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Skip Bayless’ Soul May Have Been Crushed This Morning On ESPN First Take

As we told you earlier, a report emerged this week that ESPN shit stirrer Skip Bayless lied about his high school basketball career.

In an effort to make a point about trigger-happy NBA guard Russell Westbrook, Skip alluded to the fact that, in high school, he was a trigger-happy guard himself (he actually referred to himself as “Maravich,” as in “‘Pistol Pete’ Maravich,” one of the most iconic guards of all time). According to documents obtained by a blog called The Lost Ogle, though, he scored 21 points in 15 games during his senior season, which comes out to an average of 1.4 points a game… and means Skip Bayless is kind of full of shit.

The question was, then: would Skip’s Big Lie be brought up on TV? There are rumors that he secretly runs the show at First Take, the ESPN2 shouting match he appears on every day. The producers there reportedly love him, and if Skip doesn’t want to talk about something, he probably doesn’t have to. One would assume he wouldn’t want to talk about this.

Which is why the following clip, of Jalen Rose forcing Skip Bayless to talk about it, is so fantastic.

  • http://t1anddrebone.blogspot.com/ T1theinfamous


  • Jerry Piscitelli

    Water Pistol Pete Jr HAAHAHA

  • Will V.

    OK he lied about his skills.
    SO what, Jalen may have gotten him fired. This just shows that Jalen
    will do ANYTHING to advance HIS career. (I guess he could not of pulled
    him aside off camera??) I hope the people Jalen steps on on the way up
    remember him when they step on him on his way down.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.quattro Ryan Quattro

    Seriously? Bayless is a jerk who would not hesitate to harm other’s careers. He deserves whatever he gets.

  • Mike T

    Take him aside off camera Really? You must be new to SKIF he throws jabs at players all the time, he should have been punched in the Face by now. SKIF is the biggest joke on ESPN PERIOD

  • Williamfeehan


  • Anonymous

    For the record, I’d be SHOCKED if anything happens to Skip over this. ESPN probably loved it. Got people talking about First Take.

  • http://twitter.com/Ugo23 Ugo Okoro

    lol poor skip.

  • Guest

    Jalen: Did you play JV as a Junior?
    Skip: …. yeah…


  • UWDawgs

    In my opinion, the two worst, uneducated on-air personalities on ESPN are Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd. I’m totally fine with Jalen calling Skip out, and if you’re going to call out someone who just spews out so much garbage day-after-day, you do it on-air for everyone to watch. Now we just need someone to go after Cowherd!

  • http://www.remodeling-austin.com/ Corrie Carbone

    According to documents obtained by a blog called the lost ogle though, he scored 21 points in 15 games during his senior season, which comes out to an average of 1.4 points a game… and means Skip Bayless is kind of full of shit.

  • SkipBrainless

    LMFAO…Taste of your own medicine there Skippy? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…Karma is a BITCH

  • Popecalvinnn

    THANKS JALEN–Thats cuttin down to the white meat!!!!!  Skip now you know how it
    feels, know what I’m sayin……….

  • Anonymous

    Skip, “No Game, Trash Talking, I’m better and Smarter than Everbody Else” Bayless had this coming to his ASS!! I can’t stand this guy! He makes it a point not to just give opinion, but thrash everyone that his co-horts like especially AA players, YEAH, I said it. I am so glad Jalen shut his ass up!! Talking all that trash and averaged 1.4 pts a game, didn’t play in college, no NBA career. Why is he even up there period??!! THANK YOU JALEN, maybe now he will keep his mouth shut!!

  • Anonymous

    Jalen does realize his DUI conviction is now fair game. I’ surprised it didn’t come up. He opened up a bit of his closet he may not of wanted to open. 

  • Anonymous

    Skip and Jalen are entertainment. I don’t even follow sports. Skip is a jerk but this is fun to watch, his job at ESPN is very secure I imagine.

  • 21darryn


  • Bruzabone21

    so what he got a DUI??? really who cares, you know how many players get DUI’s and DWI’s?   Skip deserved everything he got from Jalen 

  • Anonymous

    No he got a DUI while giving off the persona as a high moral upstanding citizen to the students of the school that bears his name in Detroit. Mix in the name calling, which in most schools in America is a form of bullying. Jalen isn’t such a great example after all. I will say Skip has long had this coming. Just don’t think Jalen should of been the one to deliver it. 

  • sonfagun

     jalen is a racist! he hate white people and he hates upstanding people like Grant Hill!! he is a racist!!  Grant Hill will never forgive him!  lol

  • SnyListon

    Jalen is trying to better the sports casting world by being kinder and gentler; if u don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing!  Wow Kwame would have gotten paid a lot more for his skills if Jalen was the only 1  analyzing sports figures. Call ‘em like u see ‘em.  hahaha

  • Hillaryfaciane

    I like first take watch it every day. Steven a smith would never brought that up because he a yes man for ESPN who never played ball also. good one jalen

  • Lesliegray1949

    Good show Jalen. Gladyou bust skip the lip out  with his 1.4 point average a game. Skip and many others like him with their lofty views about  pro athletes and sports need to be busted for the phonies that they are. I figured skip the lip probably could not shot a rubberband across the room.
     Les Gray

  • Anonymous

    Stephen A would of never brought itup because he doesn’t follow sites like that. Jalen Rose on the other hand has to because he can’t do his own research.

  • http://www.trickysboutique.co.uk/ Carrol Aquino

    I will say Skip has long had this coming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ballandbiscuitx Matt Bailey

    Skip fired first, though. He was obviously about to call Jalen’s career into question.

  • Mrxbell

    Skip has been called out by Stephen A Smith numerous times for the inflammatory and VERY disrespectful things he’s said to the faces of Chris Carter, Terrell Suggs and fellow ESPN colleague, Chris Broussard. Jalen also mentioned people like Skip who plays favorites with certain athletes (Tebow, Favre), but have agendas against others (Lebron, Aaron Rodgers, Westbrook, Rose).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Schmit/742008168 Joe Schmit

    Why would Jalen want to?

  • jambojuiz

    Jalen Rose is nothing more than a hood in a suit. He’s got a constant chip on his shoulder to boot.

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