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Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses For Playboy, Controversy Likely To Ensue

It wasn’t really news when Taylor Stone posed nude for Playboy…until it was discovered that her real name is Taylor Corley, and that she is a Mississippi State University cheerleader.

The Playboy photos first appeared in November, and so far, the school has yet discipline the freshman. Whether Mississippi State will hand down sanctions now that the photos are starting to receive more attention remains to be seen (we’re hoping they don’t).

As SportsByBrooks points out, disciplining Corley now might come back to hurt Mississippi State:

If MSU officials choose to affect Corley’s status with the cheer squad because of her foray into modeling, the school might be surprised at the negative blowback it could receive.

For now, Corley is still actively cheering, and she competed with her team at UCA College National Championships last month (SbB also points out that she’s still on the cheer team’s official roster).

So you’re familiar with what the hullabaloo is about, here are some (mostly-clothed) photos from “Taylor Stone’s” Playboy shoot (probably not the safest for W). Click here for the others (NSFW), which veer more towards the nakey side of things.


    You know who hates this mostly. UGLY WOMEN !

  • Anonymous

    Also people don’t like people who make UGLY COMMENTS!

  • Alexaptlc

    Taylor is hot. I am a 21 year old black man who loves black women but after seeing Taylor, I am changing my mind. I am glad I had some tissues around when I seen her picture

  • msbulldog96

    As a MSU grad let me tell you all that there are women everywhere of this calibur on that campus.

  • Anonymous

    msbulldog96, you don’t know what a good looking woman is , if you are talking about msu women.

  • Matthewensha smith

    good looking , sexy and cute woman . like your pictures .

  • Billro33

    Mississippi State? Damn, it’s a good thing Brett Favre isn’t still in school.

  • Keven Cocksner

    I would HIT IT!!!

  • http://gothicromance.net/ Fransway

    Will she be the next Republican senator?

  • http://twitter.com/SailRabbits Magister

    Way too many clicks to the NSFW gallery and though there is a decent collection of provocative clotheds along the way, when you get to the end of the (honey?) trail, you just get a Facebook gallery and a FB account is required.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right – we should have made it clearer in the post that clicking on these links wouldn’t have led to the endzone. But a few Google searches (may take a few minutes of trial and error) will do the trick.

  • Haggard

    I’m at MSU. I’m a guy. I hope she gets dropped from cheerleader squad. I dont want a representative of my university also representing a porno magazine. Here at MSState, we have values.

  • CDL

    Haha, Haggard. First, it’s just PlayBoy. Second, it sounds like you mean to say you have “____ values.” We all have values. It sounds like you have silly, unimportant values to me.

  • http://twitter.com/Michalstephan Michal


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZLQ5NRAFOD6IYWK3OBW55NZP4 Talulah C

    So? This shouldn’t affect her activities as a cheerleader. I’ve never understood why schools try to dictate how their athletes act in their private lives, as long as what they’re doing is legal.

  • user

    I am beating my dick seeing this woman

  • Allisonki

    “calibur”, LOL

  • Allisonki

    Favre went to Southern Miss, not MSU

  • Allisonki

    You just don’t like girls, LOL!

  • hottytoddy09876543

    The south has amazing women, period. I’ve been to many a campus, graduated from Ole Miss, and I still say Florida has the best co-eds. I don’t think that they let ugly or fat girls go there.

  • Manmeet

    They girate and shake their pompoms for the pleasure of men mastering all the moves that are needed in a career of pole dancing and somehow were shocked that one uses sex to move on up?

    These arent nuns. Theyre cheerleaders and unless youre a guy who has a daughter, every guy has thought about banging one. Probably more men want to bang one than a stripper.

    Its a sport…. so is turning on a pole.

  • Big Al

    I doubt that. I’ve SEEN them. This is a rarity.

  • Anonymous


  • MrObvious

    How did she have time to do all this when she’s supposed to be studying? I’m outraged.

  • Highwayman8403

    Hey Haggard, Playboy isnt porn kid, just women gettin naked not playin with theirselves. Guess ya havent seen a girl naked before!

  • Shazadster

    soul calibur!

  • Draggah

    I think you’re gay

  • Lee0136

     No, probably just sleep with some Dem Congressman

  • Anonymous

    She should have been up there in Georgetown with Fluke,  then Fluke wouldn’t have had to spend so much on birth control.

  • Mitchellr2001

     Haggard sounds like he likes the good looking college girls but has and still is getting
    reject by them. Or maybe he prefers the guys team. Yuk! Eww!

  • Dave

    How could anyone possibly object to photographs of a beautiful naked human being?

  • Anonymous

    Just another problem with your bass-ackwards state! What’s it like to be Alabama’s b-otch!?!

  • Steve Waugh

    as Connie replied I’m surprised that a stay at home mom can make $5363 in a few weeks on the computer. did you read this link ===>> starjob.blogspot.com

  • Marshsranthony

    without  all that makeup she’s a little  girl .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MPQCQTLFGQRWIDDN3653I64O4A Angelo

    She didn’t pose in anything that said Mississippi Sate on it, so they can’t anything about it. But that is one good looking lady.

  • Jrbull5344

    use what god gave you baby,just like the girl on the 6 oclock news you don’t have to smart just look hot.

  • Travis4446

    sad day for the program at cow college

  • Anonymous

     They actually conducted a poll in the early 2000s. The results of that poll were pretty unanimous — Ole Miss boasted the best-lookin’ girls of any college campus…The consensus, more generally, has been that the best-lookin’ females hail from Mississippi…IMHO, Faith Hill is testament to this generalization. (I.e., I know of now female who’d be striking even w/o hair…It’s funny — every time I think about the song “Strut” by Sheena E, I automatically imagine Faith, cf. Lyrics (“Nations go to war over women like you; it’s just a form of appreciation…”)
    That “Mississippi [g]irl” is simply drop-dead gorgeous…So is this girl — very attractive…I bet she’s got a brain to boot.

  • Anonymous

    The only way I know about that poll was because I, too, went to U of M the last academic year Eli Manning was there; and I vaguely remember a couple of freshmen alluding to the indubitable accolade.

  • Darren_whittier

    playboy is not porno..are u crazy?????

  • Leroy

    I use to bang someone who looked just like her, back in 97/98 she worked for British airways, Hi Ms Vanbeck, you were cute and bad

  • Cubanlink1970

    U kidding, who cares what shes doing, it doesnt change who she is… Get a life

  • Cubanlink 1970

    Haggard you should buy the issue and posted all over ur wall, thats the closest u’ll even be to a woman. 

  • rockybalboa

    jajaja Draggah. best comment ever!!!

  • Scott Buttrey

    Is she’s over 18, that’s HER choice! What the hell is the big deal?!?! WTF ever! #HAILSTATE -Scott-

  • Scott Buttrey

    Playboy is not pornography. It’s actually classified as “art.” And I AGREE!!!! LOL :D – If by values, you mean you are religious…. REMEMBER… THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE!!!

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