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The Mystery Behind Chris Berman’s Mustache, Revealed!

So remember way back in September, at the beginning of football season, when Chris Berman was sporting a “Ron Burgundy” mustache, and everyone had an opinion on it? (People have strong feelings whilst being blitzed, apparently). Well, now we know why Berman decided not to shave for a week: hip surgery.

Berman spoke with a reporter while playing in the Shark Shootout, a Pro-Am golf tournament in Florida, and “hobbled through 18 holes” with his playing partner, Kenny Perry.

“Here I am standing here and I’m thrilled,” Berman said after completing his round Wednesday. “I expected nothing – and hip replacement is nothing compared to what some of the people that we’re raising money for are going through (the event benefits childhood cancer research) – but it feels good to be out here.

I had the hip replacement surgery in August, a few weeks before football. Which is why for the first week I had a mustache, I couldn’t shave for a few weeks so I figured I’d go with it one week, just to surprise everybody.”

I’m not exactly sure why one wouldn’t be able to shave after they’ve had hip surgery. Personally, I think he just decided to grow out a mustache for a week for the same reasons most men do: either to see what it looks like, or just because they can.

Still, that doesn’t always make it right, hence the hip excuse.

[Naplesnews.com, h/t The Big Lead]

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