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Michelle Beadle And Linda Cohn Think You’re Gross If You Think Casey Anthony Is Hot

On a recent ESPN podcast, Sportsnation host Michelle Beadle had SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn on as a guest. Because they are media personalities, and because it’s a dead month for sports, and because they clearly had strong feelings about it, the two discussed the Casey Anthony verdict.

Spoiler alert: they were nonplussed.

Like most Americans, Beadle and Cohn were confused as to how the prosecution had royally messed up what appeared to be a slam dunk case. But what really disturbed Cohn is how a certain New York City radio host reported the verdict.

I need to share with you something I heard very disturbing on a New York sports radio station, that wasn’t ESPN, by one of the anchors or talk shows hosts who was actually talking about the verdict as it came down, and said, “I hate to admit this because this woman could be a murderer, but I find her very attractive.” It grossed me out so much.

The verdict came down around 2pm yesterday, meaning the offending party was either Joe Benigno or Evan Roberts, who were filling in for a vacationing Mike Francesa. This means two things. 1) Either Benigno or Roberts showed very poor taste on Tuesday afternoon (update: it was apparently Benigno), and 2) like most New Yorkers, Linda Cohn doesn’t listen to 1050 ESPN.


  • http://twitter.com/3rdStrike 3rdStrike

    Oh well, I guess I’m gross. Bite me.

    It doesn’t take away the fact that she got away with murder and should be locked up for life.

  • Anonymous

    How nice of her to share her opinion the beauty of it. Everyone has one doesn’t mean they have to agree with it.  Regardless if you find her hot or not I agree it doesn’t take away from the actions she may or may not of done if you consider her guilty or not. 

  • http://twitter.com/hehilljr Howard Hill

    Like all of us, and her Parents the Prosecutors were absolutely certain that Casey killed that child.  However they should have known the only legitimate charge they could make was “Obstruction of Justice” and they would have had a SLAM-DUNK!

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck says bite me?

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes with makeup she looks ok but overall she looks like an ugly ass, trailer trash bitch.

  • http://twitter.com/DigitalHowie DigitalHowie

    People who want a vampire to change them into vampires.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DXYCC2ULUKFKFZDMH7KPU5RAZQ steven

    Linda Cohn’s boyfriend is 20 years younger than her..but she’s perfect..wish she’d keep her goalie mask on permanently..her face is horriffic.

  • Ads

     Who the fuck says Who the fuck?

  • Anonymous

    That made sense.

  • Anonymous

    That made sense.

  • Bushjockey

    guilty or not all that aside id have to say casey anthony is deffinately doable id love to lick bang and suck on everyone of her holes

  • Nhsvideo

    I confess, there is something about her that get’s me going. Full lips, big eyes. I like the hair pulled back. I don’t think she looked as good during her sentencing. Remember, she’s been in prison for three years. Prison babe…hot.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LFXYPSPBGI72OV2OE5W2OOIXQU Mickey

    Radio host did say that she may be a murderer first and then expressed his opinion of her looks, thats all. You see the pics of her in the bars and she does look pretty good. You know who doesnt look good, even with all the makeup? That buck-toothed Linda Cohn and her annoying accent. Her voice goes through me like nails on the blackboard.

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