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The Diamondbacks’ New Mascot Is a Lucha Libre Wrestler Because They Have Latino Fans And This Definitely Isn’t Racist Or Anything

The MLB took to Twitter today to introduce the world to the D-backs Luchador, the new racist and stereotypical mascot of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What thought process went into this decision? What group of important, well-paid public relations executives sat around a conference room table and decided that the best way to appeal to the team’s Latino fan base was with a lucha libre wrestler?

What was the second option behind the Luchador on the list of ideas? A giant walking burrito? A chubby dude in a poncho and sombrero duel-wielding pistols? A matador? A flamenco dancer?

This is the same crack team of marketing geniuses that thought it would be a good idea to shorten the team’s name to “D-Backs” and put that on their jerseys, so this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

For some more entertainment, check out the Luchador’s Twitter account (@DbacksLuchador), on which he tweets (occasionally in Spanish) about the team.

  • Anonymous

    It can EASILY be mixed up as D-Bag Luchador which has a great ring to it.

  • Not a D-Backs Fan

    most idiotic mascot ever

  • MrT

    Are you joking? This is PR genius, AZ has a huge Latino fan base, and the luchador masks were a huge hit with fans of all backgrounds when they gave them out last year. I for one will be there on the 27th to get my own Dbacks luchador mask, and I pity the fool who misses it! #MrTOut #GoDbacks #VivaElLuchador

  • Mountains2Sea

    I am so tired of this crap where you point out anything popular withing certain group of people likes it’s considered racist. Is wrestling popular in Mexico and with Mexican-Americans? Is the answer is yes then it’s not racist, it’s just marketing. You try and relate to people and catch their attention and garner interest. How would you suggest they attract Hispanic fans?

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