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ESPN Viewers: Did Stephen A. Smith Just Flip You The Bird?

It was strange – Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless were talking the Super Bowl, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, who’s got more on the line, and all those arguments they use to fill the time over on First Take. And they were downright jovial. They weren’t even pretending to have tension between them. Stephen A. ripped on Bayless for waving papers around, Bayless fired back, and everyone was having a good ol’ time. Including viewers…though that might have been thanks mostly to what Stephen A. looks like he’s doing at the 11-second mark below:

For the record, Stephen A. himself had this to say:

Will ya’ll stop. I don’t care what it looked like. I would never flip ANYONE the Bird — including @RealSkipBayless. Was just talking w/ my hands like that. Folks start nonsense for a reason.

Would the reason be “because it was funny”? Because this was. Before we even saw the clip, we saw this. And we didn’t think much of it – we figured it flashed on the screen briefly, and someone caught it at the right moment. But then, reader Chuck emailed us about it, at which point we watched it. And yeah…we’re sure Stephen A. didn’t mean to flash the middle finger. But he did. Apparently it was a total accident rather than a Ron Jaworski “whoops, forgot I was on TV” moment. The cruel irony of it for Stephen A. – the one time these two aren’t faking outrage over something is the time a taboo expression of outrage – even though it wasn’t intended – makes it on the screen.

  • jr

    both - bayless was windmilling and smitty flipped one.

  • Chad Hill

    He 100% flipped him off, it’s so obvious. But I admit…while childish, it is kinda funny. He totally flipped him off.

  • http://buddha.com.org/ blk buddha

    that was a middle finger. i may be retarded but thats a middle finger.

  • Emtman_2000

    you may not have wanted to but ya did flip him the bird

  • Njaccent

    He TOTALLY flipped him off……nice backpedal Steven A.

  • Untchic

    i totally agree..looks like his ring finger to me…if you look close its not his middle finger.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J76KASJEMC23QEVAJ42MM5AGQ4 Abdulthebutcher

    I saw the pointing finger was raised half way so it really wasn’t the bird. I’m sure is Smitty wanted to flip the bird for real he would have.

  • Anonymous

    Someone be gett’in…UPPITY?

  • Guest

    may be accidental

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/akSLIFgIkIEb_7X54_aNPbboULnYDg--#bea62 urstrange

    Stephen A.H. obviously let his middle finger do the talking, but the tint of his skin, like PrezBO who flipped a bird against his face in a photo, he will get a pass.  If Bayless had done it he’d be fired.

  • Kate

    He was just gesticulating. Some people use the pointer, some use the middle.

  • Dede765

    Come on it was perfect timing to what was being said and that’s why he gave him the finger.

  • Asdfa

    that was a flip on national TV.  He should be fired!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CA7IVFFN46LOUIEEQ7TZ5U7EHQ DWD808

    Look closer it was the flip finger.

  • Debbie Badgley

    back peddlin punk

  • Bab1962fmc

    I don’t blame him hell I would like to strangle Bayless myself.  What a arrogant airbag!!

  • pino

    ratings that all I’m going to say it’s turning into a soap opera for sports junkies

  • Anonymous

    yeah. that was the middle finger. Steven A, I knew you were a doche, but I didn’t know you were also a coward. Own up to it, man. you flipped off Skip Bayless.  Join the crowd!

  • Kap124

    For those of you who say it’s not his middle finger, really?  Not sure how many fingers you have, but count his.  He flipped him off and doesn’t want to be fined, so he’s doing the backstroke.  Own it Smitty!  You can be the next spokes person for Angry Birds.

  • Tlhburnett

    I love it!!!! been wanting to flip Skip bayless’ ignorant ass off myself. Thank you Stephen A.

  • Jrbrewer84

    mannnnn thats his ring finger…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR4QXE2O77S3IIPKCLH5JSIXH4 santiago r

    very clear video——–he did it, and should fess up and be done with it.



  • pndtrainingllc

    if you look closely it doesn’t appear to be his middle finger! I hope everyone takes a honest look instead of another view like most.

  • Bozzi81

    I  don’t care if he did or did not. All I know is Skip is a waste of time to listen to because if you said the sky is blue, he would say its green just to be a pain. I would rather listen to his brother,Rick, the chef, at least you can get something of value for listening to him!!!

  • Denvbroncos07

    Now had it been the other way around..it had been a hate crime..and blacks all over this country would have shit…this guy is always a crybaby jerk off N anyway..but since hes black and did it..its ok i guess..

  • Fishhead

    I would rather watch that idiot Smith flip the bird than listen to his ebonics-laden diatribes.

  • Hitmanh1978

     r u crazy. anyone who can count or see can tell it’s his middle finger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Frederick/1066428191 Tony Frederick

     Nope, it was his middle finger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Frederick/1066428191 Tony Frederick


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Mesko/100001552171065 Kevin Mesko

    what the fuck ever…douche

  • Eddie Neman

    Didn’t ESPN fire him before.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000514500188 Abammeli Mthwakazi

    wasn’t a proper flip although he raised the finger he was talking as well

  • Hitmanh1978


  • Kenfolks08

    How can Stephen A. say that he didn’t do it? Was there someone else under the table? lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RWVTOGE27TPANHRU3GGEINDBWE califkid

    He should be fired, didn’t they get rid of Rush
    Limbaugh and Hank Williams jr for a hellof lot less, Oh I forgot they are caucasian!!!!!!

  • Cameronjames06

    looking at the pic it looks like he’s flipping him off. After seeing the video it looks like he was pointing towards his head as he was telling skip he knew his notes by heart. Some people point with there middle finger


    Skip Bayless is a big “ITCH ON THE LOWER-BEHIND” and Steven “Forget The A” Smith is “BULLY COMMENTATOR” who think everything he says is the most accurate.  Mr. Know-It-All Smith, would you OWN-UP to your flaws?  Be a “MAN” just like you tell everyone else to. 

  • MikeS

    You must be an Obama supporter.  Only someone who could look at the OBVIOUS middle finger has to be someone to try and defend Obama’s incompetence.

  • Bobblehead2110

    In my opinion I do not think he meant to do this at all.  I don’t particularly care for either of these guys but their was no change in emotion that usually comes when flipping the bird to someone.  I know one time I cut my middle finger and was bandaging it up and giving everyone around me the bird without realizing.  A little different but I don’t think it was intentional.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIQMYDTEPB67LZWCJBQ2AOULTI Todd

    Ahh, but if it were little “Skippy” do’n the “Bird Waving”, I’m sure it would have eventually turned into a race issue !

  • Gtrmusician

    Both men love to pontificate and both are windbags…Smith definitely flipped off “whitey.”  He is a racist anyway!  

  • Razorblade42069

    I’m still flipping off ESPN for only having one Blake Griffin dunk highlight on their top 10 plays of the day  a couple days ago (“The Dunk” against Thunder’s scrubby Perkins), while having 4 highlights from the Heat, including a mediocre steal and dunk by Bosh. When there was so many killer highlight dunks by Griffin & Jordan they ignored. Fkn ESPN East coast bias.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eschannen Eric Schannen

    it was a flip but it was an accident.  they weren’t even having a deep heated discussion. 

  • Dogdriver70

    It doesn’t look like the bird “gesture” even though the fingers were in the bird “position”; the classic bird flip has the bird finger pointing stright up and Smith’s was positioned at a definite angle. It looks to me like he’s making a “what?” motion with his hands and his fingers just ended up in an awkward position.

  • Jd24_1

    That you SMUTTY?

  • Ziobob

    Who you going to believe Bayless or your lying eyes?

  • wnagle

    A finger alone does not provide the bird. You need three ingredients: the finger; timing;context. In this case, the finger was there but the timing was off and not within the context of Smith’s verbal reply. As one New Yorker to another (Smith is from Queens), your fine. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

  • Steve Bartman

    Skip should have told Screamin-A to eat another cheese doddle

  • Wilbur_smith

    Abdul, you are full of sxxx.  I was watching this on ESPN when it happened and it was no half finger.  Whittie Skip would have been fired on the spot if he would have given the finger to AH Loud Mouth Arrogant Smith

  • G00nies27

    fuck ya’ll

  • fronius

    I honestly don’t think he meant to flip him off. Both Skip and Stephen are good friends. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KY5SLEWEHNSNONGNDP7G3BP4XQ Danny

    What proof do you have the skip would of been fired idiot?

  • Guest

    Your an absolute idiot to make this into anything racial.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KY5SLEWEHNSNONGNDP7G3BP4XQ Danny

    yeah your momma

  • Hatr

    Can anyone count to five? It obviously is not his middle finger

  • Chocobro

    It’s actually spelled DOUCHE.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KY5SLEWEHNSNONGNDP7G3BP4XQ Danny

    “If Bayless had done it he’d be fired” what proof do you have? stop pulling the race card princess

  • Hatr

    Dumb fucks

  • http://www.madcharles.com/ MadCharles

    Smith’s is just a racist loud mouth. When he comes on I turn it off. needless to say I watch little ESPN anymore.

  • Dogdriver70


  • Guest

    you are absolutely blind.  2 fingers on each side = middle.  personally, I could care less

  • Buddytokerman

    His middle finger is almost fully extended, but his index finger is extended but pulled back towards his chest (notice how he says heart and then POINTS to his heart?).  Also his ring and pinky are slightly raised too.  I can say that I pretty much hate S.A.S, but cmon people.  

  • Life’s better than yours

    I bet you wake up thinking about the president LOL sad ……. just sad for that fact to consume your whole life.

  • Cesar_904

    Skip couldn’t believe his eyes! Had to divert attention to him

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_57O6TCG3QELL5EJYY4CKRSHM24 Bob

    He flipped him the bird. Plain and simple. He might not have realized it but he done it.

  • Tonybadaracco

    who cares…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1567464292 Don Papi

    ‘Cause he’s white, hello!  You know the white man can’t be dis-respectin’ the black man so soon after they broke free of the chains…

  • R. Barnett

    Dummy Racist.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YPAX5GRR5JD4JBYHHN53UGASZ4 Marvn W

    My cat just farted.

  • Tad Seafull

    …least he didn’t spit en hizz food

  • Joseph Greer75

    that was the middle finger

  • blaax R takinova

    “Is ESNP about sports or race?…”

  • T-Bone

    I think it was racist.

  • Blackvetjeff11

    in the picture it doesnt look like it, but if you play the video and pause it at the right spot you can tell that it is his middle finger

  • Goku

    Yeah, flip that bird!  You show him who the man is!!!!! YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!  lol

  • jeff

    definite bird. i dont care if his hand is at a slight angle, or his pointer finger is part way up, or he doesnt seem like a guy who would do it. HE FLIPPED THE BIRD!

  • The Bird!!

    i’ve flipped many middle fingers in my day….and that was without a doubt a middle finger lol

  • Jimig41

    cmon’ son

  • Lowellgatlin


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5CHGSOLXB5EPBLPBAL4FTJI5FE James Flagg

    Smith sould be FIRED, disgrimination goes both ways Jimmy the Greek was fired for telling a fact. Smith when beaten in an dicussion looses his cool and yells and he went past his boiling point.

  • http://www.sanfranciscoduilawyer.pro/ San Francisco DUI Lawyer


  • Kc6cfb

    Disgrimination huh? Good grief. You should be fired for being a dumba*s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1147382888 Robert Boekhout

    You’re an idiot. Can’t count to 5?  Really?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1147382888 Robert Boekhout

    Fire him =D

  • Kingpinden

    I have always disliked stephen smith’s persona on tv and that has nothing to do with color you racist f#%ks out there.  I am black but stephen smith sucks hard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1147382888 Robert Boekhout

    I hate this comment system.

  • Kevin

    Hay has anyone looked at the 40 most intimidating NFL players . I would like to know if bleacher reaport ever heard of  lile Alzado the meanest man in football.

  • Anonymous

     ha freaking ha.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F2WTVSLA6VUIAGYPWDXPMHQO5M Hoops Fan

    It was just a matter of time before one of you looney conservatives brought up Obama.  Get a life, loser!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMZ4MK6O276NM3KWUPDHLRK34 Sommer

    I agree with the people who said he was pointing to his heart. Why would he intentionally flip the bird on live national television?? That would kill his career! No intelligent person would think that he intentionally flipped the bird….Oh yeah, and all you people that are saying that it’s his ring finger…come on!!! Really??!!!

  • Skullybones67

    steven A smith…. the worst tv analist ever ! every time he comes on i go for coffee, he makes me want to change the channel !!!

  • Joshua

     Why is it any time somebody, or at least conservatives, voice a displeasure about President Obama, they’re labelled as “racist”?

    The political ranting has nothing to do with the topic at hand(that Stephen A. Smith appears to have flipped off Skip Bayless), but being vocally hostile to a politician and his/her supporters is not necessary related to skin color.

    I disagree with a lot of what Barack Obama has done as President, just as I disagree with a lot of what George W. Bush did as President. Believe it or not, some people just don’t like Barack Obama based solely on his actions as a President.

  • Joshua

     How about the fact that everyone who vocally disapproves of President Obama is immediately labelled a “racist”?
    Just look a couple posts above this one for a recent example on these boards.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X256QOLXLD6CBZL3ZNNH2SHAFI RanED

    Hm? If he is using his middle finger to point, as a commentator, that’s not a very wise thing to practice; that said, if it was the white guy expressing himself that way to the black guy, good by career!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FX72UX2QBIGAY2T7NHQET2PONA Rambo

    Yep, it is his middle finger alright. Watch in slow motion and count.

  • tim

    Unless he has six fingers on his right hand it was the middle finger.

  • guest


  • Tomwilson1976

    he sucks because he does bring race into almost all of his arguments. he always talks about the plight of the black man, and how much harder black players have to strive to maintain a respectable persona in pro sports. maybe it’s harder, and maybe it’s not. i don’t care. just report on sports, not race issues. espn doesn’t report the news, they create the news

  • Scottktracy

    Bird is the bird no matter whether it was intentional or not.  Besides I don’t like this guy, he’s too full of himself.

  • Jjefferydhandy

    And you must be a redneck raciest what the hell does Obama have to do with this  Mike S., the S must stand for Stupid

  • Scottktracy

    totally agree. i saw him just last night and his analyses sucked.

  • E Stewart

    C’mon now…like he wasn’t aware what his hand and fingers were doing! I know it’s his role to counter whatever viewpoint Bayless promotes, but Smith does so with cartoonish and over-the-top animosity, and without any semblance of maturity or class, so this act is consistent with his persona. 

  • Berman ives

    Hey,the man is good at his job.Where i come from,flipping someone the finger is done with the hand and 3 fingers as the middle one is in the up possition joined with the other two in a knuckle possition on each side,i didn’t see that.What i saw was a man pointing a finger.

  • Jefferydhandy

    You’re such a liar you just don’t want to look like a racist say what you really feel about Obama… Coward

  • Scottktracy

    actually, he didnt mean for anyone to see it…he did not know it was framed

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JUROV57UHK3MGLCD7UAPJIHXGU handsome

    hello espn…… i was watching the show with my two young boys when this happened. Oh lordy, my kids asked if it was alright to do that on TV……..  can you please spank steve for being so disrespectful. fine him, do something to punish him, wont be watching anymore they make me sick.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XCUXQK3OWMOZ5T5LMHFFE4EETU Steve

    That was his RING finger, not his middle. May have been the same intention, but watch it. It’s his second finger from the middle of his body on his RIGHT hand. Do it for yourself. It’s the ring finger.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XCUXQK3OWMOZ5T5LMHFFE4EETU Steve

    Look at the position of the finger. It’s his RIGHT hand. Put your own right hand up and put the same finger up he is putting up. It’s your ring finger.

  • Jefferydhandy

    You’re Such  a Coward say what you really feel about President Obama. and next time you refer to him show some respect it’s “President Obama”!  Racist 

  • Don’ttakelifesoseriously

    Wouldn’t it be cool for a day if all the famous tv personalities could flip the finger at each other?  Why not, we do it every day while driving.

  • sean gar

     you should watch it again, his pinky and ring finger are curled down, pause it if you need to, easy to see

  • Anonymous

    How is it that a Black Man can give the finger to a White Man… been the other way and they would have said the White Guy wanted to Kill the ….

  • Jmhvac

    yo Steven A !! dude cant do that man!! that’s like calling him a fagot

  • Anonymous

    Blackmen will never have a good persona if their “Brothers” keep stupid stuff like this up… !2#*^&

    The dude should be FIRED!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZHUEB356ARROKTW3IRQ6UV6SGM MissZagNation

    Are you an idiot? Obviously you did not pause it because it’s his second finger (middle finger) from his right hand. What a tool you are!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZHUEB356ARROKTW3IRQ6UV6SGM MissZagNation

    Can you believe one dummy posted on here under the name of “Steve” who actually thought it was his ring finger. LMAO. Pause the video and you can clearly see it is his right hand middle finger.

  • Bearsqbrex

    Wow, you really make Obama look like his got some bright people supporting him don’t you. You know that when you blatantly call people how disapprove of Obama racist you look like an idiot. HELLO! There are multiple sides of racism! Part of the reason he is even is in office is because he is black. I call voting for him for that reason racist.

  • Skipfan

    if anyone is still reading this: watch StephenA in the future when he speaks; he wasn’t purposely “flipping him off”; he had his ring finger extended as well; simply a hand gesture as he was speaking; I bet you hear StephenA explain this in the next day or two…+ who cares!!

  • ikerock

    its just a show 2 keep people looking at it.  Everyone that watch the show knows Skip and Smith are buddies..I wouldn’t put to much into it.

  • Bob A

    If Rush Limbaugh, Jimmy the Greek or Don Imas did this they would be fired the next day.  But because he is a negro, he’s allowed to say FU on TV.  More racist affirmative racism!  Its time for equal treatment under the law.  Anti-white, negroes can do anything America!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he intentionally flick him off. Yall know how when people sometimes talk sometimes they move there hands around, but im guessing thats how he move hes with hes middle finger sticking up.  Also if you look at  he thumb its not pointing straight out, there for he was not trying to stick up the middle finger at him.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he intentionally flick him off. It was simply a  hand gesture Also if you look at  hes index finger its slightly pointing out, there for he was not trying to stick up the middle finger at him.

  • E_25

    You know i honestly don’t blame you for your ignorance. i blame your parents for raising you to be the dumbass that you grew to be. Go commit suicide please and i hope you don’t have any children because they will grow up to be ignorant fucks just like the ignorant fuck your parents raised. Die slowly and painfully… signed The Black Man

  • E_25

    He flipped him off, that doesnt have anything to do with race. 

  • Jeffabailey

    you can tell at the end stephan smith was not upset or frustrated with Skip this time. He was imitating skip’s movements with the papers… And that’s flipping the bird? Get a frickin life people. You’re seeing what you want to see

  • SportsFan1963

    I don’t like either one and don’t watch them when there on. Both are about the same, but, that’s why there on there. to be the argumentative one or the devils’ advocate so to speak. For everyone out there, I took as very good look, it was his middle finger. Whether or not it was on purpose, only he can say. But, if you follow ESPN at all, you would have noticed that he has done it before. Whether or not those other times were done purposely, only he knows. I know I will catch hell for this by some of you. But that’s fine. If your Black, White or any other color and your a racist. That is your right to be that way. For everyone out there, how about keeping politics where it should be, not here. For those that are racist, same thing. You can’t have a simple disagreement or talk about anything anymore without someone bringing Racism or Politics into it. I’m a sports fan and take it that most of you are too.Let’s have one outlet in life that we all can enjoy and discuss without bringing these things into it. There are other places on the Web for just these kind of discussions. Please take it there. Let those of us enjoy our sports and our discussions do it without the HATE.

  • Jhot

    Smith needs to be Canned…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If he was white, we wouldn’t be talking about this. He’d of been fired two minutes after the show ended. Yea, he flicked the bird.  Stephen A. rants and rages mean nothing to me now. The big and bad act is over. He wasn’t man enough to admit it. He’ll never blow smoke up my ask again.

  • Bossbaldwin

    I like how he lectures about having to call him “President Obama” for respect, but he himself just called him “Obama” in his first post.

  • theufo

    Thats why they call ESPN the Eastern Sports Programming Network.

  • Curtis Schlough

    Really? You could care less?? I think most of us could NOT care less.

  • theufo

    Now thats funny right there…

  • Dandruff

    When Smith said all you know it is by heart…he pointed his finger towards his heart but left the middle finger up…

  • Murph

    This in your face sports analysis sucks. I change channels soon as I see that sh_t!

  • Matador350

    Really??? Im not a obama supporter but you found a way to talk shit about him from this. You sir are retarded.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pizzaandpeanutbutter Juan Sebastian Hernandez


  • Darkloner6662000

    Oh yeah he totally flipped him off.

  • Tony Barnes4219

    if u dont like obama then u no where u can go u  and bush

  • goku7839

    actually its spelled dousche with an s , and yes i know you werent actually trying to spell it correctly you were simply capitalizing it to emphasize you dont like him , but nonetheless , cmon people , your killin me!!!!and the red sox suck btw , lets go yankees!

    the grammar police

  • Anonymous

    Tea party impersonation:

    “It’s because of OBUMMER that a black man can flip off a white man on TV and not get 100 lashes for it!!” 

    ” BY GEORGE!! Let’s vote for MORMONS!! They’re NOT INSANE AT ALL!!! Sure they worship gold plated platinum tablets that were brought here by aliens, but aside from that… NOT INSANE AT ALL!”

  • Neilshoemaker79

    black people are a plague, a virus.

  • goku7839

    geez why does everyone hate skip bayless so much?guys entitled to his opinion as much as anyone else and hes turned those opinions into a gig on espn everyone on this blog would give just about anything to have!!!!!!!

    as for stephen a , yeah he flipped him off , no big deal , its a middle finger , oh boo hoo!!!!!!!my sons 9 and hes known what the middle finger means since he was old enough to talk , get over it people , you pay these guys to argue and annoy each other , sometimes sheet is gonna happen under those circumstances!!!its not like he dropped his pants pressed his dick tracy against the camera lens and told him to suck it or something!!!!people in america need to get a grip!!!!!as much as these gas bags argue im surprised stuff like this doesnt happen more!besides , while the middle finger was extended it was by no means a full blown flip off and it lookked like he indeed was just gesturing with his hands.maybe he left it extended knowing he coukd play that card , who knows , everyone wants to flip off skip bayless and im sure skip and quite a few people would like to flip off stephen a , i say let em go at it and dont watc h if you are afraid there may be a finger malfunction!!!!!

  • Dean Canty

    Another example of athletes and reporters not able to tell the truth….reporters are bums, they contribute nothing, they only report what someone else does.  Is Smith related to Suh, neither can face the visual truth and acknowledge it.

  • goku7839

    actually there humans who came from the same ancestors we whites (and everyo other race) did millions of years ago whos skin turned black from living close to the equator and receiving tons of vitamin d from sunlight  (causing through natural evoultion to make the pigment darken (melanin)  to block out many of those harmful rays burning into them from the sun)  as well as there vitamin d rich mainly sea food diets as many of them (especially our earliest ancestors) were very much beach combing peoples due to the abundance of foods that could be found near the shoreline.

    would you like me to explain to you why white people are white?or indians are light brown/red?or asians yellow?or do you think u can figure it out on your own from here?

    stick to the subject and stop being a troll………

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RI6NJB3P64ARENJHTH6NU4PAUY nutznboltz

    No, it was his middle finger. It’s in plain sight.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RI6NJB3P64ARENJHTH6NU4PAUY nutznboltz

    No, he’s just another dick in Washington stealing from the taxpayers. that’s all he is. He’s done nothing for this country. For that, he needs to go, and go now. As far as race goes, he’s half white, raised by his white mother and grandmother. His father took off. He’s a half breed, riding the gravy train. Keep pumping him up, it makes you look retarded.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Powley/100000027826882 Chris Powley

    Stephen A Smith is a jackass anyway so what a shocker that was

  • Cinderella

    Definitely flipped him off. But he did it as a joke.

  • talon

    If you look at his eyes right when he starts speaking and then right when he’s done speaking you can see he looks real fast to his right and then back at Skip again. It almost seems like he’s flipping someone off who’s in the studio, maybe one of the producers or someone trying to give him directions behind the scene. Hell, it could have been a friend of his making fun of him from backstage or something.  He may have thought the camera was aimed higher at his face and wouldn’t catch the hand gesture.  It was a definite flipoff,  I just don’t think it was aimed at Skip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Stephen.Boone.Jr Stephen Boone

    Devil’s advocate: To say that because you support Steve Smith you must support Obama sounds a little racial to me. Let’s just be honest. Candy- coat it however you want. Back pedaling the issue will only make you look guilty- like in Smith’s case.

  • Dinjiro

    What are any of you guys Talking about if he was white he would be promoted not fire look at Imis. What does race  or Obama have to do with an of this? Seriously who’s playing the inappropriate race card now

  • Dinjiro

    No dipshit  I challenge you to look at history. think of all the wars, crusades, Inquisitions, slavery, and genocides and then tell me who the real Virus on the planet are. Civilization was created in Africa. You dumb asses just spent the last 500 years stealing it.

  • Scott

    Unless Stephen A works similar to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and someone else runs the hand, he definitely flipped him off.

  • Fried_kitty

    “why you ‘flinkin’ ya papers…?” … And then he ‘flicks’ the bird.  I think it was a spontaneous, subliminal gesture.  But it is bird.  Absolutely.

  • Rok2maiden

     Stephen A.Smith is an ASSHOLE!!!! always has been, and always will be. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000281562468 Richard Wilson

    Ummmmm, there is no “s” in douche. (Sorry!) And also, you used the wrong form of “you’re,” when you wrote “your”. (You were looking for the contracted version of “you are”). I think you just got fired from the grammar police!!

  • Kyled_davis

    It is the ring finger.  you can see 1 finger to the right and 2 to the left with his thumb cleary off the screen. Think about it people when you flip the bird where is the position of your thumb. Usually either sticking straight out to the side or curled around the index finger.  So since you can clearly see 2 knuckles and no thumb then obviously its his ring finger.

  • Kyled_davis

    ok nevermind. I just saw a better pic and yes it was the bird.  Still cant say I blame him.  Skip Bayless is annoying!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W4EEDRGYGTNRPXHYIIEXGSGK6Y alberto

    yes he is but its the freking middle finger it isn a big deal

  • Andrew Mccarty

    What are the political reasons you do not like Bush?

  • fkei

    Better get your eyes checked.

  • Chini759

    no,listen to what he says before the finger!He tells Skip that he has it memorized anyway,and I tink he was king of point,or menat to point towards his head.Stephen A. is a pro,and he and Skip are friends!! 

  • thatguy

    And you must be a G. Bush and Romney supporter.  It is OBVIOUS all of these guys are incompetent.

  • guest

    thats why you should watch papi on dan lebatard is highly questionable-hilarious-double fist pumps and si si i am very intrigued

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JW6NIXPRUVY52TGOJ6ZOXHVOZY mac

    Id kick that coons ass!!

  • Sherrowsrule

    the middle one is the one in the middle… just fyi




    dude that was the bird are you blind index finger has nothin to do with it except it is right beside it….


    He is not even American and soon all will find that out. And will be bad.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F3HFE5FQT5KNR2IKB7YZUC6HNY ebberjr3

    If it had been the other way around, Bayless would be history already.


    We all know what N stands for when it comes to obamaa

  • Undergroundcactus

    has anyone ever watched the show?  these two guys love each other, their paid to argue and they’ve had thousands of seemingly heated debates.  it’s what they do, THAT little display was nothing.. 


    GW.Bush is nothing Now his father is a differnt story he runs this country he put clinton in office, he put obamma in office why would he not every body loves a socialist. so all you non belivers big daddy bush and the 40 foot owl run everthing in the USA.


    Your turn is coming….

  • Macacawitz

    If he did flip him off, so what?   We’re such delicate little flowers in this country who are so easily offended.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7DU34BQYLY4DMLRY4C4TLBDZ44 Chris S

    And you are just testiculating….Smith is a disgrace (so is Bayless!), but to claim that wasn’t the bird makes you as bad as they are.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7DU34BQYLY4DMLRY4C4TLBDZ44 Chris S

    Stephan A Smith is on the down low….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7DU34BQYLY4DMLRY4C4TLBDZ44 Chris S

    goku is a liberal moron….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7DU34BQYLY4DMLRY4C4TLBDZ44 Chris S

    But if Bayless had done it to Smith it would be racist…..get real.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7DU34BQYLY4DMLRY4C4TLBDZ44 Chris S

    You better get those eyes checked!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UH7YCUZ4GYJRNRFK2GDX62NWY RJ

    smith has no class. none… should be fired…. what a piece…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MNV7DXRB44MYIYDSXZAJ7GRO7M Anonymous

    they both should be history. there are not two more arrogant, self absorbed, blowhard, commentators on earth. They like each other? The only thing these two like is the sound of their own voice.

  • Wyleydaughtry

    Who cares?  They’re both loud mouths who think they know it all.  Two peas in a pod.  I flip’em both off, as in, flipping the channel when I see them.

  • mem

    anything goins during superbowl week for journalists , just more blah , blah , blah chatter to hve attention drawn to themselves and their quest for ratins. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/antonio.darcangelis Antonio D’Arcangelis

    Quite frankly, I think Stephen A. was just gesturing that he required some more Cheez Doodles!!!

  • Anonymous

    steven clearly flipped him off and denying it is ridiculous.

  • Hseg

     if it was the other way it probably would be considered

  • The Manster!

    A lot of people “talk with their hands like that”.  It’s a way for the hands to say F— YOU!

  • 6fo

    Yeahhhh… I agree with u Dogdriver70!!!!!!!!

  • Mdholtdnbml

    your an idiot or need glasses one . pause it and count moron

  • Mdholtdnbml

    well put

  • gatorbait

    political correctness once again.  “Oh…boo-hoo.  Someone flipped me one.”

  • Jamey

    Hey Skip,

    Don’t leave this laying around! LOL

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FP45K4QP5JZIBTOBM3SRT6CFPQ Rob


  • AC in Dallas

    Go figure. “signed the black man. ” like that wasn’t transparent E_25.  You want proof skip bayless would have been fired if the roles were reversed. Don Imus. You want further proof, Kramer “Michael Richards”, you want further proof , check and see who al sharpton and jessie jackson are boycotting this week.  Racism is alive todayon all sides of the ethnic argument and the worst culprits are black people, not all of them of course. You wrong the black race and they will have Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP on your door. You wrong the white race and nothing will ever come of it. I don’t care at all if you disagree. You can’t argue, intelligently, with the track record of the situation

  • AC n Dallas

    You want proof skip bayless would have been fired if the roles were reversed. Don Imus. You want further proof, Kramer “Michael Richards”, you want further proof , check and see who al sharpton and jessie jackson are boycotting this week.  Racism is alive todayon all sides of the ethnic argument and the worst culprits are black people, not all of them of course. You wrong the black race and they will have Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP on your door. You wrong the white race and nothing will ever come of it. I don’t care at all if you disagree. You can’t argue, intelligently, with the track record of the situation

  • guest

    Yeah because everybody who works together loves each other, especially at ESPN. Get real. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bucephelus Bucephelus Saggory Wade

    Technically the thumb is not a finger.  Just saying.


    PEOLPE PLEASE, find something else to comment on, EVERYBODY  at on point in ther lives has flipped someone off, friend or foe. These guys are PAID PROFESSIONALS, that is how they get ratings people, it is not a race issue, it wouldn’t be one if the coin was flipped(no pun intened), IT IS A MONEY THING.  Now lets’sd GO PATS

  • getoffthecounter

     Nope, if you look closely and have somewhat good eyesight you can see his thumb, pointer finger, and his middle finger flying high.. It’s an odd shaped little finger though..

  • Armieyebes

    Such a dumb ass comment.

  • Marlonstamps

    Didn’t our Patriots beat MY brother Tim and your broncos, its about ratings, ratings bring MONEY  and I am black

  • Armieyebes

    No we don’t know what the N stand for when it come to Obama .. so why don’t you have the balls and tell us you f—ing clown

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AMWL4K6F5OFAOPRZYHPHKPGQ3A Tyler

    a thumbs not a finger! good try though!

  • skiparoohoohoo

    Attaboy Stephen A–Everyone knows Bayless is the biggest asshole on TV so glad to see you acknowledged him like millions of true sports fans would like to do to him !! Hoo hoo #$in’ Hoo !!! ha ha ha Baseless !

  • Katz316

    Yee’ ha brother !! ha ha ha !!!

  • Jeffersonian78

    Stephen SMith must think we are as dumb as he looks if he really wants us to believe it was not intentional to flip the bird.  Who makes an obvious hand gesture like that unintentionally?  Thank God we’re not as ugly as he is either.
    “Was just talking w/ my hands like that. Folks start nonsense for a reason.”  It’s not nonsense and the folks didn’t start it, the a$$ clown Smith instigated it.  He’s a moron and now we know he’s a liar.

  • Noo_shooz


  • Noo_shooz

    Seriously, it’s his middle finger.

    He’s wrong for doing it.  But, it was funny.  He probably thought the camera was tighter on his face and wouldn’t show his hands.

  • Chadlynch

    his ring finger? perhaps you need a better computer/tv or a trip to the optometrist….

  • LooM

    Steven A. Smith is a crappy sports analyst and an even worse newspaper writer.  His articles defy logic and his uninformed opinion is the only marketable thing he has.  He has milked it long enough and I have seen more flip flops from Bayless on sports topics than I ever did during a week’s vacation in Hawaii. I quit watching “First Take” months ago in large part due to the grandstanding of the guest analysts, don’t regret that decision at all after this.

  • Cvestman

    I cant stand this guy, all he can do is speak louder than everyone else. I flip him off and then change the channel every time he comes on.

  • Reewal22

    steven a smith is a loser

  • Hankstafer1

    Stephen A ….. Own up to it. You gave him the finger. I used to think you guys shouted at each other for the show. Now I’m not so sure. Is it you can’t take it that Bayless gets his point across and you can’t handle it? Anyone else would have been fired. 

  • Langleyparker

    No that wasn’t “The Bird”  His index finger was slightly extended as well as his thumb.  The camera angle makes it appear like it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UD6IFNOB4VBA4FEBR2ZTQTMIGA Mr.Bubbles

    As far as I know. Most people have ten fingers or eight fingers and two thumbs. In any regard they are in plain sight. Making one “digit”  more pronounced by way of sticking it in the air will not harm anyone,  nor should it mean anything. I’m sure if this guy wanted to tell him verbally to f-off he would have done just that.  Should this aforementioned scenario occur, you may have a storyline.   Until that time? GROWTHEF-U-CK   UP!

  • Big man, right here.

  • FalconsGirl:)

    Ha!  So obvious that he was flipping Skippy off.  I love Stephen A. Smith, but I wish he’d just own up to it.  A billion people would love to flip Bayless off, and he should be proud that he had the balls to do it!  Besides, these guys are good friends so I’m sure this bird wasn’t meant to offend.

  • Berman ives

    screw’em both!!!!!!

  • EllenMarieCruz

    if you watch the show you would lnow that they are friends in real life…….Hello…….You can clearlt see it was accidental. jeez

  • guest

    You people with that stupid argument are just contradicting yourselves. You say it’s not a big deal since a black dude did it to  white guy yet YOU ARE ALL COMPLAINING ABOUT IT!!! Racism works both ways retard and this clearly was not racist as Bayless is just an arrogant asshole. Please on behalf of everybody don’t use the race card everytime something happens to poor little whitey because that right there is racism on your part. PREACH

  • Scott

    Avid ESPN watcher here, If Stephen A. Smith is on I turn the channel. He doesn’t have any worthwhile insight on sports and his antics tell me he isn’t worthy of walking my dog. I’d much rather listen to intelligent sports media like Tony Dungy or Mike Ditka.

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