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Comedy Central Writer Makes Twitter Joke About Death Of Dick Trickle, Feels Twitter Wrath

Social media tributes to Richard “Dick” Trickle have been pouring in today, after the ex-NASCAR driver died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in Los Angeles.

But comedy writer and standup comic Sean O’Connor decided to pay tribute to Trickle in his own special way. O’Connor is a writer for Comedy Central’s The Ben Show, has appeared on Conan O’Brien, and his Comedy Central Half Hour special debuts on Friday. Nice timing, then, with this tweet today:

Many were not amused.

O’Connor goes into defense mode:

Yeah, if you took to Twitter today to make a joke about the death of Trickle, you’re pretty much for sure an asshole. If you’re not a complete asshole, you’re guilty of being painfully ignorant. But most likely you’re both.

Trickle’s death really came as a shock to a lot of people, and that was reflected on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Twitter can also be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and those folks were out in force as well. Of course giggling at the name Dick Trickle jumped the shark around 1984, and certainly when the guy dies under tragic circumstances, one would think folks would show a little respect. But nope.

Some other examples of their loutish comments below. Comedian Doug Stanhope got into the act.

Ironically, in his act O’Connor calls himself “The most awkward person in the entire world.”

UPDATE: O’Connor replies:

In retrospect, “asshole” is a harsh word.

  • Zak

    re: “Ironically, in his act O’Connor calls himself “The most awkward person in the entire world.””,
    That’s not irony, FYI. Should probably read, “Fittingly, in his act…”

    To the topic at hand, I heard the name in the 80s and didn’t know who he was, just that it was an example of a ridiculous name. Joking about the name isn’t wrong (even on the day he dies), but to mock his suicide IS wrong. At least the way I see it, the name jokes and the suicide jokes are two separate issues.

  • Jim

    Im hunting u down

  • Bobby Stinkworm

    That Dick just trickled it’s last bit of cum.

  • Bobby Stinkworm

    Oh and I love how the holier than thou author of this “news article” works for a site that has a “story” about Mr. Testicles at the top of the page. Not surprising though, Nascar fans are unevolved chimps, I mean ya gotta be to find entertainment in watching cars drive the same lap 500 times in a row.

  • Paul Eldred

    Well Stinkworm if that’s all you see when watching a race, you must be ADHD. Can’t concentrate can you?

  • Joe Z

    It’s sort of a smart people sport, that’s why you don’t get it.

  • Joe Z

    Dick Trickle’s real name was Richard, he actually wanted it to be Dick just to be funny. Just think of the balls he had to change his name to that when he was a guy who was on national television every week. He was a genuinely nice guy and a great racer who won about a thousand short track features throughout his career. Going through life it never ceases to amaze me at the callosity and ignorance of other people I share the world with, that is truly the most depressing part of living. He was a kind, hard working, and funny. That is how he should be remembered, and not by these people who think they’re funny but are actually cold hearted human beings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    you should have put “author” and “site” and “fans” and “page” “entertainment”all in quotes. your meanness was sub-optimal

  • jim guida

    Sorry – nothing funny about suicide. You had 71 years to make fun of the guy’s name – which is an ass-hat thing to do anyway. If you missed your chance then, let it go now.

  • dasforrest

    You’re right, Dick Trickle was an awesome person. I met he and Darlene when he was driving for Cale Yarborough. They made everyone feel liked and comfortable. He lived his dream, he didn’t sit around making lame jokes. RIP DT.

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