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Opening Ceremony Video: The Athletes Without A Country Had A Memorable Dance Routine (And The Most Fun)

Leave it to the athletes who didn’t have a country to be the ones who were the happiest to be there. The four athletes who came to the Olympics as “independent athletes” — athletes who couldn’t or wouldn’t compete for their native lands for a variety of personal and political reasons — had a pretty fantastic dance routine going on at the Opening Ceremony.

One such athlete is marathoner Guor Marial, a refugee from the Sudanese civil war who’s been living in the U.S. since 2001. He can’t compete for South Sudan (they have no Olympic team) and can’t compete for the U.S. (he has a green card and refugee status, but isn’t a full-on citizen). But you know what? He’s at the Olympics anyway.

And he’s really freakin’ happy about it.

Olympic joy, summed up in one video, here:

Video via CJ Fogler.

  • Anonymous

    He wasn’t there – he’s still training in Arizona. The dancers were from the former Netherlands Antilles which dissolved in 2010. 

  • 123

    Ah!! The girl is pretty hot

  • Sandee

    If you look closely they are dance/interpreting the various events at the games. I wish we could have followed them all around the stadium. They are the personification of what the Olympics are supposed to be.

  • Cal

    Who is the Blonde

  • Karinapriest

    that is my country CURACAO

  • http://diegueno.tumblr.com/ diegueno

    The Independent Athletes’ team is the one  thing that the @Olympics:twitter got right: it’s very pro-social and makes a real difference for a few athletes and the places they come from for a very short time.

  • Brua123

     The Netherlands Antilles was dissolved in October 10, 2010 and the country is now officially known as Curacao. So why are the 3 athletes from Curacao playing as Independents ?

  • musiq21


  • Blablabla

    They aren’t competing for Curacao because it doesn’t have an olympic committee i’m assuming

  • Coco

    Because the Olympic Rules changed, so Curacao couldn’t get it’s Olympic status. The athletes had the choice to either join Aruba or the Netherlands. For example Churandy Martina choose to compete for the Netherlands. These 3 athletes preferred to represent Curacao as an independent athlete

  • Coco

    The blonde is Philipine van Aanholt, a fantastic sailor! Looking forward how she will do in the laser

  • Anonymous

    they cant compete as Curacao because of that STUPID rule of the IOC , that says that only Independant countrys can compete, the IOC themselfs is not living the olympic spirit like this !!! MHO

  • Lennox Bridgewater

    ariba curacao go for it athletes we are proud of you

  • Suzzy_koko

    My people, from my “dushi” (lovely)Curaçao!!!!!

  • Ragcuracao

    Hopefully these young athletes of ours have put enough attention on our island of Curaçao, that did have a Olimpic chapter and participation (Heksinki 1952) before the Netherlands Antilles (1954) existed, that way we may recover our charter. If they do a statue should be erected for them!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LNEU62HSBLS4G2JXNHQZ2LC4I4 Harley

    I love it! I love how they’re doing a mockup of each of their event’s, too cool! What a great bunch of peeps, really great!

  • Nadine

    This is how we do it!!!! Ariba Curaçao

  • Thatdude

    yeah curacao!! always fun

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002303712205 Stephen Horton


  • Barbulete65

    Indeed! The dancers are all from our island of Curacao (remember the ABC-islands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao?) and during their first walk to fame they danced, representing their sports: track running (Liemar),, judo (Reginald) and sailing (Philipine)

  • palindrome82

    Yeah they are really live. Party starters for sure.

  • HB

    These guys are terrific.
    Even though Curaçao is not officially a member of the IOC yet,we are proud to have representatives in the Olympics. When they win, and they will, we know our flag and our Island will be in some way be shown to us all as natives of our dushi country.

  • Susanna Bonito

    I’m happy to see these comment. I Myself am from the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao to be exact, where those 3 athletes are from. We are very honored to see them make it that far. We hope them all the best in the olympics

  • Susanna Bonito

    Mine 2!!! whoohoooo.  I actually know Reginald. He teaches my sun judo. Very good athlete. 

  • Friendly_eve

    That is correct. From Curaçao to be exact and I really feel proud that they prefer to go as independent athletes than compete under the flag of The Netherlands instead of the flag of our beautiful nation.

  • Jah Sixbdu

    What sports are they taking part in?

  • Dezi1977

    I’m so proud of them.Biba Curaçao i hopi eksito

  • RahimAbraham

    That’s how we are in Curacao. 160.000 of them. Happy and Dancing all the time.

  • Evelyne Vivo

    It is also my beautiful country and  these 3 athletes make us so proud to call ourselves like we say in our native language Papiamentu, “Proud to be Yui di Korsou, or in English, “Proud to be from the country of Curaçao

  • Andre Chance

    God bless Curacao and our athletes

  • Sidneysoon080

    These 3 curacao athletes represented the spirit and the best of the Games, happiness, joy, laughter, entertainment, creativity, friendship etc etc  

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnrax.young Johnrax Young

    they were playing the sports they were gonna participate,.Athletics, Judo, and Sailing 
    really impressive

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