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Russia’s Ridiculous Proposed Anti-Gay Bill Could Be Troublesome For Athletes At The 2014 Olympics

Oh, so you thought as time passed, progress was achieved? Well, everything is backwards in Russia, friend! Russia is in the midst of passing an anti-gay bill, which basically criminalizes any public display of gay rights. And since the 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia, this will affect people outside the country, too.

The bill has been described as “barbaric,” and it “equates homosexuality to pedophilia.” Last year’s Olympics represented progress for gay athletes, and now they’ll have to deal with this absurdity, if Russian lawmakers have their way. The law is intentionally vague, leaving Russian authorities with sweeping openings to persecute gays. Look at that picture above? I mean, is Vladimir Putin going to kiss that male judoka? Are they gonna start going at it, in public? Arrest that man!

“I don’t want to have to tone myself down about who I am,” (Openly gay New Zealand speedskater Blake) Skjellerup said. “That wasn’t very fun and there’s no way I’m going back in the closet. I just want to be myself and I hate to think that being myself would get me in trouble.”

There’s plenty of improvement needed in America, but at least we’re getting progress. Things started out awful, and have improved. In Russia, they’re regressing. It’s pathetic.

Russia’s cultural crackdown on gay rights has grabbed headlines the last few months. When Lady Gaga spoke out for gay rights at a concert in St. Petersburg, a conservative politician wanted to prosecute the singer for breaking the law. Madonna was sued by conservative activists after a concert, though a St. Petersburg court threw out the case. In December, a supporters group for Zenit Saint Petersburg urged the soccer club not to sign black or gay players.

The IOC is standing on the sidelines for this, which is unfortunate. It’s one thing to let the games be held in a controversial locale, but it’s another to do that, but not try and make things better. The EU and U.S. State Department have “expressed concern,” but there’s no signs of action, yet.

Megan Rapinoe, a U.S. soccer player who came out before the London Olympics, weighed in with this:

“What year are we in? People are still being arrested for saying it’s OK to be gay?” she said. “What is the IOC or major sponsors doing, if anything?”

In Russian New Years, the year stays the same. Every leap year, it goes back one.

[USA Today]

  • jerry

    What’s wrong with that? Russia is a sovereign country. Who are we to discuss what the people of that country want to do?

  • Person

    So what… Russia has its own ways and it’s definitely not your choice to judge the country. You are just haters on Russians. I personally agree with Russia. I hate gay people. But black people are welcome. What’s wrong with them? Russia isn’t going back any years. Just let them make there own choices.

  • Person

    I agree with you!

  • Mark

    Russia is at least one country that has the BALLS to draw the line with this gay shit and I agree 100% with them

  • Person

    Wouldn’t be hating on the Russians if they weren’t hating on others.

  • Chief

    WTF let people live their lives without hatred about their sexual orientation. It shouldn’t matter whether they are straight or gay, the matter of fact is they are athletes who are the best in their respective sport. It shouldn’t matter. Let the games be played with none of the BS…

  • Suzy

    Agreed, these athletes are put in the olympics to compete not to be judge on their personnal lives. Gay Straight or whatever, people are people n if russia is going to be a bullshitter they can judge themselves. When did the sexual orientation become a factor in being or living where you are. Lifes a bitch Russia! Grow up, and realize like the other countrys around the world gays arent going to hurt ya. Unless your scared to be beat by a gay, but even then…still not goin to infect ya with gay or hurt you in any way.

  • Person

    There is nothing wrong with being Gay as it has existed since the beginning of times. I guess what the Russians don’t want is what follows, “the gay activist’s”. Having a parade of gay people almost naked on one of our downtown streets isn’t what I would call very appropriate. Myself a Heterosexual, would never think of parading downtown along with my girlfriend half naked to show off my sexual preferences. I believe Gay people should think the same. I say live and let live as long as there is no abuse of anyone’s rights, Gay or Heterosexual should live together in harmony.
    Everyone would be happier that way. It will take some time however, one day in the near future this whole controversy will be a thing of the past.

    For now if a Country, any Country decides that it is best to go the other direction, then so be it.

    I say let the Russians take care of there own laws and let’s work at trying to adjust ours here at home. There are far more important problems here right where we live than to have to worry about or judge what’s happening next door.

  • Alex

    Nobody is a “hater on Russia” here. It has got nothing to do with “hating” that country, as opposed to you “hating gays”. Most people simply understand that this bill is an odious assault on human rights and dignity, whereas you openly spread hatred on homosexuals. But since you claim that nobody should judge this country (apparently even when it does not grant the most basic human rights to its citizens), maybe you should be coherent by reconsidering your own opinion of gays and the way you judge them. I’ll just quote you here: “What’s wrong with them? Just let them make their own choices.”

  • Anonymous

    The IOC can not protect anyone in Russia, if you think they can remeber Munich 1972, those athletes thought themselves safe too until they were kidnapped and murdered. Boycott Sochi & every Russian made product. Let them drink their own vodka & drown in their hatred.

  • Anonymous

    Your homophobic ignorance shows deep underlining issues you have personally. Seek therapy before your self hatred harms you or others.

  • Anonymous

    So you advocate killing gay people on the street to glorify a deity?

  • dan

    usorthem is a retard and probably gay…

  • Tim Tantric

    i wonder where they are going to find choreographers for the opening ceremony?

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