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2012 Summer OlympicsMedia Monster

NBC Doesn’t Want To Show You Important Olympic Events Live Because You’re A Simpleton

NBC has already committed some major Olympic coverage gaffes, including refusing to broadcast the opening ceremonies live. While that was mildly frustrating, there were no breaking news events that a tape delay could ruin. That all changed yesterday, when Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte were set to face off in the 400m IM final. Although every event is streaming live on nbcolympics.com, watching on TV is just better. So when 2:30pm rolled around, everyone was ready for the drama to unfold. But no! We got a Dan Patrick interview with a synchronized swimming coach, or something.

That’s right: after months of fellating Michael Phelps and his all-time gold medal quest, NBC thought better of broadcasting the race live. They even skipped a tribute to terrorist victims during the opening ceremonies in favor of Ryan Seacrest throwing softball questions at Phelps, so you’d think any Phelps race would be high on the Olympic broadcasting ladder. Instead, they tape delayed the event, because nobody has Twitter, Facebook or smart phones and won’t find out the results in the 5-hour interim.

One Reddit user summed it up quite well:

“Dear NBC, Fuck you for putting a worldwide sporting event on a tape delay and making me stay offline in order to avoid spoilers. Fuck you very much.

Signed, America.”

From the onset of the Olympics, NBC has been on the defensive, and finally issued this statement concerning tape delays:

“‘We are live streaming every sporting event, all 32 sports and 302 medals,’ an NBC spokesman wrote in an email to Show Tracker. ‘It was never our intent to live stream the Opening Ceremony or Closing Ceremony. They are complex entertainment spectacles that do not translate well online because they require context, which our award-winning production team will provide for the large prime-time audiences that gather together to watch them.’”

Ah yes, too complex. Context. America, you are idiots. Without award-winning production teams, SWIMMING HAS NO MEANING. Still, though, this doesn’t address tape delaying Michael Phelps, or other big events. But seriously, if you really want to stay away from spoilers, don’t follow NBC Olympics on Twitter because NBC is tweeting about events not available on NBC because NBC thinks you just can’t handle unfiltered sports coverage.

Well, a giant “fuck you” to you too.

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  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/535519-nick-p nick price

     I downloaded a VPN so I could watch online BBC coverage. great quality live events   no Seacrest 

  • Mattb

    The cycling road race coverage SUCKS!  Why won’t they cut the audio on the aerial shots?!  ALL you can hear are the engines roaring instead of the race call.  Idiots!!

  • IP

    and the live streaming is only available to those who already subscribe to cable. So poor Americans like me who only have broadcast TV don’t get to watch the Olympics (which are supposed to promote goodwill amongst all levels of society…)

    Go to hell, NBC.

  • Msferengi

    The online the coverage is so vastly superior to what NBC shows on television I am going to watch it all online.  No filler crap and intelligent commentary.  A breath of fresh air after years of NBC entertainment coverage.   Not a clueless non athlete babbling about a sport the just took a crash course in in the bunch.  Just pure broadcasting of world class athletic events from start to finish, not just who NBC wants to show.

  • Msferengi

     You don’t have to have cable to watch online, many, though not all events are on youtube via the International feed the IOC provides world wide.  I watched two events from start to finish yesterday–and no commercials, just an ad feed across the top that was very unobtrusive.

  • Francesca M

    Everytime I try to use the ioc youtube they say I’m in the wrong country and keep pointing me to the nbc bs.

  • Ice4_spice

    NBC…where’s the patriotism? Not everyone can afford cable!!! I rely on my smartphone and put all extra money I have into it just to keep up with the “Jones.” I’m not asking for all network shows to be free, but it’s the Olympics!!! We all want to support our fellow Americans. This is uplifting! We need this now. Ironically I can watch news and war clips on your site, but when it comes to giving us pleasure through hope..YOU, CORPORATE MONEY GREEDY NBC, HAVE FAILED US LOYAL AMERICANS!!!

  • Navy Seal

    This is Crap NBC suck the games should be free….Serve America both Fronts 

    US Navy Seal

  • Romyyybeach305


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZROKJSTGSCMQEFFCGFDDTJUZJU Renni

    NBC you disgust me. You do not give a SHIT about the fellow American who wants to watch these games LIVE.

    Olympic gymnastic qualifying with a hotly close competition between Jordyn and Gabby, and now we know Aly too (haven’t seen it yet, but I know it) and I could NOT watch it LIVE because Olympic LIVE stream says my cable doesn’t get those channels. Well, here is another big FUCK YOU because I DO get those channels and I would have been watching BUT no live stream for Media Com in Northern California…Oh, and nothing can be found online, via you tube or anywhere else because you have copyrights to the broadcast….SO again, I can watch it tonight in prime time along with several other f’ing sports I don’t care about. I wanted to see the WHOLE THING LIVE.

    You SUCK.

  • Anonymous

    For anyone in the US that is sick of everything NBC is doing, you can watch the BBC coverage online with a few hacks.
    Option 1: TunnelBear – This program is easy to set up (just install, switch it to UK and run) and then all you have to do is go to BBC’s Olympics website where you can watch everything live and recorded. However, the free version only allows 500 mb of streaming per month, so you’ll likely need the $4.99 pro version for a month.Option 2: Expat Shield – This is free with no limit, but it displays ads in a bar at the top of some pages (which you can close) and is it little more awkward to turn on and off.

    With one of these methods and BBC’s iPlayer you’ll be able to watch all of the Olympics live without a cable account and without the annoying NBC commentary.
    It’s also great to watch BBC shows that don’t come to the US until months later.

  • Aaron H.

    “They [the opening and closing ceremonies] are complex entertainment spectacles that do not translate well online because they require context, which our award-winning production team will provide for the large prime-time audiences that gather together to watch them.”  Watching the opening ceremonies was like sitting in a movie theater and having some idiot talking on his phone giving commentary to his friend through the whole movie.  Worse, Merideth Vierra is so woefully inept at History, she should be relegated to hosting ‘reality’ shows for the rest of her career.  Matt Lauer was almost as intolerable.  Since when do we need “context” for an entertainment extravaganza?  NBC can suck it!

  • condi

    me too want to watch the vent LIVE like we the Soccer World Cup…

  • Condi

    I agreed with this ALL THE WAY.. I also hate the creppy commentaries during the events.. I mute it but I like to hear the background noise and music.. We are cooked with the NBC crappy broacast.

  • Waynehardy66

    Have to say that this is typical american broadcasting tbh, american broadcasters have traditionally only show the sports events where an american competitor has a chance of gold!
    that being said, the decision not to show phelps’ race live was ignorant of the situation as a whole

  • liveornothing

    Does anyone else out there remember Jim McKay? Growing up watching live olympic coverage at anytime of the day based on what country it was in, I get so frustrated with NBC taped-delay-only-showing-the-few-choosen-performances-along-with-people-magazine-interviews-and-life-stories-who-the-heck-cares, that I could just, well, turn off the TV.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely loved ABC and Jim McKay during those coverage days. I am watching all of it online now. Even though NBC is providing the service it is a bonus that you don’t have to listen to the ridiculous commentators. And back in the day it wasn’t all focused on americans and how many medals they won. Geez.

  • Annoyed…

    What upsets me most is that I DO pay for a cable package that includes CNBC and MSNBC, but I live in a condo and my HOA pays the bill, so I don’t have an individual account.  ALL I WANT TO DO IS WATCH THE FREAKING OLYMPICS NBC!!!!!

  • Scoldne

    Then they butcher the beach volleyball. Bob dork ass Costas said as it was coming on that team May/Walsh just keep rolling and rolling. Well thanks a lot asshole for telling everybody. When you can get the results online as they happen why sit through fours of BS.? I hate tape delay.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2PHSHJ4SPN6TWJI63ZX6CN6MKY wee

    Yep, the coverage sucks.  Just show it live.  I taped the opening ceremonies because I was so disgusted they didn’t show it live.  I am hardly watching the olympics now because I WANT TO WATCH EVERYTHING LIVE!!!!!

  • Nbcsucks

    I remember waking up at 4 am with my parents when I was a child, just so I could watch a certain event LIVE.  Now I don’t watch any of it because I can’t find the events that I actually want to watch.  Thanks for ruining the Olympics for me, NBC.

  • Kakak

    NBC Sucks!!!! I can afford cable, but I have HD antenna and I do not watch tv much generally, but please do I need cable to watch Olympics??? this is just disgusting!
    Only show few American winners, and nothing much, commercials go every 5 minutes and it is so annoying!!!

  • Dennis Watts

    This is the biggest rip-off of all time. I’m in the same situation. 

    My condo complex buys Comcast cable in bulk, and then resells it to each condo owner. Each condo owner pays just as much for Comcast as any other Comcast subscriber. Furthermore, we have no option to buy our cable independently. If we contact Comcast, they tell us that they cannot sell us individual subscriptions, but that we must buy our sub from our property manager.

    So after paying through the nose for Comcast for cable and internet, when we visit the NBC site (coming in from a Comcast IP address, mind you), we’re told that we’re not authorized to use the NBC site because our cable provider isn’t supported.

    Comcast freaking owns NBC! How in the effing heck is a Comcast cable subscriber, coming in from a Comcast IP address, not authorized?

    This is the kind of thing that makes you wanna just … find and use alternatives like Tunlr, Expat Shield, and Unblock Us.

  • Chet Donelly

    This is the worst coverage of the Olympics yet. I really hope NBC does not cover the 2016 games. Let ABC give it a try.

  • Jeb

    I have no problems with NBC. I am able to watch ALL events live and on replay which is cool because I’m asleep when some of the events are on. There are no commentary for most of the videos. I’ve only seen it on swimming and gymnastics and the people have English accents. The only annoying thing is the advertisement which take up the whole screen and can go for 15 secs to 1 min and 30 secs.

  • Hnwklwl

    I love the Olympics and NBC is making me sad. THE WORLD IS FUCKING POOR! You NBC are rich! Give us some hope? Something to make us feel a little less Oppressed maybe? Maybe? Let us watch the Olympics, stop wasting our time with your stupid talk and just let us watch the events! We’re not 1984 yet!

  • Becky

    I just watched the women’s floor exercise…they won the gold but we never were shown the individual score that one the gold for the team.  We see the team members jumping around and eventually the final score.  Don’t we wait with baited breath, along with the contender, for their score? Idiot NBC didn’t even turn the camera to the score..I’ve never experienced that in multiple years of Olympic coverage.  TERRIBLE!

  • Estrellaazucarada

    I remember when I was little and used to watch gymnastics, swimming and all the exactly sports those I can’t watch righ now…I grew up in MEXICO!!! I love Mexico, and love USA too, but is incredible, that Mexico, a  third world country could show such a good stuff on tv for free and NBC can’t! is so unfair! 

  • joseph

    Use Tunlr and their DNS servers. Its free.

  • joseph

    So TRUE about the great Jim Mckay.  Can you imagine if NBC had done the Munich Olympic crisis?? They would have turned it into a CNN-like, Nancy Grace farce… Probably would have told the terrorist that the commandos are coming to add “More Drama” to the event.

  • Chilly Willy

    If you are going to use a UK VPN, use Eurovision. I like it a lot better than the BBC. No ads and no commentary.

  • Jim Dish

    Aside from the choppy stream NBC has decidd to chop up the replays. First of all they refuse to replay entire medal sessions saving them for night roadcast only. They even showed and entire boxing session but omitted the Aerican fighter at the end! I almost crushede my lappy! These guys are saps and they don’t give a sh-t about real sports fans. It’s all about the commercial dollars. The Olympics has been ruined by greed and it doesn’t need to be that way. We allow it here in the US but in other countries they have real continuous live coverage. Without that obnoxious Bob Costas!

    We need to take back the Olympics and give it to the people! It belongs to the world not a bunch of greedy stuffed suits!

  • Jim Dish

    You’re right. That was an incredible gaff. Not even a decent replay angle of Gabby almost stepping out. Really almost no discussion of the merits of the programs or of the scoring. It deseved some analysis. But then again with those homers, maybe not.

  • Bob

    NBC ,
    You really disgust me. You make me sick!

  • Mariel P

    I love it, so for women’s diving, #1 China #2 China _#3 ? #4Italy #7 USA #8  Usa  all these dives are shown, even when USA pulls out the bathingsuits, and then out of the nowhere Mexico is shown as received Bronze. Am like ok we are happy USA is awesome, but show us the competitors for our own sake!!!!  NBC is terrible, where is the money???? everything is shown 1 or 2 days later. Really thanks YAHOO.com.yourcountry

  • Mariel P

    I love it, so for women’s diving, #1 China #2 China _#3 ? #4Italy #7 USA #8 Usa all these dives are shown, even when USA pulls out the bathingsuits, and then out of the nowhere Mexico is shown as received Bronze. Am like ok we are happy USA is awesome, but show us the competitors for our own sake!!!! Yeah Mexico shows even when the country is not competing. ur so right

  • poppa

    NBC is stuck in the 20th century. No one I know subscribes to cable or to any other broadcast video – no eed to see softy drink ads or fast food ads. No need for NBC. Its all BS. Any hoo I would have paid $20 to se Usain Boltst in the 100m . No way. OK. See ya later.

  • James Thorpe

    The coverage truly deserves everything everybody is saying.

    I can only suspect that the NBC-O TV planning committee decided their filthy rich sponsors’ marketing committees would salivate over the thought of countless unemployed 18 yr old males, masterbating to Beach Volley Ball and Synchronized Swimming.

    Thereby, “my” planning committee proposes that a 14′x20′ replica of the NBC Peacock be placed at the edge of the outfield during the Javelin, Shot Put, and Discus events.

    Roone Arlidge (sp) and the Ancient Greeks must be rolling in their graves.

  • Josh

    Of all the complaints I’ve read online so far, yours is the first that mentions what has annoyed me so much: the choppy coverage. I’m okay with tape delay since I don’t have cable or the ability to stream video on my computer. I can understand why people would be angry about that but it’s the way they present that tape delayed coverage that bothers me. For example, why do they show me a few minutes of gymnastics then switch to what feels like hours of swimming before going back to gymnastics? I could understand it if they were broadcasting live and had to switch events because of breaking developments. But they’re on a tape delay so they should be able to show an entire event without interruption from anything other than commercials. Instead, they ruin any suspense or drama the event might have by constantly flipping from one event to another as if I were channel surfing.

    Not only that but they treat medal ceremonies as if they were meaningless. Even if an American wins, you usually don’t see the medal ceremony for an event until hours after the it’s broadcast. When no American earns a medal, NBC practically never shows it. I assume they either erase the footage or lock it in a vault somewhere. Also, they save some ceremonies until the end of their evening coverage, throwing it up as if to say, “You’ve watched a million commercials so we’re finally going to toss you a medal ceremony as a reward.” But how many people are still watching that late and how disrespectful is that to the athletes? The athletes–from whatever country–have worked hard to earn those medals only to have them treated as a footnote and a sort of scoreboard. Where’s the pride, the sense of accomplishment?

    And don’t get me started on all the “social media” coverage they seem to feel is necessary to shove down my throat.

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