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The U.S. Women’s Soccer Celebration T-Shirts Irked Some People

The United States women’s soccer gold team’s medal path was paved with controversy. From Hope Solo’s off-color commentary on color commentary to the call that was (or wasn’t), the gold medal journey wasn’t without its fair share of headlines.

Even after beating Japan in the Olympic final, the U.S. women were stirring the pot. Specifically, Canadian soccer writer Jerrad Peters of The Score took offense with shirts that some of the United States players wore on the field shortly after winning the gold:

The shirts, which read “Greatness Has Been Found, United We Stand,” were Nike’s newest creation, special-made for the U.S. team. Whether or not the shirts would have been revealed had the United States lost is unknown, but Nike really doesn’t care – as Off the Bench points out, the shirts can be purchased here for $29.95, so Nike’s good to go.

h/t Off the Bench

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t really matter if they hate Americans or our athletes, Jerrad Peters. They will never figure out that jealousy is not a good thing and that’s not our fault.

  • Anonymous

    Hate all they want. USA still brought home the gold!

  • Randy

    What, the USA women’s football team acting self-righteous, myopic and narcissistic?  In other words, exactly what we’d expect from them.

  • CPV

    It was rude, arrogant, and tacky.  For some reason I don’t have the same feeling as when Bolt celebrates, as there is an art. Yes he spouts off some arrogant statements, and I roll my eyes – but he doesn’t offend his competitors. 

    Hope Solo is certainly famous for her arrogant comments in her past, and most recently that one win ‘was one of the greatest in the history of sport’.  This act is certainly in the same vein.

    Confidence is necessary.  But winning graciously is losing out to narcissism, as if the loser didn’t work their butts off.  You celebrate by acting as if you have been there before.  Fame is fleeting, and winners are etched in stone.  But the ones you remember are those who left their mark as considerate beings.  Look to Johnny Unitas for the penultimate example.

    Just because you beat your competition doesn’t mean you are great.  It just means it was your time and that your hard work paid off.  It doesn’t mean that you are elevated to ‘God’ status.  Embarrassing.

  • http://ampmsecuritytx-houstonlocksmith.com/ Shakira

    shirts that some of the United States players wore on the field shortly after winning the gold:

  • Randy

    Absolutely brilliant and bang-on correct analysis.  Thank you for articulating the reality that is the sad, pathetic and small-minded attitude of the USA women’s football team.

  • http://www.hamiltonjunkremoval.info/ Ligiaan

    shirts that some of the United States players wore on the field shortly after winning the gold: 

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlgt1 Carl Christensen

    I am also disappointed to see, in another sport, US athletes (women’s volleyball) complaining about the behavior of Brazil team after winning the gold (loud cheering and somersaults).  That was certainly not as bad as these Nike shirts (but perhaps the women were under contract or given a million each to don these shirts after the game)

  • Mike

    I agree, it went too far. I just finished reading Hope’s book and she talked about 2007 and how much Brazil was celebrating after the 2007 semi-final and how they were “rubbing it in….” then she and this team turns around and do this, like only the winner is great…..it disgusted me.

  • Daniel

    The shirt is awesome, as was the team.


    Don’t blame the USWNT for these shirts, blame Nike. They are part of Nike’s recent campaign that features cocky, arrogant phrases such as “Get High,” “Gold Digging,” “Don’t Sweat My Swag” and more. Most of these shirts with arrogant slogans are being sold as basketball shirts so if you want to blame anyone, blame the cocky NBA stars that Nike seems to be tailoring this campaign to.

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