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New York Tabloids’ Back Pages Make Carmelo Anthony Cry

After another crushing Knicks playoff loss last night, we eagerly checked to see what the New York tabloids made of the Celtics’ 96-93 win (despite Carmelo Anthony’s 42 points) this morning. It didn’t take long to notice a pattern. To see what we mean…here’s the Daily News:

And the Post:

Not that we blame either paper. Sometimes one picture really does say it all, and when the night’s would-be hero does a double facepalm that makes him appear to weep on a night the team could have won, but didn’t (the second such game in a row)…yeah, that was the perfect photo.

If forced to judge between the two, we’re going with the Daily News, because we liked their headline better. And, hey, Post staff: if you happen to see that we liked the Daily News cover better today, and for some reason: 1) care, and 2) decide you have to, say, create another crazy theme cover to even the score…we won’t stop you, is all we’re saying.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2W5OGBMEYPHX46I7OZFETV33DM pOetiQ rOses

    Dayum Bro. I feel yo Pain. Well, the World knows you did your part. Team mates need to step their Game up. The critics have nothing to say, wit dey stank azzes!!! You did Great though. fa shO

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2W5OGBMEYPHX46I7OZFETV33DM pOetiQ rOses

    Keep up the Good Work. You on my MVP list. Dayum, how harder do a mofo gotta try. Just keep it movin’

  • mike

    yo homie, that’s the media 4 u. especially in nyc n’ i’m from bed-sty. u played great. keep it up. it ain’t over yet.

  • Yumyumman

    Bullshit klnick should stop putting themselves in a last sec position with the celtics. they have to many weapons, and Ny, does not have any real weapons excecpt amare. get some killer instinct allready.

  • Yumyumman

    Knicks act like their scared. so they could never win anyway. I can smell the fear

  • Yumyumman

    I Blame this on Dantoni no way a team of mine would lose up 3 with 21sec remaining. thats just clock management. that why Dantoni is out of here next year. hope he likes fishing.

  • Anonymous

    That’s right, idiot sports writers who never played a minute of basketball after the Pee Wee leagues…..Both I and one of my sons played ball at a higher level and if you think that there has ever been a coach who didn’t call a play in a time out at the end of a game, you are affirming an image of enormous stupidity. How about asking coach Mike if he didn’t say in the time out…..”Melo, you’ve been doubled every play in this quarter…..If we can get the rock to you on the out of bounds play and are doubled, look to Jeffries under the hoop..he’ll either shoot or hit the cutter……”…What happened? Melo doubled..Passes to Jeffries…Jeffries afraid to shoot and turns into basket to pass to cutter..defender grabs ball all but put into his hands….game over……LOOK AT THE TAPE AND MELO”S FACE AT THAT INSTANT…….WHAT THE >>>>DID JEFFRIES DO? WHAT THE >>>>DID COACH CALL? IF AMARE WAS IN THE GAME>>>>>>MELO, a legendary performance….D’Antonio a genius ! Please let one sports writer say I’m wrong……Stupid is as stupid writes !

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