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Stephen A. Smith Says ‘Ain’t No Way In Hell’ Carmelo Anthony Is Staying In New York, A Mere Eight Months Before Free Agency

carmelo anthony

It’s no secret that being a basketball player in New York — particularly in Manhattan — sucks right now. The Knicks and Nets have a combined record of 8-26, which is just gross, but between their annoying trade rumors and alleged fights over pasta shape, the Knicks are a particular brand of terrible.

So, since it’s trendy and easy and fun to hate on the Knicks right now, let’s bring in NBA insider and professional loudmouth Stephen A. Smith, to see what fuel he can add to the fire. This comes from the Stephen A. Smith & Ryan Ruocco podcast, around the 14:00 mark:

“More than anything else I’ve heard… Carmelo Anthony is gone. Ain’t no way in hell he’s staying here… I’m hearing, this is out, he’s out. Unless the money disappears elsewhere… he’s not trying to stay here for this.”

Ah yes. It’s a little over a month into the season, the Knicks are only three games back of the Atlantic Division lead (and thus a top-4 playoff spot), we have eight months until free agency begins — but Carmelo Anthony is definitely leaving New York.

Smith follows up his doozy of a report with this line:

“If there’s any truth to the rumors that he’s gone…”

Wait, I thought YOU just told US that he was GONE? It appears as though Smith is the one starting the rumors, then commenting on the validity of the rumors as if it came from a scrap of newspaper under his seat on the subway, or town car, or however he gets around.

How about we cool it with the free agency rumors in December, Stephen A. Smith. What is this, Orlando?


Photo via Getty

  • Ted Tidwell

    Love it. The whiner got what he wanted by going to NYC to be the centerpiece of a championship contender (and give his lady a reality tv show). Lets face it Melo you take way to many shots and are soft on D and don’t get up the floor on D transition. Wonder how he spins this. Wonder what playoff contender will give up draft picks at the prospect of signing this guy to a long term deal. Whatever it is they should throw in a box of honey nut cheerios.

  • Seahawk

    I hope this is one of the few times Smith is right about something.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t have team chemistry wit a guy like melo.. what’s his 25 points a game worth if it comes at the cost of team chemistry? .. can’t beat entire teams with 25 points.. he refuses to play D and he doesn’t run back to get in transition after a miss. Just watch his teammates once melo gets ball, they all freeze as if they don’t expect the ball to come back out.. GET MELO OUTTA TOWN ASAP.. he’s an all around liability

  • Sef27

    Melo should be mad at himself and only himself. Had his clown ass waited to become a free agent instead of having the Knicks mortgage the future the knicks could had traded Galo and Wilson C and a draft pick for Chris Paul and okafor. They could had cut amare and signed better role players and of course signed Tyson. Carmelo is a overrated cry baby that’s all about him. Pass the damn ball fool it’s not that hard. Pass when your double teamed and shoot when your open. I say trade Melo, Jr, Amare, Felton and everyone else except hardaway and Shump. Get draft picks and young talent just as Donnie Walsh invisioned. Blow this thing up ASAP because their not going anywhere. Follow the Pacers lead clowns. The entire organization is a JOKE. Unhappy Knick fan… We need leaders!!!!

  • Pedat Ebediyah

    He can go ahead, but drop La La off at my house on the way to wherever he going.

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