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Michelle Beadle Is Returning To ESPN

[Originally posted on 9/27/13]

“The Crossover” attempted to capture the magic of ESPN’s “SportsNation” with Colin Cowherd, which doomed it from the start. Michelle Beadle and co-host Dave Briggs had zero on-screen chemistry, the set looked dark and dumpy (compared to “SportsNation’s” upbeat look), and every segment seemed phony and poorly planned. To be honest, it just looked like NBC thought Beadle’s natural charisma, sports knowledge, congenial bedside manner with often-difficult athletes and good looks would carry the show through an out-dated sports talk show format.

Well, it couldn’t.

After sacking her co-host in May, the show was still basically an under-organized series of longwinded chit-chats about the news stories of the day, and forceful melding of sports and pop culture/entertainment. What did change after Brigg’s departure, was that one of the guys that sorta-kinda replaced him often awkwardly flirted with Beadle on-air like an old-school Ron Burgundy broadcast… and it’s clear Beadle wasn’t digging it. He even does it in the clip above. “What? You don’t like my voice?”

No, she doesn’t care about your voice. She does care about moving on, however, as these tweets very clearly illustrate.

Beadle left ESPN in May of 2012 for a rumored $750k at NBC, which included obligatory appearances on several other of the network’s programs. Expect to see her transition into a more prominent role on shows like “Access Hollywood,” until she can work out a more permanent role doing shit she actually wants to do…

…which apparently is leave NBC, and return to ESPN. One bridge is burnt, another rebuilt. C’est la vie!

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead says that Beadle sufficiently pissed off the higher ups at NBC Sports after going on the Sports Media podcast and speaking frankly about the promotional limitations a show on that network is faced with — and now “sources say the situation between [Beadle and NBC execs] is now untenable.” Personally, we think she made a good point when she said, “I’ve got more followers on Twitter than the network gets viewers,” though executive producer Sam Flood seemed to think she was crossing the line. Understandable on both counts. He pulled the plug on the show after she made the comments.

[The Big Lead]“I didn’t really get into having my own show to always be put on the backburner. It’s frustrating. It’s hard to get to some sort of regularity, the times change and we’re all over the place … [the show airs] every day except days when sailing, soccer and/or bike racing [are on].”

McIntyre reports they’ve had disagreements in the past over the direction of the show. Beadle favoring a younger, hipper direction, while Flood wanted to make the show look how did — which was dated and lame if you ask us. Now she’s on her way back to where it all started (not YES Network, after that).

[TBL]Rumors are swirling that as soon as her agent and NBC can come to an agreement, her days at NBC will be over and there’s a very good chance she’ll return to ESPN.

Less than a year and a half after leaving, she’ll be ESPN-bound once again, perhaps to fill-in at “SportsNation” after they lost Beadle replacement host, Charissa Thompson, to Fox Sports 1. Hey, to quote Beadle herself, “Here’s to do overs!”


As per Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch, everyone’s favorite sports anchor will officially be done with NBC Sports in March, when she will return to ESPN and ultimately host or co-host a New York-based show with another ESPN talent at some point,” though “there is a chance she could appear on SportsNation initially.” With all this down time, tons of fans, and even more talent, one would assume that Beadle will be back in action as soon as possible.

H/T The Big Lead

  • MuhammedAllah

    Love that twitter profile pic of her!

  • Anonymous

    “Beadle’s natural charisma, sports knowledge, congenial bedside manner with often difficult athletes, and good looks” . . .
    Sounds like the writer has a crush on her.
    Out here in TV land, however, I think most people just find her snarky, sarcastic, self-absorbed and not very nice. Small wonder there weren’t many people willing to watch her show.

  • guest

    She’s right, the show was all over the place. I loved the show but could never figure out what time it was on. I tried DVRing it as a series but wound up with sailing, soccer, racing and then fantasy football with that annoying Eric Kuselias on. That was a lot of deleting. Hope to see her on ESPN.

  • guest

    No actually, I don’t think most people would. She is funny and irreverant. It is refreshing to see a woman doing sports that does not come off as a bottle blonde Barbie airhead more worried about looks than substance (see Golf Channel).

  • vince

    Hope beads goes back to SN so that its watchable again. And shes so sexy i will watch anything that michelle is in.

  • lafonte M

    She’s snarky,sarcastic,self-absorbed because people and the networks let her do that! I see a lot of other woman on networks such as ESPN,Fox Sports 1 not doing what she does on a regular bases.I think because shes a blonde and sorts of attractive she gets away with a lot of stuff and she knows that.Everyday someone is telling her shes beautiful, sexy, etc. Eventually it will do to your head and that is what’s happening.Until ESPN and other networks executives stop thinking with their penis and start listening what shes saying then it wouldn’t be too many networks wanting her I PROMISE YOU!!

  • guest

    Spell and grammar check

  • Andrew

    She isn’t snarky. She has her opinions and sticks too them. Beadle os one of the few women that talk sports that I like because she does thinkfor herself rather than reading a telepromter or pre-written garbage. ESPN needs to get and Collin back on SN so it dorsn’t suck anymore.

  • Andrew

    Smartphone keyboard + fat fingers = awful spelling.

  • Andrew

    You forgot the period while you were correcting him…smooth.

  • Daniel Mills

    I never even new she had a show on NBC sports.. Who watches that station anyway??

  • Daniel Mills

    I would have watched if I Knew she had a show on that network. That’s very bad promoting and advertising. I just saw her on a commercial and was wondering what she’s doing now..

  • hubertdavisfor3

    There weren’t many people watching her show because it’s an unknown network that barely shows any viable sports. You may not like her, but she has 800,000+ twitter followers. She clearly has a large fan base. She actually knows her stuff when it comes to sports.

  • lafonte M

    I didn’t know this was a grammar test.

  • Anonymous

    And Dave Briggs seems to have disappeared. Is he still around anywhere?

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