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People Are Still Blaming Us For Getting Rid Of The Speed Channel

It’s been nearly a month since the Speed Channel died so Fox Sports 1 could live. It was an issue that, frankly, we had not considered — while most people were excited for a potential ESPN-killing-channel, nobody was talking about what that would mean for motor sports fans.

This decision angered roughly a billion jillion people worldwide, based on all the hate mail we received on the topic. What made that outcry so perplexing was a combination of its existence at all and the fact that it was directed at us. As if we owned Fox Sports! Nothing could be further from the truth, dear readers. We have greater ambitions.

And yet, despite explaining the situation in our followup post, people continue to send us emails, blaming us for the gaping hole in their lives. So here is part two of our reader reactions to the death of Speed Channel: Still Very Mad At Us Specifically Edition.

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  • Jon Haven

    Gettin’ real tired of your “don’t blame us because of the fact that we don’t run the SPEED Network or own News Corporation” jive. Just bring back the SPEED Network, OK? ;)

  • Adam

    I, for one, want to know why you still haven’t created the Fuckball channel yet.


    when are you going to resolve the comcast sportsnet dispute with their cable providers?… i’d like to watch the rockets this season…

  • thegicks

    Death to Fox! They suck! WE WANT SPEED BACK!!!!!

  • never again

    I will no longer watch ANY fox channel.

  • go suck obamas dick fox

    Fuck u. Fox sports 1. And a big fuck u to fox for not having the balls to back up there mistakes… of course its ur fault wtf whos fault would it be. If not urs (fox) I refuse to watch any fox networks after u killing speed. I hope ur network falls to the ground… fuck u fox long live abc espn nbc cbs

  • Nigel Mansell

    Maybe Fox will show auto racing with more than just 3 or 4 left hand turns or racers who can’t drive in a little rain.

  • jeff

    its all good I now have a reason to bump down a cable packages

  • Lex Bartel

    Explain why you didn’t ask or take a vote from your viewers? You have made a GRAVE Mistake……………

  • Eric Goldschein

    Your use of an extended ellipsis makes me think you are being serious and for that I hate you.

  • Sherri Kanzler

    Make sure you let the cable co know why you are doing that. I did the same thing!

  • Frank Kretchek

    I just cant Believe you dumped the BEST program on TV for Motorsports Enthusiast,Race Hub,Barrett Jackson Monster trucks racing boats USAC World of Outlaw Sprint cars Top Fuel Dragsters funny Cars ETC.If I want to watch football,baseball or Horseracing Ill dial in anyone of 100′s of channels dedicated to Shit……My god Get some balls and bring it back, WE WANT OUR SPEED CHANNEL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Amabo


  • jim

    SUCK MY DICK FOXSPORTS.Bring back speed

  • Carl

    As a gearhead and race fan . I loved Speed Channel. To watch football there are 4 main stream networks. 5 football channels ,plus PPV. As it has been said since this change BRING BACK SPEED CHANNEL. If I wanted to watch commericals about Fox I would tune in to Fox programinng ,there is enough of it.

  • Kat

    Can’t believe there is no SPEED Channel.!!!!!!!!!!!! Will not be watching your Fox Sports then. Bring back the SPEED!!!!!

  • Pooh Bear

    It was very short sighted of you to kill the Speed Channel. I hope Velocity Channel comes to the plate and takes over with what Speed used to have. I thought Fox could do no wrong until now.

  • denise

    How are we going to watch “Monster Jam?” How are we going to watch “Wind Tunnel?” How are going to watch “Race Hub?” How are we going to watch “Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models?” How are we going to watch anything related to motor sports.

  • Bill Conzemius

    I love the Speed Channel. Why did it go away?

  • Anna Kelly Ross

    You never even asked us you are no better than our government. SPEED was fun to watch different than all the other sports channels. FOX you people are Bafoons just like our president, and that is a standing you do not want to be rated with. BRING BACK SPEED.

  • sick of this bs

    I WANT MY SPEED CHANNEL! Enough channels play football. Where is Wind Tunnel? Monster Jam, Motorcross? Road Racing? I am going to cancel my Cable now since that was the best channel on. Now I guess we have Mav and Velocity.

  • ronnie whitley

    fox sports 1 sucks i dont want nothing but racing on speed channel a gain fox sports 1 sucks!

  • CWithrow

    bring back speed, NO football of any kind……

  • joe schmoe

    Dumped cable over a year ago, glad I did

  • Hands on

    Another “sports” (talking head football program.) You got to be kidding. How many talking heads does tv realy need. Boring. Bring back a real tv program.
    Speed Channel.

  • Hunter

    Bring back John Roberts and the awesome Raceday show and Victory Lane show!! You guys really screwed up the best NASCAR shows on TV!! Good bye Cable!! I guess I can thank you for helping me save money FOX! And I get to spend more time out doors now!! So thank you for that. Enjoy your short ride to failure FOX!

  • BOB

    just back from Canada and I was watching speed there. if Canada can have speed why can’t us in the united states have it too.

  • Paul Folse

    I really don’t see anyone else 2 blame. Speed was a great channel 2 watch. I have deleted channel # out of my favs since the change. We had espn 2 watch way 2 much football baseball ect. I have no way 2 watch any of my beloved car shows anymore. Sv rew u assholes

  • Eric Goldschein

    Paul, I really hope you’re joking.

  • Paul Folse

    No I never joke..I now & then go check & see what is on but most times its just bullshit talking r something I don’t want 2 watch

  • Ken Reilly

    What a bunch of idiots!!!!! Getting rid of the best channel on cable for what?! Stupid colledge basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what happens to be on the idiotic Fox1 channel as I write. Fans of motorsports have been crapped on necause some idiot thought we needed another sports channel like there isn’t enough colledge crap on as it is. No Fox1 for me or any other Fox programming from now on.

  • Ivo

    Did you think of all us like football??? Sorry but not me,i like NASCAR, WRC, FORMULA 1, 24 LEMANS, MOTOCROSS, SUPERCROSS and we are more than 50 millions viewers!



  • Tim Coleman

    your decision was one of the worst in many years , it will hurt Nascar it will hurt Fox and it has already reduced the numbers at the actual races , you should be very ashamed of your selves for doing this , the money to be made will never compensate for all the money and viewers you have already lost , and it sucks to see that I can’t get the racing that I want to see , I hate foot ball , basket ball , base ball hockey , etc. and motor sports are the only sporting entertainment I watch , yet now I have missed so much and you do not offer both FS1 and FS2 for free , my cable company only offers FS1 and charges more for FS2 so to me I see it’s all about your greed . I know you will not do the right thing so there is no point in my typing another word !

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