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The Week In Review For FOX SPORTS 1, Healing Begins For Fans Of Speed Network

In case you missed it, Fox Sports 1 is kind of awesome. It’s like a romper-room version of ESPN, complete with beautiful blonde women, Canadians, hall of famers, and lots of racing — thanks to the disintegration and absorption of the Speed Network. For those of you deeply impacted by the relocation of most of the channel’s content to an unattainable section of your cable package, that might cost you $5 extra per month, it is time to mourn.

Step 1: Acceptance. Post your feelings on our Fox Sports 1 Speed Channel outrage message board.

Step 2: Move on. Did you know you can watch Speed’s video page? Yep, still available to all of us with internet access.

  • Jerry Baustian

    At one time, many years ago, Speed was one of my favorite channels. Then it started to suck, and every year it sucked even more.

    I moved to a new city, and the Speed channel was not part of my cable package; it would have been another $30 a month or so to get it. So I went through a full F1 season last year and never saw a single race.

    I’m watching the replay of F1 qualifying at Spa right now, on NBCSP. Now the Fox Sports channel has been moved into my current package; I just checked and there is European soccer playing right now.

  • Anonymous

    Discovery, in its never-ending attempt to provide a channel for every possible niche interest, has a channel called Velocity. Your assignment: go try and find it on your channel lineup.

  • Piss off Fox Sports B.S

    Fox sucks balls I want speed back and shade tree mechanic. WTF!!!!!!

  • joey

    Want speed channel back….NOW!

  • Long_live_Speed

    As if the 23 versions of ESPN weren’t enough. One channel. We had one channel out of 800 dedicated to motorsports and those morons at Fox had to ruin it. Well here’s hoping FS1 is soon just a painful memory and Eric Shanks is on the unemployment line.

  • misery

    i know what the hell speed was great had alot of mechanin show, i hate football i hate sports talk shows and basketball i want my racing and car shows. how did this happened time warner was involved somehow and where is the fuell channel

  • misery

    excuse my typos i meant to say mechanic and fuel where is the car stuff. time warner screwed up big time along with fox

  • petexx45

    no more wind tunnel, or nascar after the races ,, this sucks, ,, whats with fox are they that dumb that they havnt figured out almost every race fan, owner, driver watched wind tunnel ,are the people that make the decisions living in a carton under a bridge somewhere , if not they should be , unemployed immediately…

  • 19colts

    Fox Sh*ts 1 SUCKS….

  • bryan

    I would like to see them dumb no car lover in the bar somewhere.we would have it back tomarrow.

  • Angie Nelson

    We watched Speed all the time. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

  • 58olds

    whats the deal with all this junk on speed channel.don`t want to watch overpaid drugged up players bring back speed where it is real people not fakes that are in touble and get away with it. bring back a good channel not this crap. really pissed!!!!

  • Larry

    speed was my favorite channels. Fox sucks fox sports 1 is a f…ing joke. I want speed back NOW !!!!!! I will not watch fox sports 1

  • Greg the car guy

    All we need is another channel for football,baseball,etc.I feel as a car guy I HAVE BEEN SCREWED OVER.I really miss Pass Time and all the car stuff. Fox sports 1 sucks

  • Tazcar1

    Extremely disappointed, Speed is where I tuned in for car and truck shows, and racing. I don’t care about other sports as much as I do about “MOTORHEAD” stuff.

  • Rick

    Yes you do suck at this time! I would like to know what u were thinking! Take this crap off it doesn’t belong on this cannel. If you wanted to start a sports channel why didn’t you start a new one. I will not be back and don’t you think that your going to lose more people that just don’t want to bitch!
    Thanks Rick Lubbock TX

  • Ihateyellowfox

    Fox Sports 1 can suck it!!!! it blows and boring as hell so go suck it FOX. You yellow journalist creeps! non bias my hairy ass.

  • was20now14

    You have to understand raitings matter. B.S. working people can’t always be at home when on. but we deserve our basic time as in RACE HUB post race our little scroll under the auction. I guess the people who built this country don’t matter. Iguess theyu don’t relize how the lights work and the toilet works but what happens when we dont want your money we want our raceing

  • Tottallysickracing

    First u take away pinks all out from us now we can’t even watch racing? I want speed back

  • Mad Larry

    As if there aren’t already enough stick & ball channels now, who needs wrestling? I have the need for “SPEED”. It seems to me that they could have cancelled the “GOLF” channel without affecting as many TV viewers lifestyle. We need Pinks, Barrett – Jackson, Pass Time and even Stacey David more than we need “FS1″ or “GOLF”.

  • Jason

    This new fox sports channel sucks. There are already to many regular sports channels available. Now you take the one and only Motorsports channel. It’s suck and I won’t be watching any fox now programming.

  • Bob

    “Kind of awesome”? For whom? Fans of hot blondes, or wrestling, or soccer, have a multitude of channels with programming available all day, every day. Racing fans, and auto enthusiasts in general, basically had one choice, and that’s gone now. Yes, Velocity has some car-related programming, which boils down to two main series that both deal with restoring old cars. And, yes, FS1 still has some racing on–for now. I’m sure NASCAR will dominate what’s left of the racing-related programming on FS1, just like it did on Speed for the last few years, at least for as long as Fox has a relationship with that series. There are so many other racing series, and so many other programs, that were a part of Speed, however, that are apparently either DOA or headed that way. Motorcycle racing of all kinds, from MotoGP to World Superbike to AMA Pro Racing to Supercross and Motocross. Sports car racing from all over the globe, from IMSA and the Continental Tires series to Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans, the DTM, Australian V8 Supercars, etc. Vintage racing from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, and the Monterey Historic Races. Other specialty events like the Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Challenge and the Barrett-Jackson auctions. Extensive enthusiast programming like Gearz, Pinks, My Classic Car, Car Crazy, and many, many others. These were all things we could only find in one place, and they are apparently either gone or mostly gone. There are a lot of pissed-off people out there who don’t think this is “awesome” at all. Here’s just one example, with over 600 negative comments as of this posting: http://www.channelguidemagblog.com/index.php/2013/08/17/what-happened-to-speed-channel/

  • Bob

    One more thing…Speed’s video page may be great, but for those of us who live in rural areas with no viable option for streaming video service, it helps not at all.

  • Ron

    I will not watch FS1. Not interested in the endless discussion of who’s on drugs this week. I watched Speed Channel for racing… cars, trucks, bikes and boats.

  • Jonny Villalobos

    Fs1 sucks so hard. I need my pass time, Stacy Davids gears, n all the other shows. I canceled my package as soon as it switched to this bs. I only played the extra $5 a month so that I can watck speed. Fox sports channel is lame as shit.

  • Razz Racer

    When I first seen the adds for fox sport 1 I though another great fox sports channel. I had no idea fox was planning to eliminate speed and fuel, the idiots that were part of this decision should be fired! Nobody is interested in the has been star announcers and token blonde. Give us back the behind the wheel excitement or say goodbye to all types of race fans! BIGGEST DUMP ASS MOVE I’VE SEEN IN YEARS!!!

  • Waldo

    Isn’t there enough multi sport coverage on ESPN 1 & 2? Don’t watch either of them; will not be watching Fox Sports. Considering dropping U-Verse.

  • Jim Flanagan

    I’m sorry that the only race channel is gone. Don’t we already have too many sports channels that do nothing but put the same high lites on, Talk about nothing but the big buck clowns on drugs. Yes I like the high lites, love football, baseball, soccer and so on. But racing is a sport that drug test everyone, you don’t have these guys trying to hide what they do. They work all year long not like Football over paid, Basketball over paid and Baseball overpaid and on drugs. We have a soccer channel, tennis channel and golf channels,so why does Fox have to screw the Racing channel with some clown from NBC that wanted his own sport show just because he has money.

  • Bye Bye FS1

    Mr. O’Donnell, I hope you wrote the article above in jest. Let’s turn the tables for a minute. Imagine that you are a die-hard football fan. You probably are, so it shouldn’t be too tough. You live it and breathe it, and have for as long as you can recall. You subscribe to football magazines. You attend games any time you can. You play football with your buddies. Most importantly, you watch football gmaes, and football-related shows, on TV. Any game will give you a fix–the NFL, the CFL, Arena, college, even high school. However, 95% of all of the football games and related programming are found on a single channel, a channel you’ve gladly paid extra to have access to for some 15 years. 15 years. One day you turn on the TV expecting to be able to watch a game, to find that your near-exclusive access point to your favorite sport has been pulled down and replaced with a channel that mixes chess tournaments and basket-weaving competitions with an occasional football game. Outraged, you take to the internet, to find an article suggesting you “move on” and take solace in the fact that, if you’re lucky enough to have access to streaming internet video, you can joyfully sit and watch games on your computer. Because we all know that’s EXACTLY the same as being able to enjoy a game in HD on your 60″ TV, or to be able to record one on your DVR and watch in the same way any time you want. Not.
    Sound awesome to you? Didn’t think so.
    This sucks, and I sincerely hope the programming pinheads at Fox find that time crucifies them for screwing the millions of car enthusiasts in this country.

  • RON

    ITS LIKE OBAMA CARE FOR YOUR TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny jimony

    Mourn and move on? How about delivering me what I paid for now I’m paying for more of the same crap! This is no longer a genre specific channel, so therefore it’s not “improved”

  • Roberto Deriu

    only reason i had cable was to watch speed channel. then over the past year. just about everything was a repeat on there and i can not stand to watch unique whips. stupidest show ever. at least we still have velocity channel for now.

  • Jatecardan2

    what happens to all the shows that were on the Speed Network Channel? Come on people! Why do you always take away the GOOD stuff on TV and replace it with CRAP! Put The channel back on the cable network before you start dropping in your ratings. Too many loyal viewers including myself, and my whole family watched it every day! I don’t think that the “Fox Sports 1″ is awesome at all!! I prefer the Speed Network!!!! PLEEEASE!!!!

  • Dan

    Don’t get mad… Get Mav. MavTV is a new network owned by Lucas Oil. You’ll find everything you’re missing there!

  • fueled

    Its always the guy sitting behind the desk with the white shirt, tie, and manicured hands screwing things up for the real people of this country. These same corporate jackass’s would be lost in this world without their I-phones and laptops. Speed was the first channel I turned to when the T.V. went on. It was all good with a wide variety of motorsports interest. NASCAR has the largest fan base of all sports and FOX sent those fans packing. Way to go GENIOUS’S. Take your fox sports 1 and shove it way up there.

  • tommy z

    bring back speed. fox sucks dont need another sports channel.you lost me as veiwer so long!!!!!!!

  • Gear head

    I don’t care about football, baseball and the like. I watched Speed for the racing and the related shows. It was the only channel dedicated to motor sports of all types. We need Another Sports channel like a hole in the head. Thanks FOX, for wreaking my day. By the way, I won’t be watching.

  • rich

    This Channel now sucks beyond belief

  • lost

    wait wait wait I think I have this figured out FS1 is actually a crappy new reality show it’s called “HOW TO PISS OFF A RACE FAN” I do have to say that the first day it took over I was like “sweet speed it showing gp races again” BUT then i noticed that there is a bunch of tall guys bouncing a ball and putting it into a hoop then a bunch of guys playing with their balls while holding a stick then what might as well be flag football then the worst a 4 hour long scoreless game also called football

  • Were is speed

    Whats supercross gonna be on thanks for taking the only show i care about away

  • Were is speed

    I would rather not watch tv now

  • rick

    where is the alms? i wanted to see barret jackson in vegas. more damn sports talk. screw fox.

  • Big D Lefty

    Where the fuck am I going to watch the Aussie V8 Supercars now ?!!?!?

  • JStewart

    All this sucks…no live coverage of F1, limited ALMS coverage and forget Pirelli Challenge or Rolex. Indycar and Nascar. I want Varsha and Hobbs LIVE at 4:00am covering F1 SUZUKA…..I want 24 HOURS coverage of Le Mans! NBCSP, FOX SP1 you suck. Bring us coverage of DTM, Aussie V8′s, Live F1, ALMS…stream the local feeds on the internet and charge $30/month….I’m in.

  • Mike

    I like ALL things racing and NO other sports. Speed Channel was great. Fox1 sucks!! I have tried to watch it on several occasions, but never make it more than a few minutes without turning it off. Even when a racing program is on, they are constantly trying to cram a bunch of other garbage down our throats! I would rather watch a bad show about racing than anything they could ever put on about the thugs and dope heads that make up other sports.

  • One pissed off guy

    Whoever had the idea of taking speed channel off should get kicked in the balls! There is enough espn channels for the sports shit. But it’s just like everything else cause its all sucks! Probely was Obama great idea to take it off since he is full of great ideas that all suck balls! Wtf I’m pissed

  • Bring_Back_Speed

    Fox, I speak for every one here trying to find what happened to SPEED…. No one cares about FS1 or any dumb sport on that channel… We had ONE channel left fully dedicated to Motorsports and now it’s replace with this damn shit you call good TV no one cares about dumb brainless druggies trying to life off of one moment of fame. Ya know what, even if you do bring back SPEED you’ll still be in hot water with alot of angry fans, Do ya really need to take over the last Motorsports channel what ya got like, 100 other channels you can choose from? So you can shove FS1 up your Fckin’ Asses!

  • Barney

    Want speed channel back .

  • One Pisst off Wife LG

    This is the same old thing as the other channels. Bla Bla Bla
    My husband is lost and has be complaining complaining & complaining
    Please Please Bring Back SPEED

  • sue

    Fox1 stinks. What happened to all the car shows? What happened to Passtime – we watched it every evening! Speed was geared to MOTOR SPORTS, hence the name. Bring back our car shows.

  • Corey

    My grandfather is 69. We are both car dealers. He has been around cars all his life and that is his one and only true passion. Every week, the only thing he really looks forward to is all the racing on speed (And honestly, that’s the only reason we have direct tv now in the first place). Did I forget to mention he has a bad heart and isn’t expected to live very much longer?… And i honestly think the speed channel was a big part of keeping him alive as long as it has cause it actually makes him stop working for a little while and give himself a break. It just makes me sick that the only thing he really had to look forward to and that made him happy, has been replaced by another version of ESPN. I hope whoever made the decision here is reading this because I just want you to know, we are all deeply disappointed and angered by this. It was ONE channel dedicated to the race fans out there and you stripped it away from us. Thanks a lot… :/

  • sgt427


  • Grammy & Papaw

    speed channel not only offered racing 24/7 but we were also able to learn auto restoration from Stacy David and others, new products made available to car enthusiasts, showed our kids and grandkids car and racing history. our house sounds like a tomb since Speeds demise. is the real hope that the men that treasure, race, repair and restore the auto become extinct? it would appear that not a lot of thought went into this decision. we’ll be cancelling cable w/charter. we got news from cable but it can be gleaned from the internet 24/7. if enough of us do this surely someone will sit up and pay attention. this ought to give our country’s economy a real boost!

  • dissatisfied@yahoo.com

    healing????? i want racing!!!!!

  • PA

    Don’t the networks read these comments? What are they stupid? PUT SPEEDACK ON STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Surf Dog

    Leave it to fox to F+&% up a good thing .You did away with the only channel out there where you could watch something other than mind numbing conventional sports that you can see on 20 other channels. And gave us unlimited UFC crap. The motor sports fan base must b really in the mind of fox.If you want to try and compete with the leader in sports who has been around for 30+ years you need to come up with something better than five shows that run over and over and over and some short skirts to compete with ESPN.I turned on fS1 after being told by direct tv that I could find nascar on there to find nichols st and oregon football score 66-3 like anybody was watching that nail biter. ESPN did not even mention it but fs1 had it on for 4 hours .fox sports one sucks big time.

  • Anonymous

    BULL CHIT! There is enough football channels. I loved Speed channel. I will be looking for ways to eliminate fox from my screen.

  • willy

    This f@$#JNG sucks, some of us don’t give a damn about baseball, football & all those other GAMES, give us back our motorsports & keep that other crap on ESPN!

  • Dick

    Fox Sports 1 sucks, bring back Speed channel

  • dave

    You dumb mother fuckers Whoever is in charge should be fired and never be allowed to work for anything that has to do with entertainment(even as a clown at a birthday party}

  • Jeff

    Typical Round Ball Sports Broadcasting company. Fox is ate up with dumb ass, these idiots think they know what sells, lmao. Fox Sports is to ignorant to see the loss of advertisement profits from not linking Speed Channel advertisers to Fox’s Nascar coverage. Fox is not interested in the sport of auto racing, because Fox cannot run roughshod over NASCAR. Fox is to greedy to hire people who understand auto racing or hire any of the experienced racing journalist like Fox does for Baseball and Football. Nascar runs Fox Coverage the first half of the NASCAR series, not Fox. Fox Sports ego-driven ideas will back fire just like it did seven years ago when they went broke. I will not watch FOX sports try to imitate ESPN again, I do not buy off brand no label soda when I can buy Pepsi and Coke-a-cola for the same price. FOX NO SUBSTANCE SPORTS COVERAGE outside of MBL and NFL is back for a limited time,

    Fortunately the free market will quickly determine how long till Fox Sports on every channel goes broke again.

  • tom beck


    there are 15sports channels on and they need another one,Speed was the best, never missed it if I wasn;t working,who;s brainy idea was this, very stupid, NOT THINKING OF THE PEOPLE Watching, must involve $$$$$$$$$ JERKS

  • Jack

    Thank you for taking the only good motor enthusiast show off of television and replacing it with a second rate ESPN. I can only hope Fox Sports 1 fails miserably and you pull your heads out of your rears and put SPEED back on.

  • diane

    I don’t understand the point of yet ANOTHER sports station playing the same sports as the 5 other general sports channels. What’s going to be different? Will Rush Limbaugh be doing commentary? Will we be forced to hear discussions about how NASCAR is the only truely American car race? I can’t stand it. Why take away motor sports to give me yet another channel playing the “best of” football games? How many basketball games on how many channels do my fellow Americans need? I will never even strain my finger to select this station’s channel . It ‘s place on my cable will be now considered a dead zone. Oh and guys? Not every motor head is a man, so watching more plasticly enhanced blondes does not a thing for me……

  • We Want Speed

    Go here, Like this page, send it to all of your FB friends to do the same, stop the stupidity: https://www.facebook.com/WeWantSPEED
    Holding my breath for FS1′s coverage of the Monterey Historic Races (NOT)…


    I cant believe you morons took away our one and only channel dedicated to motorsports and expect us to sit and watch stick and ball games.

    you are idiots. I hate whoever made these decisions.

  • Aimee Canterbury

    I just miss all of the NASCAR shows they had on. Although, we did already have Velocity, and that is definitely a more sophisticated scene.

  • Autox champ

    I want to be pissed but NASCAR ruined speed years ago I love all racing not just NASCAR I got sick and tired of watching talk shows catering to ignorant NASCAR fans that couldn’t tell the difference between an Indy car and an F1 car or world super bike and moto gp I am a racer and love to watch good competition not a week of shows talking about 1 race. If there is room for a channel to play old NHL games 24/7 then there must be room for a racing channel

  • Kiwi

    I know, only show I record….Dumb move,

  • Tom

    So I see FS1 still has the Race Hub on, oh at noon for 1/2 an hour. What a bunch of idiots at Fox. Don’t you know we have to work for a living and can’t stay home all day to watch tv. Then you put some crap soccer on at night.
    Screw you Fox, bring back Speed.

  • shane

    Are you idiots listening this channel sucks give us speed back

  • motopissed

    So what about AMA supercross? Now we dont get that at all? I see theres some gt racing on fs1 but wtf why mess with something that worked

  • Joe

    Fox Sports channel sucks. I will not watch it again. What’s with those so called executives. They are dumber that a box of dog crap……….

  • Paul

    Another blah sports network, more of the SOS. Speed was unique and is being missed. Fox, you could have at least waited until the season was over. I can’t take you our of my cable package, but I can refuse to watch all Fox programming.

  • brad

    this is bullsh!t, f*ck you fox sports!!!

  • COV


  • GearHead demanding outlet

    Bring Speed Channel back now!! Too many overpaid meat heads banging on each other on thousands of other sports channels already!! Bring the speed channel back!!

  • chrisnascarfan

    I doubt Race Hub will be on much longer anyway. They bumped it down to half an hour and air it whenever they feel like (some days it’s on at 1 pm, others 2:30, and others 4:30) they moved it into some crappy little studio too. It sure looks like the beginning of the end to me it’s a real shame too, I really liked Jimmy Spencer and the “where are they now” segments. Oh well, maybe they’ll air it at 1am like ESPN does NASCAR Now. Way to go FOX you really sh!t the bed on this one.

  • Ross

    Wow, I sure miss speed channel…. Maybe NASCAR or BBC will start up a new channel for us car and motorsport lover……

  • DavidH

    Really bummed that SPEED channel is gone. They diluted it with all kinds of crap that no dedicated race fan wanted to watch and now it’s gone. Really miss Windtunnel with Dave Despain and all of the great races and gearhead programs. FoxF1 is garbage with foosball and stick-and-ball sports mixed with “some” race shows…

  • Troy

    Fox blows BIG WANG for dropping SPEED ……Fuk’em!!! Speed Vision was waaaaaay better an the fox bought it out an fucked that up too….

  • cdy

    I think the comments below absoutely reflect my views as well. Bring back the programming that used to be on the Speed Channel.

  • ArkieJazz

    Motor sports guys and gals had one channel to rely on. One channel….. Nascar news almost anytime we wanted it. In depth good stuff from Dave Despain. Mechanic shows. Auction stuff………..Fox Sports….. shame shame shame on you

  • ex fan

    No more Speed channel?
    Fox is FOCKED UP.

  • Hiram

    What the heck, where is the speed channel. I paid extra for extended basic so that can have the speed channel. Now I can’t watch the Jackson Barrett auction, Chop Cut Rebuild and so on. Please bring back the speed channel.

  • dirtracen

    I’m on that band wagon will all of.you on Fs1sucking but we are going about this all wrong. Whe should let the suite and tie assholes at NASCAR talk to the suit and tie dickheads at FS1. Whih several thousands letters sayingnwe will.sit and jackoff before we.watch or GO to another race. What u think?

  • Jimmy Gallagher

    Who’s the Jack Ass that came up with canceling the Speed Channel. You people need to get your head out of your ass. Way to think it through. Ridiculous!!!!!

  • Mark O’Neill

    NASCAR is for plungers and rectal examiners. Combative sports and extreme sports are much more interesting.

  • racenut

    Why would a network take away the ONLY channel that showed racing to put a channel in it’s place that shows old games that no one cares about or saw years ago. The Speed channel filled a niche that no one else had, why take that away. Why take a channel away in the middle of a season. That would NEVER happen in the middle of football, baseball, or basketball season. There would be an up-roar from fans, well that is what is happening now. Racing fans want their channel back. Is there not enough other sport channels on cable already. BRING BACK SPEED OR PUT ON ANOTHER RACING CHANNEL.

  • Kerry

    It would seem to me that the brilliant minds a Fox were doing there level best to destroy the Speed channel over the past year or so. If they wanted a network to tell you who was drugging it up, what coach needed to be fired, what over payed spoiled ball brat had just inseminated some hotel hooker why didnt they start a new network for people that just cant get enough ESPN. Talk about reruns of car shows, try listening to FS1 live tell you over and over and over and over and over the same damn story all day long. Bring back the old speed channel with new shows, new series, special events, and family friendly programming.

  • C J in Florida

    Tuned in to fox sports 1 and found a bunch of guys kicking a soccer ball around. Changed channels then came back later and two guys were in a cage kicking each other in the mouth. Changed channels again and came back later and some guys were talking about something, like they knew what they were saying, But they were not very good at it. I didn’t change channels this time. I turned it off. Three strikes and they were out. Looks like the weekends will be the only racing and then only NASCAR. Both of the Fox sports channels don’t offer anything new. There is already enough sports channels without adding two more. But there was only one Speed channel. What a shame that some whuss in the head shed, who probably doesn’t even like sports could have the power and authority to do something like that. BOOOOOOO!

  • jpl

    I just got dumped here on speed channel sucks

  • Dave Henderson

    When Speed Channel came along I thought it was one of the best things to happen to motor sports, and it was very quickly my favorite channel. Like Jerry Baustian noted though, it began to suck. It got a little bit worse with each passing year – less racing and more junk filler. There is more kinds of motor racing going on around the world than any channel could possibly televise but for some reason they started covering less and less racing and replacing this with weird game shows and a bunch of reality TV crap with wanna be mechanics yelling and cussing at each other for an hour at a time.

    The bottom line for me is that when I want to watch a ball game or a movie or the news, etc., I switch to a channel established for that purpose. Now that Fox Sports has taken over (and ruined) Speed Channel we no longer have a channel devoted to motor sports – which makes me very unhappy. What pisses me off even more is overtime games preempting scheduled televised auto races!

    I love Fox News….but I’m beginning to really hate Fox Sports!!! BRING BACK SPEED CHANNEL … but do it right!

  • HoustonBlazerDad

    One more reason to hate FOX.

  • butch

    Fs1 is terrible. There’s not one good car show/mechanic show…nobody wants to watch soccer or old races. ..speed channel needs to come back, I personally want tune to fs1 so you dont get the rating

  • Steve Palthe

    Pretty Awesome!!??? Are you F-ing kidding. What a piece of crap. 50 channels dedicated to stick and ball, soccer, wrestling, football, basketball….yet another is going to gain marketshare!!?? Do the idiots at Fox have any clue as to the number of motorsports fans they have displaced and angered….maybe they should get joyce julius on the line and figure it out. What a sucked move. You blow Fox.

  • setraenduro

    Idiots! What brainiac thought this was a good idea? I refuse to watch any more of Fox 1, not just in defiance, but because there is nothing on it I want to watch. Bring back Speed Vision.

  • Rod in New York

    There are a lot of mechanically inclined gearheads that miss the real nuts and bolts type of shows Speed Channel carried. I wish Fox would consider us as separate group of people instead of the football, baseball and basketball sports type. I have nothing against the big 3 sports in America, and understand ratings are everything in television, I just miss the Speed Channel programs and format.

  • Justin

    Fox Sports 1 sucks! If comcast does not have Fox Sports 2 in the area where you live, you are out of luck. Constantly looking to find where Nascar practice, qualifying, etc. is. Miss the Speed Channel and the programming; at least you knew where everything was.

  • Scott

    Bring it Back !

  • Fox_Rocks

    My god you illiterate. Quit complaining about Speed Channel and go back to school for spelling and grammar. No one will take you seriously til you do.

  • Fox_Rocks

    My god you illiterate. Quit complaining about Speed Channel and go back to school for spelling and grammar. No one will take you seriously til you do.

  • john slezak

    fox has to much control they buy there way in and were stuck with no pinks/ wind tunnel / pass time also its a shame that speed channel gave in to the money and not the fans

  • jeffrey rader

    yep cant even post an accurate tv schedule as a matter of fact, if its something that I actually WANT to watch ITS NOT EVEN ON just local St. Louis sports or boring bullshit don’t call it mtdwest call it local rinky dink d list sports channel that SUCKS IT

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