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Fans Of The Speed Channel Are Pretty Upset About The Arrival Of Fox Sports 1

speed channelAfter reporting that the Speed channel was killed off in order to make room for ESPN-challenger Fox Sports 1, we got an unexpected amount of feedback from our readers — or, perhaps, Speed aficionados who learned from us that Speed was done and had something to say about it. The article has literally hundreds of comments that more or less say the same thing: “We want Speed, we don’t want Fox Sports 1.” This is a heretofore unheard sentiment that caught us by surprise.

We also received many emails that seemed to put the blame for Speed’s demise on us. Why? Not sure. If you’re not a Speed fan, you’re probably wondering how mad someone could possibly be that a channel dedicated to motor sports is now a more general-interest sports network that includes NASCAR. We’d like to share just a few of the emails sent to us regarding this change, some of which seem to be raging at the universe, others upset with us directly (for some misinformed reason).

Update: Now with even more emails.

Please note, readers and Speed fans: We don’t have anything to do with Fox Sports 1, Speed Channel, Fox Sports Media Group, 21st Century Fox or the programming decisions these entities make. Please direct your displeasure here.

  • Dynaharp

    The only channel that had Motor sports Is taken down for more football,soccer, baseball,and you are surprised that it upset a lot of folks who don’t give a damn about ball sports? Should have expected that reaction. I can watch all the weenie sports on a lot of other channels. Bring back Speed Channel. I for one won’t be watching Fox-1

  • Eric Goldschein

    I think what really surprised me was that people thought we were responsible for the change. But yes, I was also surprised that people were so vehemently against “ball sports.” I’ve never heard someone refer to basketball or football as “fuckball.”

  • Adam

    I, for one, would love to see what this new “fuckball” is all about. Sounds interesting. I look forward to Fox Sports 1 fails miserably and rebrands itself “Fuckball Sports 1.” It’ll definitely be strong with the 18-35 illiterate redneck demo.

  • Ugh

    Was happily ignoring all the hype about fs1, not realizing what it meant… Suddenly, speed is gone. What a total bummer. Good reason not to watch fs1 in my book.

    So where is ALMS, and V8 supercar airing now? Whatever network has them will get my patronage, not the fox thing that kept the worst of speed and discarded the best of it… :(

  • PS231537

    I will not be watching Fox1 Sports. Bring back the Speed Channel.

  • disappointed

    I might as well cancel my cable. speed was the only reason to have it.

  • Forever gearhead, not jock

    Speed Channel was my “default” TV start-up channel; now what?

    Accept no substitute!



  • car guy

    what a shame ,one of the few good car networks on tv , and the fox losers take it off for stick and ball crap. no wonder people watch internet tv , cable is a joke

  • Mad Dog

    ………what the hell where you thinking to take speed channel away from the kids of America,both young and old.They should have added more not take it away.

  • Dynaharp

    I was more surprised that the person with enough vocabulary to call it ” Fuckball” had enough education to run a smartphone.

  • Scott

    you have to be kidding me!!!!!
    no more speed channel!!!!!
    what a bunch of idiots!!!
    as said by others I might as well redo the the remote to block all the NEW STUPID ball sport channels nobody will watch anyway!!!
    We gearheads LOVED Speed.
    morons running the world as the ussual.

  • boycott fox

    If I wanted to watch espn type coverage, then I would watch espn..FOX sports 1 sucks! Bring back SPEED!!

  • steve bruhn


  • Jacob Fields

    I was a regular watcher of race hub every single day at 6:00 and many other times knowing it was a station just for us race fans!!!!!!!!!! I go to watch my regular show today, expecting to find the same show on 219, not only is race hub not on, but it is everything football, UFC and other for the entire night, RU KIDDING ME, Fox is a detriment to the sport of racing for the demise of speed channel. If they knew what was good for them, they would find a way to bring a dedicated race channel to the people who support one of the most popular entertainment out there today.

  • R Bonfanti

    Bring back Speed. There is more than enough channels for other sports but none for auto sports. Also shows like Gears, Hotrod TV, 2 Guys Garage and other car shows. I will not watch Fox-1. and maybe all of Fox Stations. What a Stupid move Fox Exec. did.

  • John doe

    I am so pissed off about this stupid change from speed to fox sports 1. When they first started talking about fox sports 1, I thought it might be cool. But to take the speed channel off air for that joke of a sports network,” fox sports 1″ is a complete insult to us as auto racing fans, gear heads, and car enthusaist and the people behind all the motor sports that go on daily in america. I think fox sports 1 should have never replaced the speed channel. They should have picked the opra channel or some shit, No one whatches that crap, just like no one will watch fox sports 1. I WANT MY SPEED CHANNEL BACK!!!!!!

  • Bill W.

    We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more F__k you Fox!

  • mowcook

    No FOX at this house! I will call Comcast tomorrow and cancel the tier that had Speed Channel. I won’t pay extra for FOX anything.

  • Joe Carburetor

    Who did the market research on this? They should be fired! I’m bettin’ they are scrambling now, probably did not expect this much fallout. Only reason I have cable was for Speed, Guessin’ I’ll be canceling my cable soon!?

  • kjdcomp

    I want speed back and pinks

  • Donnie Cornwell

    You people are so stupid, i hope somebody’s ass is fired over this. We had one channel that covered motorsports and you want to replaced it with a stupid football , theres many other channels for that and the rest of your stick and ball bullshit too. Why take the only channel we had, i’ll never watch Fox -1 or any other fox channel,,,why don’t you idiots check how many people in this country follow nascar, just look in the stands on a sunday race they all feel the same as i do..and all the other motor sports shown on the Speed channel. Some ingorant bastard has open up a big can of worms and i hope hes fired for it, because he or they sure dropped the ball, i’ll never have anything to do with fox… Donnie Cornwell

  • jim

    this sucks i had one channel and you took it away one for me the car guy one i could watch on a saturday morning with my coffee but no…. some a-hole thought we needed yet another football or baseball or whatever it is channel it a shame … some programmer or whoever is in charge with a pair need to wake up …its not all about a balls

  • Donnie Cornwell


  • Keith

    Just what the world needs is another ESPN. I did`t watch them and I won`t watch you.
    Have you ever heard IF IT`S NOT BROKE, DON`T FIX IT. You had a good thing and
    you threw it away. CONGRATS

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I got cable for the speed channel, now to take it off of the air is a really bad decision. Just because you don’t watch motor sports, there are millions of us who do and the Speed channel was the place we went to. Fox get your head out of your ass, the Fox Sports 1 is not for me. You just opened the door for another station to take multi millions of people away from your net work. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The whole Fox lineup on my Cable will not be looked at. I could care less on who twisted his ankle on the football field, and these talking heads do nothing but try and show how much they know, could care less. YOU HAVE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!

  • cj

    Its bad enough that 80% of programing on pay tv is infomercial, now fox screws up the BEST car channel around. i will bypass ALL fox channels from now on.

  • William Burke Jr

    So the Speed channel is gone now? Tonight at 7 PM I went to turn on Pass Time with
    Brett Wagner, and got a bunch of assholes talking about goddamned pro football!!!!
    What is this, anyhow? Who cares about the NFL??? Myself and plenty of others want
    auto racing, not football. F*** Fox Sports One!!

  • robert f leason sr

    with you all the way, SPEED CHANNEL BACK ON CABLE

  • Shoffner’s from Michigan

    Could not believe the SPEED channel was replaced with FS1!!!! Don’t they do studies on how many people watch a channel before they remove it from a line up? I’m positive had this been done they would have seen the large following of viewers which included myself and my wife! I tuned in tonight at 6pm to watch Nascar Hub when I can’t even find SPEED anymore only FS1. Well this household has no interest in any sport but Nascar and you idiots take our best station away from us, I guarantee we will remove this FS1 from our favorites list, since we will not watch this channel or any other Fox channel!

  • Dave

    Where can we direct our comments indicating this is just wrong and get the Speed channel back!

  • Joe Eckstorm

    What the F is wrong with you @$$ holes? ….Fox has enough channels to cover ball games. There are so many ball game channels out there its mind boggling. ..I have no interest in Fox-1. You have somany channels already…where are we spose to get our F1 racing?…our can-am racing?….I could keep going…but im sure you get the point.

    BRING BACK OUR SPEED CHANNEL!!!! I knew it was bad news when i read that fox now owns Speed Channel….iI thought it was going to change to show more of there stupid fox coverage…but never thought they will kill the channel all together..BRING BACK OUR SPEED CHANNEL!!!! you bastards.

  • Helen of Texas

    I’m sure all of the SPEED CHANNEL avid viewers are more than disappointed. What a sad way to take away a sport that people enjoy. Please put my SPEED CHANNEL back on the air. PASS TIME is one of my favorite Speed Channel shows. PASS TIME is a great show that my husband & I love to watch together. I know that I’m not the only SPEED CHANNEL viewer that is so very upset.

    I will get “O’Reilly Factor” to look into this change in some of my television watching. Of course, I love Bill O’Reilly and Hannity and Gretta “On the Record” on Fox News Channel.

  • Helen of Texas

    I’m sure all of the SPEED CHANNEL avid viewers are more than
    disappointed. What a sad way to take away a sport that people enjoy.
    Please put my SPEED CHANNEL back on the air. PASS TIME is one of my
    favorite Speed Channel shows. PASS TIME is a great show that my husband
    & I love to watch together. I know that I’m not the only SPEED
    CHANNEL viewer that is so very upset.

  • Eric Goldschein
  • O’Malley is a Idiot

    My kids today wanted to watch Monster Jam ….. they were really mad when I found out Speed Channel has been terminated. What IDIOT in NYC made this decision .

  • Very Disappointed

    Bring back Speed channel ! I will not watch FS1.

  • Mike Stickles

    This is Bull Shit I watched the speed Channel Every evening to get the latest on NASCAR NHRA World of Outlaws ETC. Just like fox 1 watches the 6:00 news to get sports Scores to tell the sports nuts and Fantasy Freaks whats up !!!!
    Speed channel is what it said every thing with speed the Motor heads don’t care about the football baseball soccer badminton AND any other Sports had to Go And ruin the Only Racing Channel on a 700+ Cable network when there are 20+ Sports Channels Think You Need To Bring SPEED CHANNEL BACK !!! ONE UPSET SPEED LOVER !!!!

  • The customer

    15 sports channels wasn’t enough, had to take the speed channel too, whomever made that recession needs to be given drug test and fired, oh I forgot your allow to do those if you play ball sport. I think you should have taken a couple of the ball channels and changed them to speed channel 2 and 3. Just my option. But I’m just the customer nobody gives a shit about the customer anymore.
    The customer!!!

  • David

    There’s no reason why to remove the only channel that is for motor sports, and that could bring people into liking cars and racing. There are plenty other channels for other sports and speed channel had plenty of informative shows that car enthusiasts could learn from. Speed was the only channels that you can learn from how to be a mechanic and become a fan of cars. Very sad that a channel that had so much diversity of motor sports has gone down

  • Richard

    You have got to be kidding me. This is the dumbest move in television. You take a unique channel dedicated to all motorsports and kill it and replace it with another run of the mill sports channel……………. Soccer………. seriously??????? GAG ME PLEASE. I think I need to start my own Speed Channel and kick your butt!!!!!!

  • Linden Clark

    I need another sports channels like I need another furlough day off. This was the only sports channel that showed motor sports and car related programming. FS1 is nothing but dead channel space. I hope Fox has a lot of friends because they lost all the moter-heads today.

  • Carrie

    We will not be watching fox sports!! we have 3 tvs and we are dropping 2nd tier cable! Bring back our Speed

  • OMG

    So you give us another sports channel. Fox’s cloned version of ESPN WTF? What moron had that epiphany? I’m a car guy and someone will bring back a motorsports channel. Fox had their shit wired tight and now they shit themselves.

  • merlynr

    Just like others have posted, I’m mad about speed channel going away. I do watch my favorite baseball team on fsm. So what’s wrong with one channel devoted to motorsports? I love NASCAR, and race hub. There is plenty of coverage of other sports.

  • Steve

    I think it sucks that you anulled the Speed Channel. I really liked watching Stacey Davids show Gears

  • ngaflyer

    The ONLY reason we have the Direct TV package we currently have is to get the Speed Channel. WTF? Aren’t there enough channels devoted to the ball sports? We loose the only channel for racing to talking heads talking about football? Who did this market research? They should be fired. I will not be watching Fox Sports 1. I don’t watch ESPN, so why heck would I watch this channel?

  • PO’DCoot61

    Fox has never done anything right, pun intended. They should stick to their cartoon news and let speed channel be. Gearheads unite, maybe we need to form a union!

  • Jenelifer

    That’s it Fox! You are now on my husband and I cancer list. See you in hell Fox.

  • Rog Winter

    I hope you are listening fox and charter communications, Bring back speed or I will cancel. More boxing? You have to be kidding. What is Fox sports live? Mike Tyson?

  • Not Happy

    My Hubby is having a fit! No race hub etc… If it were put to a vote I would certainly vote to return Speed Channel for him! Bye Bye Fox, Hello local channels. I hope they understand what a mistake they have made.

  • John Erickson

    You suck FOX! The only worthwhile channel for gearheads and motor sports fans and you killed it. Let the boycott begin!


    Extremely disappointed in FS1, would much rather have Speed TV back. I can watch stick and ball sports on about 5 other channels, EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!



  • EB

    Come on readers, only 69 signatures on the WE WANT SPEED BACK petition.


    If your serious, sign up. Get friends to sign up.

  • Tyler Grubb

    i dont even Watch speed and i think this is BullSht!
    was someone in my house’s fav tv show and he BARELY gets time to watch tv because of work.

    i checked online to see where the channel went before calling my provider, and was Severely disappointed, as are everyone else in this household!
    to Hell with fox >.>

  • Stroker

    Just got home from a weekend of racing, flipped on the tv in the shop where it runs SPEED Channel 24/7. While unloading the trailer I realize its on some football crap, flip to channel 150 on Dish and it stays the same……. What the Hell! I call Dish and find out Fox Sports pulled all this shit. What the F..K! Don’t we have enough of these stupid repeat Sports shows already……! I had to purchase all these “duplicate” packages just to get SPEED in the first place.

  • T.

    Out with FS1.


  • Forever gearhead, not jock

    Mr. Leno said it best!

    It’s actually “SpeedVision” we miss most, not 70% NASCAR!
    Perhaps we can stand behind HIS vision & means for:

    Please Mr. Leno, you can make it happen for ALL of us!
    If it don’t got a motor/engine of some sort, how’s it supposed to make me care?

    We’d rather watch THOSE COMMERCIALS than “itch relief;” and/or jock-talkers!

    Numbers count; count the number of viewers who wait for OUR Motorhead FIX!

    Somebody blew it; now blow them off!

    AlooHa! Philipp the boat builder

  • JW

    On behave of my family “WTF” . We will not watch this new channel!, They might not know this or anything, Canadians watch “SPEED CHANNEL” and that’s that! Time to cancel the Dish!!!!

  • bubba

    What’s up with this new FS1 channel? Here in Canada Speed continues like normal!
    I hope It stays that way, I got no time for ball sports.

  • Andy

    Sent Email to Fox Sports customer support. Asked who decided to replace a one of a kind channel with a plane Jane dime a dozen sports channel…….Not sure it will do any good but how do we get it back with all the great programming we loved to watch for so long???

  • darren cole

    Screw Fox. Now we have lost motorsports to fox and more crap from them. Amazing. Speed has been my only motorsports and I cant believe its gone. Fox only shows what they think will make them more money with commercials, they could care less about sports but rather their twisted politics and distorted views. Sad day for car and motorcycle racing to me. They also pushed out fuel tv so they can make money from mma. fox is just horruble all the way around. Bummer

  • very upset

    i might have to join Facebook if that is what it takes to get speed channel back.

  • Barb

    . Speed Channel is our #! channel to watch, and all our friends too! !
    Bring Back our Speed Channel, Now, Our kids are crying and so am I ! !

  • Dan Bartholomew

    DEAR FOX, take your FS1 and shove it,right along with all the rest of your channels. Bring back SPEED. I hope they fire every one of the jackasses that made this decision

  • FAIL

    Bring back the speed channel. Theres enough sports channels.

  • Marcus Windsor

    I am so upset with this dump channel change and I learned how to work on a car with those shows that was on speed (I,E WRECKED, PINKS, TRUCKS,GEARS AND SO ON) and I know me and a lot of people will agree with me to bring it back on tv so we can watch the show that was on the speed channel and we want (THAT CHANNEL BACK [ASAP])


    SPEED, the only channel i like to see is gone

  • Guest

    I want Speed Channel back. Die Fox Sports!!! There is already too much football, soccer, and NASCAR. Without Mopar NASCAR isn’t even worth watching!

  • Mike Marshall

    Fox is the same network that cancelled Family Guy twice. It would be different if some of the Speed programs actually transferred over to FS1 but there are exactly 0 that transferred and most people didn’t even realize it till it was gone. Pinks, Passtime, Barrett Jackson Auctions, All the Nascar pre-race and post race coverage as well as extensive motorsports coverage off all series are gone. I’m not against stick and ball sports but there are enough channels already dedicated to those. And WTF does Regis Philbin know about sports? This is who they hired to be the face of their network LOL. Makes as much sense as Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. They will probably hire Rupaul to host a show about actual drag racing. Jeez.

  • What were you thinking!

    I agree, we have enough sports new channels. The last thing we need is another. What we don’t have is a car channel anymore. Everyone out there drives a car, and quest what, the people working on those car deserve a channel for us. We had one now it’s gone after all these years. WILL NOT WATCH FOX SPORTS EITHER !!

  • rellonen

    Fox should completely rethink their decision to put ALL motorsports on the back burner! SPEED’s departure has got me so pissed, I’m canceling all cable subscriptions and will stream on line. Coverage will be worse & less convenient but it’s the only way to register my dissatisfaction. THANKS

  • CharlieV

    Bring back speed channel! I am a gear head, i race cars and do not care for stick and ball much less (Fight sports? that crap is actually legal?

  • Chuck in Arizona

    With all the sports channels available on Dish TV and then they take the only motorsports channel off for Fox Sports 1, I think that I will get rid of Dish and find a provider that has more of the channels that I watch.

  • Speedfreak

    This change its ridiculous! Like there isn’t enough channels with “Ball Sports” on them. The one channel for Motorheads is gone. Leave it to FOX to *%$@ it up once again. Where do we find Passtime and Gearz and Pinks? What a crock of @$%&! BRING BACK THE SPEED CHANNEL!

  • fred

    Now is the time for oprah to work her knowledge about consumers and pick up the speedchannel for her network…….period…….does anyone know how to contact her ?

  • rootboy

    Fire that Jock Sniffing Jerkoff that took Speed Channel off..and the Buttholes that went along with this lame brained idea…this makes about as mutch sense as Obamacare

  • lilkeith11

    what are we going to do speed is gone. My heart drop I need more SPEED, I don’t want to damn news bring SPEED BACK, BRING SPEED BACK I AM outrageous I will not watch fox sport

  • Speedfan

    Who’s the idiot making 6 million dollars a year that eliminated the Speed Channel? He or she should be fired immediately.

  • Vince

    I may as week cancel my subscription back to the basic line up. I only upgraded because of the speed channel.

  • Fonzie Smith

    Who wrote the intro for the new fox 1 channel and why is it anybody’s business how many children a family has or what they drink. This person must think they are above everyone in the south. You just don’t make comments like that about people. Whats in your closet?

  • Frank Riley

    Fox-1 sucks, bring back SPEED!

  • Al in Alabama

    I personally want speed channel back. It was one of the reasons I switched to dish. I could care less, less than less, if there was never another damn football crap ever. Much less the other crap, soccor ect.
    Give us back the speed channel and remove all of fox.

  • Nick

    Bring back SPEED CHANNEL

  • hatesfox!

    this new channel in terrible. Speed was all us motorsports fan had. I can watch all these other sports anywhere, anytime.. Bring speed back!

  • dizzrah

    Alert, Alert, Alert!!!!!!!!
    Speed Channel will be restarted with NASCAR, F! and the like soon. Just like in the past, It will cost you more to get the new racing exclusive channel. The problem for the rest of us is that racing guys are rabid fans, and will migrate to a new racing channel in a heart beat if it carries F!, NASCAR. etc…
    You should all remember the beginning of ESPN2, Speed, etc… Move F! to those channels and the racing fans will come, guaranteeing a base of watchers almost immediately.
    This is a tried and true way to begin new media outlets.

  • dizzrah

    Alert, Alert, Alert!!!!!!!!
    Speed Channel will be restarted with NASCAR, F! and the like soon. Just like in the past, It will cost you more to get the new racing exclusive channel. The problem for the rest of us is that racing guys are rabid fans, and will migrate to a new racing channel in a heart beat if it carries F!, NASCAR. etc…
    You should all remember the beginning of ESPN2, Speed, etc… Move F! to those channels and the racing fans will come, guaranteeing a base of watchers almost immediately.
    This is a tried and true way to begin new media outlets.

  • http://johnbmarine.blogspot.com/ John Marine

    Money talks. That’s the sad reality of all of this. Even a channel that somehow isn’t a cash cow was still sustained for as long as possible because of its importance as far as automobile and motorsports programming is concerned. The money aspect I can understand, but you end up killing off one channel (or two if you count FUEL TV) just to make FS1 happen? Is killing Speed Channel worth making just another multi-sport network? I am bitterly upset Speed Channel was killed off like this. Then again, we could have expected nothing less when Speed (of all channels) shown an English Premier League soccer match, UFC highlights, and a Hooter’s Swimsuit competition. Even if Speed was mostly NASCAR and Americana, I’d rather watch endless NASCAR than a few seconds of most of the FS1 programming. So money is somehow more important than passion? No wonder why more people are turning to the Internet for programming more people care about while mass media continually kills off channels and shows that aren’t cash cows.

    Regardless… these are extremely sad times for us motorsports fans. Even if we are considered a niche market, us motorsports fans are as much a huge sports market in America as any other. FS1′s takeover just kills off a major market. I can’t watch FOX Sports 1 without realizing this used to be Speed Channel. I do watch traditional sports, but I’d rather have a proper home for motorsports and automobile programming because my first love is and always will be motorsports. And with Speed gone, this is just racing fans getting screwed. FS1 screwing Speed Channel is basically getting peed while having the middle finger pointed at you. Terrible shame.


  • Adam

    This is a joke. I’m pissed, go to hell Fox you rat bastards

  • Rich Hellings

    I am very unhappy with Seed Channel killed off for fox sports. I won’t be watching that channel any more. I could care less about ball sports. I wonder did those dummies do any kind of market study? probably not.

  • Rick

    Speed Channel was one of the few cable sports shows I could stomach to watch. Just great programs centered around our nations pass time RACING. Glad I live in Indy!!!

  • Nick

    Well Its official Fox Networks SCREWED every motorsports fan in america.
    The only channel in the Fox Networks I watched and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one !!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure the decision maker must have SHIT for brains and the jakeasses that went along with him are just as F***ing clueless
    Maybe you fix your F***kup by bringing back SPEED.
    That is unless you enjoy being a ” CLUELESS F***KING DUMBASS !!!! “

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the most hilarious part of that e-mail was the “Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone.”

  • Anonymous

    Importantly, the demographic who watched Speed Channel also watches Fox News. Fox Sports 1 is made by the same folks who brought you Fox News. If you are going to boycott Fox Sports 1 you should boycott Fox News also! Everyone wins!

  • peter

    Don’t expect me to watch this channel anymore. Forget FS1. Put back the speed channel. If I want to watch sports , I will put espn on. I want monster trucks back on. This is a load of garbage.

  • dale

    I am a senior citizen and cannot afford all the channels that are offered on Time Warner Cable. However, I indulged myself with the channels that offered the Speed Channel, because I am a car nut and really enjoy anything and everything concerning automobiles. Please bring back the Speed Channel because we really have enough sports channels as it is now.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Keith

    I would be tuning into chop cut rebuild IF I could. Can`t do it now, so I guess I`ll
    go clean the grill. Too bad. Speed had shows I watched every day. I guess one
    of the many news networks couldn`t be axed. Can`t wait to see how much my
    cable bill will go up to support another sports show with more talking heads.



  • David Knight

    it will all be good when fs1 brings in the Indian PL of Cricket next spring.

  • Annoyed

    Bring back SPEED, I will not be watching another crap TV sports channel!

  • rabbi phil

    I am trying to be open minded about the switch…but….(1) for us car guys, how in the world can you just “dump” something as excellent as speed channel. I wont tune into fox sports for that reason alone. whatever your advertisers are selling, i won’t buy on principle alone. (2) I have given the channel a shot and honestly…it’s just pathetic. not grinding a speed channel axe here, but, there’s nothing about any of it that I can’t get in a much better fashion, on espn. the anchors are way more than weak and the rest is just plain lame

  • nascar3n88

    What idiot came up with this idea of taking the only motor sports channel off the air. Where do we watch the Bristol truck race Wed. night, -uckimg aholes…

  • Harleycruiser

    Bring back SPEED Channel!!!!!!! FS1 is NOT what I pay for!!!!!!!!

  • JetMist

    my husband and I pay extra to Dish to have Speed and be able to keep in touch with NASCAR- not golf, wresting, soccer- NASCAR- we want Speed back with its original programming- NO Fox or Fox 1- SPEED and only SPEED

  • Jkirk

    I want the Speed Channel back!! I guess i didn’t pay much attention to what the heck Fox was going to do. I want the replay and reaciton of the many races over the weekend. The TV personalities that made the show “Race Hub”. The insight from the NASCAR teams and the driver interviews kept me intersted in this sport. We need the power of the track owners and NASCAR to get involved in this crappy take over. What a slam to all motor sports, all NASCAR fans, open wheel fans and the whole motor sports in general. This could have a negative effect on many other new fans out there learning about motor sports and getting turned on to NASCAR. I hate to say it – but this could hurt ticket sales in the future. Hear that race track owners!! We need your help! Don’t let this FOX take over keep your ticket buyers from supporting your race track.

  • Pete

    OH MY GOD…Total BS…Bring Back SPEED.

  • GearZ headZ

    I been looking for the SPEED chanel … And finaly find out that no longer is ON! WTF!!!
    I would not whatch Fox. I am deliting it from my chanels … Fox su…

  • Lilj

    I think it is total bullshit that they remove one of the best channels to 24/7 different shows on motor sports and what remove it for more stupid ball sport programs like there not enough of these already. Im a car/ motorcycle guy i like coming home from work and tune in to my speed channel not watch football, baseball, soccer, are any UFC, are boxing. Im sure im not alone on this but bring back our speed channel with 24/7 automotive coverage (MOTOR SPORTS)

  • iwantspeedback

    Really, wtf, I get home and what’s on…another repeat of an Old UFC show that was on at the same time yesterday. Just on air 3 days and repeats, great job Fox. Total B.S!

  • pissed off about speed channel

    what is wrong with you speed channel is one of the best pure motor sport show in america,did you people loose your flipping minds nobody wants or needs another sport channel bring it back ,bring it back do you get it

  • Cortland

    I am a racing fan. Not a football fan not a basketball fan not a Soccer nor wrestling fan… I love drag racing, NASCAR, Indi cars you name it.. Man against Machine.. What the hell is wrong with you people at Fox…. I am going to see if I can’t get NASCAR friends and family to Boycott fox and any of their holdings. If SPEED Channel is not back before I go to Dover In September I will see how many of them we can get to BOYCOTT Fox… We will be at trackside with banners asking any and all NASCAR, Past time, Pinks all out, Wind tunnel, Lucas on the Edge and Speed channel fans to help me in this venture till you bring back our SPEED Channel… I am not blaming Sports Grid in any way shape or form.

  • ANGRY Dude

    Speed Channel removed for FOX Sports 1 We don’t want more of that CRAPPPPPP.
    You guys are morons! The decision makes are obviously not motorsports enthusiasts!

  • Maryann

    I can’t believe you got rid of the speed channel. Who the hell want’s to watch soccer and football. I love football more then anyone, but they have their own channel. Speed was for racing fans.

  • Tony D

    I do not understand why they took SPEED CHANNEL off the air. We have sports channels up and down the dial. We had one motor sports channel and it was taken away. the only time I will watch Fox 1 is when and if they have a motor sport on it.

  • Chris Robbins

    I bought cable just cause of speed channel
    Pinks . Pass time. on the edge.monster trucks everything cool I feel ripped off!!!!

  • Motorhead1

    Bring back Speed, alot of people don’t give a damn about a” BALL GAME”, OR the PEOPLE that play OR HAS played any of the BALL GAMES!, Fox what ever the hell they call it, Network canot take the place of Speed, it was a Motorsports channel, not a damn Ball sports network!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • big tee

    guys like me loved the speed channel…now this fox station is CRAP… love the shows that were on there… im a true gear head.. this this dumb channel now has really nothing to offer people who love fixing and working on cars, bikes , and other vehicles ..no one wants to be look at base ball and basket ball and football.. all dam day!! thats what the other stations are… u guys really screwed this up…thanks for nothing!!! i wont be watching this station at all!

  • mac

    Some dumbass corporate decision to get rid of Speed…..might as well get rid of cable and watch free air.

  • The Viewer.

    So true, You said it all , I was thinking the same thing, And this was an upgrade package ,I’m soon going to cancel ..The viewer..

  • Goneforeverfrom Fox Sports!!!

    You have got to be joking!! Fox Sports Live for hours on end?? Fire who ever thought that this was a good idea. Imbeciles!! We don’t want ESPN light! Quasimoto would have better ideas. Can’t believe that I have to find another channel to see cars and car related shows. Hopefully, other stations wil pick up the real car shows and this one channel will die! Fing Morons!
    It proves a point that everything that is great dies in the hands of fools.
    Don’t bother to respond to this post. I don’t have the time or patience for cretenous yahoos!! Get back on your meds!!

  • ray

    This stinks. More talking heads instead of new shows? Regis? Get real. Won’t watch a lick!

  • Sk1Skj

    I used to watch Fox news too…. honestly enough ball stuff with guys named Boomer and Scooter, there is enough of that. It’s boring, all of it golf, soccer, and steroid infused baseball. Give it back or count me out of anything Fox.

  • speed fan

    The new channel sucks. I will not watch it!

  • 1finechally

    This gear head girl NOT HAPPY that my SPEED CHANNEL was replaced! Like we really need another FOX sports channel…

  • Skunkie

    I am truly disappointed that Speed Channel is no more. It was the reason I got cable years ago. There was already plenty of ball sport channels. Fox is on my s@#t list.

  • Anonymous

    What’s going on at FOX? You buy a channel out (SPEED) and then do away with it for some goofy street fighting garbage? Apparently you never heard the expression “I feel the need, the NEED for SPEED”. The SPEED channel had a very DEDICATED viewership. BILLIONS of dollars are spent every year on hot rods and hi-perf factory automobiles. VELOCITY satisfies a small part of Americas addiction to hi-perf cars, but SPEED channel had us wrapped around their little finger for good reasons, and those reasons were ‘excellent automotive coverage’ shows. I don’t know who the dweeb was that pulled the plug on SPEED, but if there is any way to fire that nut-job, MILLIONS of SPEED fans would love you for it. Signed: A southern Republican that is having second thoughts about watching anything with the FOX logo on it….

  • Gary

    Who the Hell is the brain child that made the call to cancel out the Speed Channel for this crap? They are way over paid are damn lucky I’m not there boss. Bring back the Speed Channel Please. That’s was the only channel I watched.

  • Anonymous

    Two months ago I signed up with PRISM TV for all HI-DEF programming. The main reason was for HI-DEF autosports and the racing programs. Now I’m stuck with 22 months of TV WITHOUT the SPEED channel. FOX has got their head on backwards. I say fire all the dweebs that pulled the plug on SPEED and bring it back. I could care less about more football channels and soccer….

  • One angry dish customer

    The reason I originally switched to Dish Network was because of the Speed Channel, which was added to a higher tier price on the cable network which I had previously used. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that this channel has be eliminated.

  • gary a gallery

    Why would you take away the only chanel the had motor sports all the ime and replace it with crap soccer really? Fake boxing come on bring speed back!!! I for one and i’m sure there are alot more like me i will not watch this sad excuse for a sports chanel !!!! Bring speed tv back a##holes!!!

  • Anonymous

    There’s a channel called “VELOCITY” that shows some automobile programming. It’s a ton better than the garbage I’ve seen on FS1…. On PRISM internet TV it’s channel 1102. So, if you’ve got Century Link as your internet provider, give them a call about PRISM TV….

  • Anonymous

    FOX must have been taken over by communist crack-heads….

  • Anonymous

    What’s going on at FOX? You buy a channel out (SPEED) and then do away with it for some goofy street fighting garbage? Apparently you never heard the expression “I feel the need, the NEED for SPEED”. The SPEED channel had a very DEDICATED viewership. BILLIONS of dollars are spent every year on hot rods and hi-perf factory automobiles. VELOCITY satisfies a small part of Americas addiction to hi-perf cars, but SPEED channel had us wrapped around their little finger for good reasons, and those reasons were ‘excellent automotive coverage’ shows. I don’t know who the dweeb was that pulled the plug on SPEED, but if there is any way to fire that nut-job, MILLIONS of SPEED fans would love you for it. Signed: A southern Republican that is having second thoughts about watching anything with the FOX logo on it….

  • AJ

    so, does time warner now think they can control what we want to watch. I’m seriously considering something else

  • Anonymous

    There’s a channel called “VELOCITY” that has some gearhead programming on it. On Prism internet TV it’s channel 1102….

  • Dave Reifschneider

    The only channel I really care about.I`m done with any FOX station.Out of all the crappy dish channels, they had to get rid of one worth watching!

  • Pk

    Bring it back

  • Ian Brown SICK RR

    Please there are already more than enough Ball Sport stations. I was a little upset when Speed started to cover so much NASCAR, but we could still tune in to see our FIM World Super Bike and Moto GP heros. Now what? It was fun to be able to see all the unusual motor sports that no other channel dares to show. I will truly miss shows like Lucus, Gears, My classic car, and so on. What a shame.

  • mad

    I have deleted the FS1 channel from my TV so I don’t even have to see it when scrolling through channels. i’m very disappointed!!

  • Swatdoc

    Did someone bump there head in management or was this a calculating move to see what kind of response you would get.

    Well here is your sign, you have successfully terminated the only channel dedicated to motor sports /hot roding/car collecting. to do what? Oh yeah put another channel for foot ball and other sports that there are tons of channels to watch.
    Maybe you think its about ratings? Wrong again wizard you had the only channel like it. I hope your Fox sports fails miserably….


    I don’t want another sports channel, I WANT MY SPEED CHANNEL BACK!!!

  • GearHead

    Just what the U.S. needs, yet ANOTHER channel covering the obscenely overpaid NFL, NBA and MLB. There are numerous channels that already cater to that crowd. I find it hard to believe that Fox did any consumer research before they made this ill-advised decision on the demise of this unique motor sports oriented channel. I’ve subscribed to DirecTV for many years mainly because of the availability of The Speed Channel. I guess the bright side of this change is that I’ll be saving money as soon as I cancel my subscription. Everything else I like to watch can be streamed off the internet. After reading many of the other comments, it looks like I’m not the only one upset about Fox’s decision.



  • David Longmire

    give me back what I paid to get—SPEED CHANNEL—you have forced something on me and others that we DO NOT WANT—where is SPEED CHANNEL? you can watch a ball game on any channel. we don’t need or want another ball/talk show network that talks about the same thing every other channel already does.

  • Hal

    I will not watch fox1 EVER bunch of idiots !!!!!!!!! PLEASE PUT SPEED BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MULE


  • pissed

    Really? A dumb blond chick talking to football, baseball, and basketball guys? Regis Philbin? How pathetic. Oh ya, this is way more exciting than watching F1 cars and MotoGP bikes lap tracks at 200 mph. Why did they do this? Money. They don’t care what people want, as long as someone can make another couple billon. Greedy bastards. Watch out Fox, when John McCain’s “a la carte” bill passes, people will be able to pay for only what they want to watch. And it won’t be Fox. You suck Fox.

  • LazyDog

    Removing the speed channel. Why do I want to pay for more of the same old stuff.

  • meee

    BRING BACK SPEED !!!!!!!!!!!! FOX SUCKS!

  • richard mark wright

    some dam idiot must be thinking everybody loves there stupid ass ball players chasing pig skins around. I would rather watch kids kick a can than faggot ass ball players play ball. grow the fuck up and get a real job. ball play should be left to high school kids not grown men. turn speed back to racing or get all ur fucking channels turned off by me and mine. all the espn channels every local station news channels when do ever get enough of the bullshit ball players. they get million dollar deals to play a game are military people come home and can not find work or help to live but you assholes think we need another channel to watch ball chasers. you are done on my tv set i will not even watch my fox mourning news channel fox 59 indy im done with any thing to do with fox and all your channels. thank you assholes for fucking up my tv watching.

  • mike c

    Hey what I dont understand with these cable companies and broadcaster is what is happening to this country there forcing stuff from 1 demographics to everyone else. And if people dont stand up and send wake up calls there will be more of the same. Bring back speed who cares about footbal and baseball and basketball if i wnated to watch that BS i would watch other channels(FOX network sucks) they cant even get the news right lol. Hope they go out of business.

  • Connecticut viewer

    Corporate stupidity- they killed a great market and channel. My only power is to turn the TV and not buy anything that Fox promotes.

  • Paul H.

    Once again management has its head so far up its collective ass it couldn’t see it had a good thing. We don’t need or want another ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNW, ESPNC, ESPNU, ESPNGL, ESPN3D (you see my point) copycat. Speed channel gave motor sports fans what they wanted. The other stuff can be found somewhere else. Is one automotive related channel too much to ask for?

  • Ihatefs1

    screw you Fox, I want Speed!

  • im4realfuFOX

    who needs cable cancel your cable tell them the network ruined speed and its the only reason you keep your existing dinasaur content system

  • 2stupiddogs

    wheres truck qualifying this is bs

  • JamesGil

    bring back speed channel

  • Donnie Cornwell


  • Donnie Cornwell


  • Donnie Cornwell


  • mmsmm

    I loved Speed Channel, and was very sad to hear that it was gone. FS1 is no more than another wannabe sports channel. I understand the monetary reasons for the change, but still…… I used to really like Speed when then had coverage of Hydroplane racing, Sailing, and the all to fun Zippie Hole racing in the muddy tracks.

  • Notafanof FS1

    Unfortunately it appears to be another Fuel TV. Little motorsports with mainly UFC and Football. Nascar, V8 Supercar, ALMS, Supercross, etc. fans get screwed for another channel offering the same coverage as 20 other channels. Not to mention RaceHub is now airing at 11 am when most Nascar fans (blue collar) viewers are working. I’m sure the ratings on that show alone will confirm that. IMO, I can’t see FS1 attracting the same amount of viewers as Speed. But that’s just me. I’m hoping someone with a brain puts together another motorsports network. Come on Allied Sports!

  • Eric

    Up yours fox sports…until Speed is back, I’ll never watch this stupid channel….I hope this station fails miserably.

  • benny ooten

    What a bunch of horse crap. Stacey David-Gearz, my classic car. Two guys garage. Trucks. These were the reason I had TV. So thanks a lot my service is getting cancelled. Hey guys from speed TV if I win the lottery I will put you back on the air.

  • Pen

    Bring back Speed channel, not watching FS1. Another network should pick up the content Speed had.

  • Living with angry race fan

    Very very unhappy about NO MORE SPEED CHANNEL! Isn’t there enough air time for basketball, football, etc. as well as yapping commentaries.. Everyone
    likes Regis, but poor guy is gonna get a lot of flack since people looking for a race see his face. Bring back Speed for hundreds of thousands of AMERICANS.
    Signed ,
    Living with a very angry race fan !

  • William Burke Jr

    It looks like it’s too late, Donnie. Nobody asked us our opinion that I
    can recall. This is terrible.

  • fox1blows goats

    i cant BELIEVE that sorry ass fox Bullshit took over and replaced the race hub and everything else for MORE lame ass baseball and football coverage , GAY

  • Leon


    I will not watch fox sport 1 I,am mad as hell that speed is gone about ready to unplug the cable, hundreds of channels and nothing worth watching. Corporate CREEPS!

  • skyhigh

    Fox 1 SUCKS!
    SPEED was my most favorite channel and you run this BS! I can watch that on the free channels! SPEED said it would run Golf when they put V8s in the golf carts! Motors not balls is where it’s at.
    Down with Fox 1
    Up with SPEED
    Cancel cable and go internet – gone

  • johnpkjr


    I pay a hundred plus dollars a month to watch speed chanel and now some douch bag has some briany ack idea to remove it WTF. Where is lucas oil and royal purple etc. going to advertise there product to people who would use it. There goes a few billion in advertising$ woow real smart. But on the bright side my cable bill will lower because i’m cancleing it,the news is free and along with their one ball sports that sucks ass!!!!!!

  • trekmyer

    I can’t even hate fox sports bc where Speed was is now a blank screen, nothing. No “My Classic Car” no Qualifying for Sprint Cup and/or Nationwide, no Nascar practices, what a bunch of A-holes……I can see them saying, “don’t worry, they’ll get over it”.

  • Mark Berends

    Where is speed channel!!!!!!! fs1 sucks!!!!!! will never watch it.

  • Tom

    Sad to see Speed channel go it was my go to channel when nothing else was on, don’t need to know someone else’s opinion of a game. Will miss many of the shows hope to find them online, will not be watching SP1 except for NASCAR, shame…….

  • Peyton L

    Great, now the world has one more endless boring re-play after re-play ball and stick program. As a motor sports fan I think FOX has screwed a good thing up once again. I never was a fan of FOX anyway as they always think they have to push the envelope to try and see how far they can take something at the expense of morality. Its all about the money this day and age and who ever pays the most. Follow the money GEEZ what a shame.

  • txcajun

    Speed channel offered more than any of the crap that is left behind on cable! …..I’m cancelling cable and going internet exclusively!

  • Old School

    Tyical of Fox to shrug and say ” we had nothing to do with it”. Well thats fine, then just cover motorsports, I love football, baseball, but there has to be motorsports, what about the Saturday morning shows, power block and such. I wont watch Fox unless they do a better job of reporting racing and motorsport shows. I mean all the Fox channels.

  • Dale

    Fox sucks put speed back on gear heads don’t give a crap about 90% of the crap you show.

  • neil h.

    we want speed channel back. there are enough other sport channels.

  • can’t even believe it

    this blows

  • Jay

    It all makes perfect sense now. I was wondering why F1 would go to CBS sports. I will be canceling my Dish network after my subscription is at the end of its term. The extra spend to get CBSsports is not worth it. I will watch it online. Now I have to find Australian V8 Supercar.

  • Susan French Brown

    Bring back the Speed Channel immediately. This new Fox Sport 1 channel is terrible. No one wants another sport variety channel.. You cannot replace a racing channel with this tripe.. We want NASCAR and.we want motor sports! We also want our race discussion shows back. The Speed Channel was devoted to motor sports and the Fox Sports 1 Channel is an extemely poor replacement. We are lucky if there is a few minutes of race news Fox Sports 1 is not even close to the quality or content of The Speed Channel. What boneheaded, over paid, moron came up with this poor excuse as a replacement for the Speed Channel? I am calling Direct TV tomorrow to see if I can save some money by canceling this Fox Sport 1 channel, because, for sure, I do not want to pay for it. To conclude and repeat, “bring back the Speed Channel immediately”
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Brown

  • Patrick Kennedy

    I can not express how empty my home is now that there is no sounds of racing at all . yes i can see some racing here and there , but if not for me replaying races on youtube , my house would be silent . I hate the fact that so much on television today is full of social experimentation reality tv , or that friggin garbage on mtv . Now a days there isn’t much unadulterated company that television provides other that pbs and auto racing for me now . Way too much trash ,and auto racing was the safety zone that i could just leave on and let ring through the residence without putting on youngster bull crap . Speed channel incorporated a way of life for those of us that are real car guys and race fans like myself . A huge part of me is empty now because that audio and visual input from constantly playing speed channel . if i wanted overstimulated sports dribble I’d just put on those screaming knuckleheads on ESPN which i only can stomach for a short while . Please O’ God let this Fox sport 1 be dead in the morning and let my boys Bob Varsha , Dave Despaine ,and a few nascar guys back on and a little Sam Posey on the side .

  • JOHN

    I am in shock!!!!!!!! SPEED channel has been my favorite channel on DISH NETWORK. I have read everyone’ neg. comments about what FOX has done. We all need to get together and COMPLAIN to our satellite and cable companies. Power is in numbers, not corporate idiots!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane Thomas

    You fuckers take the only channel that was at all interesting and replace it with a bunch of pole smoking soccer bullshit! I’m DONE with FOX! Go FUCK yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grumpy

    Different complaint…it’s my husband’s favorite channel…all the shows are related to racing.. That’s all he he cares about! He LOVES racing. He watched all the car shows that were on it and recorded lots to watch later. He’s lost without speed channel. He loves it all. Please, please bring it back. He’s one grumpy guy. One sad household. Please reconsider this drastic move! He has no reason to watch Fox Sport 1.



  • Cosworth4ever

    FoxSports1 already sucks big time. Another BS sports channel with half-assed racing coverage. Hope someone else comes in, replaces Speed with another channel with similar programming, and gives us race and auto fans something to cheer about.
    You dummies have out-Foxed yourselves. Whoever made the decision to kill Speed, is a real live dumbass. Must be some sushi-eating creep that drives a damned Prius, with the usual Obama sticker attached.





  • Dustin Rummage

    WOW! What a travesty! Someone please explain the real reason that speed has. Been replaced with a “Blue” ESPN.
    fist of all, Good for you, fox. Im glad to see someone step up to the espn/abc juggerknot and give them some competition…… just NOT IN PLACE OF SPEED CHANNEL!!!! Speed was truley programmed for us gearheads that enjoy motorsports. Omg, regis!? Really!? I tink a UFC fight could slip in and we may not complain. But to all but eliminate nearly all motorsports from the programming is HUGE.
    I know there is more to this than meets the eye. Would someone pls explain to us the real reasons such as ….using SPEEDS INFRASTRUCTURE, FCC RIGHTS, SOMETHING!!!!! We need answers. There are plenty of empty channels. So what is up.. nothing u say will help but at least we willhave a better understanding of this mistake.
    I, like millions of others, would love to have our favorite channel back on the air. Where can we voice ourselves that will have an impact? Honestly, i have a feeling it is already in the works but ur not allowed to say yet.

    One more thing…. i saw several soccer games with about 50 people in an 80,000 seatstadium. Talk about a WASTE of air time. If no one in this country cares enough to see it in person, why waste a spot where a sold out monsterjam or a modified race could air. Why? WHY!!??? More people would tune in to watch my nephew race his MICRO-SPRINT CAR (98R) on dirt at east lincoln speedway than any wussy euro futball (soccer) match.
    Please enlighten us.
    Dustin Rummage / 88fan

  • Impalafan

    This sucks. I want my Speed channel back NOW!

  • Gerry D.

    Take off SPEED and put on aljazeera. Now we know the side your on and it’s not America.

  • upset

    this sucks bunch of goverment mess… here we go…. I say we shut down fox we the people are the ones in control not the corporations for with out us they will have nothing. Yes this foxsports1 has nothing I want… nothing why would they do something like this if no one wants it…

  • Marilyn Fincel

    my husband says he will cancel cable now. it’s not worth the $130/mo for the one reason why we had cable – SPEED channel. He said he will cancel cable and I can spend $130/mo on whatever I want since he can’t get what he wants anymore. Pretty sad to see a Motor Sports Channel turn to Fox 1 Sports. I will admit, I won’t watch it either. Don’t understand what they were thinking. It’s more than just watching trials and finals for the racecar races. My husband loved Gears, Chopcut Rebuild, and SportCenter and ALL the motor racing from bikes to the various race cars.

  • Stacy Cole

    I signed up for my current sattelite package based on the fact that they offered the Speed Channel. Can you say, “Deceptive Trade Practice?”
    The people that watched Speed Channel were not just NASCAR fans. We were car lovers, Drag Racers, Car builders, shop owners. You can’t tell me that every show on that channel had bad ratings. Pass Time was even starting to get National Sponsor Advertisers. Now you replace the entire channel? I get about 5 surveys a month about Football Packages offered by DirecTV. Maybe someone should have sent out a survey on the Speed Channel before you killed it off.

  • SPEED junkie

    What a joke FS1 is, I tried to give it a chance, but it`s just horrible!!! I WANT MY SPEED BACK!!!! Only Fox could fuck up a wet dream in a whore house.
    I will NEVER watch FS1, FS2, FX, FOX, or any other FOX channel now, You blew it FOX.

  • Motor Sports Fan

    Really !!! No more motor sports what are you guys thinking ???

  • Don and Shelley Reece

    We always enjoyed watching Speed and now it is gone. We mostly enjoyed the Race Hub and the fact that it was an hour long show. Now you have Race Hub on at a time that working people cannot watch it. They can record it, but why should we have to. Bring Speed back. There are people in this world that like something besides baseball, football, soccer and basketball. There are people that truly love Nascar and motorsports. We have no use for Fox-1.

  • Anonymous

    Now that NBC has a chip of NASCAR in 2014. I hope for the first time they KICK Fox’s Ass of any sport coverage. shove that up the decision makers Ass also

  • wooley

    Cannot believe you have taken Speed Channel off and replaced it with this Fox thing!! All of the programs we watched are no longer available-why?? Was anyone asked if they would prefer this over the other, this sucks!!

  • Donaldo

    I am distraught that my favorite cable channel-Speed, is no longer. I started watching Speed Vision early in the morning during the 90′s to catch live Formula 1 Grand Prix racing around the world. It has been my favorite of all the cable channels because of it’s dedication to “Motorsport”. I am not a big NASCAR fan and Speed carried World Rallye, Moto GP, LeMans, Rolex, and for years Formula 1, and NBC doesn’t do Grand Prix Racing the justice that Speed always did. It will be missed.

  • Wanting racing

    Need a Speed Channel fix. Feeling withdrawals, can’t find any kind of auto, truck or bike racing anywhere! Need to boycott all Fox Channels, and especially there advertisers. All they (Fox)was thinking is how can we be more like ESPN and they cant even compete with them I have watched Fox 1 not even close. Auto racing people support advertisers that support racing that’s where our feedback needs to go.

  • J. Main

    My grandchildren, husband and myself watched ‘speed’ all the time. I will not be supporting FOX in the future unless they resume speed. My grandchildren (ages 8 and twin girls 3) begged all day for me to turn on speed. They thought they were being punished when I told them it wasn’t on anymore.

  • Miles Webb Jr


  • Robert Scott Nickell

    This is for the idiot or idiots who have made the people that watched SPEED faithfully very upset !!!

    Have you ever heard the term ….. Don’t fix it unless it’s broke !!
    And it was not broke !!! You MORONS !!!!!!!!
    I will not watch. FOX or its affiliated channels until you return SPEED to the air that I promise you !!

  • Mike lantz

    I agree pass time was my favorite show on tv! I hate ball sports

  • Lantz

    We had one channel dedicated to motorsports isn’t there enough ball sport channels on tv already!!! pass time was my favorite show on the speed channel

  • jen

    Fox 1 sucks , I want speed channel back. There is enough channels for football, basketball, soccer, etc . Why take the only real channel that is about motor sports? I guess its about money and not what the consumers want. Im canceling cable , dish , I would rather knit something in my spare time , instead of watching another channel about football, basketball, etc. WE WANT SPEED BACK!!!!!!!!

  • need my car shows

    now that the speed channel is no longer!! I will set my TV’s to skip over the fox’s sports 1 channel so I don’t have to see another espn like channel. Iam just one of many that enjoys watching automotive type shows.. till then I will just which spik tv on Saturday morrings like I do now..

  • lance

    you people suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring back the speed channel. I am thinking about not watching any Fox channels.

  • Kenny Man

    We need are speed channel back!! screw foxs1 sports crap you have espn for that dont knock off a channel ever one watches for nascar,and other automotive programs.

    Bring back the Speed Channel!!

  • Anonymous

    Fox, Big Mistake as we have too many sport channels now

  • Bill

    I feel as though I have been taken advantage of. I finally get Speed Channel and in a month it disappears…. The only channel that had decent racing of something other than NASCAR. The only thing I hate more than NASCAR that stupid MMA bull and that is about all FIX SPIT 1 shows!!!! I hopwe that Fox Sports 1 drowns in it’s own programming. Bring back SpeedTV for us paying customers that enjoy more than beating each other up and chasing each other in a left hand circle!!!! GO ESPN!!!!!

  • Alan

    I can not believe you took the only motorsports channel off the air. Maybe espn will decide to make a motorsports channel. I now can not watch all the great nascar programming that you had. I enjoyed the speed channel and hope it will return.

  • Al Burns

    Can’t beleive we lost the only channel dedicated to motorsports! There’s too many channels now with all the other BORING sports.Why did you have to ruin a great network??We pay more & more for programming all the time & now the best (Speed Channel ) is gone. Fox Sports 1, YOU SUCK!!

  • Doug Malnati

    enough Fox news I want my speed channel back

  • Redstone

    I don’t typically get upset about these things but this really sucks. Speed wasn’t just about NASCAR. It was how-to shows, in-depth reviews, a wide variety of motorcycle and off-road racing, moster trucks, 24-hours of Dayton and LeMans – things that were unique to Speed. Speed was my go to station and one of the 4 stations I watch. I am a Dish subscriber, on the Guide FS1 is surrounded by other sports stations so this is like losing a unique station to another ubiquitious news station that fills the programming with the same stuff everyone else is showing. Velocity Channel is good but it’s not Speed. This is sickening.

  • bigdave834

    Im very upset I live for motor sports . There was only one channel that showed only Motor sports now its gone Im not interested in any kind of football soccer or baseball games. There are ten other channels reporting about those kind of sports not only did Fox take away speed but they took alote of jobs away from the people who worked for speed and tv shows that aired on the speed channel . I can only pray Fox brings back Speed

  • Everything wheels

    I have to say that this is one of the dumdest moves I have seen on TV in quite some time. I also look forward to this channel failing. Another great option would be for the original founder of Speed TV to start anther motorsport channel and running them off the air with their lack of viewship.

  • john

    IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN, GO TO FOXSPORTS.COM AND LIST A FORMAL COMPLAINT ABOUT SPEED BEING REMOVED. I did yesterday and got a response that they were overwhelmed with complaints. Let’s flood the website with complaints. The idiots might get the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GHS

    Bring back Speed Channel, who gives a damn about all that other crap. I won’t be watching Fox-1 at all. You take off one of my favorites, I will boycott your a$$.

  • john

    Go to FOXSPORTS.COM and file a formal complaint. If we get enough SPEED watchers to complain, maybe they will get the real picture!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Go to FOXSPORTS.COM and file a formal complaint about removing the SPEED channel. I did and got a response that they are overwhelmed with complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Go to FOXSPORTS.COM and file a formal complaint about removing the SPEED channel. I did and got a response that they are overwhelmed with complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Go to FOXSPORTS.COM and file a formal complaint about removing the SPEED channel. I did and got a response that they are overwhelmed with complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • procharged silverado

    im glad all the fat lazy guys have another channel to watch, too bad iguess all us car guys are will just have to go work in our shops on our 10 second rides and let all the fat asses dream about how they could of gone pro and been on that field not

  • twostroke

    ice-cream in a tool box a hammer in the ref lipstick in a ammo box exotic car w a baby seat motor sport and ball sport in one channel stop smoking crack

  • DA NA’S 95


  • Clem

    I hate this
    I don’t want to watch “other” sports
    where’s my car stuff??? Start a new channel, I will be there

  • ray

    I wont be watching any Fox channels every body should boycott fox

  • Disqussucks

    Fox can go take a big dump as far as I’m concerned for dropping SpeedTV and putting on that abortion Fox Sports 1! I want a motorsports channel, not another ESPN wannabe alternative. I just got in from 2 weeks a remote location and wanted to see some Pass Time and Speed was GONE!!!!! And the channel that replaced it has two dummies beating each others brains out instead. I am ready to boycott all Fox channels over this abortion of programming. I already sent them an email complaining strenuously about this action they took!

  • Miltonc

    Man I could not agree with all of you guys I told my wife today that if there is no speed channel than it is not worth paying more for my cable bill I love racing and honestly that is all that I really care to watch 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if I wanted to watch Fox Sports 1 I can just turn on ESPN and watch the same crap this is ridiculous. I am begging you to just put Speed channel back on or I am canceling my sports tier of the cable bill. Just got off the phone with my brother and he had the same feelings as me

  • Terri Villiesse

    What do I need time Warner for now, nothing, the continue to broad cast the Spanish channel and eliminate speed. It is now time to go to a Dish.

  • Edwin

    Its really full of shit that SPEED channel got dropped. What are you guys thinking????

  • hoss24

    its wrong fox took over speed , i specificly got cable tv just to watch speed channel hopefully a boycott will arise this is garbage

  • Anonymous

    I kept direct tv SPECIFICALLY for Speed Channel

  • Billy D.

    Just what I want to see, a bunch of losers sitting around talking about football, you can see that on a hundred other channels. And soccer? give me a break. I’ll be cancelling my sports entertainment package with Comcast and no more fox programing and I hope every speed channel fan does the same. Fox sports 1 SUCKS!

  • Kevin Wyss

    thanks fox now we get to here about how a rod cheated the game and ufc replays what a joke i love nascar but i love all racing why can’t you fuck heads see that. v8 super cars moto gp world of outlaws sprintcars dirt late models all racing then you want us to pay for fox 2 a fucking sd channel how fucking stupid is that. that shit should be free ESPN #1 BABY LMAO THANK GOD MY FOOTBALL TEAM PLAYS ON CBS LOL


    For those of you, like me that are “angry” at the switch to FS1 from SPEED, Google search links reveal: -Fox Sports Media Group co-presidents and COOs Randy Freer and Eric Shanks.

    Obtained from: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20130305/nascar/130309912

    Contact link for FSN:

  • Lemnkr8

    I have been an avid viewer of Speed Channel since its inception. I we have enough channels that show the variety of other sports, but not one channel now that caters to fans of racing. Not just NASCAR fans, but fans of all forms of motorsports now have nothing to turn to. How will motorsports ever be able to appeal to new viewers and develop a wider, more knowledgeable fan base without a channel that can show the wide array of motorsports and motor racing themed programming, without the SPEED Channel? The SPEED Channel died so that the FOX nitwits could bring you a daily idiotic talk show that will rerun in a loop all night for about 8 hours, and will not re-broadcast the Camping World Truck series race from Bristol even once. Shameful!!! I will not be watching FOX Sports1, sorry bout it. Crappy programming by a network that could care less about providing the viewers what is desired. I predict the failure of this channel within 6 months.

  • Steve D.

    You people a Fox will learn the hard way that racing fans and gear heads are NOT baseball, hockey, soccer or boxing fans. We’ll just plain tune you OUT.

  • Yellowboss 302

    I agree with Dynaharp! Bring back the Speed Channel. I to don’t want to watch a bunch of over paid, spoiled brats running up and down the field or anything having to do with a ball!! There is a lot of us that have no desire to watch anything to do with these types of sports. Why??

  • Jack the car guy

    The last thing I need is another ESPN. Thats all I got with Fox 1, I don’t need two of the same thing, dinks, SPEED could have been improved, maybe, but only with MORE, motor sports, for someone who watches primarily sports on TV, and most of that Auto related, I WILL NOT WATCH FOX 1, if I do accidentally flip past, I will made note of the sponsors and silently boycott them, a drop in the ocean I am sure, but a drop none the less.

  • sfcarmy

    im just wondering about pinks as well as pass time both great shows

  • Bruce Richards

    Several years ago my Wife and I got fed up with TV
    having some type of Ball on the 3 channels every weekend. We got Cable
    to have a better choice. It was an improvement, then ESPN came about
    with more Ball, but Speed Channel started, and at last we could watch
    some Motor Sports.

    Now 2013, and Speed goes away, and FOX Sports takes its place. This is total BS. I see no reason to keep cable now.

  • Donnie Cornwell


  • Donnie Cornwell


  • Carolyn Lewis


  • Roger Otts

    I am highly upset over the removal of speed channel. I am a big fan of classic cars programs such as my classic car, the Barrett-Jackson auctions, and Mechem auction. there are not any channels that show strictly auto related shows. I hope everyone who feels the way I do complains until something is done to bring back this kind of programming. Not everyone loves soccer and endless other sports programming. Ther e are plenty of these channels already for those who do.

  • ’47Truck

    I like the entry that said “I will be cancelling my Fox 1 channel lineup”. I too. will be doing the same. What a loss of great car shows that I faithfully watched over the years. Guess I’ll have to start my own car show/channel (?)

  • Donnie Cornwell

    I filed a complaint with fox, they sent me a reply back saying it would be turned over to their senior excs. That is a good ideal John, if enough of us will follow through…remember we can do good only in numbers……i also contacted nascar, never got a answer, in fact when i went back they didn’t have a place to contact them….i believe they are trying to stay out of it, sorta like not making waves..I would have thought they would see how much it would bentifit the sport.

  • tjizz

    will not be watching fox sports 1… give us speed channel back…!!!

  • tjizz

    what will I do now when im out all night getting really high and I come home to lay in bed eating a lot of food and watching speed channel to feed my addiction to automotive stuff…?? I sure as hell aint about to smoke a fat ass blunt and watch football and sht like that. tryin to see some cars bitch…

  • Mark DePriest

    Welcome Fox Sports 1…..NOT!….That’s what I needed on my cable provider….another ESPN based network to add to my already 6 ball sports based channels. Just because Fox will cover NASCAR doesn’t mean that’s going to keep our gasoline addicted minds happy. Theres more to motorsports than turning left for 3 hours while we are pounded with sponsorship decals. Maybe Regis Philbin will cover some drag racing if he can keep his old ass awake long enough…..doubtful. Goodbye Speed…thanks for the memories.

  • vaard

    I was upset when speed dropped SBW this season but at least they were covering Motogp racing.These people who make these decisions are morons.You have to live in europe if you want to watch any kind of auto or motorcycle racing.Unless your into nascar.Speed even broke into a live motorcycle race to cover nascar qualifying.That was the death bell on motorcycle racing on the speed channel.You can’t even watch Dubai Desert race unless you pay thru the nose for every channel on the satellite feeds.Let’s be happy we can watch america’s got talent…but it’s also brain dead.

  • Guy Dabney

    Ditto..they lost another viewer here.. sucks!

  • bbcaaat

    Just what we need, ANOTHER ball sport network. Who cares? You can find ball games on DOZENS of other stations. All I can say is …. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Chris Beck

    Bring back speed!!$

  • John

    The new Fox sports 1 channel is terrible. This group is terrible. Bring back Speed Channel.

  • doug

    i too think fox sports network sucks bring back speed channel

  • marvin

    I hope that fox sports news goes down in ratings every second, every minute, every day, and every month until they bring back the speed channel. how could you!

  • ray

    taking away another great channel and replacing it with more worthless channels. I pay a lot for programing just another reason to look elsewhere. isn’t there enough sportsy channels already. what about the gearheads.

  • Rick

    Bring back our SPEED CHANNEL!
    We want the Speed Channel back!

  • Ralph Middleton

    There’s more than enough football and soccer on as it is. The Speed Channel was fun, informative, exciting, and best of all, something my wife loves as well. We want the Speed channel back. This household of 2 will NOT be watching ANY Fox sports at all. Get a clue morons. Once again corporate TV does something without consulting the consumer.

  • your secret admirer

    Fuck fox bring back the speed, those lame brains could of sent out a flipping memo at least, but most of all asked or did some dam home work on the subject matter frickin morons.

  • conroyboy

    I will really miss a lot of the programs that were on Speed like Gearz, Hot Rod TV, Pass Time, Truck U, My Classic Car, just to name a few. Screw Fox Sports 1 and 2 – I don’t give a hoot in hell about the crap they are showing except auto racing. Regis Filbin as a sports commentator? You gotta’ be kidding – the canned applause – give me another break. Gaggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curtis

    Who really wants another sports channel that plays junk . I watch speed every day . Besides Espn plays better things than fox sports . Just hope fox sports plays NFL games at least. If not who needs them . It’s only been a week but I miss my car shows. Bring back speed ASAP .

  • Coyote13

    Only reason I have premium channels in my garage as well as a beach house i visit 4 weeks a year is Speed Channel. I will cancel them both if it doesn’t come back. Friday night and a regional high school football game is on Fox 1. Bullshit!

  • Brent

    I Read a few of the emails below. Folks, Its about advertising $$’s. I too am very disappointed Motorsports programming is gone. However, its kinda our fault. We need to stand up more for our entertainment the way football, basketball, baseball fans do. Next time you have an opportunity to go see NHRA, Monster trucks, Formula 1, Formula drift, TORX offroad, superbikes, OSS, etc etc Go, pay the money. Donate even. Put back into your sport the way the armchair athlete scrubs of those ball sports do and we will carry the same weight. It’s too bad that it went this way. I will boycott FoxSports1 right along with you all. If for no other reason than their misguided believe that we’d be excited about Regis broadcasting sports of any kind to us. Regis? really? Good Gawd, I’d rather chew aluminum foil while combing my hair with steel wool that listed to Regis cover sports anything for me…….FoxSports1 you need to go back to Advertising 101 and run a few more encounter groups before making such dramatic decisions like this……..Scrubs……..

  • Chuckles

    Short history of Speed: The original SpeedChannel was great. A little of everything for gearheads. Cars, planes, boats and motorcycles. Then Libertore was tossed out and Speed went hard for NASCAR. But they still had variety, sort of. Then Fox began adding more and more NASCAR, plus a whole slew on un-reality programming aimed at imbeciles. The trouble with that is; … imbeciles have a very short attention span, so they bailed.
    And finally, Fox, who themselves are a breed of imbeciles, drove the Speed programming over the brink, lost Formula One, lost World Rally Championship, and gave up just about anything not related to NASCAR. And with NASCAR audiences dropping off, the writing was on the wall. Bye bye Speed.

  • Chuckles

    Oops, I should have said “the original SpeedVision”

  • Bob

    I would have to agree with the rest of the gear heads. We already had too many all day sports channels. Why would you choose to doo away with the only channel gear heads like to watch. My program listing still has the speed tab with nascar listings, but when I go to the channel there is nothing to do with nascar. I mean who really wants to listen to a bunch of sports has beens and of course Regis for any period of time. I say it’s way to much for the gear head like myself accept. As for myself it fox sports 1 is only going to show nascar on saturday and sunday, I should just as well not watch racing. Iff we gear heads want to make a statement, then maybe we should stop supporting nascar period.

  • Billy McKay

    Add me to the list. Why would you replace speed with Fox Sports. We have many sports channels, and we only had one channel devoted to Automotive. So instead of putting your sports channel on another unused channel number, you replace a favorite channel? It was one of the main reasons I even watch TV. I also pay extra just to get it, and now it is gone. Stop giving us what you want us to watch, or what you think we watch. Give us what we want.

  • Anonymous

    What a dumb move, I give it about 6 to 9 months before Nascar has to step in and rescue auto sports racing on tv in general.

  • Anonymous

    Also, canceling “Wind tunnel” has to be the most idiotic idea anyone ever came up with. Someone needs to take the exec’s responsible for this move out for an afternoon of electro-shock, just to get them back on track.!!!

  • dlstanf2

    Who cares about another ‘ball sport’? I like the sport of ‘cars’ and ‘motorcycle’. Guess SPEED no longer cared to fight for it’s fan base.

  • snook1962

    WTF fox sports1 like we did not have enough of this S*** already, bring back the Speed Channel! You a holes suck!

  • aaron

    Im really pissed off you guys got rid of the speed channel !!! isnt that what made it so unique was the it was just speed ?? Some people dont give a flip to see Football and Basketball bull crap . Screw Fox Sports and anyone who has anything to do with it !!!!!

    Who and where do i find the Idiot if you guys arent responsible that made such a stupid move ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • snook1962

    I will never tune in to this stupid a** channel you dip sh*** came up with

  • snook1962


  • Anonymous

    Whoever came up with this idea needs to be taken out for an afternoon of electro-shock, just to get them back on track. To remove all the great programing that made up “Speed” is the most idiotic programing change ever, & history will bear this out.
    I give FS1 about 6 ot 9 months before Nascar forces Fox to either bring back “Speed” or suffer a lawsuit over brand abuse.

  • Gear Head

    I work very hard all week and the Saturday line up of
    Gear Head shows on SPEED was my weekend treat. Thanks a bunch Fox Noise
    you are now as useless as the rest of the mundane crap sports channels!
    Way to ROGER , you greedy ass bastid!

  • Proracer

    Way to go Fox Sports, first you had a major part in the death of Dale Earnhard, now you killed Speed Channel. Well done. Oh yes, as a former race driver, I happen to know what really killed Earnhard, contrary to the “official” story.

  • Disgusted

    There wasn’t enough sports channels already? Really? You couldn’t leave a good thing alone? How much did you make in the transition?

  • Mack Irwin

    Racing, Old Cars, restoration and shows of that nature are interesting to many of us. Where did the programing go? Did Dennis Gage just die? How about McGuire?


    Personally I like Nascar but refuse to watch it on the new Fox Sports. We had one channel that was dedicated to us motorheads and now it has been turned into a channel just like how many other channels. I hate this move and let me count the ways,

    beIN Sport,
    Big Ten Network
    CBS Sports Network
    ESPN Deportes
    Fight Now TV
    Fox Deportes
    Fox Soccer Plus
    Fox Sports 1
    Fox Sports 2
    GOL TV
    Golf Channel
    Longhorn Network
    MLB Network
    NBA TV
    NBC Sports Network
    NFL Network
    NHL Network
    Outdoor Channel
    Pursuit Channel
    Sportsman Channel
    Tennis Channel
    TVG Network
    The Ski Channel
    Universal Sports
    World Fishing Network
    WWE Network
    Regional sports networks
    Comcast SportsNet (NBC Sports) (Bay Area, California, Chicago, Houston Mid-Atlantic, New England, Northwest, Philadelphia)
    Cox Sports Television
    Fox Sports Networks (Arizona, Carolinas, Detroit, Florida, Indiana, Kansas City, Midwest, New Orleans, North, Ohio, Oklahoma, Prime Ticket, San Diego South, Southwest, SportSouth, Sun Sports, Tennessee, West, Wisconsin)
    MSG and MSG Plus
    Root Sports (Northwest, Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountain, Utah)
    , Speed was one of the last channels that had me keeping cable, not worth paying for it now.

  • chevy57red

    Bring back Speed Channel!!! Will never watch FS1.. Dish TV bill us $10.00 a month extra for Speed Channel, now we are paying that $10.00 extra for nothing..

  • old motorhead

    When was the last time you drove a dam ball down the road. I believe you have bit the hand that feeds you. Speed channel was the best car show on the tube, and if Fox would look at other channels sometime there are more new car shows on air then ever before. LISTEN Fox they were trying to compete with the Speed channel, who would think this would ever fly. I guess the who ever is head of this doesn’t drive his own car, or understand what the veiwers enjoy watching. I will also stop watching the piece of crap.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Exactly I watched speed channel everyday! It was the only channel dedicated to us gear heads! No reason to watch fox anymore! I am a conservative but screw Fox not watching any of there channels anymore! Wake up Fox bring Speed Back!!!!!!!

  • Bruce

    More UFC, stick-n-ball, and occassionaly NASCAR. NO THANKS. At least F1 moved to NBC Sports before the “big move”!!!

  • Anonymous

    I turn on my TV, go to channel 150 and get…FS1? Football chat with a bunch of jocks? This bites. Fox has made a huge mistake in alienating gearheads. I understand that MavTV is picking up much of the former SPEED lineup. That’s where you will find me going forward — NOT watching FS1!


    fox made a MAJOR mistake! We can watch these other sports anywhere – SPEED was the only place to go for autosports. I will be boycotting all Fox channels now – I am SO disappointed!!!! Talk to your viewers before making idiotic mistakes!!!! Speed was the only reason I had digital cable – I certainly won’t keep it for Fox 1.

  • Cineloh

    Seriously. Bring back Speed. Canceling cable now. Everything else I watch I can get from the Internet…. We’ve only been hanging on to cable for very few select channels.. But now the price out weighs how many programs we actually watch..

  • Anonymous

    This should not surprise anyone. Cars, racing, mechanic shows are for Blue Collar people and Rednecks. Fox is a right wing business network that believes in what Romney said as far as 47% of the people are getting government help. If you think Fox news or sports networks are for the regular working guy think again. Soccer, tennis, swimming, baseball, etc are for weenies just like “Dynaharp” said. Rich boys sports. Fox Networks can rot in H%77!

  • Chris Gulick

    I abhor watching ball sports on TV.
    There are too many stations dedicated to ball sports as it is.
    SPEED has been one of the absolute BEST channels ever on television.
    My suggestion?
    Simply apologize, ON AIR, to your viewing public and put SPEED back on the air now.

  • Anonymous

    Write your cable company. They are the ones paying Fox to broadcast the Fox Sports 1 Channel. If the cable companies drop them they will have to fold.

  • Dian

    I am discontinuing my Time Warner digital cable; the only reason I had it was for the Speed Channel. Who was the idiot(s) that had the brain aneurysm to kill the Speed Channel? I HATE Fox Sports on any channel and to take away Speed to add one more f’ing Fox sports channel makes me really p’d off. If I wanted to watch more ball-anything, I’d go to another channel–I WANT MY RACING CHANNEL!!!!! I will no longer watch ANY Fox channels–stick a fork in me, I’m DONE with FOX anything! Guess that makes me a one person/woman protester.

  • Racefan 29882

    Maybe Nascar and some of the other speed channel shows should cut a deal with the Velocity channel. Then Fox Sports one can join with ESPN and show the sports you can get on any other channel! Bad move by Fox to end speed!

  • Dianne

    Well, here’s a chance for the France family to increase their business holdings. Start their own SPEED channel and duplicate what used to be on the Speed Channel. Come on Brian (France) : you all need to jump on this opportunity! Racing fans want their Speed Channel back that included boats, F1, Barrett Jackson, etc.–all the shows we speed freaks will be missing.

  • Dianne

    Might work for smaller cable companies, but Time Warner doesn’t give a crap what we want as long as we continue to pay the bill. HOWEVER, I am calling TWC to cancel my digital cable and will return my digital box in order to bite them in their money-hungry asses!

  • Dianne

    One of the best posts I’ve read so far. Guess ESPN should wake up and start their own racing channel immediately!!!!

  • Dianne

    Oh yeah….P.S.–I don’t have to pay for a digital box in order to get ESPN. My dream world: save on the monthly cable bill without the digital box AND have an ESPN racing channel! WOW, what a dream!

  • racer x

    Is there not enough channels with ball sports do we really need another??? what happens to all the cool shows like PASS TIME and PINKS ALL OUT ???? idiots!!
    just what we need another generic ESPN great Idiots!!!!

  • Dianne

    ED DELANEY (hired into new position at Fox middle of June 2013), EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, FOX SPORTS
    I cannot find an email address for him so I used the Fox feedback tab and asked that my comment be forwarded to him. I called him a moron and told him that ESPN was probably in the throes of creating their own speed channel as I was writing, and will eat his lunch! I also suggested he start reading some of the complaint postings on the internet — does this guy live under a rock? I also told him that his new cushy job would probably come to an abrupt end in light of all the complaints by Speed channel fans!
    Jump on the bandwagon – go to the Foxsports website, use the feedback tab and send a note to ED DELANEY right now!

  • Dianne

    ***ED DELANEY (hired into new position at Fox middle of June 2013), EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, FOX SPORTS
    I cannot find an email address for him so I used the Fox feedback tab and asked that my comment be forwarded to him. I called him a moron and told him that ESPN was probably in the throes of creating their own speed channel as I was writing, and will eat his lunch! I also suggested he start reading some of the complaint postings on the internet — does this guy live under a rock? I also told him that his new cushy job would probably come to an abrupt end in light of all the complaints by Speed channel fans!
    Jump on the bandwagon – go to the Foxsports site, use the feedback tab and send a note to ED DELANEY right now!

  • Dianne

    ——-ED DELANEY (hired into new position at Fox middle of June 2013), EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, FOX SPORTS
    I cannot find an email address for him so I used the Fox feedback tab and asked that my comment be forwarded to him. I called him a moron and told him that ESPN was probably in the throes of creating their own speed channel as I was writing, and will eat his lunch! I also suggested he start reading some of the complaint postings on the internet — does this guy live under a rock? I also told him that his new cushy job would probably come to an abrupt end in light of all the complaints by Speed channel fans!
    Jump on the bandwagon – go to the Foxsports.com website, use the feedback tab and send a note to ED DELANEY right now! That is….if he’s still there/LOL!

  • Dianne

    That moron’s name is a new hire mid-June 2013
    So drop him an f-bomb email!

  • garrettracing

    Just went to msn.foxsports.com/feedback to post a complaint and encourage everyone to do the same, if you haven’t already. Tell them what shows you want brought back and leave out the profanity and ranting…otherwise, it’ll be too easy to dismiss you as another “illiterate redneck.”

  • Rod

    Please put the SPEED channel back on cable! Why is it gone?

  • Racefan

    I may just have to stop watching all FOX channels now!!

  • Monkeywrench

    Have been Directv for 15+ years with high level programming just to get Speed. Did anybody poll the motorsports audience before virtually eliminating our preferred venue?? I think not!! What a bunch of presumptive morons. Bring back Speed!!

  • Bill

    There are literally hundreds of channels available on DISH, so they cancel one of the few channels worth a damn, unbelievable! That will just about end it with me and DISH…

  • john

    put speed back on, fox sport sucks

  • jerald in ky

    I want speed tv back. where we get see our favs like barrett Jackson power block tv etc

  • LyonChild

    Wont be tuning in … I want my SPEED TV back! Not impressed by Fox Sports1 :(

  • Dancam

    The guy who worked for coke that came up with the idea for new coke must work for fox sports 1 now. Hope this has the same results as new coke did! What a bunch of educated dumbasses for getting rid of speed with this new concoction of mixed sports!

  • R Hall

    Why in the hell would anyone think I would rather watch Women’s Soccer or Rugby or a blood sport instead of the Speed Channel. I’ll make damn sure I watch ESPN and not Fox Sports.
    What idiot thought this was a good idea?

  • steve

    I’m lost without speed channel, not happy at all that they took it off the air. There is already plenty of soccer, football, baseball, and golf channels for people that don’t like racing.

  • nomore fox #hit

    another $ucking football, baseball , and basket ball channel like we don’t have enough of that shit already…. No FOX for me

  • Lawnman

    Boxing on SPEED ,Hey Fox How to you screw up a great channel,I am done with it.

  • Dian


  • Dian

    ED DELANEY (hired into new position at Fox middle of June 2013), EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, FOX SPORTS
    I cannot find an email address for him so I used the Fox feedback tab and asked that my comment be forwarded to him. I called him a moron and told him that ESPN was probably in the throes of creating their own speed channel as I was writing, and will eat his lunch! I also suggested he start reading some of the complaint postings on the internet — does this guy live under a rock? I also told him that his new cushy job would probably come to an abrupt end in light of all the complaints by Speed channel fans!
    Jump on the bandwagon – go to the Foxsports site, use the feedback tab and send a note to ED DELANEY right now…


    Fox Sports 1 is the stupidest channel ever, if I wanted to watch NFL & MLB I would watch one of the other channels, there’s already like 2 billion sports channels we don’t need another one. I want full episodes of Race Hub, how dare you cut it in half..and getting rid of Victory Lane?? What the Heck??? You stupid people make me so angry!!! I WANT SPEED I HATE FOX SPORTS 1!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Bring Speed back ! Fox sports suck !!!!!!

  • Jim

    I will never watch Fox Sports ! If they didn’t replace Speed I would have gave them a look to see if I liked it . I won’t ever watch it now …..

  • Jim

    I will be canceling Dish and go with an antenna to watch locals only .

  • Roadhog

    The one channel that car enthusiasts had was replaced but yet another “ball sports” channel. So sad… Fox has devoured the best channel on TV and defecated Fox1. Time to boycott all Fox channels. So sad, so sad…

  • Joe Sixpak

    Bad enough that Obama has f’d up America into something that is unrecognizable, now FOX comes along and f’s up one of the few channels I love to watch…

  • Joe Bob

    Your decision to dump the Speed Channel Sucks. Fox you idiot there is a enough ball sports to choke a whale.
    I will do my best to take my business elsewhere you obviously don’t know jack about your market and seems you don’t really care.
    Hire a Gearhead and let him/them handle things for you. God I can’t believe you thought NASCAR was all there was to auto Racing.
    I hope you fall on your face for being so out of touch with the market. It’s just pityful how uninformed you apparently are.

    Put it back on, or I’m out of here. PERIOD!

    Joe Bob

  • denny

    Fox Sports sucks. if I wanted to watch a loud mouth football annalist I could watch ESPN or the likes. I liked Speed and its programming.

  • brad4

    One of three channels left that kept me paying the $100 a month from the cable thieves is replaced with more endless has-been reruns and yet another angle of some football, baseball, soccer or basketball game.
    Goodbye cable. Think I will spend the $1200 a year to go see some live motor sports.

  • CJH,Fl

    Dumb & Dumber. The only channel where the people who actually knew what they were talking about. I am so totally displeased with demise of Speed I just may chuck everything preceded with the word “Fox”. Today I start searching for news channel, Fox News ceases to be my homepage. It’s not enough to just avoid FS1, take it to the whole network. When I watch Fox News I’m constantly reminded how they represent the people, I guess they never looked in the stands at Daytona or at how many people are up at 3 am to watch a live Grand Prix race. Screw You

  • Steve Povis

    This is BS BS BS.. I loved the Speed Channel..I want it back..

  • Bubbz

    Why would Fox think that people would want more of the same!! Speed was totally different and had what most racing fans wanted. Yes i had to pay more on the Dish network to have speed but it was worth it. Now they want me to pay the same to have this Fox 1 thing!!!!! NO WAY!!! I dropped my channels down so as to not have to pay the extra for FOX 1. I think alot of people will do that and Fox, Dish, and even NASCAR will lose watchers. Football, baseball, basketball, and etc I can watch anywhere.

  • Kbowman

    This is just another channel like ESPN!!! Bring back Speed, which was dedicated to NASCAR, monster trucks, Lucas oil on the edge, and I could go on. This was not a very good move. Your ratings will drop for sure because we are not going to watch this channel and sit through all those other sports for NASCAR updates when we had a channel that we could get all our updates from and watch other car or truck sports!!! You need commentators who know NASCAR not football or basketball!!!

  • wayne

    foxsports1 Don’t need it. Don’t want it. won’t watch it. I want my speed channel.

  • Pam Peterson

    This is to Fox Sport Bean counting morons, I want SPEED CHANEL back!!!!!!!!!! Hey DirecTV this is for you, Since you are in bed with Fox I want you to know, I have been a loyal DirecTV customer for 14 years and on Sept 2nd I will be disconnecting my service with you.

  • jerry

    very well said my race friend. fox is trying to copete with espn who really suck at covering nascar because they think watching cheaters like arod and others is a good thing. well it’s not a good thing when it sends the wrong message to kids saying it’s ok to cheat to get what you want. nobody in nascar takes steroids like other pro sports players. fox really screwed up this time. i want my speed tv back fox

  • jerry

    agreed fellow race fan

  • CLem

    Had to sat=y one last time!
    No need for cable! paid to watch Speed. I don’t watch ESPN of FS1
    Radio for NASCAR…

  • Justin Michaud

    The only channel that was motor anything is gone! Fox sports 1 is crap fairy ball playing dudes on my speed whats next? Justin Michaud CA

  • John Milner

    WTF, my favorite TV shows gone on sat. and sun. for what another #ucking sports channel about baller’s… You could of at least kept some of the programs. like Gears, Barrett Jackson, my classic cars, But I guess you think another baller channel to compete with ESPN… NOT you will never get there!!!!!! I hope you decisions get the lot of you FIRED…

  • Clinton Taylor

    FUCK FOX1!!!! We want SPEED back!!!

  • disgusted

    I can’ t believe they got rid of the speed channel, we watched it everyday. I won’t be watching Fox 1…….

  • Eric B

    Doesn’t fox have enough channels, they go and take away the one and only channel the motorsports fans have. U guys suck money hungry bastards. I hope the fox 1 tanks!

  • Ima Upset

    Why did you have to get rid of my favorite channel? There should be at least one channel devoted to this popular sport.

  • Chaz

    Bring it back. You don’t want to hear what now I truely feel so just do most of America a favor and reverse your stupid decision. I will not help your ratings. If i want to know something about football ill get it from the nfl web site. You guys suck ass.

  • L Lewis

    more junk I don’t watch too bad for speed there are more reasons to cancel dish

  • old dude

    FOX sports sucks……bring back SPEED

  • Ginny

    What the hell! If I wanted to watch or even cared about those other sports I would watch ESPN! The Speed Channel was the best! This is a very sad day for us all! And if Fox even thinks that in time we will see it their way and adjust THEY ARE WRONG!

  • swany

    boo hoo

  • David Thomas

    I miss Speed, Fox sports 1 and 2 sucks, I don’t like football, baseball, anyball, I watch motorsports and Fox doesn’t show enough NASCAR, maybe a 10 sec. blip, and only 1 show that is all NASCAR. Again like always the little guy loses out to big business and money. RIP Speed, you will be missed!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait until Ala Carte Programming blows these old fashioned bundled networks off the air. I watch MotoGP, Speed did a decent job with it, now the broadcast is full of Fox promotional graphics that clutter the screen. I hope they listen to viewer feedback and make adjustments.

  • Captain Comet

    Carz-N-Guitarz …. life’s too short to play with ballz

  • BOB


  • Watching Any But Fox Sports

    I am VERY upset that my cable provider and FOX has taken the Speed Channel from the offerings. I enjoyed a number of the shows on the Speed Channel, and I will NOT be watching its replacement, the Fox Sports Channel.

  • Dan

    I want my SPEED Channel back, I am a gear head and motor sport family. Get It Back On.

  • Paul31152

    I can’t understand how educated network execs can take Speed off the air and replace it with FS1 and believe that was a good idea. (They call it Fox Sports 1) It should be called (Foolish Shit 1) as that is what you find on the new channel. If boxing, soccer and baseball etc are what we wanted to see it was available. Speed was the only motorsports channel for the motorheads of America. Take a good look ,as ratings and advertising dollars disappear you might want to think about firing the moron that thought dumping Speed was a good idea , getting it back on the air bigger and better, and facing the fact that it was a bad idea. Hey, it happened with the largest soft drink maker in the world a few years back, and they corrected their error, how about it.

  • frank

    when I find speed channel I will loose Optimum!

  • Richard Cagan Jr.

    bring back the speed channel – fox 1 sports may serve some purpose but for me – I WOULD PREFER THE SPEED CHANNEL. I will not watch fox 1 sports period.



  • Sparky

    I am Darn upset to lose speed channel…..Pissed off


    DIANNE I HOPE YOUR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SPEED… We are Speed…

    The Clone Wars… why have something totally unique, appealing to millions of people in its own way with diverse programming… when you can just trudge onto the path so many others have traveled and show the same blend of overexposed sporting events and monotonous eye garbage… WHO is responsible for making this channel into a dime a dozen programming??? Monster Jam, Gearheads, Lucas Oil On The Edge, Nascar coverage…. these are loved shows that are unlike anything else available out there… why would Fox decide to be last on the train of mundane baseball/soccer mega-channel wanna-be’s?!!??? Get SPEED back on the air!!!



  • Don

    Gearheads unite! We are 90 million strong & can affect fox sports ratings & thier picketbooks. Boycott all fox networks! Call your cable provider & post your comments every where you can. Recruit your fellow gearheads to do the same! We can make a difference!

  • djgraphics

    ESPN/NBC here is your chance to step and get all the racing Fox just got rid of. Nascar should fire Fox. Their coverage sucks and their TOO many commericals are awful. Let alone the fact that you can’t get any real racing news now. I know Fox will fail at this, its written on the screen already. If Nascar doesnt stop this they will also be hurt by this – they already are, people are boycotting all FOX now.

  • djgraphics

    They could of at least had Race hub still on at the same time, instead of cutting it to about 17 minutes and not showing at the same time on any day. OR what is wrong with a Speed News hour ?? It covered everything and now we have nothing, but 17 minutes of race hub talking up Fox Sports 1 – BARF!

  • speed39racer

    BOYCOTT FOX – these fucktards can’t even realize that not all SPEED viewers were NASCAR fanatics, I remember when FOX and NASCAR decided to saturate the network with more NASCAR, it pissed off a lot of oldskool speed fans… jus saying…

  • Taylor

    The worst part about this is they said we would get all the same nascar coverage as speed channel had….. yea right!!! its not even close to the same! At least speed replayed all the practices and qualifying so people had a chance to watch it. And the dumb fuck that decided to put race hub in the middle of the day should get his head checked… the least the could do is replay it at sometime during the evening but they are wayyy too stupid to do that! I’m going to foxsports.com and giving them a piece of my mind. We all have to band together on this and not give up!

  • Gary

    Why not another show on underage pregnant kids? Or a show about an overfed kid and her mom? So I am to watch OVERPAID drug addicts play some sort of ball game? Hey FOX… I for one will not watch anything on any of your channels

  • MotoJunky

    Yep, yet another dissatisfied customer…. Bring back the motorsports channel, not yet another “broad” sports channel.

  • Anonymous

    I love watching cars speed around a cirle for 3 hours, very entertaining.

  • J Hill

    this new channel was touted to be more NASCAR coverage…well what the heck happened to it???????? you people have done a rotten thing…if we want to see much nascar we have to pay an extra fee each month..we are on a fixed income & already pay a pretty big cable…I think this stinks & I’m sure the rest of the fans do too…..Please have a heart & do something about this….

  • BigDogs SportsGrill

    We are Big Dogs Sports Grill, we are known for our sports but especially our auto racing we have the biggest Daytona 500 party around. The SPEED channel was on all the time. None race fans would even watch the Big Trucks and Bikes on a Friday and Saturday and listen to the bands. The announcer were down to earth and former drivers, crew chiefs and experts in their fields with personal ties to the drivers, with great stories and insight. Who are these arrogant announcers on Fox Sports1 to trash talk the SPEED CHANNEL? Competitive bar owners don’t even trash talk one another.

  • Vic M

    You people suck. I can’t believe that you took the only channel that’s worth sitting down and watch TV . What are you guys thinking of. I hope someone gets fired for this stupid move.

  • Matthew Senac

    Give us back SPEED motorsports WTF FOX 1 is crap and if I want that I can watch it anywhere

  • ed/marg

    one of the major reasons we have had the present tv package is because of the speed channel. if it doesn’t return ex post haste, we’ll be looking for another cable provider.

  • CJ77

    Stupid Move

  • Owls In The Bog

    Well – Fox has been taking lessons from Yahoo. They had a good ting going and then decided to ruin it with something called NEO that screwed up their email and groups. So I moved all my stuff to Google. Now Fox is doing their best to drive away their viewers. If I wanted football, or soccer, or…. I would have watched those channels. But I enjoyed the Speed channel. Well guess what Fox – you just lost another viewer Hope your advertisers are happy.

  • Mike K


  • Harry

    Fox one is just another football talk show. We want NASCAR. Did someone loose their mind when they made this decision?????

  • Harry

    Fox one is just another football talk show. We want NASCAR. Did someone loose their mind when they made this decision?????

  • cudaman

    ad me to the list- bring back speed one of the best motorsports channels ever to brosdcast motorsports

  • pissed off

    fox sports 1 SUCKS want the speed channal back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TiredOfBadDecisions

    This SUCKS! It’s not SPEED. No Barret Jackson, no Bronx Auto Parts, no Chop, none of the custom and/or rebuild shows are anywhere to be found… not to mention all of the other SPEED-style programming.

    I already have PLENTY of sports channels to watch… why the hell would I want yet another to go with what I already have?

    Speed wasn’t a “Sports” channel… it WAS the SPEED CHANNEL!

    Hey, clueless programming director… SPEED isn’t boxing, SPEED isn’t the beat-each-other-to-bloody-pulps, channel, SPEED has nothing to do with football, SPEED isn’t “Fight Night”, yada-yada-yada-yada-yada… SPEED IS CARS AND AUTO-RELATED PROGRAMMING…. DOH!!

    I have DirecTV, and what was once SPEED CHANNEL is now off of the Quick Guide on my favorites channel menu. I’m going to ask for a $5.00 per month rebate off of my bill for losing one of the reasons I’ve had cable/satellite, programming for so many years now. I know… good luck on that one… but I’ll try even if it’s just to make a point.

    Fox… I don’t give a rat’s behind what you call it or want to call it… just give me back my SPEED Channel PROGRAMMING.

    BTW, for me, UFC SUCKS! I mean, what do you say about a bunch of misfits who want to half kill each other in order to gain some kind of emotional security in their lives? Life must suck if you need to feel like you’re that “BAD”, or you have that kind of need to attract attention to yourself for personal security and/or self-worth. Beating the hell out of another human being is gratifying? And no, I’m not some liberal (emotional cripple) nut-bag either.

    Whatever, bottom line? Give me back my SPEED programming, I won’t be watching until then.

  • Russell Cross

    first of the only channel for all motor sports was cancelled for more sports there is like over 10 channel dedicated sports and only one channel dedicated to motorsports. its cable make another channel don’t destroy the only Speed Channel. do you want to get rid of a channel get rid of Fox News most byass channel ever.if fox wanted to be competitive quit being such narrow minded perspective people. there should actually be two speed channels one dedicated solely to nascar and one that’s dedicated to all the other cool car shows. if fox did that that would be the first smart thing they done in a long time. Jay Leno please help all the speed freaks.

  • KLB

    Major disappointment, but I have never held Fox in any regard.

  • Bye Bye FS1

    I find it kind of stunning that non-motorsports sports journalists seem to be so shocked that we gearheads would be so incredlbly angered by Fox’s move. Mr. Goldschein, your compatriot Jake O’Donnell published an article on this website talking about how FS1 was “kind of awesome” and indicating that the millions of astonished motorsports viewers in this country should just “move on” and be satisifed to watch Speed on the internet. I wrote the below response to him, and it says all I think I can articulate at this point in my disbelief, so I will copy and paste it here:

    “Mr. O’Donnell, I hope you wrote the article above in jest. Let’s turn the tables for a minute. Imagine that you are a die-hard football fan. You probably are, so it shouldn’t be too tough. You live it and breathe it, and have for as long as you can recall. You subscribe to football magazines. You attend games any time you can. You play football with your buddies. Most importantly, you watch football gmaes, and football-related shows, on TV. Any game will give you a fix–the NFL, the CFL, Arena, college, even high school. However, 95% of all of the football games and related programming are found on a single channel, a channel you’ve gladly paid extra to have access to for some 15 years. 15 years. One day you turn on the TV expecting to be able to watch a game, to find that your near-exclusive access point to your favorite sport has been pulled down and replaced with a channel that mixes chess tournaments and basket-weaving competitions with an occasional football game. Outraged, you take to the internet, to find an article suggesting you “move on” and take solace in the fact that, if you’re lucky enough to have access to streaming internet video, you can joyfully sit and watch games on your computer. Because we all know that’s EXACTLY the same as being able to enjoy a game in HD on your 60″ TV, or to be able to record one on your DVR and watch in the same way any time you want. Not.
    Sound awesome to you? Didn’t think so.
    This sucks, and I sincerely hope the programming pinheads at Fox find that time crucifies them for screwing the millions of car enthusiasts in this country.”

  • Seriously

    Just what we needed another channel for pathetic wantabe men to sit around and live vicariously through a jock.

  • cherokeeml

    …total bs–shame on you fox. you bullied your way through millions of motor sport fans..ya know, tires, engines, race courses, and drivers…shame on you!

  • bigfinn

    no monster trucks, pass time , lucas oil series, jet boats, my television days are over. All there is anymore is F$@%ball . bullshit

  • happy gto

    Called Comast today!,!! They were not happy they said”we had nothing to do with the change, but are loosing good accounts”. Good Bye Fox 1 I’ll watch free TV..

  • Vee

    When I woke up one morning and went to turn my TV over from the local news to SpeedTV to watch an episode of Stacy David’s GEARZ I as surprised, then sad, then outraged. I don’t understand why we’d even need a TV channel like ESPN 2 through Infinity in the first place, and the only non-premium channel dedicated to cars, trucks, and motorsports is replaced by a crappy competitor to an entire sports media network? Not an hour after I noticed SpeedTV was gone I called my cable provider. Now when people come to my house and flip through channels they ask me why I’m missing about 20 of them. It’s because I removed all the Fox-related channels. I’ve sent complaints in, and I’ve begun protesting Fox in general. Hopefully we car guys get our rightful channel back.

  • ski50

    I think Fox Sports is WRONG !We need a motorsports channel for people who love auto racing.I am not a fan of other sports which a lot of channels carry,We need shows for racers even if it only one channel.please give us back Speed & take this crap you put up in its place Off the air.

  • FoxSux

    Just what we need, more incursion by Pox networks, POX as in smallpox. They are horrible and we watch Speed because we don’t watch organized gambling controlled sports like US and International Football.

  • bigdusa1

    It is true,we don’t want another run of the mill repeat the same show for hours!!!!! ITS crap we want our motor sports back try listening to the people that watch the channel,there are enough same cookie cutter sport’s shows on please put speed back on there are so many different racing series out there that you could keep the channel alive and well,with a huge following.everyone that i have talked to say the same thing we want our channel BACK!!!!! Dennis (racer)

  • bigdusa1

    I sent a message to fox and let them know what a monumental mistake that was,and then sent one to Espn and let them know that they could steal a hole bunch of motor sports viewers if they went back to the espn2 when they were the great one’s with all there racing coverage!!!!!!I do hope they listen…..FOX YOU REALLY SCREWED THE POOCH THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philly Phenatic

    FOX 1 is terrible! What happened to the SPEED channel? Who or what company did the viewer survey to come up with this idiotic decisions? Another stupid move!
    Call FOX, Call your cable co., call everybody involved and voice your opinion!
    More talking head sports repeats is NOT what we need!

  • Unhappy Speed Channel fan

    The only channel motorsports fans had to watch all of their favorite racing programs is gone to fox that shows all these other sports that you can get on alot of other channels. This was the only channel we had of our own and you ruin it. Now everything I enjoyed watching on speed is gone. Bring back the Speed Channel and Fox, you need to get out of covering racing because you dont have a clue on what motorsports fans want.

  • littleu

    Please, isn’t there someone with money who will start a new Motorsports Channel, or bring back Speed. FOX1 should be called the Boxing Channel. Fox has shown no respect for motorsports fans. I’m done with all FOX. I

  • a sadsad tv watcher


  • kirt

    I am down in Guyana, South America ,love speed tv really upset to see the demise of speed tv . Will really miss my favorite programme pinks ,car warriors and much more.uguys got a lot of fans down here in Guyana south america and we are so dissapointed.

  • Skip Schroeder

    The loss on Speed Channel is tragic. I hope someone else develops a channel dedicated to auto enthusiasts Ill switch in a heartbeat! can you get it on dish or anything? Or did Fox stop putting it on?


  • mrkfiv@aol.com

    Sorry Fox but your news channels are great for laughs but nothing else. Now you have killed The Speed Channel for another channel that simply copies others that are already available. Nascar is available on other channels, MLB, well that says it all, Major League boring. And soccer, you must be joking. The soccer stands are almost empty why watch on tv? Our only hope is that some other network will bring back motorsports.

  • Raiderwagon

    What was Fox thinking? Ruin a great car nut channel and replace it with soccer and UFC. What a shame.

  • Gear head

    Fox sports 1 is a channel I won’t be watching, we only had 1 channel that was for motorsports fans. There are dozens of channels with sports that play
    With their balls! Bring back the best damn channel ever….SPEED CHANNEL
    You are #1.

  • Fs1godown

    Bring back the speed channel! There’s like 5 other channels with sports on them. Ii cant believe this crap. Fox sports 1. I hope you fail

  • disgusted in Indiana

    I really don’t give a crap about european soccer, I didn’t watch everything that was on speed but I watched a lot of it fox sports one sucks

  • L Williams

    Thanks for taking the best auto sports channel around and turning it into the “Soccer ALL F’IN DAY” channel:
    UEFA Soccer on FS1 from noon till three and endless reruns of your ESPN Sports Center clone,
    UEFA Soccer on FS2 all morning till noon followed by UFC fighting, and SURPRISE SURPRISE the EXACT same UEFA Soccer on what else the F’in Fox Soccer Channel!!!! AND just two channels down on FOX Soccer Plus – MORE F’IN UEFA SOCCER!

    Why on God’s green earth do you programming IDIOTS have TWO full time SOCCER channels still fill the remaining supposedly sports channels with SOCCER! WHY CAN’T we have our MOTOR SPORTS channel when you bastards already have two FULL TIME Soccer channels??

    What are your target demographics for all this f’in soccer and UFC fighting? Teenage boys who should be in school right now? IDIOTS

  • Donnie Cornwell


  • barbara

    I am a 55 yr old female who loves speed channel. My COMCAST cable sucks as it is, but I’m done. No speed, no more $86.00 a month.

  • Lev

    I was not a big fan of the SPEED, because I’m not interested in NASCAR unless they race road courses, not interested in Monster Jam or how to fix a track, etc…, but I always was watching all the Road Races here in the US and Europe, not talking about the Australian Super V8!
    Now where are those racing???
    It confirms again that not many rich people are really rich because of the brain, taste, interests superiority, but mostly by Luck. The owners of FOX are stupid as an average stupid person, yet they dictate us what we suppose to like. But we like the diversity of different kinds of sport and motorsport, which is almost non existent in the US.

    Have no words. They once killed ZOOM network which was better then 100s of other channels, now SPEED. Stupid people run the World and the others suffering day by day, and the bad thing is that life is short and most of the time brings disappointments because of those who by pure chance are above us.

  • mad

    Bring back Speed Channel, foxsports1 is junk!

  • Kathryn

    OK how many channels are there for baseball, football (college & Pro) Basketball ETC…. so 10 is not enough. They all say the same thing. All I ask for is 1 just 1 channel that I can watch racing on, watch how they built cars, enjoy the past perfection of cars with Barrett Jackson. Where is qualifying. Come on bring back SPEED

  • Kathryn

    Complaint filed….check

  • NWIndiana Dude

    If Fox sports canceled the Speed channel, why not hit them in their wallet? Everyone, for a month, watch Fox Sport 1 for an hour a week. Write down all the sponsors for that hour and let the sponsors know that you won’t support their product because of what Fox did to the Speed channel. Simple?

  • jj

    Doing away with SPEED is the worst thing to ever happen to NASCAR, except for the day Dale died. O well this Satellite TV is too expensive anyway.

  • Mike Turner

    they say they did it to compete with the other sports channels? I’m not good at math but it would seem, if you have a certain number of sports fans watching the other channel’s, then you give them one more channel, where do the other viewers come from? just saying take a pie (audience), share it with more people (channel’s) and everyone gets a smaller piece of the pie. sounds to me like a no win for all the sports networks!

  • lmcentire

    We feel the NEED for SPEED! please bring this channel back…my husband has me hooked on all the great programs that we watched on this channel

  • Mike

    I like ALL things racing and NO other sports. Speed Channel was great. Fox1 sucks!! I have tried to watch it on several occasions, but never make it more than a few minutes without turning it off. Even when a racing program is on, they are constantly trying to cram a bunch of other garbage down our throats! I would rather watch a bad show about racing than anything they could ever put on about the thugs and dope heads that make up other sports.

  • Airfoil

    My Letter To Fox:
    What on Earth have you done?

    Not good, I can tell you that.

    Where are my afternoon Automotive and Auto Racing programs?

    I can’t believe you dropped Gears, Two Guys Garage, Truck U,
    My Classic Car, Chop Cut Rebuild, HotRod TV, Muscle Car, Pass Time, Pinks All
    Out, NHRA, IHRA, Barret-Jackson, NASCAR coverage…..And worst of all; Wind
    Tunnel with Dave Despain.

    I tell you,

    All I have for you is Distain.

    Regis Philbin?????? and his Boobs (both genders). Are you
    kidding me?

    Believe me: I do not watch or record your afternoon drivel.
    Any of your drivel.

    Best Regards to your sponsors products I won’t be

  • fox-1 hatr

    odd to purchase something like access to watch speed channel then they decide you wanted something else. I bought a steak & fox gave me a Mc dees burger WTF I will boycot all fox channels. I hope their stupitidy gets them bankrupt

  • Pam

    Now I can’t even find Nascar on my cable, type it in and it comes up with the race for tomorrow, what about pratice and all the other info I want….Fox Sport 1 will never get me to watch them, can find the same stuff on all the other sport shows

  • Nicole Blair

    We pay extra money with our cable company (about $30 more) for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting the Speed Channel. We are a motor sports family of ex-stock car and motorcycle racers, and are extremely upset over not being able to watch the racing that only the Speed Channel gave on a daily basis. Who is directly responsible for this poor decision, so we can fire off our displeasure to them???

  • John Beekley

    Fox sports SUCKs………… who are the idiots that decided to do this, they should be fired, bring back the SPEED CHANNEL

  • Nordey

    Waaaaa,waaaa, bunch of crybabies! I love Fox Sports 1. Real class!

  • jcc

    I’m removing all FOX related channels from my Uverse channel guide – I don’t want the family accidentally tuning into that crap. I’ll give FOX this much, if they were going for professional caliber business MISmanagement they have exceeded expectations. Pity the stupid fool who came up with the idea to jettison Speed. My only hope is that some smart programming execs from other channels start picking up all those Speed shows. And I can’t wait for SNL to do a FOX Sports 1 skit… endless material!

  • LikesLeftTurns

    I think that this decision (to eliminate speed channel) will be recognized as being on a par with the introduction of the Edsel, or perhaps as brilliant as the ‘new coke’ campaign. Whether you like motorsports or not, it’s criminal to cut the racing airtime from (today’s example) 14+ hours down to 3, with cuts to commercial at Exactly The Wrong Time. These kinds of decisions are not the way to keep your subscribers. Thing is, they (Fox) don’t know who they’re messing with. Nascar is a family. I say it’s time for the family to band together and kick these idiots out of town. Look how much money i’m gonna save when i cancel my Dish subscription!

  • LikesLeftTurns

    oh – i forgot – you might want to say something to the Fox people. here’s a good place to do it : http://msn.foxsports.com/feedback.

  • Eric Krause

    Agreed! FS1 is
    nothing more than blah blah blah. There is very little sports programming.
    There are already enough sports channels. Speed always had different
    motor sports program, something you didn’t get anywhere else. I also thought
    the extremely long (hype) commercials for FS1 was a great excuse to get off the couch (there was never interest in another Sports Center). But never thought it would replace SPEED. I have now programmed my remote to skip FS1 in protest. Plus ESPN is much better!!! FOX do something different;
    don’t be another one in the crowd, PUT SPEED BACK ON, you won’t be sorry!!!

  • spyderbuddy

    you’ve got to be kidding me
    you take off speed channel, and put something i can watch on a different channel, i don’t care to watch a bunch of guys in pantyhose play in the mud.

  • Wayne

    Now that we have another 2 ESPN Clones Where can we get full racing coverage?
    this weekend sucks only two cup practices? one on 1 channel and one on the other and delayed the Qualidying…. and virtually no coverage of trucs and nationwide, Might as well turn off the tv and go race on the city streets.

  • Dsteve

    If I wanted or even liked “Stick&Ball” sports there’s enough channels carring that type of programming. You greedy people planned this take over at a perfect time! How’s that you say? Well isn’t it convenient that F-Ball season is starting and that’s when you shut down the only Motorsport channel on all cable Co. THE ONLY TIME I WILL EVER WATCH FOX SPORTS1 is when there’s a NASCAR race scheduled! I HOPE YOU GREEDY $ HUNGRY EXCUTIVES ARE HAPPY! Our country is in such ROTTEN SHAPE otherwise and you have to KILL the only Motorsports Channel. JUST GREAT! You guys fit right in with the current adminastration! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY $ AND WHAT YOU GUYS WANT. Why didn’t you have enough sence to poll MOTORSPORTS FANS TO HEAR WHAT THEY THINK 1ST? You idiots probably polled Stick&Ball fans about Motorsports programming, if you polled anyone at all! I HATE ALL OTHER SPORTS, and I believe that there are many just like me out there!

  • speedfan125987563

    No fox sports 2 here …i miss speed chanel …fox you suck!

  • Dwayne

    well they did nothing great for moto cross spilt up the motos sometimes did not show them its a great sport if you want more people to watch put all of the race on not half you big people with the big bucks dont know jack would you put half of nascar race on no then way you put half of motocross race if you want more fans then do it right not half ass.

  • Sharon

    Another complaint was filed. This was wrong, refuse to watch FS1. NASCAR Nation needs to stick together. BRING BACK SPEED!

  • Billy Correll

    Ok Fox, Just want to get my reaction on record. I think you made a stupid move taking the our racing coverage off. I hope you don’t wait for me to watch your sports gaming.

  • Billy Correll

    One more thought…. Now I have more time to do my yard work and hobbies sense I don’t have my favorite sports channel to watch.

  • Blue

    A very strong knocked out my dish. I went without TV for a week and you know what? I didn’t miss it. But what about NASCAR and the speed channel. Couldn’t miss that! No! So I get dish fixed and look what they did. I gave up on football when the Faiders lost to Tampa Bay in the last super bowel they played in. A drink center, the racism, the me and not the team mentality. i don’t understand what they thought they would gain as there seems to be enough “sports” channels. Bastudos!

  • bob

    We want Speed channel back! Foxsports1 sucks!

  • racefan

    Just one more example of corporate greed and a loss to all of us Race fans. I watched SPEED all the time – I will not watch fox sports1

  • Brad Caylor

    Speed Channel opened up motor sports to the whole world. Without Speed these motor sports will slowly dry up. If you think the seats are half empty now just give this brain storm a couple of years. So long to the big money for all who participate. I think someone should publish the names of the morons that did this to the racing fans.

  • Bill

    Please give us our racing back

  • Brad Caylor

    Every race fan do this now. Hang this asshole out to dry.

  • Kathy Boggess

    WTF this sucks how many football channels do you need?????

  • mad

    I do not give a big rats ass whose brain fart this was I would like to have the speed channel back I already have 15 suckball channels oh my mistake 16 now that you have robed us of our only motersports channel.

  • Anonymous

    They were doing fine, until they overloaded with NASCAR programming.

  • Anonymous

    FOX, This is a stupid move!

  • joseph

    were is speed channel thats the only thing i watch and my familys and u take it away from us motor heads well forget having dish were all canceling oh wait who cares right we do the people care of motorsports

  • T. Johnson

    I’m a car guy, I like to keep up with motorsports. I have no interest in another generic sports channel. Please, bring back the SPEED channel !


    Bring back speed, I wont watch the fox. We are race fans, we stand in rain heat sun winter to watch things race….long time watkins glen guy, wake up fox……
    One mad race fan

  • Anonymous

    please bring back the speed channel it was a truly auto related channnel

  • Anonymous

    might as well get rid of directv and save the 150.00 dollars a month at the same time and just watch u-tube videos

  • Anonymous

    I am thinking of dropping directv and saving the 150.00 every month and just watching u tube, well until they start charging for that

  • Anonymous

    I am sure this is a mistake some body must be smoking too much pot

  • fox spotrs

    who was the dumbass who too the speed channel off,who ever did this should be fired,im a racefan and have been for 30 years.put it back on,im so pissed right now its not funny.this generation of people is eat up with the dumbass,put the speed channel back on,or did the change come from the white house,he did stop the fly overs.

  • ssrobzoom

    The new FoxSport1 channel ready started of bad, broke away to a commercial with a couple of laps left at Bristol. The director should have been fried. Bring back Speed Channel with all the people that knows how to run it. This would have been like cutting away on 4th and goal with a team in the Superbowl down by 5 points and 5 seconds to go on the clock. This new format really suck for the car nuts.

  • handyman315

    Is nothing sacred anymore? What’s next? The Western channel?

  • Allen

    Fox Sports 1 sucks and will not watch it. Us motor heads want auto sports shows not general sport shows. We want are Speed Channel back.





  • excuzzze me

    Too bad Fox sports kept Larry MCReynolds. Hope Darrell Waltrip is gone for good. Plain and simple Fox Sports SUCK and so do their announcers!

  • CaptainGroovy

    Fox Sports NONE sux’s bring back Speed Channel. Why do we need another channel showing sports that are people are playing with their balls

  • CaptainGroovy

    More surprising is that “Fuckball” watching Adam could spell illiterate but then again Smartphones have spell check. One thing is for sure he has no idea what 18-35 year old Rednecks like to watch on TV.

  • CaptainGroovy

    They sell smart phones at Walmart

  • marcel poirier

    Bring back the speed channel. Who wonts to watch that crap on FOX sports 1.There were on warning of loosing SPEED.Thanks FOX’S for being real ass holes.Can watch ESPN for soccer , football,baseball.You can shove your new sports channel ,lm not watching it!

  • Angela

    count my husband as one who hates that there is no more Speed channel.

  • Frankie vette

    Are u kidding? Dropping Speed Channel, Pass Time, Pinks All Out, Gearz, Power Block, Barrett Jackson, just to name a few. Sports are on other channels, why take off the only channel for motor heads. What’s left reality shows? T.V. Used to be free now we pay for it and still can’t get what we want. Being back the speed channel for the real men who like to work on their cars and trucks the old fashion way! You suck gimme back my speed channel.

  • jack

    u ruined the best channel .hope u go bankrupt but our stupid government will save u .fuck u and ur f1 crap

  • tom bekec

    Great move FOX, I figure by the end of the month, nobody will be watching FOX, because the more people that realize SPEED is gone the more friends your NOT going to get.. BY BY FOX……..

  • Anonymous

    Ball-sports are borings sports — unless you’re playing them. That excludes soccer, which is boring even if you are playing it.
    Racing, like hunting, fishing, skiing (another sport seldom shown except as so-called “freestyle”, which isn’t skiing at all but rather gymnastics with skis) tennis or golf is about individual effort. It’s not about “team”. Okay, racing has a “team” quality to a limited extent where pit stops and car setup are concerned, but still, it’s mainly about the driver and car alone on the track with their opponents.
    Today’s corporate types don’t understand “individual”. They are all about “team” and “team-building”. To kill off a channel based on the individual in favor of one that’s all about “teams” would be easy for them. For me, nothing is more boring than when I enter the living room and hear the “roar” of the crowd for football/baseball/basketball/soccer. It’s just another game…

  • Keith Burnham

    Bring back Speedchannel FS1 blows

  • Jim1313

    Thanks to the corporate morons for killing a good channell.

  • No Jeeep

    I don’t know who’s fault it is but I just cancelled my premium cable package because I only had it for speed. The only shows I watched were the ones you mentioned plus motocross and some other different types of racing.

  • truengland

    We are thinking about dropping our service to find the Speed channel elsewhere. I am very upset that they dropped the Speed channel without notifying everyone or giving everyone an option. That’s BS. FS1 won’t be watched in our house either.

  • Ron A

    Makes me want to burn all my SPEED CHANNEL – T-Shirts.
    Sorry !!! Pinks All Out and Dave’s Wind tunnel.

  • Peter Tinucci

    Geez, how many sports channels are needed? My God. The only motorsports channel is killed for more regular sports, really! If i wanted that much sports i can subscribe to the over 30 sports channels that I have to pay for to get cable already. Now i have another?
    I am beginning to feel like some that have said that they will be canceling their cable/dish. We watch movies and Speed Channel. It’s time to check out Netflix and the like. These guys are going to kill cable in general. I heard that SONY is coming out with a cable type system where you can pick and choose what you want. I need to research this more. If this is the case this would be the perfect thing, only pay for what you want to watch.

    I also complained at FOXSPORTS.COM as well.

  • Frank Watson

    Bring back my speed channel,Not everybody out there watches football,baseball,soccer and boxing.There are alot of GEARHEADS!!!
    By the way FOX-1 SUCKS

  • turn off fox sports 1

    I have no interest in ball sports either. Speed drifted away from its all around motorsports coverage to a Nascar and reality show programing with the change from Speed tv. I was disappointed. Now Fox sports 1 buys it and makes it just another sports channel thinking everybody who likes motorsports will come if you throw in a Nascar race. I don’t think they understood speed’s viewer base. Hope it works for them, but I won’t be watching

  • John

    Went to go see what’s on SPEED and see FOX 1? First I thought my TV was broken, but now I know the evil truth.
    Without SPEED channel, all I have is Top Gear. Top Gear is awesome , but that’s only once a week and SPEED was a whole channel dedicated to my favorite thing 24/7; cars. We don’t need more annoying “sport talk” channels, we have basic cable for that. We need our channel back. So please bring back SPEED.
    Thanks from all angry gear heads and car admirers from all over the nation.

  • Anonymous

    I think they should get rid of that lying useless garbage “Fox News Channel” and replace it with the now defunct Speed Channel. This sucks, now there’s only one- Velocity, which I love, but we needed two channels to balance out the large amount of programming.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sick of team sports like fuckball. I’d rather see ONE guy drive 300MPH in 5 seconds than watch a team of overpaid meatheads touch each other 30 times in 2 hours.

  • jen

    Back the fuck up, dude. I’m a female redneck and I am not illiterate. I can probably out-spell and out-read you. Take your head out of your ass and realize that not everyone wants to watch the same things they can see on quite a few other channels showing the same damn thing.

  • Ceia

    I can not believe this I guess I will no longer be watching this channel because all of the shows I loved have been removed!!!! All auto enthusiasts do not like NASCAR, and football!!!! This makes me sick. Time to redo the DVR!!!

  • Ron Coleman

    We are so sad Speed is gone. We watched it a lot and love racing and motor sports. We would like a all motor sports channel brought back just like the other people on this comment section have said.

  • Adam

    LOL. You probably can’t, but thanks for playing! ;)

  • Adam

    Not sure why you thought I would write all that on a smartphone, but ok you’re right. Fuckball would never catch on…Duck Dynasty has that redneck demo on lockdown.

  • spyder

    Bring back Speed Channel! Fox Sports1 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pissed off in tennessee

    That’s what we were discussing yesterday. I think the whole point is that Fox chose to take down the one channel dedicated to motorsports, which there isn’t another one to be seen around, and give us all yet another channel that shows the same crap the others show. And the ‘surprise’ that everyone feels for the anger about this is stupid. How would all the football fans feel if they decided that there didn’t need to be another football channel? Not everyone is a football fanatic. Not everyone who watches Nascar is a redneck, so to go along with a stereotype and just start calling everyone names is stupid. It comes down to a station deciding that a good portion of the viewing demo doesn’t need to watch what they want. Speed Channel and the History Channel are about the only reason we kept cable. Now we’re considering just cancelling it and using Netflix and Hulu. I don’t see the point of paying as much as we do every month to watch practically nothing now. I myself don’t watch that much TV anyway, and the stuff I do want to watch, I can get from Netflix. So why should I spend all that money every month?

  • adamisanidiot

    Oh, I’m sure I could, but then again, I’m not a pretentious asshole who thinks that anything he doesn’t care for is something ‘illiterate’ rednecks like is beneath him. The whole point is that there are quite a few sports channels and they all show the same thing. Speed was a channel that catered to the millions of people who could give a crap about football, etc. And for the ones that enjoy football and baseball and basketball, there’s a megaton of channels that show it. Get your head out of your ass and realize that you are not the only person in this world that matters.

  • Carol Cole

    You are not alone!! There are thousands of car guys and gals who would rather hear a hot 396 Camaro slamming gears down the dragstrip, than watch a bunch of overpaid sports egomaniacs on endless sports channels. I called Directv and asked if I could drop ALL of the sports channels, including FOX. I met my guy 5 years ago at a CAR Show!! We watched SPEED together all the time. So where do we go for Barertt-Jackson, Pass Time, Pinks, Dennis Gage, My Classic Car, Nascar, etc., now? Maybe Fox never heard of Jay Leno or Reggie Jackson, famous classic car owners?

  • Old Racer

    I just witnessed a dart tournament on F.S.1 . . Still trying to console the family . . I could just PUKE . . . .. . . . HORRIBLE , I will boycot Fox

  • Old Racer

    I did the same , they need us “Speed Freaks” to respond ! . . . Don’t sit by complaining to family and friends . . Go to FOXSPORTS.COM and click sitemap to find the way to voice your displeasure with the IDIOTIC Suits at Fox , who dumped our beloved SPEED CHANNEL. Or we can encourage CBS or NBC Sports Channels to Revive it , Even if they have to Rename It ! Build it . . AND WE WILL COME ! ! !

  • MR ED. TN.

    i think fox1 is a sham i only watch it when nascar is on that is if i can find it. bring back my speed channel.

  • Adam

    I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. It isn’t true. Other people matter to me as well. For example, you matter to me dearly. That’s why I wish you’d go and do something about all those missing teeth. I care about you and you deserve a winning smile!

  • tired of the junk

    this is pathetic, where did all the good motor racing go. I am not saying speed was great, but they had at least some motor racing worth watching. now it is only nascar and other crap. give us full coverage of MotoGP (all classes), AU V8 Supercar, WRC, offshore power racing, WBSK etc.

    Why do you need another general sports channel? There are already enough channels showing baseball, american football, indy car, nascar etc

    Please shape up and give us viewers what we want.


    Oh boy fox sports one has high school football on I bet they got that programing cheep. Much better than Monster Jam or Formula 1 racing. ESPN2 has Nascar practice and qualifying live. Keep it up ESPN I am on board for a ESPNRAC channel. I will support all advertisers on that type of channel.

  • Mark Attebery in Texas

    I would like to know if Fox has hired the same morons that thought (in 1969) that Star Trek should be cut… I know you have never heard of the series that ran from 66 to 69 but it was popular with… Wait… you have heard of Star Trek? wow… amazing.. speed is a singular motor sports channel… no competitor… foxS1 is just like 50 other sports channels.. not to mention sports shows on broadcast TV…. if we wanted to watch them.. we would not have been watching speed… you idiots…

  • Melissa

    Friends and Fans of speed. Please wear a Black arm band to your next race to honor the death of the speed channel. We morn the loss of a get network. And will represent or dislike of Fooxspots 1.

  • Mark

    Fucfox you fking loosers, you just took away our only option. Not everyone watches nascrap and fukball. You just lost about 100 fans that I know of from Chicago. LOOSERS

  • Ricky Harrison

    Have you people lost your tiny minds? I am one of the millions of GEAR HEADS that do not have any interest in football, baseball, basketball or any other sports that do not include SPEED. Some where some day KARMA will kick the buts of the people involved with killing the SPEED CHANNEL.I have at least 18 freekin’ sports channels on my cable service and not one is geared to cars or racing. And most of all NO BARRETT JACKSON AUCTIONS. I am just really mad about this and I hope my opinion counts for something.

  • mojave1

    Fox 1 and Fox 2 still SUCKS.Nothing on but ball sports and a little Nascrap…
    Just how many sport channels do we need ESPN and all the rest showing everything but racing,or just very little of it.Well its time to tell direct Tv they can shove there dish you know were thanks to you Fox.

  • Reggis

    those new yorkers are just, Oooooh!!, so sofistecated and cosmpolitan, in their own Libbed out mine, they just love all ball sports, most of them, to gay to play.

  • Real racer

    Good! The speed channel used to be ok, but now it is white trash racing only. Actually, it’s pretty rare to see a race on Speed these days. They put most their resources into stupid that barely had anything to do with racing. Golf channel would have been a good channel for them to take notes on. They show actual golfing. Speed barely shows racing.

  • Speed less

    Really… Still depressed that the speed channel was ripped off the airwaves without warning. There are so many freaking sports channels that show the so called main stream sports, does it kill the network execs to leave one channel that I can watch? There are so many dedicated sports channels that they even play games from past seasons, WAY PAST. Oh yeah this is that play when he catches the pass and runs it into the end zone to win the game. Boring! And how many bloody home make over channels do we need really those network executives need to grow a pair. Where are those of us Motor head types supposed to get our fix? Where am I sop posed to watch shows like ‘Overhauled’? I pray to the saint of all things motoring, Jay Leno save speed! So one more time those dim witted network execs need to with some resounding celerity bring back SPEED!

  • Anonymous

    My buddy who is a Cable user and NASCAR fan said to say “IT SUCKS!”

    Another reason to hate FOX … ESPN better wake up and grab the NASCAR audience.

  • Ricky

    My Sunday mornings will never be the same, I guess I will have to watch more MAV TV! I don’t want to watch more football and baseball, I can get that anywhere else, you had an elite audience. When Fox originally said they were starting a new Fox sports 1, I thought they were starting another channel, I would have never dreamed they would get rid of Speed!

  • jk

    Bring SPEED back. This NBC1 channel sucks NBC=Nothing But Crap!
    Dumbest move I have ever seen in my life!!!!

    Where the hell is Dave Despain now? He could start his own show.

  • Anonymous

    This is the bright side: I only had that package for Speed – now I can cancel the whole package.

  • sledhed

    I dropped cable and can’t stand watching anything fox.

  • CJB

    I was upset when you took away the speed channel. I won’t be watching Fox sports. Bring back the speed channel!

  • Frostkid21

    this sucks i want my speed tv Bobby g

  • Motorfan

    For those of us who are motor heads and enjoy the DIY shows of GEARZ and TRUCK U the only place to get great information and good entertainment, dumping the SPEED channel for unlimited soccer is unbelievable and lousy programming. Foxsports you blew it !!

  • Kareem K Flowers

    Can’t watch pink all out no more? Oh hell no please put the speed channel back on!!!!!!

  • rob

    the W T F !!!!! who is the moron that thought that we didn’t want an all motor channel? this is America !!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Catalina

    I agree with Dynaharp!!! Spread the word, do not watch fox sports 1 channel. If we are true gearheads we must stick together on this. I hope their advertising dollars go southbound. I am telling everyone I know about this disaster. Bring back the Speed Channel or you will pay through the nose with lost revenue.
    The only reason you changed the channel was to invite more gambling through the bookmakers!!!

  • Dagon


  • Adam
  • Keith Hascher

    FS1 wtf! I want my speed back now. Motors ports and nothing but!

  • bill

    Baseball apple pie & chevrolet is what made up America’s Family sport time..As baseball was being squashed by Football, Nascar got its televised break…You could trust NASCAR’s first & second generation CEO’s / owners France senior & France Junior… All started to eliminate promoters from running off with all the ” MONEY ” and no care of fans…
    A motor sport which became a professional event family base fans.. Not moonshiners /bootleggers showing off there driving & get away skills.. Not to forget Sprint cup events would fill a football dome twice over with fans. Speed came on the seen.. The first to cover Motor Sport events and announce the start of a race without using kick off, or commercials breaks talking about ball events… Like ESPN and the local stations… Speed was all Motor Sports Events and we the viewers understood it all…We for get Speed was pushed out once be fore and bounced back.. I am deeply saddened by several facts..
    1. It is thought to believe sports is only ball sports, primarily football.
    Tough man sport. Hah! Try hitting a wall at 180 mph or going over the side
    and walking away… Speed had unbelievable coverage.
    2. When Tom Landry was let go in football,, the industry changed.. All business and all it takes is a second mortgage to go to an event.. Or the viewing
    audience that has to change channels to avoid unfavorable commercials..Unfit
    for the family.. Speed I could watch with the family regardless of age..

    Deeply saddened NASCAR has forgetting its fans.. The FANS that made NASCAR what it is today a multi Billion $$$$ co..The third generation looking at dollars
    over fans & a family base event…… Think many of motor sport events are owned / Promoted by NASCAR… NASCAR you have the clout and gold to keep SPEED on the air.. NASCAR give SPEED its fair share of races back and use SPEEDS format of coverage as a blue print for other stations to cover…… Meaning its overtime so coverage ends or as soon as they cross the finish line,,,,coverage ends..only Speed has been consistent in continued full coverage.
    NBC is the worst of Motor sport coverage my opinion. Oh if it were ball sport
    there ok… I tried to be polite only I miss what Bill France Sr started and Jr continued… NASCAR is the only sport that Opens in prayer , National Anthem,
    and creates a family environment today… .

    When I think of NASCAR I think of SPEED. NASCAR give us back SPEED..
    You have the influence.

  • DJ

    No one watched SPEED anyway. I used to watch but I stopped because the shows were crap.

  • Dereck S Lewis

    the channel will get very low views now

  • NASCARshirley

    I’m just sick about losing SPEED TV. There is way too much football, baseball and basketball on TV and now they have to move into the Channel that should only be motorsports! I’m actually depressed about this horrible change to what should remain the SPEED channel! What is happening to all the Speed reporters? These people are like family, as are the NASCAR drivers. I have met all of them and relate to them so well and now everything is all screwed up. Bring SPEED Channel back! I might as well get ride of cable tv! Bad, bad move!

  • trx250r

    bring back speed we want sports where you need two balls not one

  • Anonymous

    What the hell was Fox thinking..we didnt subscribe to SPEED for the hell of it to watch football etc..WE WANT OUR MOTORSPORTS BACK!!!..Ive sent in a complaint to Fox Sports and from what I hear, Im not alone…its time to bombard them with more complaints and Im cancelling this new NONSPEED channel..its a bunch of BS

  • Rich Rigali

    The loss of the Speed channel was a HUGE loss for thousands of Auto enthusiast all over. When I realized the channel was gone ,my first instinct was to switch Satellite or Cable companies to one that offered it. It’s even more irritating to have Fox Sports decide what auto shows I will watch, so now I’m left with an endless sea of NASCAR shows. Simply put, there are many people out there who are “died in the wool” auto enthusiasts who watch more than NASCAR! Yes, I know NASCAR has a large following but there is so much more out there, which would also bring sizable audience and thereby advertiser dollars to follow.

  • Butch

    Why screw up a good thing. Really? What the heck are you people thinking? Do you really think that there is that much of a demand for ANOTHERR ball sports channel. This CEO is obviously an EDUCATED MORON. The world is FULL OF THEM and you guys got the cream of the crop. SMH<SMH.

  • Ticked Off in Detroit!

    ARE YOU KIDDING!! Give us are Speed Channel back! Who needs another ball sport plus channel. There is no-way, the typical, regular, Speed Channel viewer, is going to spend more than 15 secs on your new copy-cat channel, before switching to Velocity, or some other station, to get our Motorsports “fix”!
    Sports guys, are into sports, and can spout stats, and know all the players on every team, but could not tell you what years Chevy offered the famous 409 engine. Car guys are into sports too, but are car guys first. We are the population you have alienated. You took a unique venue, and destroyed it! Why couldn’t you have bought Lifetime.
    Whatever it takes, end this mutation, and give us our Speed Channel back ASAP!!

  • John

    Fox Sports 1 is crap! Bring back speed! If I wanted to watch gay ball sports I would have turned it to ESPN. UFC has already ruined Fuel TV, the only other channel I used to watch a lot of. If you wanted Fox Sports 1 to be a success with everyone you would have at least brought something besides NASCRAP along. That was about the only programming I never watched on SPEED. The SPEED Report or at least some form of weekly motorsports news would’ve been the least you idiots could’ve done for us.

  • wayne E

    Life as a motor sport craze has come to an end. I feel all the pain of car peeps. Cant find anything to watch. now we need to act give us SPEED BACK!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Fox Sports 1 Sucks….Bring back Speed…If you combine all other sports fans together in one bunch, they will not equal the moterhead fans in this country. Grab your hears and pull till you here a loud pop. That will be when your head exits your rectum.

  • Bill

    PS: I have not and will not watch Fox Sports 1, regardless of what they are showing….

  • Terrie Armstrong Speciale

    I miss Dave Despain and Wind Tunnel. Will anybody pick it up?

  • Fox_Sucks

    Really What Happen to the only Channel (Speed) that had sports that required an Education… Ball sports you can find any thug to play them, It’s the same thugs that steal your T.V. to watch them. Oh I forgot we are now a welfare country…..


    We want SPEED back you pieces of shit!

  • P. Allen

    I will miss SPEED. Very disappointed Fox sports 1 and Velocity doesn’t hold a candle to the programming SPEED had.

  • charlie

    Take a moment an think NASCAR which was on Speed promotes clean sport without druggies. If they do they are suspended and if caught again they are out for good. Name another sport which is a better role model to our kids. With the loss of Speed we lose to sports that laugh at control of the athelets. We need to morn the loss of morals in all sports.

  • dmielke

    We don’t need another talking head sports channel . BRING BACK THE SPEED channel

  • Monk

    I want my Speed back. There are hundreds of other sports networks that can do ball sports?????? I cant believe motor sports got kicked to the curb!

  • Jim

    Sent this to FOX SPORTS:

    Fox Sports 1 is viewed via Comcast channel 242 in zip code 20601

    Will keep comment simple …….

    Who was responsible for dumping the SPEED CHANNEL? This channel carried EVERYTHING auto related. Now, thanks to some idiot (with a MBA no doubt) FS1 is 90% other stuff which is neither interesting or entertaining to ANYONE who followed SPEED for its Motorsport content.

    I heard that Fox Sports 2 was going to air some of the program material previously viewed on SPEED. If so, maybe you could convince Comcast to carry this channel in my area, and other states and counties where viewers feel rejected by this “not too smart” move by FOX.

    Thanks for providing a place for me to rant, but not for dumping SPEED.


  • Scott Smith

    Weather your a Nascar fan or not. Most racing enthusiast have a pretty good idea of what went on with the beginning of this years chase! When Nascar announced the decision to add a 13th driver to the chase…. Ther Fox sports 1 commentators said that they thought it was big money pushing nascar to put Gordon in because he drove a Chevy and that it would even out the manufacturers. Chevy has completely out numbered all other manufacturers in the chase this year well before Gordon’s addition!!!! Fox Sports 1 includes basic auto racing because of the demand, but truly have no idea what they are even talking about period!. At least we still get to see the bigger auto racing events. Please tell your staff to “shut up” about things they don’t know about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not a stick and ball fan so I don’t discuss it with someone who is!! Better to sit there and smile that talk crap about something you know nothing about!! Fox sports1 Sucks!!!

  • Dany

    Bad move. more of the same stuff or free religious channels that nobody likes..

  • lyingmedia

    Who ever made this decision needs to be relieved of their duty. Speed channel was one of the few networks worth watching.

  • Mensajero El

    The reason why I upgraded my dish account was for one channels, Speed. This is a very big mistake. I guess you will feel it in the rating of the so called Fox Sport 1, yeah right. This was the only channel dedicated to the most biggest love of American culture, cars. Everyday I use to look at the Speed Channel. Like they did they dropped us, I’ll drop their sponsors. The only thing we have left is the Power Block from Spike Channel, ESPN2 with the NHRA. Sorry Fox, but no more I’ll see you.

  • marc wylie

    like their are not enough sport channels you douch bags have to take our only auto place.now we have to listen to shit about over payed criminals fucking up, and we have them channels also called gov.channel.who ever made this choice,YOU SUCK MOOSE DICK.

  • T. Wylie

    So I suppose the reason this channels still called speed is because that’s the drug of choice for all the dumbass criminal football and baseball freaks! Nascar might be redneck but they aren’t a bunch of fucking criminals that get overpaid to play a stupid fucking highschool game! This was a fucking brilliant choice. I’ll pay my cable provider extra to remove your piece of shit channel!

  • Bushman

    Fox sports 1 and 2 are an embarrassment to all that enjoy motor sports.
    There is no real programs for us, they have put Race Hub as a float around
    filler between idiot sports with no constant time frame. Fox shame on you!
    You have shown you do not deserve to have the NASCAR contract!

  • Vicki Tibbitts Davis

    I upgraded my DirectTV package to receive the SPEED channel. My weekly viewing routine included all NASCAR practices, qualifying, races, pre-race/post race coverage . . . you get the picture. I know I am not the only one . . . . this can’t be an informed decision. I am just one voice and I in no way fit any typical profile for avid NASCAR fans: I’m a middle aged, executive level business women, live in a country club, and am a church pianist. My point being, if SPEED was that big a part of my life, I am confident millions are being left with the “not another sports channel” blues.

  • Rolandcrashburne

    Being an avid auto enthusiast… of course SPEED was my favorite sports channel. I don’t care about “ball” sports. SPEED was something different… and now it is gone. What a shame.

  • upnwc

    Just what we needed another sports channel, now we have NO motor sports channels. FOX what the heck were you thinking!!! I will not ever watch FOX sports anything!

  • Tim Mayeaux

    ever notice there are no YANKEE reality shows…everbody knows what “they” are…nobody wants to admit they are one ! I’ll take a dumb redneck over a “smart”(?) yankee anyday. I watch motorcycle races. Just got AMA channel. WSB I watch on computer. MOTO GP is on FOX 1 for now……

  • Phillip

    Bring Back our SPEED !!!! #1 MotorSports Channel….

  • burk

    I pay way to much money for Dish TV and now they take away all of my motor sports.
    Need to check other options.

  • Ladycougar

    I am VERY upset that Speed Channel is gone! Where do we find the prerace, the flyover, the interviews just before the race? I DO NOT like ball sports!! I had to pay extra just to get Speed Channel on my satellite system. Now what? I WILL NOT watch Fox Sports!

  • c p

    I’m sure this is already discussed. But there’s tons of ball show channels, but there was only one SPEED channel. I’ll be sure to skip this new channel……And I’m sick to death of all these 100% staged and scripted “reality” shows. idiots



  • edmudder

    Like many others, Speed was what I watched on TV. Without it, I no longer needed Direct TV, Canceled. Now I have a lot more time to spend on the Jeep build, PLUS I have $130 a month for stuff like the aluminum head.

    NASCAR who? I found out it really doesn’t really matter who was on the truck pole.

    I hooked up an attic antenna thing and get a ton of local channels, great pictures too. The HDMI cable from the computer gives me all the big screen movies and college football I can stand, they stream these.

  • liverpool

    your speed channel SUCKS…and those stupid ads for the stupid stuff on wheels is really getting on our nerves…we mute it everytime it comes on.Such loud discusting music and don’t like the show either…Where did all the Nascar shows go…why should we have speed channel for Nascar if there is nothing on to speak of? That is my opion for you……

  • jim

    Fox Sports 2 wants to charge 8.95 to watch Nationwide qualifying,what a scam.These people at Fox are trying to squeeze every penny they can.Greedy Bastards

  • motorhead

    This fox 1 crap suck. Were are the motor sports ? Not all of us like football and that’s all that on now.

  • corey

    I don’t recall having any trouble finding a channel to watch a football game, pro or college nor baseball games but I certainly have a hard time finding any racing or automotive shows that I used to watch on Speed. Fox sucks, they didn’t even really give anyone a heads up about their planned changes to get any reaction, they just left all the motorheads hanging. Well, I will remember that Fox, and I haven’t watched Fox 1 since the first day it aired…

  • karen

    Our household is far from redneck. We don’t like Nascar, baseball, football, soccer, etc. The ONLY reason we subscribed to an additional tier was for Speed’s excellent coverage of motocross, and supercross. NBS Sports did a Horrible job at covering our sport.

    If Time Warner doesn’t pick up another channel that takes motocross coverage seriously, then we will be changing providers to get MAVTV…..

  • Paul Trahan

    Are you guys crazy? Speed is one of a kind. 90% of my veiwing was on this channel! Who the hell is the hair brain that made this decision?

  • Dave Ordway

    I used to turn to speed and pretty much leave it
    there until you asses f*!%ed it up! I watch it maybe an hour a week. The
    thing you pinheads don’t understand is motor sports and stick and ball people
    should never meet. The big difference is unlike stick and ball is motor spots is
    not referred to as playing…you don’t play racing. I am still pissed espn took
    nhra. This is another case of something works lets fix it. To me stick and ball
    s#*$ is grown men playing kiddy games in plastic helmets. Hopefully somebody
    see’s the void and starts another speed type channel so I can go back to
    watching tv. Dare you to reply!

    Good Luck with your new Format….

  • Kenneth Harris

    Those of us that watched the motor sports only had 1 channel (THE SPEED CHANNEL ). You can go to 20 other channels to watch Baseball , Football, Basketball and any other kind of sport there is. You took that away from us ONLY to add another everyday run of the mill sports channel. Why would you think you can stand out above the rest and boost your ratings showing the same thing that all the other sports channels show. As far as Fox Sports goes…your channel SUCKS.

  • pat bowers

    Where is moto gp now, wind tunnel and my favorite Calvin Fish?

  • wreckedcobaltss .

    To whom the persons are, that decided to remove the speed channel for another channel full of lame ass “ball sports”…… You have taken away the one channel we gear heads had where we were not annoyed by football, basketball, baseball, soccer… etc.. etc. I am so sick of having fifteen different (espn) channels for sports. to those persons. i wish you all a slow painfull death from AIDS. Not even kidding. fuck you all in your mouths. and fuck your mothers as well. Eat shit and like it.

  • sports

    It is the great post. thanks .

  • Tom

    Removing all the auto shows was a mistake. There is a large audience that enjoys the auto shows, not just NASCAR. Not sure your marketing team was correct on replacing speed channel.

  • Hunter

    Where is our Raceday and Victory Lane shows. We want John Roberts back!! Fox screwed up and don’t even know it!!!

  • Pissed off in Centreville, Md

    Complaint sent

  • Pat Flynn

    Fox sports 1 sucks. Bring back Speed channel

  • Extremedriver

    If I had the capitol today I would buy the rights to SPEED Channel and rebirth it good as new. SPEED Chanel should never have been bought out by Fox. Bad business move. Sorry Fox, but you slowly ran it into the ground. Now it’s time to bring SPEED Channel back to life. Only problem is I don’t have the capitol to do it myself or I would.

  • Extremedriver

    I know this is not FOX that I am complaining to, but just wanted to voice my opinion on here anyway.

  • Frostyknight

    lols good going fox you just saved me money i know longer need cable

  • Kevin Duby

    Hey Dickhead this Fox 1 suck bring SPEED CHANNL BACK

  • Smokefan

    Where is SPEED…..why haven’t you FIXED this epic FAIL yet!!! Please bring back this programming….listening ??

  • joe wood

    so sick of jock minded society bring back the only channel we had i think its funny that you think everyone like ball sports and some guy that is good at basket ball get paid so much more than firemen or teachers its whats wrong with the world

  • mavtv

    Gearz, Chop Cut Rebuild and all grassroots racing is on MAVTV. DirecTV channel 214, Dish Network channel 248 and on many cable providers nationwide, go to http://www.mavtv.com . Chili Bowl Nationals LIVE this Saturday night, only on MAVTV

  • mavtv

    Don;t get MAD, get MAV!! Gearz, Chop Cut Rebuild and all grassroots racing is on MAVTV. DirecTV channel 214, Dish Network channel 248 and on many cable providers nationwide, go to http://www.mavtv.com . Chili Bowl Nationals LIVE this Saturday night, only on MAVTV

  • mavtv

    Don’t get MAD, get MAV!! Gearz, Chop Cut Rebuild and all grassroots racing is on MAVTV. DirecTV channel 214, Dish Network channel 248 and on many cable providers nationwide, go to http://www.mavtv.com . Chili Bowl Nationals LIVE this Saturday night, only on MAVTV



  • Mike M

    The Speed Channel has been going downhill for years. It pretty much to me had been taken over by reality shows. Some are okay but the majority of programming needs to be RACING…..Hello Speed Channel. I know a lot of past viewer stopped watching due to the lack of real racing programs. But, of course with Fox buying it and pushing NASCAR more than any other racing will hurt. I want the old programming….so I have started watching MAVTV….but they don’t carry motorsports all the time…but at least a lot more.

  • Martin

    The show PASS TIME was good entertainment for us gearheads. So what do we get? More football and basketball crap. You people are morons; you must be friends of the current government.

  • superego

    please, dear god, spare me from the same promos at least 10,000 time. get a sponsor or leave it blank with elevator music

  • Skepticalreason

    Check out a book called, Dream Machines. It has the Speed Channel’s Jimmy Shine in it as well as Jay Leno’s Garage. Good book about the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. Pissed about the demise of Speed, but like this book.

  • William Williams

    The only sport I watch is Nascar, all other sports are a waste of my time. Boo on the decision to kill the speed channel, it had just gotten really awesome the last few years, and the pull the plug? You guys Flat Out Suck!

  • PW

    I liked the speed channel… That was the channel my TV in my Garage was set to — and it never changed, until recently.

    I don’t get into ball sports… I was heavily involved in racing as a young man at Lake Hill Speedway, with Stan Rideout, Kenny Shrader, Rusty Wallace. (Yea, I’m old now!)

    I love cars, and I love shows about them.

    I will miss not having the Speed Channel.

  • Ron

    Adam, why don’t you take a hike and go vote for a third term of Omama Man.

  • Adam

    I find it curious that you automatically assumed that someone who makes jokes about others’ lack of teeth and literacy must have voted for the current sitting president.

    Does the opposite then hold true as well? Are all illiterate fuckball loving rednecks card-carrying members of the GOP?

    (But I DO love a good hike, don’t you? So invigorating!)

  • mike

    Went to watch Speed Channel to get caught on all the racing news and guess what it was gone . Even up here in Canada we watch a lot of speed channel , i phoned my cable company they said its no longer available in Canada .What the hell i just want to no why and what the reason is ?????

  • cadillac

    Not impressed with the lineup on this station. I rather enjoyed seeing Stacy Davids, Truck U, and Chop Cut Rebuild. I could not care less about the other nascar programming or even Pass time. However now there is nothing on the channel worth turning to. At the very least they could have considered giving a decent station to Automotive restoration shows. Seems when they get a good thing someone with no brains gets rid of something worth watching. Bring back something worth watching. To be honest I hate sports which makes speed channel not even worth watching anymore.

  • amused

    Adam is simply jerking your chain. He probably did vote for Obama however. That was a good one, Ron. Let them think what they want. It’s so easy to get the mental advantage over one who stereotypes. Thanks to all the redneck reality shows the South should have an advantage expanding way into the future, and if we’re lucky, it will discouraged so many Yankees from relocating to the South as they have done in the past. Plus, our redneck friends are laughing all the way to the bank, along with Jersey Shore.



  • Anonymous

    What the Fuck! They got rid of the SpeedChannel!!! Where the hell am I supposed to what 24 hours Lemans,Moto GP, and GT2 racing? Damnit! Damnit all to hell! I hate this world I hate it!

  • Bobzilla

    One of the biggest mistakes ever, Fox Sports vs Speed Channel, REALLY, ONE OF THE GEASTEST MISTAKES OF ALL TIMES!!!!!!

  • pinpointer

    I just found out those greedy dumbasses killed Speed for no other reason other than being greedy and killing ALL the shows and firing the staff

  • chevy

    I haven’t had any free time the pastI few months so I just realized the speed channel is gone. There are dozens of sports stations including cricket – even though I played, I don’t have the patience to watch – no need for another. I’ve been a car enthusiast all my life. Speed TV had several programs featuring classic cars and on repair or rebuilding projects. I’ll definitely feel the loss of those programs now that I have time to watch.

    Out of all the types of racing, NASCAR is the 1that is mostly boring to watch, even when sitting trackside, so it being on the Fox replacement channel is another reason to avoid it.

  • chevy

    I’m surprised people would think anyone other than Fox was responsible.

    Anway, those ‘ball’ sports are more fun to play than watch. And they are ubiquitous. Can’t even ignore them as they often pre-empt regular programming. Plus Comcast has often stated that sports channels are the reason that rates are so high. Great, my bill is over $200 per month and a good portion of the channels are sports which I don’t want.

    Of course non ball sports viewers are going to be resentful.

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