Delonte West Tweets Out Bleacher Report Article Saying Who Should Sign Him, Shares His Basketball “Resamay” In Subsequent Rant

  • Dylan Murphy

Delonte West’s Twitter is like Christmas morning right now – gifts upon gifts of gems everywhere. A few days ago the guard was cut by the Dallas Mavericks, so naturally he’s looking for a new team. But there are a lot of teams in the NBA – 30 of them, to be exact – and sometimes it can be difficult to narrow things down. So where has Delonte turned for basketball support? Bleacher Report, of course.

Earlier this morning, West tweeted out a link to a Bleacher Report article titled “Teams That Should Take a Chance on Delonte West.” (Such blind trust in Bleacher Report probably explains his career going haywire.) He followed that up with a series of tweets describing his game and personality – a showcase, of sorts. Except this showcase was full of wonderful misspellings and Delonte West just generally being Delonte West.

Let’s compile West’s “resamay” based on this set of tweets:

-He can defend and play all three of the two guard spots on the floor.
-He is a great influence on young players
-He will play for the veteran’s minimum
-He can learn the team offense in a day or two
-He can learn the team defense in a few minutes
-He enjoys Popeyes chicken, and doesn’t always need steak and patatoe
-He has a high “Q” – no word on his IQ.
-He does not understand the word “mabey”
-He is a man
-His only request is communication when his paychecks don’t come on time or are skipped entirely.

We hope you’re listening, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando, Portland, Washington. There’s a championship caliber player waiting to be had.