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Ratings For Keith Olbermann’s ESPN2 Debut Are In

And the ratings were … pretty decent.

“Olbermann”, the return of the mercurial former ESPN anchor (after stints at MSNBC, Current, and, am I forgetting anything?) debuted on ESPN2 on Monday and drew “par for the course” ratings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The premiere of his daily Olbermann show delivered 319,000 viewers Monday at 11 p.m., a slight boost from what the time period averaged in August of last year when it drew roughly 239,000 viewers.

From 239,000 viewers to 319,000 on the first day seems more than par for the course to me — but then I’ve always sucked at golf. I just know that I like it, and here’s one of the big reasons:

“It’s nice to see a fan planning ahead and thinking of the proverbial end game.”

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  • Anonymous

    Olbermann cant you get the hint, nobody gives a damn what you have to say..Loser!

  • Alex Winston

    Did you read. Those are good rating and they are up by about 70,000 viewers from the previous offering in the time slot. Don’t know much about cable huh?

  • Dapandico

    Doesn’t matter he is still Oberdouche.

  • Anonymous

    Only 70 thou for his big debut? Come on, it sucks. Once the show settles in, the ratings will crater..just like his ratings on every other network he’s been on in the last 5 years.

  • Alex Winston

    That isn’t true. He built MSNBC with his show. Dislike him all you wish but why lie? It makes you seem ignorant or jealous. Or both. Where do you come up with 70?

  • Oberwith

    Alex is not very good with math… 319-239…. Doesn’t matter, ESPN won’t hang on this olber-blown whiner for long…

  • Alex Winston

    How am I bad at math? You sound like a high school drop-out. Since they have higher numbers than most shows on ESPN2 then you can bet they will hang on to him.

  • likemike

    Poor Alex, Striking out at others like a cornered animal. Must be tough defending a loser douchebag…. Hahahahahaha

  • Truly S.

    Love how every time KO has success, the haters come out. What a buncha maroons.

  • Caligula

    I have more twitter followers.

  • Voice of Reason

    You should expect a higher than average tv rating for a debut due to promotions/hype, mr. Cable huh? If you knew anything about tv ratings, you would know that. Same goes to the writer of this story. About 70K more viewers went along with what was expected, hence, “par for the course.”

  • VSanity

    Saying he “built MSNBC” is like saying he built an impressive garbage dump in the middle of New Jersey.

    Not to mention, nobody watches MSNBC, and anyone who knows cable ratings knows that fact. MSNBC the bottom of the barrel for years on end.

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