (probably just your personal opinion), but I don’t know anybody, black, white OR latino, who doesn’t feel she’s just as talented as she is beautiful.

  • Chris Carswell

    Okay, all that character assessment stuff is nice, but ask yourself why did the media play it out like this?  Track and Field is where we normally take over the medal race.  Why place so much focus on an unproven racer versus the defending champion?  Way after the race the second and third place finishers only merit an interview on by a second / third tier interviewer for NBC Sports.  No Today Show, no Good Morning America.  This is before the young ladies made their feelings known.  Ask yourselves why?

  • Scott Homewood

    It’s sad that two Olympic athletes were trained in their sport but were never taken aside and taught anything about class. Lolo Jones will shine brightly while these two will fade away into obscurity where the classless belong. Enujoy your medals – obviously they are more important than being decent human beings.

  • sMoody

    LoLo is a 3 time US champion and a 2 time WORLD champion…and then some. Perhaps before calling someone “unproven,” you should check the facts. Regardless, it still doesn’t excuse the poorly chosen commentary of these two.

  • http://twitter.com/divaprecious The Precious Diva

    In light of the “Hurdle Controversy” let me quote this post:

    “Harper, the 2008 Olympic hurdles champion, grew up in tattered East St. Louis, Ill. That city’s famous Olympic athlete, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, was her mentor. In Beijing, Harper had no shoe endorsement, so she ran and won in a pair of borrowed spikes. But all anyone asks about is Jones.”

    Yes, you read right. She ran AND WON in a pair of “borrowed spikes” – wow. That is all is can say. Whether Lolo is a virgin or a vixen or a victim at the end of day she is not a “medalist.” In 2012, Harper and Wells are. I hope they get the endorsement deals and the shine they deserve and, furthermore, that they earned. They should not have to answer questions about Lolo. This is their time. Ask about their stories. Their journey to the medals they earned. I blame the media for this drama.

    Black women and this issue of beauty is a thorn. Serena Williams is not only beautiful but a CHAMPION. Yet, Kournikova reaped millions in endorsements despite NEVER winning a tournament as a singles player. I’m just tired of this same tired old marketing campaign that throws the “chocolate body” not only under a bus but under the radar. Before anyone else tries to discuss Gabby’s hair remember that the little girl is just as much beautiful as she is a CHAMPION. With that being said, this post is not to take anything away from Lolo. I am not mad at her for “capitalizing” off her “moment” and her “look.” But, I hope Harper and Wells get the shine they deserve. No, they don’t “look” like Lolo but they are beautiful women who are also “WINNERS” so let them pose on the cover of ESPN’s “Body Issue” after all is was their “bodies” which won a medal and therefore deserves to be “endorsed”… And, for that they deserve to discuss THEIR JOURNEY IN THEIR INTERVIEWS AFTER THEIR WINS AND THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT LOLO JONES.

    *goes back to work*

  • http://twitter.com/divaprecious The Precious Diva

    But she is NOT an Olympic champion. Harper is. And, since this was the Olympics and Harper was the gold winner in 2008 she did deserve more shine than she got. Periood. Point. Blank.

  • Team USA Rocks

     I’m so disappointed and ashamed in USA track athletes Dawn Harper &
    Kelly Wells. Poor judgement and taste all the way around during an
    interview ! Bad mouthing and dissing fellow USA athlete Lolo Jones
    because the media and sponsors choose to spotlight her and her story
    before the games and not them didn’t get you ANY respect !!! Quite the
    opposite ! Harper won silver and Wells won Bronze and Lolo came in 4th
    RESPECTIVELY !!! It’s a 12 second hurdle race and on any given day the
    results could have been so different. This is a true sign of poor
    sportsmanship !!! They are jealous, petty, and insecure and true colors
    have really come out and they ain’t Red, White, and Blue ! =/

  • Team USA Rocks

     Very well spoken ;-)

  • Team USA Rocks

     Amen !

  • cc

    Harper and Wells are petty. It’s too bad really.

    Did they really mean to imply that Jones didn’t work hard?  Did Jones get all the way from essentially being a “walk on” to 1/10 of a second behind Wells in the final because Jones was pretty? Ridiculous.

    On the plus side, 3 of the top 4 women in the event were Americans (Harper, Wells, Jones).

    On the down side, none of them could beat the young Australian (Sally Pearson).  So, in away, they ALL came up short.

  • Jacksonscribe

    I hope Harper and Wells don’t get ANY ENDORSEMENTS! This is NOT the Olympic spirit. What a shame! I hope COMPANIES are taking note!!!!

  • Formulas7002

    BTW Nike is sponsoring Dawn Wells…Si I am not buying Nike Products till that changes.

    Not one but two of our US Olympic track representatives Dawn Harper and
    Kellie Wells verbally rip up and disrespected another member of their
    team Lolo Jones just because THEY weren’t the media darlings, and
    getting all the media attention is
    pathetic. Reminds me of bullies in school! Perhaps if they look in a
    mirror and see the how BITCHY and BACKSTABBING they are then they will
    SEE why they weren’t as interesting to the media. Lolo Jones MORE than
    deserved to be there. This is the FIRST time I have seen such POOR
    SPORTSMANSHIP from members of the AMERICAN OLYMPIC TEAMS, Dawn Harper
    and Kellie Wells are NOT a credit to their country or their sport! I
    hope they are sanctioned or shunned by their other teammates for their
    POOR behavior.

    Lolo Jones Stats:
    USA Championships
    2008 Olympic Trials champion (12.29)
    3rd at 2012 Olympic Trials (12.86)
    Three-time USA Indoor champion – 2007 (7.88); 2008 (7.88); 2009 (7.84)

    International Championships
    Two-time World Indoor champion – 2008 (7.80); 2010 (7.72)

    Collegiate Championships
    2004 NCAA Indoor 60mH (8.00) and 60m (7.38) runner-up
    NCAA 4x100m champion – 2003; 2004
    2003 NCAA Indoor 60mH champion (8.00)
    2002 NCAA Outdoor 100mH (13.02) and 4x100m runner-up

    Awards and Honors
    Indoor 60m American record holder (7.72)
    Two-time Indoor Visa champion – 2008; 2009
    2008 VISA Humanitarian Athlete of the Year
    11-time NCAA All-American

    About Lolo

    Jones had spinal surgery in 2011 exactly one year out from the 2012
    Olympic final to correct a tethered spine. The spinal condition is
    believed to have been a factor in her string of recent injuries. She was
    the first woman ever to claim back-to-back World Indoor titles in the
    60m hurdles while setting an American record in the process. Jones
    finished her career at LSU as a three-time national champion and 11-time
    All-American, where she ranks among the top-three all-time at LSU in
    both the 60m and 100m hurdles. Jones was named Gatorade Midwest Athlete
    of the year and holds the 100mH record for the state of Iowa (13.40).
    She is of French, African-American, Native American and Norwegian
    descent. Her given name is Lori. She considers speed off the final
    hurdle one of her greatest strengths. She was named 2008 Visa
    Humanitarian Athlete of the Year after donating her $4,000 in prize
    money from the Olympic Trials to a fund assisting Renee Trout, a single
    mother from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who was a victim of the Iowa floods.
    Jones’ sponsors each matched Jones’ $4,000 prize, bringing the total
    donation to $12,000. She also gave each girl on Theodore Roosevelt High
    School track team a pair of spikes and made a $3,000 donation to the
    school to repair the track and buy hurdles while in town for the Drake
    Relays. She is the most followed U.S. track & field athlete on

  • Formulas7002

    Sorry Nike is sponsoring Dawn Harper…don’t know if they are sponsoring Kellie Wells. Kicking a teammate when they are down is the worst kind of poor sportsmanship there is, and certainly not in keeping at all with Nike tradition…

  • Zin

    I have never been more ashamed to be an American, when your own team mates go and rag on you on national TV. It was in poor taste and NBC should have stopped it. It was not very sportsmanlike for them when they are representing the USA. Regardless who had more story than the other that was not a proper way to do that. Any other country they would have had their metals taken away for the poor conduct. Sad to say if the color of the people were reverse, there would have been disciplinary done. However I dout anything was said or done on their own actions.

  • Uschamp

    Good point. Why in the world would Nike sponsor any athlete who handles themselves and bashes a teammate the way these women did. I don’t believe that is the way to achieve sponsorship. Good luck borrowing cleats, maybe Lolo can loan you some cash.

  • Erbester629

    Y’all are so freaking over dramatic…. “I’m ashamed to be an American” Oh please it is not that deep… I bet had the roles been reversed and it was Crybaby Jones who made those comments you all would be agreeing with Lolo Jones still. Those women had every right to say and feel the way that did. There stories should have been heard as well. And no matter what you think it does all go back to the light skinned vs. dark skinned mentality and that dark skin women aren’t beautiful and marketable enough and it’s really quite sad.

  • Nerakycal

    Dawn is remembered as the one who got gold because LoLo tripped!

  • Nerakycal

    You can’t make sponsors sponsor you. So, are we to believe that Dawn couldn’t buy spikes for herself? She needs a contact to have spikes? I am not impressed with them after that fiasco. Reminds me of Gwen Torrence hating on Gail Deevers. LoLo will train differently and come back!

  • Monarch2709

    Lolo would of won in beijing if not for tripping on the last hurdle. And she finished 4th this olympics. I think that classifies her as one of the best in the world. Where do you stand in your rankings at whatever you do for your career?
    Harper and wells both came off to me like amateurs for their interviews. Complaining that nobody made a documentary about them. Sellfish!! Way to represent usa overseas girls!!

  • Cbx

    Damn!!!!! That was well said Cory

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNIRMCEVY7A5DSZF6BFDEOK7SA Mar

    If she felt like a champion she should speak like one and not put her teammate down; very unnecessary. These remarks will make people remember her for her bad attitude, not her accomplishments. Too bad for her.

  • YEAH

    Typical gutter trash hating black bitches! If Lolo looked like their ugly asses they’d have no problem with the media coverage. They are jealous because Lolo is pretty, light skinned, light eyed and long straight hair! Do they not realize the media LOVED Lolo because she’s HONEST? Because she tripped on the 9th out of 10 hurdles and lost her chance at gold? People love redemption! That’s why they payed her soooo much attention AND maybe because Lolo is smart at PR? Stupid black bitches can stay mad. Never in my life heard of a SORE WINNER! Dummies made themselves look a fool and thus giving Lolo MORE attention! Idiots. You won the medals but Lolo ultimately won. And for the record I’m biracial as well and I can say this from experience that black skanks like them hate on mixed girls and I say that to say that I’m not racist just speaking the truth!

  • YEAH

    Oh and what makes it WORSE is that they are supposed to be TEAM MATES! Disgusting low lifes. Lolo even hugged and congratulated them after they won, despite being upset at losing.

  • YEAH

    Are you kidding me? If they wanted their stories heard they know how to contact the media! FOH! What “right” do they have to bash Lolo for the media loving her? Should the US swim team bash Michael Phelps because ALL they talk about is him? Should the Jamaica team bash Usain Bolt because all the media talks about is him? Please! It’s dark skin vs. light skin alright on these two ugly broads behalf. Hating hoes.

  • YEAH

    AND? Who gives a f*ck? She’s a grown ass woman if her broke ass can’t afford shoes to run in too damn bad! Should have stayed home. Yup black women like you who absolutely HATE, DESPISE AND DIE A LITTLE INSIDE when a light skinned chick get’s all the attention. Stay mad darkie! Serena is the biggest women’s tennis player in the world and not suffering for money so your argument is null and void idiot. No one even puts that Kournikova chick in Serena’s category.

  • YEAH

    But that’s why she is soooo popular with the media you dumb black bitch! She tripped and lost out on gold. DARKIE HARPER wasn’t going to be beat her. She got her gold medal by default. You fucking idiot. 

  • YEAH

    And you’re a fucking retard. You see how much the media loves Gabby Douglas and Usain Bolt? Advertising are dying to get them to sign an endorsement. Lolo is vastly less talented which is why she literally was smoking her competition in 2008 and came 4th after a damn spinal cord surgery? Are you serious? You are another idiotic darkie complaining about something without having the facts. Lolo is not unproven and definitely not “vastly less talented”.  It’s a dark vs light issue on their insecure black asses! Plenty of ugly ass dark people and plenty of ugly ass light people. They just happen to be dark and ugly and thus hating on Lolo because she isn’t. Gabrielle Union is dark and fucking stunning. Kenya Moore is dark and stunning. These bitches are UGLY inside and out and BITTER and JEALOUS too boot! Fuck them and fuck you.

  • YEAH

    Slut, no wonder she is mad. At least Lolo has some damn morals and class to not bash team mates. 

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree…and these racists white folks on here..and Black..are simply talking bullshit..Lolo is pretty..yes….but it’s the Olympics not America’s Next Top Model. They are searching for models right now actually…the Olympics is almost over, she could make it lol But honestly the Olympics is about not only representing your country but WINNING for YOUR  COUNTRY. And it does not matter how hard she has “tried” she still hasn’t won SHIT. You can tell that she was beloved by everyone when she was younger..because if she had really struggled in her life…those comments in the NY times would have not affected her at all. Jennifer Hudson lost her mom..and her niece and her brother!..That’s struggle…I have never seen her cry since…but Lolo’s ass can’t take the truth…and it wasn’t even harsh..like calm down..shit you’re like 30. 

  • Anonymous

    darkie…bitch please be White…cuz I got so much shit to say to you motherfuckers…and if you are Black..you self hating piece of shit…you are fucking slave to White people….kissing their stinky asses..the girl did not win SHIT..she is a fucking LOSERRRRRRRRR….question is YOUR ass getting paid to defend her ?? NO! Do me a favour and find the nearest bridge and jump bitch!

  • YEAH

    Cunt find the nearest skyscraper and hopscotch off that biotch. Just know that I’m not a DARKIE! No one gives a fuck about your feelings or these DARKIES feelings! Lolo WON BITCH! Losers don’t make the national headlines and get million dollar endorsements. You getting paid to defend these darkies? Not Lolo’s fault she isn’t a GORILLA. Stay mad.

  • Anonymous

    i use to run in Track and Filed and my spikes were $175…that is really expensive! And well why does everyone believe that Lolo is a virgin? How do we know that that is true. .. I don’t believe so. I don’t think that they were wrong at all…how would you feel if you had a popular relative that everyone always talked about…even after you won a singing competition or a track meet….everyone always tried to compare you two…..and forget about your accomplishments. 

    Part 2

    White people love those that look like them…there have been studies done on this that show that there brain reacts more when they see those who are white and not as much when they see, Asians and especially Blacks. 

    They are xenophobic…..and afraid of those that are “different” so it makes sense to not endorse two girls who have darker skin…and this is coming from a girl with a lighter complexion..Dominican. 

  • Anonymous

    she’ll shine brightly..for being a loser ? …makes sense…makes sense. 

  • Anonymous

    WHY ARE THEY SO IN DENIAL ? These girls are not being talked about at all…becuase they are too dark ? Lolo needs to disappear…because though she has no power over any of this…her lost is talked about more than the other girls winnings! 

  • Anonymous

    Why not take a washer trailer trash :) Stinking up my computer screen…

  • Anonymous

    she is loved because she looks like a White woman with a tan..and anyone who disagrees is so in denial. Her features are not Black except her cheek bones..but her green eyes, nose, lips and blondish hair are all White features. That is why she is praised. Why isn’t anyone talking about Allyison Felix…who actually won something..while Lolo hasn’t won anything…nada….rien..shit.

  • Anonymous

    she through her ass on the ground lol No one pushed her..it’s not fair to receive attention for not winning a metal…it would be nice…considering it’s the Olympics..where people go to win……metals….it would be nice too if she actually won something…even silver…maybe bronze..but she hasn’t one a thing.  

  • YEAH

    That’s cause you’re a broke darkie who doesn’t want to work! $175 is not expensive lazy ass. No one is comparing them and your argument is of course, illogical.

    I’d be mad if I were a darkie too…but I’m not. Lolo can’t help it if she’s attractive and that has nothing to do with the medias fascination of her. Stay mad.

  • Anonymous

    Usain bolt is a man…and it’s different…see..many White women may find Black men attractive but not many white man find dark skinned Black women attractive….and who runs everything the sly white man. I could care less about her spinal surgery..at least she had the money to get it done…I just had a sinus surgery…where’s the love for me ? lol It has nothing to do with them being insecure its that you people (White people) have mutilated, raped and sodomized us so much…literally and metaphorically..presently and in the past…you hate everything about us..but you use our features on your women. Making them darker on magazines…making their asses bigger….their lips fuller…..but nope it’s ok. You make the rules…if a black woman goes into an interview with her natural hair and she has dark skin…and she is competing against a light skinned women…with long hair…guess whose getting the job ?..yah definitely not darkie. 

  • YEAH

    Now I know you’re a fucking dumbass nigger(not to be confused with black people or African Americans). Fucking idiot. Who wouldn’t be upset at what the NY times posted on her? It was fucking mean spirited as hell, you’d have to be devoid of any feelings or emotions to not only say she shouldn’t have been affected by those comments after losing something she worked for 6 days a week for 4 years at and not feel that way yourself if it were you. Dumbass jiggaboo and you shouldn’t be mad that the media doesn’t care about these UGLY PETTY JEALOUS BITCHES!

  • YEAH

    She’ll shine brightly with her BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL SKIN AND HER BRIGHT BIGASS BANK ACCOUNT AND HER BRIGHT FAME! Meanwhile you’ll still be hating and not being able to afford $175 shoes. 4th in the world, how good are you are frying fries at McDonalds? What’s your rank? You used to run track right? You ever make it to not one but two Olympics? No? Then you’re the loser, darkie.

  • Anonymous

    totally agree…btw Halle Berry is not a good actress..or at least in comparison to the great Angela Basset..did you see her in “Whats love got to do with it”? But sadly she’s a dark negro and that is not very “pleasing” to the eyes of White people. 

    They love those that look like them…and if you don’t thennn..you are just a nigger who though won a metal for their shitty country…they’ll make sure that you are forgotten. 

  • YEAH

    If only that joke was funny or applied to me jiggaboo. Go shuck and jive down to the welfare office, I’m allergic to broke and you’re making me sick.

  • Anonymous

    thank you…..oh and she has none.

  • YEAH

    Better to be Lolo than Darkie Harper….or you. She looks beautiful is what she looks. What have you won? Special Olympics don’t count.

  • Anonymous

    well this isn’t about her record….it’s about the NOW..Dawn- two metals gold and silver, Kellie Bronze..Lolo has what???….I’ll wait. 

  • YEAH

    What have you won? Dumbass can’t even spell or formulate a complete sentence. Get the f.o.h defending these ugly low life black ass gorilla bitches. 

  • Anonymous

    i actually use to like her a lot..but man she is now getting so annoying. Like Beyonce lol damn i cant stand her(Beyonce)!

  • Anonymous

    do you know her personally ?? 

  • YEAH

    You are definitely a special kind of stupid. Black men face way more stigma than black women, thus your argument is fucking stupid and flawed as hell. If anything the white man fears, it’s a black man fucking his daughter or  his wife fucking one. No way the media would love Usain simply because he’s a man. You are one stupid motherfucker. Fuck you and your sinuses. Spinal cord surgery is major for a runner you idiot. You’re damn right. No darkies, actually no UGLY darkies with an UGLY jealous personality like Darkie Harper. 

  • Anonymous

    haha let me see….I speak 4 languages….pretty good huh ? 

    I have a cosmetology degree..and am now studying to become a psychologist :) oh and no kids…no boyfriend….and I can honestly say…I am not unattractive. 

    yup…now what do you have trailer trash ho ? 

  • YEAH

    Keep hating and keep wishing, she ain’t going nowhere.

  • Heather

    Thank You for your straight facts which are correct…Lolo Jones inherited her white mother’s good looks…Her father (Black American) never was married to her mother…

  • YEAH

    If only that joke was funny or applied to me. Take a walk down to the welfare office jiggaboo I’m allergic to broke and you’re making me sick.

  • YEAH

    Darkie you speak 4 languages but can’t even type proper English? Please stop your lying and I asked what have you won, not your pathetic life story. Try again.

  • YEAH

    Neither do you two.

  • YEAH

    Do you know Darkie Harper or Blackie Wells personally?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FPTBMQB2L3WFKQVUKWMCAROMJA Justin Tyme

     Phelps and Bolts are both winners clown.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FPTBMQB2L3WFKQVUKWMCAROMJA Justin Tyme

     They won, who would sponsor a loser?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FPTBMQB2L3WFKQVUKWMCAROMJA Justin Tyme

     Lolo is still a loser.  They only gave out three medals.

  • YEAH

    And what’s your fucking point? They aren’t the only two winners in the whole of the Olympics and those two are all the media talks about. They hyped Michael Phelps up just like Lolo and he lost to Ryan Lochte, unexpected. Learn what fucking context means before you call someone a clown, you illiterate non reading fuck.

  • YEAH

    They’re team-mates you dumbfuck. You don’t bash a team mate. Get back in your cage ape.

  • So U Know Now

    This ish is just ridiculous to me. It would be like a German American and Irish American hating and on an Italian American for getting all the hype and endorsements.  It just doesn’t happen in the white community.   Pure crabs in a barrel.   The sad part is the Harper and Wells fed right into the advertising and media trap.  Advertising and Media really dont care about race per se.  Their only objective to cater to the lowest common denominator in order to generate sales and/or ratings instead of raising the bar on peoples perceptions.  The perception of African American women as being loud, petty, jealous, ignorant, catty, and backstabbing is being upheld by Harper and Wells.  

    We black people have a tendency to strike at our own instead of those responsible.  Lolo Jones didn’t create the racial divide within the African American community (light vs dark skin), she didn’t create the marketing machine that promotes light skin beauty over dark skin beauty.  She is merely a puppet in the machine.  The machine is built to make money and choosing to promote someone that appears safe and welcoming to a suburban white house mother and her kin is what the machine is all about.  It’s not about making sales in Black communities unless its something specifically geared to us, in which case they will just use whoever  is famous in our community regardless of complexion. 

    Harper and  Wells should have  chosen the high road.  instead they fed right into the trap (the stereotypical image of black women) set up by that NBC reporter.  Controversy sells and that reporter did a great job of opening that door of controversy.  Where that heck were the PR people for Harper and Jones.


  • The Eloquent Writer

    I could not agree with you more,PR reps. should stick around when athletes that are vulnerable or may be baited into speaking their mind ,when they should be holding their tongue. Hey, if a reporter is good you will know. The reporter that interviewed the two USA medalist (hurdles) ,I’m not that big a fan of hers anyway. She was in the right spot for her minute of fame on the recognition issue ,and our two track stars did not handle their air time they had . Respect and grace go a long way like wisdom and understanding ,both are inseparable. If more people in the world today ,especially in chat rooms and blogs like this, exercise better emotional and  behavioral control(by utilizing th aforementioned traits) on how they talk to others regardless of what you do, did or have done or what color you were born or what food you like to eat the world would be a better place. Good luck and peace be with you all, especially Harper-Jones-and Wells. My work is done on this page and I pass the baton on to anyone that will take it and pass it along to someone else.

  • Raythompson93

    U racist.

  • Dtowle79

    I found Dawn and Kellie’s comments in very poor taste.  I’m just wondering WHY the media OWES them something?  They won, they got their medals…..where does it say that all Olympic Medalists are ASSURED media attention and endorsements?  They acted terribly toward their fellow US teammate and were actually showing delight that Lolo did not place on the podium.  Lolo on the other hand congratulated them even after they were mocking her on national television. 

    As for pulling the “she doesn’t look black”, so people like her better, that is such garbage.  She has a warm personality and is a genuine person.  A pretty face only opens the door, it doesn’t keep it open.  Lolo has kept it open for numerous reasons.  

    I say Dawn and Kellie take responsibility and ownership for their own lives and stop blaming others for their lack of media attention.  Pretty sure their ugliness in the interview won’t do much for them.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    Do you know where your gun is so you can shoot yourself?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    And your pernicious blatant racism shines through. You have the nerve to call someone else ignorant when you cant even express yourself without resorting to vile profanities about something as idiotic as sports. Not to mention your repeated use of the word “darkie” is a dead giveaway that you are a klan member.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    Whew…..somebody’s klan sheet is in a bunch!!! Got this kkracka cussin’ and fussin’ over NoNo Jones average-lookin loser ass. Leave this klansman alone before he gets angry, goes to a public place, and shoots a lot of people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    Ya mama should yank your keyboard out of your hands and knock yo dumb ass upside the head with it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    iT’s obvious that your mama is the classless lowlife who talk you to think and speak in such a degenerate manner. You really should seek therapy for your hatred misplacement. It’s really yourself you hate. You poor dear. There is help available for disorders such as yours. May I also suggest anger managment counseling as well? You express your anger in the repulsive, uneducated, and immature ways. If you cant find appropriate help: just kill yourself. Soon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    Neither do you dumb bitch. Go somewhere else and hate on dark women because you had a shitty childhood. Bitch you sound like you had a shitty attutude with a shitty mouth to match. No wonder no one liked you. You talk a lot of shit I would have DEFINITELY hit yo ass in ya mouth if you came at me on some rah rah shit. And I’m light skinned too bitch so what now. I dont like stupid hoes like you who think you’re better than dark skinned people just because you’re light. Bitch kill yourself. Lolo isnt going to pay you ANY MONEY for being her effen spokesperson.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFIDIQTSIIHI66IAVJUNTBNG3Q a reasonable person

    And still you all are missing Wells and Harper’s point: they blamed the media for their bias in coverage of their stories. Not once did they blame lolo jones. But because these women are dark skinned you all’s reading and listening comprehension skills have all of a sudden vanished. They blamed the media. They felt pushed aside (and they were) as winners. So you want them to be quiet and pretend like it’s all good? Just like since President Obama was elected, we are a POSTRACIAL AMERICA. YEAH. RIGHT.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T4F4TER7CRKLDLN5UTFA5XCW6Q KatieW

    Can you say Jealous? They obviously aren’t very nice ladies… They are upset cause the spotlight isn’t on them? It’s not like Lolo does this because she wants attention, she gets interviews because she’s nice, funny and has a great personality and could have won gold. They just made me not like them because of this interview, it shows their true character and I don’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    And the racist troll has entered the room. Good job.

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