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Houston Rockets Suspend Royce White, White Takes It To Twitter

Welcome to the latest episode of the NBA’s worst drama, Royce White Collar. In today’s episode, the Houston Rockets suspend White for breach of contract and Royce goes on Twitter and acts a fool. I think this show has run of out of ideas.

The official reason the Rockets have given for White’s suspension is for “refusing to provide services” required by his contract, which is putting it lightly considering White hasn’t been with the team for over a month and a half, has refused to go to practices or games, and most recently refused an assignment to the D-League.

And as has continued to be the case in this ongoing saga, rather than handle the situation privately, or have an official PR representative or even his agent speak on his behalf, Royce White has again taken to Twitter to share his half-baked understanding of the situation and his side of the story with a public becoming increasingly impatient with his actions.

Take a look at his run of tweets this afternoon, all screengrabbed in case he decides to delete anything:

Nothing we haven’t heard already from White, who has made a weird point of repeating himself ad infinitum without offering any sort of resolution beyond “let’s let medical professionals make the decisions,” forgetting that the NBA is a business and not a nonprofit daycare.

While White does have a point and that there does need to be a serious discussion about the handling of the mentally ill in this country, he completely destroys his own integrity in the discussion when you consider that his outspokenness has only taken place after he signed a contract with the Houston Rockets to play basketball.

Where was all of this when he was in college? Before the draft? Oh right, he didn’t speak up then because it would have hurt his draft position and cost him a shot at making millions of dollars. No, he didn’t speak up until he signed a contract with the Rockets, and then only after the Rockets decided he needed more time to develop and wouldn’t get the playing time he’s received at every other level of competition.

In my opinion, if this actually is about rights for the mentally ill, then White would not be sitting back and collecting checks from the Rockets for doing nothing. He would be organizing a campaign to have a serious discussion with the people who can actually make a change, be it on an NBA-specific level with NBAPA and NBA officials, or on a larger scale with the U.S. government.

Instead, White seems content to chill out, watch movies, and tweet #BeWell to his haters, all while collecting a check from the Houston Rockets for doing nothing.

To be clear, I agree in principle with White’s stand and sympathize with his plight. But he could not be going about proving his point in a worse way. And ultimately, I think we are only moving closer to the day when he simply is out of the NBA and out of sight and mind, but not before setting his own movement back decades with his behavior.


  • http://www.facebook.com/clark.summers.104 Clark Summers

    A few things. If he doesn’t want to fly the Rockets should allow him to ride a bus, on his own dime, and he will be fined for every practice, team function, and game he misses due to not being there on time.

    Also, if he doesn’t want to play right now, there should be a way that the rockets not only do not have to pay his salary, but they don’t have to cover his health insurance either. When he is ready to join the NBA again, he can get his money and benefits. Until then, he should get nothing from the team or league.

  • Anonymous

    “To be clear, I agree in principle with White’s stand and sympathize with
    his plight. But he could not be going about proving his point in a
    worse way.”

    Totally disagree with you here Joe. His Tweets are properly positioned, written well for an NBA player and if you really want to take any big corporation to task, using social media is the most perfect way to do it barring a lawsuit.

    The future for the Rockets in having a chance to deal with any player suffering from his issue or any other medical is over. Who would want to work for an organization that got his ass kicked over and over again about any topic? It can destroy the image and foundation of any business. Quick and easy.

    He has nothing to lose…but….

    “I think we are only moving closer to the day when he simply is out of
    the NBA and out of sight and mind, but not before setting his own
    movement back decades with his behavior.”

    You may be on point about that statement but seems they said the same about Metta World Peace and he’s still around. If this guy has any skills, well this is the NBA and every team is looking for someone with skills even it he’s a lunatic like Metta World Peace and Metta World Peace is a lunatic.

  • Ben Tyson

    Well written article, totally agree w/you Joe. A few weeks ago someone on twitter wrote “Royce White’s biggest problem is that he suffers from a Humility Disorder.”

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree with you. He has to hold up his end of the deal to keep earning a check/benefits. That means AT LEAST going to practice.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you to an extent, but White’s complaints on Twitter won’t mean anything if everyone agrees he’s in the wrong, which I think is the case. There is an intelligent way to shed light on a company’s lousy practices, and then there’s Tweeting vague things on Twitter and being condescending to anyone/everyone who disagrees with you.

    The difference between White and guys like Artest/World Peace and Delonte West is that MWP and West understand the NBA is a business and they aren’t owed anything. Though they struggle with their own issues, they do what they can to manage them while still fulfilling their obligations to their teams. White isn’t doing anything other than playing the victim, which might have worked for him in the past, but he’s a grown-up now. Time to start acting like one.

  • Anonymous

    My agreement to an extent with your comments.

    Here’s what I see as the difference in what you term an “intelligent way” to beat up a company that does wrong. Ten years ago, before Twitter, before Facebook, before the digital world began creating such outlets where every Manny, Moe and Jack with a keyboard could make such comments, there really was no meaningful way to protest to the masses. Today we all have the ability to make waves which is part is a great thing but some of us in the digital world tend to take it a bit too far.

    Maybe this kid did. Maybe.

    With that in mind, being told you are wrong by “everyone” seems to be a blanket statement. How many in our society have been told they are wrong by “everyone” yet still live to fight the fight every day?

    Yet influence change. In some way, being termed wrong by everyone can bring change.

    Sometimes standing your ground in the face of defeat is not such a bad thing. Especially when you look at how the NBA treats it players and some employees. Ask any retired NBA player. Ask them if the NBA Cares. I think you will be surprised at the answer.

    Also let’s not judge his strategy with immaturity Joe. I think that might be how things were way back when but today to take to Twitter or any social media outlet to speak your mind in today’s digital new world order is the way of the world. Plus how many professional athletes sign agreements then want to re-negotiate, hold-out for more money, ask to be traded?

    Happens all the time.

    Remember how the media focuses on social media as well. Everyone takes to Twitter to make comments about any issue. The daughter of the Secretary of State gave an update on her mother using this new digital landscape. Every for of media picked up on that Tweet. That brings a lot of credibility. A lot.

    Quite frankly if anyone says comments made on any social media is 100% intelligent would be dead wrong. Just as I believe there are at least a few people, a few formerly members of an NBA roster, who just might agree with this kid’s strategy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. Twitter is definitely a legitimate medium of communication/news/etc. I mean that White’s specific use of Twitter is not helping his situation. It would be one thing if he was using Twitter to explain his side a little better. But all he’s doing instead is tweeting out how the Rockets aren’t being “logical,” retweeting haters, and giving props to his #AnxietyTroopers. He may as well be playing Twitter games. I wonder if he’s on #TeamFollowBack.

    I don’t disagree with Royce White’s goal in this fight at all. But he’s going about it the wrong way. Frankly, he’s not smart enough to handle this on his own, and that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. I think that if he sat down with someone capable of composing a coherent thought with proper grammar, and knew that you have to acknowledge the other side of an argument in order to legitimize your side, he might be getting taken seriously right now. Instead, he’s flying by the seat of his pants and doing himself more harm than good.

  • Anonymous

    Well now Joe you’re sliding me to your side…at least for now. I agree with your statement of all statements in that it would be probably a smart thing to have someone with PR and/or communications experience help him craft his message more coherently. I surely cannot disagree with the need for most in his environment to have someone around him to guide him in the right direction. Is he smart enough? Maybe not for this battle.

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