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These Are The World’s Largest Biceps

Meet Moustafa Ismail. He’s originally from Egypt and now lives in Massachusetts. And he has massive biceps. Seriously, you might think you’ve seen massive biceps before – and you probably have! – but you haven’t seen ones like this. How are we so sure? Don’t ask us, ask the Guinness World Records: they recently deemed Ismail (a.k.a. The Human Popeye – although that nickname doesn’t really make sense since wasn’t Popeye… human? Oh well, let’s just go with it) the owner of the world’s largest biceps. Here are those biceps:

Ismail reminds me of myself, in that we both have beards. He does not remind me of myself, in that he has 31-inch biceps. I do not. And I have to say, after seeing what 31-inch biceps look like: I’m pretty happy I don’t. They sort of just look like they’re… hanging there, like dangling skin. Not sure I could meet the 3,000-grams-of-protein-a-day requirement, either.

But that’s just me talking, and hey – not my biceps, not really my place to judge. We’re curious, though: what do you think of the world’s largest biceps? Is Ismail’s plan to look better misguided, or does it work for him? Whether you’re impressed, freaked out, or anything in between, let us know.

[The Guardian]

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/lorenzohoboken Lorenzo Hoboken

    Would like to see him try on a shirt with sleeves on it…if that’s possible

  • Me

    It looks gross and his triceps look just as big it doesn’t even look muscular just big and nasty

  • dodds

    this is fake,has nothing to do with protein or lifting weights.This guy inject an oil called synthol i his muscle to make them so big.

  • http://www.facebook.com/binaryfiles Neil Mclachlan

    This is not synthol you silly people. Synthol has a very specific look and it is obvious when it’s being used. The Guiness people took a lot of time with tests and observing this guy before they granted the award. We’ve all seen pictures of much bigger arms thanks to synthol, and those guys never get this kind of legitimate award.

    Having said that, he looks terrible to me and if I woke up like this I would be straight down to the plastic surgeon to get it fixed. But if *he* likes the way he looks, and his wife does, too, it’s none of our business. He didn’t get the award for ‘most attractive’ arms, just for the biggest. And apparently they *are* the biggest.

    I just can’t understand how you can get your arms that big while having fairly normal shoulders and lats. Is it just a genetic mutation that promotes arm growth only? It is certainly weird.

  • Meh

    Yeah, it’s Synthol for sure.Non flexed they are 24.5 icnhes, and flexed 25.5? His actual developed muscle underneath the oil is only 16.5 inches, maybe smaller. That is the only reason why there is a 4% difference in size between the contracted and non contracted state of his muscle. Also, look at his forearms and front delts. They are grossly under developed if he was in fact using enough weight to stimulate growth on 25.5 inch biceps.

  • syntholfreak

    lol synthol!!! What a freak, its obviously synthol hes not muscular in the slightest

  • http://www.facebook.com/legalsteroids.legalsteroids LegalSteroids Legal-Steroids

    he admitted using “synthobol” and a product called “synthrol-877″

  • http://www.facebook.com/legalsteroids.legalsteroids LegalSteroids Legal-Steroids

    This was a combination of 2 site enhancement oils called “synthrol-877″ and “synthobol”………read his older posts on elite


    3000 grams of protein? either he is stupid or his english isnt very polished. not possible

  • razor1

    you the silly one. It’s synthol. period. This guy is an idiot

  • http://www.karakashian.org/ Ardash Karakashian

    I can’t believe how this thing can be all over the news. Are people that stupid these days! Can’t they tell this is fake??

  • http://www.facebook.com/joxa.toni Joxa Toni

    I so want to hurt this guy in an MMA fight, the prick does not workout, his forearms are too small, his deltoids are too small. Even if he eventually trained only his biceps and triceps, his deltoids and forearms would follow suit and be bigger and more toned… This guy only injects his arms with Synthol oil that’s why they look like to bags full of liquids, that’s how obese people arms look! What a moron, and to give him credit is to be more idiots than he is!

  • Anonymous

    There is simply no possible way that those are natural muscles. If they were, we’d see more bodybuilders with arms that look like that.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3EL2BB5V4XABMPCS5J5OPVRPDM David

    problem is, if he stops using it, the skin on his arms will hang like empty bags. what a disaster….This Guinness thing is a joke — can’t they find a morbidly obese man with “bigger” arms? they could wrap a tape measure around them while he lay motionless in bed.

  • Big Daddy

    Popeye is a cartoon and he is not real, so the nickname The Human Popeye does make sense.

  • ChrisAnt

    Are you blind? Of course it’s synthol and it even looks like synthol. He has that ‘specific look’ you talk about and all the features that you discuss such as disproportionate shoulders and lats where he doesn’t inject, and arms that have no definition and just look like balloons. And Gregg Valentino, the man who once had the biggest arms in the world was a notorious synthol user. This guy is in denial. This insecure prick knows that he didn’t get that way through genetics and nutrition and by spreading the word that he’s natural, he’s being harmful to others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.abdool Joshua Abdool

    The real question is how is he going to get that shirt off? Further how did he get it on, did he put it one years ago when he first started training?

  • Bill Mullins

    to sit on T.V and claim his eating habits and as if he was this big bodybuilder is quite funny. Trust me, this has nothing to do with jealousy as some would say when someone may state facts about another. This man does noting less than inject himself with stuff we call the “Oil”. He injects it in his arms as Valentino did to achieve the large arms. If you workout to achieve the arms he has, his body would be massive. For Guniess World Records to issue an award to a man who uses substances to cheat is wrong! But, its all about money and publication!

  • david

    i dought you guys have bigger biceps

  • h

    What a joke…oil filled bag of ****.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.romanie Matthew Alan Romanie

    And only a moron would say that they wanted to hurt another human for his own decisions that have NO bearing on you….say he looks terrible and that he has injected blahblahblah is one thing but saing you want to hurt someone is probably just related to your ‘roid rage….

  • bob

    Its synthol you morons. They inject posing oil into their muscles. Its completely fake. If you cant tell its synthol then you need to get out of the house more.

  • bob

    If he drains the oil I GUARANTEE you that mine are bigger. Hell, my sisters are probably bigger than this guys real muscle.

  • luke

    what a fool this bloke really is!! how on earth can you call that muscle… if there letting him be in the guinness book of world records with arms like that why can’t fat people with there big flabby arms be in there ?

  • Dude

    You roid head! The Guinness book of records should have entered you as the worlds biggest unnatural arms! There’s people that work hard for what they have. You do nothing!

  • Big Mike

    Glenn Davis is an idiot to believe him. 3,000 grams of protein is 12,000 calories any way you stretch it. That is over 100 scoops of whey protein isolate daily. That would be 490 ounces of chicken breast. Oh, and his kidneys would be destroyed from eating that much protein daily. There are limits. He has not trained any other part of his body. Glenn Davis, I have a secret for you. If you say “bananas” really slowly, you can hear the word “gullible.”

  • mario

    what a dick head this shouldnt count as a world record so anyone can inject synthol into a body part and get a world record

  • azamat


  • Jason

    that shit hangs anyway, but i know what you mean lol

  • Pippo

    yeah synthol for sure

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mel-Pratt/100000398425764 Mel Pratt

    The guy has a constellation of serious mental issues. He thinks he looks better, but he is a sideshow freak: he is absolutely grotesque.

    I saw another video of him, and he has a very low range of motion in his arms, which comes from severe tissue damage; plus, he strains and contorts his face to do his little curls with 30lb. dumbbells. Furthermore, he took his shirt off, and he has no muscles whatsoever. A large roll of belly flab hung down over his belt. The fat on his back–he has no definition at all–was very thick. In this video, he is obviously wearing a compression shirt to hide his dangling flab.

    I’m sure that educated women lust after him and that every 10 year-old boy wants to grow up to be just like him–a super zero!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mel-Pratt/100000398425764 Mel Pratt

    Furthermore, that much protein, besides causing kidney damage, cannot possibly be metabolized into muscle. Such an amount adds high calories, which turns to fat. And he is very flabby!

    He has a future of very expensive kidney dialysis and cardiac procedures. There is no doubt whatsoever that his blood vessels are loading with plaque, that he is developing assorted circulatory diseases.

    He needs to go back to Egypt and sponge off from them, when–not if–his health rapidly deteriorates. Americans don’t want their tax money to go to medical care for such a twisted little fool!

  • synthmuch

    ‘its a good feeling to look better and be in the best shape’.. jesus that’s not in shape, he’s flabby as fuck and has absolutely no definition anywhere. i saw another video where he took his shirt off and flexed his back… my roommate who has never in inside a gym, eats candy every day and hasn’t gotten his heart rate above 160 in 4 months has a more muscular back than him. i wish these dumb fucks would have half the sense to call him out and see where he maxes.

  • hell_rell360

    this guy is full of shit, i would love to run into him and beat the fucking Synthol out his arms….3000 grams of protien, your so full of shit



  • YouWhat

    You’re an idiot. Stop talking before you make us throw weights at you.

  • michael a s

    lmaoooooooooo..good diet he says

  • michael a s

    as much as I commend you for trying to defend another human being… you sir..are an idiot.

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