NYC Will (Hopefully) Be Infested With Drunk Mike Francesa Impersonators On Super Bowl Eve

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Mike Francesa

From Next Impulse Sports comes an idea for an event so wonderful that we can’t believe we didn’t think of it first: A spin-off of the wildly popular SantaCon… FrancesaCon.

For the uninitiated, SantaCon is a day in which people dress up like Santa Claus, get really drunk and wander around New York City. It’s wonderful.

So, as you might imagine, FrancesaCon is a day in which people dress up like Mike Francesa, get really drunk (presumably on Rum and Diet Coke) and wander around New York City. It should be wonderful, if people participate.

It’s more difficult to dress up like Mike Francesa than like Santa Claus. But a bit of gel, a collared shirt, some glasses and a few Big Macs should do the trick. We may have to join in on the fun.

(It must be noted, as Next Impulse writes: “This is in NO WAY endorsed by Mike Francesa AT ALL.” Obviously.)

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