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Here’s A Fun Map Of The World Based On Sport Popularity By Region

Like maps of the world? Like sports? Like seeing which sports are popu ar in which regions? Sure you do, so here you go!

Not surprisingly, the world goes apeshit for soccer, except for those puck-happy Canadians and us Americans. In America specifically, American football reigns supreme, except for those pockets of baseball (Yankees and Red Sox, can’t argue with that) and basketball (is there a sport Los Angelenos care less about than football?).

Not surprising are the pockets of skiing in the Alps, basketball in the Baltic states, cricket in India, baseball in Japan, and table tennis in China.

But what’s the deal with baseball in Mongolia? In related news, “Genghis At The Bat” reads much more entertainingly than Casey ever did.

Editor’s note: As pointed out by some of our readers, Mongolia’s favorite sport is wrestling, not baseball. Our apologies for the yellow discrepancy, but not for putting the image in your head of Genghis Khan playing baseball. We are not sorry for that. Cheers!

[via Reddit]

  • bob

    Editor: I believe that it is WRESTLING that takes the cake in Mongolia

  • bob

    shades of saffron

  • Einar

    Minnesota should be blue – like Canada for hockey

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.kolka Ryan Kolka

    That would be wrestling in Mongolia…

  • sean

    indiana is american football? really?? BASKETBALL!

  • sighz

    Nevada Baseball? ummm ok… even with no MLB team

  • Anonymous

    Cool map. Pretty predictable though.

  • Andrew

    Australia would be Aussie rules football or rugby league depending of what state you are in, not cricket

  • Andrew

    And south africa would be rugby

  • Steve

    Australian Football and Rugby are huge here in Aus. Cricket isn’t THAT popular

  • Anonymous

    Only among whites.

  • Anonymous

    UNLV and HS; also, the Dodgers.

  • Anonymous

    Not as easy a choice as one might imagine. Sure, HS hoops is socially significant in Indiana to an unparalleled extent in white America, but Indiana hoops sure seems to be taking a backseat to the Colts.

  • Anonymous


  • James

    I was hoping we’d get our own colour :(

  • Anonymous

    Color me doubtful that association football is the most popular sport in Switzerland. They’ve got a very fragmented sporting landscape, particularly on the spectating side of things. Strictly confining it to participatory sports, I should think that the answer would be skiing.

  • Tony

    so New York is baseball because of the Yankees (and mets if anybody cheers for them), 3 Hockey teams, 2 Basketball teams, and technically 3 Football teams…

  • Anonymous

    What nonsense. Basketball most popular in Arizona? Huh, that’s news to this Arizonan. Here it’s all football all the time.

  • Steve

    they fucking love football in greenland!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LegendaryMiguel Miguel Verguet-Moniz

    You forgot Judo in Japan

  • Kealan

    Representing Gaelic football like we should!

  • Anonymous

    Why is Indiana’s sport not Basketball

  • shoosehill

    Bryce Harper is from Vegas.

  • Rhys

    The Welsh national sport is rugby, or in Welsh, rygbi. Other than Swansea City, they couldn’t care less about football.

  • Robert

    Because people here love the Colts, and the Pacers, despite being an elite team, are near the bottom of the NBA in league attendance.

  • Robert

    Plus, the Hoosiers haven’t brought us a title in 2 decades.

  • Thiago Simões

    Brazil sure loves association football, but volleyball is HUGE around here. And Judo too. We’re only behind Japan when it comes to Judo. Handball has been played in elementary and high school for ages, but now that the girls are World Champions, it’s the most talked about sport in the country. Basketball, swimming and artistic gymnastics are quite popular too.

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