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Did Stephen A. Smith Drop An Under-The-Radar N-Bomb On ESPN?

It’s tough to tell! NESW Sports think so, positing that last week on ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith got so worked up whilst talking LeBron James that he dropped it — albeit very quickly and nearly inaudibly. Since we enjoy getting all CSI when it comes to ESPN people accidentally cursing on-air, let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we?

Here’s what Stephen A. said, according to NESW:

“He is too supremely talented. He may be the best talent in the world. You know what? You just got to get that heart man! Stop walking around like the Tin Man syndrome. I mean what is wrong with you!? This Nigga. Come on man. He got it in him. Just peel it out. Suck it up. Wear the black hat. “

It sounds like The Basketball Jones agrees with this version of events. He definitely starts to say it, and when you full-screen the YouTube video, it looks more apparent. Either way, it’s so fast and quiet that it doesn’t really matter if he said it or not, it’s just fun to try to figure out if he said it.

Don’t let that fun fool you, though: First Take is still a terrible, terrible show.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    I thought black people were allowed to say it on TV? They never bleep it on Comedy Central…

  • Anonymous

    Did not hear no ‘nigga’ uttered.
    Methinks it is just the white supremacists creating another opportunity to to play their worn-out race card.

    In any event, those who are NEAR & DEAR TO EACH OTHER ARE AT LIBERTY to address each other any way they damn well please & allow.

    If for example one white incestuous hillbilly wants to call the other white incestuous hillbilly an incestuous hillbilly, which outsider has any business saying that the one  can’t, or isn’t supposed to?  And that the other shouldn’t go along with the characterization?

    The ‘name calling’ becomes an issue ONLY when one’s HISTORICAL ENEMIES are involved; because in this case the name calling is then an expression of enmity, which can’t be accepted unless one is masochistic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FSPIVAFYI672OH5NOKVRTEZA4U MadCharles

    This guy is an automatic shut off.  Guys like this arrogant bastard are why I stay away from almost anything ESPN.
    ESPN is flooded with bad people and cover up and shut up for access…

  • Thesauceisgood

    Just to clarify, White’s and Blacks were never enemies, in the same sense that white’s and Arabs or Blacks and Asians are ever enemies.  Yes, in the not so distant past, the white race was thought to be the more civilized form of human, but if you travel back in time a little further, the Moors were taking white slaves, as Asians took Black/White slaves in territorial conflicts.  This was simply a battle for ethnic supremacy in the region.  To say Blacks and Whites were ever enemies only damages the slow progress we’re making in the evolution of mankind.  I, as a mix of White, Black and Native Caribbean Indian, am the be all end all of my ancestors good taste, taking everything that was perfect in each of the races and blending it to perfection.  For example, I’m better looking than any pure breed and my immune system is stronger than my pure bred ancestors.  So, do your child a favor and procreate outside your race instead of continuing to scrape the bottom of the gene pool and stop the hate or at least stirring up old shit.  Ever wonder how the Halle Berry’s and Adriana Lima’s of this world came about?  I would say it was because their parents never thought themselves as enemies.  Peace! 

  • That1Guy

    He stuttered. It happens.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve already stated that you are “mixed” up; so what else is there to say?

    The only way that you could have wound up as biologically and culturally mixed up as you are, is the result of kidnapping and rape by criminal invaders. Check the lineage & history.

    Now you delude yourself that this mixed up product is “perfection”. And you want to spread the delusion by suggesting that others mate outside their race.

    Well here is info for you: The VAST MAJORITY of human forms have mated, and will continue to mate their own kind; because this is best for their offspring’s very very important cultural identity.

    ALL mixed up offspring, without exception, are lost and confused; because they are never ever going to be fully accepted by race of either of the hormonal-driven parent.

    you travel ‘back in time’ to opine on the criminals of history who kidnapped and enslaved others; and you make those acts of criminality appear normal. This can only mean that you have no sense of the actions that are right for humans. I’d say that ignorance is coming from the white pollution in your blood line.

  • Josh_kane2

    who really cares!!!!!

  • Wreck5598

    spoke like a tru1

  • Anonymous

    you are an idiot.

  • tgeorge

    The best/worst part is repeating “wear the black hat” over and over and over…  Why do black people always do that?  I think that’s why they make shitty lawyers.

  • Charles

    In retrospect, he did not say it, niggi, or niggit, is not the “N word”, its not even in the same proximity of the “N word” so in his defense he did not say the “N word” as you know it, his own sub conscious stopped him in mid word so if this does get bigger, his claim that he did not say the “N word (as you know it) is valid.

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