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Surfing During Hurricane Sandy Is Frowned Upon By Your Local Newscasters

Ernie Anastos and Rosanna Scotto were in the middle of a report on Hurricane Sandy’s looming arrival in New York’s tri-state area when, suddenly, they noticed that someone could be seen surfing off the coast of Long Island. Because our Fox 5 anchors don’t understand the concept of being extreme and/or awesome, they gave Mr. Hurricane Surfing Bro a stern tsk-tsking. Way to kill the mood, guys.

But seriously, don’t surf during the Hurricane.

[h/t TJ]

  • WVMtns

    “Take risks not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping.”

    While all the sad-sacks and worry-worts sit at home scared, the people living life will be skiing the blizzard, kayaking the flooded rivers, and riding the waves!

  • reality

    stay at home and inside where its safe so you don’t have to interact or connect with other people and big bad scary nature…fear is the mind killer…break out and live

  • corri anderson

    If people choose to risk their lives surfing in a hurricane, let them. Just don’t send first responders in after them Problem solved.

  • Bob ilikemen Orielly

    More garbage coming from fox news. Maybe they’ll do a story chastising skiers and snowboarders for hitting the mountain during a snow storm. Although, if Romney wins the election this problem will be solved. No “first responders” will be in harms way bc there won’t be any left after the budget cuts ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emily-Goodall/100002858515866 Emily Goodall

    Gotta get it when you can!! Especially on Long Island! Typical Fox response.

  • Viajero

    I’m an avid surfer who lives in San Francisco. These waves don’t look particularly big compared with the ground-swells which we get out here from November – February that originate from monster storms out of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska (15′ – 20′ waves are not uncommon). In the clip, surface conditions are smooth and the surfer looks calm, relaxed and experienced. I think the locals here would laugh if Fox News reporters who had little or no knowledge of surfing and wave action were to show up and attempt to “tsk tsk” surfers out of the water under similar conditions at Mavericks, Ocean Beach, or Ghost-Trees. Stick to what you know, Fox News. This piece is garbage.

  • j

    What these newscasters don’t realize is that people surf waves FAR bigger than these around the world every day. No big deal. It’s not even that big. I surf that all winter long in California. Big deal. I

  • Me

    I tried watching the video, but because of all the RIDICULOUS banner-tizements plastered all over the screen, I could not see the surfer very well… So I gave up.

  • doodle

    What a bunch of propagandizing worry wort reporters and the sheeple that listen to their tripe. That guy is in about as much trouble as I am in my bathtub. Unless old Jaws just sniffs him out. Hope he caught some good rides.

  • FLmanosteel

    Some people just don’t get it . . . stay at home peering through the shutters, shiverring in fear that a tree might topple onto the house, crying because the electricity might be out for a few days . . . or get out and enjoy the rare gift of some truly awesome surf . . . I’ll take the rush of body surfing on the rare gift of monster wave over the peed-my-pants terror that grips the timid majority anyday.

  • derr

    your camerman is putting first responders at risk too you contradictive a-holes

  • derr

    and this guy should get paid from the news for the use of their footage with him. copywrite doesnt apply to the news sometime somehow.

  • Anonymous

    if this was in the UK, the answer is very simple, they won’t help if it puts their lives at risk so no help for him

  • jerry

    He should go tell that guy to his face, see how that goes.

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