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PHOTOS: First Peek At Nakey Female Athletes In ESPN Mag’s Body Issue

We’ve previously tipped you to ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue, which will feature some well-known athletes photographed as naked as the day they were born.

We already knew USA goalkeeper Tim Howard would be in the issue, but what about the female athletes who bared all?

Well, for starters, there’s the entire USA Women’s Water Polo team.

WNBA star Diana Taurasi is also in the Body Issue, which hits newsstands on October 8th. One would presume that she is the unnamed women’s basketball player who’s image “will be completely turned upside down,” according to ESPN Mag’s Editor-in-Cheif, Gary Belsky.

[Photos via Jezebel]

  • JBaustian

    Based on these glimpses, I am looking forward to seeing the Body issue.

  • Anonymous

    Fact: Two post in a year!!! Great thread!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • disgustedwithfilth

    This is so degrading to women.  So, the female sports stars have to pose nude. Why don’t we see pictures of half-nude men? Women, no matter what trade they choose, are always reduced down to sex objects. 

  • I Like Cake

    Kelly Slater, Camilo Villegas, Blake Griffin, and Evan Lysazek (sp?) are few amongst the many male athletes featured nude in (and some on the covers of) the ESPN Body magazines. ESPN isn’t objectifying or degrading anyone. The article’s author on the other hand… well, boys will be boys. lol

  • http://twitter.com/Darr247 Darr Darr

    Well, I doubt you’d find too many males that would pose nekkid in a line like that, ‘gus’.

  • RockoWorld

    well is there something besides sex objects that women are good for?  

    oh wait, the kitchen is a mess so ok never mind.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A647F4ATLBSESDPCN2GYQSYOMY Barry Jones

    what’s your point?

  • Male or Female, Get over it

    Oh please, if these women here thought it was so degrading then guess what, they wouldn’t be there now would they, i don’t see a ball and chain. Extremely dislike when PEOPLE notice others doing something of their own free will then blame the  PEOPLE watching it and tell them how horrible they are. Then when you realize how foolish you were being, you try pointing fingers at the PEOPLE preforming the act out of free will in the first place. Its like getting pissed at a female body builder for being female body builder, “Men with their weights and their training make women feel inferior, so they feel like they have to bulk up too.” I’m sure that’s what she wants, and that should be good enough. I’m not going to isolate genders here either. I’d be just as dumbfounded if a guy said “Us guys feel like if women didn’t have such high standards for the prototypical male body, then men wouldn’t have to train and break their backs.” Give me a break, not all woman require the prototypical male body, once again it all comes back to the term yet to be discussed, stereotype. Oh and please refer to the wiki definition of free will if you please, I haven’t seen it but I imagine it has the word free somewhere in there. Constitution of the united states is another point of reference. Obviously I lobby for free speech like any other, but please next time don’t post extremely bland and overused terms such as “Degrading” and “Sex Objects” without having the substance to back it up.

  • LookBeforeYouLeap

    did you not read the first line, it is men and women…Goalkeeper Tim Howard is a man!  Read before you rant.

  • Anonymous

    You’re narrow-minded (shocker !). Pay attention to the real world and get off your misinformed high horse !

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