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Mike Lupica Won’t Get In Trouble Over Obama Column, Says ESPN

ESPN won’t take any disciplinary action against Mike Lupica after he wrote a column in Friday’s New York Daily News that was highly critical of President Obama. Lupica hosts an ESPN radio show in New York and is a longtime panelist on its Sports Reporters program.

“He has a long-standing, pre-existing body of work outside of the sports realm which pre-dates his work on radio for us,” said ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz. “We were aware of that before we hired him for a local sports radio show in New York and he doesn’t bring any of that content to our radio outlet.”

In his Daily News column, Lupica charged Obama with not doing “very much” to help the struggling economy, and with being overly concerned with financing his upcoming re-election campaign while the nation struggles.

He also wondered if Occupy Wall Street protesters, who have angrily inhabited Lower Manhattan since September 17th, would soon focus their attention on the President.

It’s why you wonder if there will come a day when the house that Occupy Wall Street is standing in front of isn’t Jamie Dimon’s on Park Ave., it is the White House.

In short, Lupica’s column was a very loud, very strong political opinion. And usually, ESPN doesn’t like its talent making its loud and/or strong political opinions known.

But the fact that this opinion wasn’t distributed through one of their outlets — and they knew that Lupica had a history of writing politically charged columns — apparently means that his leash is a bit longer.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WDWBOM3U3CUS6IDBRCUB3ITGAI theone6643

    Also he didn’t invoke the name of Hitler so that’s in his favor 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RUQLEMDL2QARA4T2RAIQXFK44A Rueben

    Lupica is losing it in his dotage. his wrath should be directed towards the real culprits ,Republican Obstructionists, Koch Brothers,Bankers, Wall Street Gangsters. All OBAMA can do is sign a LAW. The legislature makes law. Remember your CIVICS.

  • Anonymous

    Please seek help.

  • Anonymous

    So now even the mildest criticism of President Obama is considered controversial and grounds to be fired?
    Has there ever been a president as protected and coddled as Obama?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4BCUXO74HZGYU6QMJPEMESC4Q Margaret Denson

    When a person speaks ONLY the truth, why is he reprimanded?  Obummer still doesn’t know we have FREE SPEECH.  He has tried to kill that freedom, but as of now, I think we still have it. 

  • NC

    Dingbat, Bush, Jr. –  said “mission accomplished” about 10 years ago; made up the whole reason why thousands of our soldiers are dead and billions of dollars are being wasted, etc., etc., etc. – (was it – weapons of mass destruction, Saddam is linked to 9/11 or ‘operation freedom?  i can’t remember WHICH lie he eventually justified this insane war with?) – never mind the biggest joke of all – he stole the White House by using his brother’s state’s ridiculous voting issues……

    So, I don’t really believe that Obama is being protected more than Bush –if we didn’t have the non-effectual, trickle down economic theory and this insanely expensive war that Obama inherited – guess what?  our country WOULD be economically okay. 

    I do remember them spouting that nonsense as to the oil paying for the war — instead it went to Halliburton and Chevron.

  • NC

    Margaret, really?

    Did you miss the Patriot ACT?  Who exactly were the wiretapping, etc. aimed at?  AVERAGE citizens.

    Free speech still exists; however, WITH IT comes the responsibilty for your words.  Charles Manson didn’t kill a bunch of people himself’ but he TOLD people to do it.  In fact, Hitler didn’t kill a bunch of people himself; however, he was RESPONSIBLE for their deaths by telling people to do it. (I know that it wasn’t our country – but a good point for you to understand).

  • Sharp

    Really??  Hank Jr. didn’t release his comments through an ESPN outlet either!  This is a joke.  So who at ESPN decides who can talk bad about Obama and be fired, and who talks bad about Obama and stay?

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