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Media Monster

ESPNMedia MonsterVideo

Somebody Needs To Show Keith Olbermann This LeBron-tastic Screencap From Yesterday’s ‘SportsCenter’

espn lebron loveThe only part of the screen that doesn’t have to do with LeBron’s performance is the ticker on the bottom, and that’s just bad timing. This portion of the show was basically “LeBronCenter.”

HockeyMedia MonsterOlympic Sports

What Tape-Delay? NBC’s Ratings Reach A 12-Year High

Speaking of a “12-year high,” anyone put any credence into the theory that Bob Costas’s eyes are always red because he’s been chain-smoking weed before broadcasts? In all honesty, with ratings like this Bob can do whatever the hell he wants…

Media MonsterVideo

That Sochi Wolf Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank

Part of me wants to hate Jimmy Kimmel for spending 15 hours (or, rather, making his crew spend 15 hours) building a fake Olympic hallway and hiring a wolf just to get one over on people. The other part of me thinks he makes a good point about the social media age of news reporting, where we tend to take things as they appear and run with it. But that other part of me still hates Jimmy Kimmel.

Media Monster

Bob Costas: The Willis Reed Of Our Time

bob costasSo much determination on the part of Bob Costas, an institution of American Olympic coverage.

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

Here’s What Everyone Forgets In The Rush To Criticize A Sideline Reporter

bode miller emotional

Bode Miller’s emotional interview with Cristian Cooper caused an uproar. Then the facts came out. Too bad this isn’t the first time people jumped to conclusions about this sort of thing.

Inspirational ThingsMedia MonsterNCAA FootballNFL

Texas — Yes, Texas — Sports Anchor Wins The Week With Awesome Michael Sam Commentary

I’ve always told you that Texas was full of reasonable, intelligent people. (Editor’s note: he has never told you that).

Media MonsterOlympic SportsVideo

The Norwegian Version Of ‘The Sports Authority’ Just Put Out Another Excellent F-You To The Sochi Olympics

Any law that forbids this from happening should be illegal. Watch the newly viral TV spot after the jump…

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

Red-Eyed, Vodka-Swilling Bob Costas Is A Winter Olympics Meme Machine

For the second Winter Olympics in a row, Bob Costas has become a big story for something completely unrelated to athletics.

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

The Olympic Rings Looked Perfectly Fine On Russian TV, Thank You Very Much

russia tv rings doctored

You may have heard that there was a massive malfunction during the Olympic Opening Ceremony today: one of the five Olympic rings failed to expand, making the Olympic logo look like four rings and an asterisk… or a butthole, depending on who you ask. Not on Russian TV, though!

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