Dodgers Fan Stabbed To Death In SF Following Giants Game On Wednesday

  • Rick Chandler

Proving once again that humans still have a long way to go with this evolution thing, the Giants-Dodgers rivalry once again turned tragic on Wednesday in downtown San Francisco. A fan wearing Dodgers gear was stabbed to death following a game between the two teams at At&T Park — ironically the day after a fundraiser at the park for Bryan Stow. Police aren’t coming right out and saying that it was a fight between Giants and Dodger fans, but that’s how it looks. The stabbing occurred at 3rd and Harrison, which is just a few blocks from AT&T, and police said that they responded to a fight between at least 10 people, among them Giants and Dodgers fans. Two men have been arrested. CBS Los Angeles:

Jonathan Denver, a former resident of Alhambra, was walking with his father and brother, who were all wearing Dodgers’ gear, when a verbal disagreement with a different group of men led to a physical confrontation involving a knife, authorities told CBS San Francisco.

And of course, this:

A portion of the ticket proceeds from the three-game series versus the Dodgers were being donated to the Bryan Stow Fund.

Two men are awaiting trial for a 2011 incident in which Stow, a paramedic from Santa Cruz, CA, was beaten in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium. Stow survived, but suffered severe brain damage.

In Sept. of 2003, a 25-year-old San Francisco Giants fan was shot to death in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. The shooter was convicted and sentenced to 50 years to life.

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