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2012 Summer OlympicsMedia MonsterWeird But True

Some Guy Who Told Rick Raisman To Sit Down Probably Didn’t Know He Was Aly Raisman’s Dad

Aly Raisman now has two individual medals (gold in floor, bronze in beam), but America’s gymnastics golden girl of these 2012 Olympics still isn’t nearly as fun to watch as her parents Lynn and Rick (who I think literally sit on pins and needles). My guess is the guy who gave Rick Raisman the “Hey you! Down in front!” treatment never saw this. Congratulations unknowing spectator, you are now America’s public enemy No. 1.

The curmudgeonly man could have been a supporter of Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor, who got crowded out of the podium in beam by an appeal Team Raisman filed after being discontent with her score, and finished closely behind Aly in floor with a score she (and the audience) felt could have been higher.

But assuming the guy who picked the best/worst seat in the house had nothing to do with Ponor, someone should tell him he’s not in a movie theater. He’s at an Olympic gymnastics final. People are going to be excited, they are going to cheer, they are going to stand and on the off chance the gold medalist’s family is sitting in front of you, they are going to go absolutely bat-shit crazy. Maybe you should let them bask in their moment.

Video via CJ Fogler

  • http://www.facebook.com/txsixshooter Rick Txsixshooter

    That grumpy old jerk needs to chill out. Any Dad should be able to stand and cheer his daughter at the Olympics. If the guy behind doesn’t like it, he can always stand during that one routine so he can see.

  • Anonymous

    Fromt the videos and the pictures I’ve seen, these past view days my guess is the Raismans were totally annoying to anyone sitting around them.   Up and down, yelling and screaming, gyrating back and forth.   It doesn’t matter if their daughter is competing, they should be a little more considerate of the people around them.  

  • Brad

    thefab, it’s a sporting event, not a ballet.

  • Lee

    Do you have any children thefab4? I am guessing and hoping not.

  • Stewie_3

    Fab, sorry you’re way off on this one. This entire family has worked for this ONE moment for Aly’s entire life.  ONE moment, think about it. The grumpy old man in the back was probably thinking these were just “obnoxious Americans”, not her parents. If he did know, he knew the camera was pointing there, very stupid. More than likely it was just some grumpy old man, showing his true colors, and now we’ve all seen them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PCYUZ6XSFAEZGKJUT5WIPRDFYM Elron McKenzie

    From the still photo above I can’t see anyone standing in front of her dad to block his view to the point where he had to stand up to see. His child or not, he could have watched her from his seat without blocking the view of someone else who was interested in the competition. Just because it’s your kid doesn’t give you rights over and above (no pun intended) the guy behind you.

  • guest

    Elron, he was not standing up the whole time he jumped up with excitement for two seconds when his daughter completed an amazing pass, watch the video. It probably was some guy thinking that it is another stupid American so he acted like a grumpy old man. These parent and gymnast have sacrificed alot for this ONE moment so yes I think that he is allowed to celebrate any way that they want.

  • JWS

    those parents needed to be thrown out.  annoying is being too kind.  and talk about bad sportsmanship to job that Romanian.  shameful, but par the course for the me first americanos.

  • Olympics fan

    They seem to be over the top parents – during one event her mom dropped the f bomb (lip reading) after Ali had a great performance. The poor guy probably payed a large amounts for tickets – maybe thousands to get there. Evidentally this had been going on for a while. In an earlier shot I saw him show disgust at her father.

  • CE

    Wait. How is it bad sportsmanship to ask to be given a proper score? The inquiry was filed because Aly wasn’t given credit for all of the skills she performed. The judges didn’t calculate the difficulty of her routine correctly. If someone gives you the wrong change, is it impolite to ask for that mistake to be corrected? If a student gets an answer correct, but it is marked wrong, is it impolite to ask for their grade to be changed?
    Blame the judges, not the athlete.

  • NormalDad

    These two parents were the most annoying people in the Olympics. NBC is just eggin them on to be more obnoxious by showing them on TV.

  • Aren_fox

    Obvioulsy many of you have never been in athletics or have children who participate.  Their child has spent half her life training for this event and as parents they were excited and showed thier support.  They didnt stand in front of the guy for a long time it was a couple of seconds.  Their actions of moving with the routines and cheering didnt disturb anyone anymore than the thousands who cheer at every single event.  This was obviously just a sour old couple who were supporing another team that obviously wasnt doing as well.  Its that simple, its called sour grapes.

  • Stephanie

    I cannot believe these comments! While Aly Raisman worked extremely hard to earn her spot at the Olympics, her parents sacrificed more than you could imagine for their daughter’s training. Gymnastics is very expensive, very time consuming, and they deserve to be able to cheer for their daughter any way they want to! This is her ONE AND ONLY moment for gold in this sport. They have to pay for their trip to London and pay for the seats they sit in! If the crabby couple wanted an unobstructed view then they should have forked out the money for better seats! Good for Aly’s parents for supporting their daughter to the fullest! By her coach requesting an inquiry, it shows her that judges are only human, errors can be made, but you need to be able to stand up for yourself and not be afraid to go for what you want. Aly deserved the bronze for the beam and definitely deserved the gold for the floor exercise!

  • Noley

    Apparently the parents’ aggravating disruptive behavior was ongoing and probably maddening, not just isolated incidents which might be understandable.  Being the parent of an Olympian contestant and having gone through the rigors of getting there does not give one license to be obnoxious and annoying to others.  What they have gone through is their choice and privilege and their business–don’t make it anyone else’s business.  If he can’t control himself, he should go stand some place where he won’t be interfering with other ticketholders’ enjoyment of the games they paid dearly to see.  He should publicly apologize for his inconsiderateness and ruining other people’s time, not to mention his wife’s profanity.  You pay the big price for the tickets and see how you like sitting behind or near somebody like that.  I am sure he would not like it had someone done the same to him.  Let’s be adult . . . and reasonable.  Using name-calling is rather juvenile, don’t you think. 

  • Anonymous

    Annoying is too kind a word for Aly’s parents. I loved her, hated them. 

  • Olympics fan

    I’m a coach – luckily not in a sport where parents live through their children. I agree with a lot of what Stephanie said – Aly’s parents are proud, have sacrificed, and support their daughter. However, their rights end where someone else’s rights begin. If Mr. Raisman was going to act that way he could have offered to change seats with the man he was blocking. She – and the rest of the team - accomplished a phenomenal goal, they are the champions of the world. Her parents probably responded as any parents would. However, that other guy shelled out a lot of money and deserved to see the poignant moments also. 

  • DeniseFromDover

    With all the shots of them you figured they would have at least brought a change of wardrobe……

  • notimpressed2012

    Her parents are embarrassing to people from Massachusetts. They have made it crystal clear all they care about is the fact that a medal will get their daughter money from endorsement deals. They were beyond irritating. 

  • Rich

    If I had teeth as ugly s his, I would never open my mouth.

  • Teejay823

    They have the right to stand & cheer! its a sporting event & cheering is going on at all of them! He should have gotten better seats down in front so no one could block his view for all of 3 seconds! #teamraisman

  • Mikeh46

    I think Rick should of told him shut the Fuck up Bitch. I would of pounded his stupid face in. What jack ass fuck those stupid comments he and his family have the rite to .cheer

  • Aren_fox

    Please, this is stupid. Standing up for 2 seconds to cheer does not make one obnoxious and annoying. According to this argument half the people in Olympic stadium should be thrown out.  Watch the stands at any event and watch as spectators and parents alike jump up in celebration at either their child or their countries succes.  This is true at every sporting event around the world everyday.  For you people to think he was disruptive, obnoxious or annoying for these actions is just plain stupid.

  • Noley

    Aren-fox, thank you for your courteous and civil input.  Of course the Raismans were excited and entitled to cheer.  If it was as you desribe, we are on the same page.  I’m not against Mr. Raisman’s jumping up for 2 seconds AFTER Aly completed her performance, and not interfering with others’ viewing her performance.  I still stand by my beliefs as posted above, and I also agree with Olympics fan’s comments. 

  • Stepens

    If you want to be exited watch live in a tv and get exited and dance and not in the stadium. Its so annoying for the person who paid for the tickets.  It s manners i am not sure if ally parents have manners. look at Gabby’s (much talent athlete) mom how she reacts within herself like these f**king b***hes

  • Markfblyth

    Both of her parents should be punched in the throat. Could you just imagine the horrible embarrasment this girl has had to deal with all her life because of these 2 retards. You can see it rubbing off on her, during the events she acted like she was above all her teamates. americans will never understand why the world loathes them.

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