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Pepsi Sends Undercover Jeff Gordon To Chevy Dealership To Test Drive The Bejesus Out Of A Camaro

If you’ve been on YouTube in the last day or so, you may have come across this Pepsi ad. The premise: dress Jeff Gordon up like Hunter S. Thompson, send him to a Chevy dealership, get him behind the wheel of a Camaro, scare the bejesus out of the salesman riding shotgun. Awesome. Well, sort of. I have my doubts as to the authenticity of this supposed prank, but we can address those later. It’s hilarious. Keep up the good work, Pepsi.

It may be more obvious to some of you, but the basic idea seems a bit farfetched. Not to sound like your Mom, but driving like a lunatic, no matter how good you are at driving like a lunatic, is a huge risk to take for just a stupid commercial. Add in a few other unsuspecting cars, slick roads, a few ramps, and a guy scared for his life in the passenger seat, and I could easily come up with 50 ways this thing could go south. Namely, the salesman punches him in the face and tries to kill him, and doesn’t just threaten to. Either way, it had me for a second, and was convincing enough to make me laugh (and apparently 2.8 million other YouTube viewers.) I don’t think it makes me want to drink a Pepsi, but it does make me curious about what they’ll roll out with next. Hopefully it’s as good as this gem…

  • Ross

    Can’t we just hope that it’s real… regardless that was awesome..

  • Bette Anne

    The camera was in the Pepsi Max can that Gordon brought with him..

  • Powder coater

    That was GREAT !!! it is one of the best commercials I have seen and I have to give 5 stars to Pepsi !!! Great job to Jeff Gordon !!

  • Anonymous

    Um… well first off gotta say I LOVE this commercial. but so annoyed at people ‘doubting’ it or trying to ‘debunk’ it. Seriously. The youtube thread is even worse. Jake doubting it here.

    It’s a prank. Doesn’t take a genius to realize you need to set it up. If you ever watched Punk’d, after every episode did people say “Oh man I really doubt the authenticity of this I hope it’s real though!” No. The person still got punked. Of course you need set up. Yeah you can tell the driving sequence here was carefully planned out. Obviously it had to be. Come on people. The set the driving sequence up to get a reaction. It worked. Would the guy punch Jeff Gordon in the face while flying in a car that he thought Jeff only drove a mini van? Hell no. What are you thinking? Lol. Ya I’m thinking I’m about to die in this car so let me just punch out the crazy man driving to speed up my own death! LMFAO.

    Great commerical. The parts that need to be real are 100% real IMO.

  • Uncoverthetruth
  • Dustang

    the pepsi can-cam never shook. the can would’ve flew out of the cup holder. it still was funny.

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