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TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal And ESPN’s Jalen Rose Do Not Like Each Other, And It Spilled Over Onto TV Last Night

ESPN analyst (and former NBA player) Jalen Rose and TNT analyst (and former NBA player) Shaquille O’Neal have not liked each other for some time now. The origins of their media beef are a little murky (the seeds were probably planted on the court), but at some point, while Rose was just starting his career on TV and Shaq was still playing, the former Wolverine critiqued the former Tiger’s play. Shaq responded by calling Rose soft. A mutual dislike was born.

The combatants remained dormant for some time, with Rose continuing to talk hoops on ESPN, and Shaq signing on to be the fourth analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Things were cool. Things were fine. Things were hunky dory.

Until last night, when Rose said Shaq looked fat on TV.

Rose’s “wager” generated some Twitter heat; it also caught the attention of TNT’s producers. Since TNT’s producers are shit-stirrers of the best sort, and like to put unflattering photoshops of their on-air talent on the air, a “Shaq’s looking kind of hefty” tweet from a rival media personality was right up their alley.

So they showed the tweet to Shaq — and to everyone watching at home. The big fella did not like.

“I don’t know who that is” prompted this response from Jalen Rose, which shall henceforth be known as the Sideshow Silly Segments Rebuttal.

The tweet has since been deleted from Rose’s account. Nevertheless, “You’re looking a little chunky,” was followed by “You’re not cool enough to even talk to me,” was followed by “You’re not even good at talking.”

The worst thing about all of this, of course, is that the only two people Shaq watches on ESPN are Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. For shame, Diesel.

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  • Gren zaboka

    Shaq need a speech Therapist. More power to you Rose

  • Gren zaboka

    Shaq is a jealous MOFOkA!! He knows Jalen is a better fit for Television. He’s too old for that.

  • http://twitter.com/skins4Life21 Skins

    Jalen was speaking the truth. Me and my mom seen this coming because Shaq cant talk. They should have let Webber stay on. Did anyone see him reading the stat sheet? lol

  • deno

    I’m glad someone said that!!!! because shaq is turble!!! in the words of Charles Barkley

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRRQ2XVPI3G3ATFANINWFQN2BM fggfdgfdgdf g

    Jalen has the balls to say what everyone else thinks, Shaq is destroying Inside the NBA.

  • jsimmons

    I said the same thing about  Shaq when TNT was considering him as an analyist. Large doses of Shaq are not good.Webber fit in nicely with the original crew.Shaq would be better
    doing features and away from the “Inside the NBA”. Please find Shaq another job away from Charles,Kenny and Earnie.

  • Verreauxii

    Shaq got a little butt hurt. 

  • craptors

    Why is everyone hating on shaq? Jalen Rose is a douche who wasn’t very good when he played, and isn’t that good of an analyst.  Shaq and Charles are not there to do great analysis.  They’re supposed to entertain, and they do.  Rose is supposed to do serious analysis on ESPN, but he’s just not very good. At least Shaq does his job.  PS Why is Jalen stirring up anything about Shaq?  Jealousy, perhaps?

  • libra

    I think everyone is taking this s*** way too seriously, and both Shaq and Jalen should be grateful for the opportinuties they have. BUT…Shaq has a 4 rings; how many does Rose have??? With that said, at the end of the day, Shaq prevails! Snack on brotha!!!! 

  • Www

    Jalen Rose has always been a punk bitch nobody and always will be.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand ebonics better than Jalen Rose trying talk about basketball on ESPN. He is horrible. Shaq would destroy him on or off the court. I’m sure Jalen doesn’t even know how to tweet. I tried watching Jalen at halftime and he said that the other team has to score more baskets in order to win the game, really Jalen. Isn’t that what point of the game is to score more baskets than the other team. Jalen is an idiot. Jalen is just made that Shaq had a better career than him and still is doing better after basketball.

  • MH

    Shaq actually hates Skip Bayless. For shame, Dan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502229458 Jason Kanan

    I dont know who Jalen Rose is either. Much Love for Shaq

  • Shawn Armstrong92

    rose talked shit about duke and was wrong and almost lost his espn job last year cause of a dui . he is a hater cause he lost on a chance to get a ring cause the the Big Man beat his pacers in 2000

  • Anonymous

     Wrong, he’s actually one of the best. And he keeps it real, for once. Shaq blows on TV.

  • Noemail

    Skip Bayless is the man!

  • Meh

    Jalen should stick to what he’s good at – making racist comments on ESPN and getting busted for drunk driving.

  • Fast34me

    Jalen’s major in college was ‘Mass Communication’ but he excels in ‘Mass Confusion’.

    He felt slighted that Duke didn’t recruit him, and labeled black Duke recruits as “Uncle Toms”.  A racist, whose hypocrisy knows no limits?  He doesn’t want anyone questioning his integrity, or character, because of an issue at a crack house during the fab 5 days?  Or DUI charge during NBA days?

    Mediocre baller, even worse as an analyst. in my opinion……

  • fact

    jalen rose is a huge tool

  • the real

    Jalen is one of the best at breaking down players .. Shaq is horrible

  • Trmn8r

    Too bad Jalen Rose career was mediocre. Shaq actually had a great career. Nowadays, would be like Nate Robinson trashing Dwight Howard…

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