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NASCARWeird But True

NASCAR Driver Sees Bare Boobs In Public, Freaks Out

You’re NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne. You’re walking through the grocery store, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you see a woman breastfeeding her baby right there next to the carrots and broccolis and whatnot. You take a second look, because you’re obviously seeing things. But you’re not!

So, knowing that you’re preparing to drive the No. 5 Chevy in the upcoming Sprint Cup Series, and that you currently star in an Allstate ad campaign centered around your attractiveness to women, do you: A) shake your head, wish the mom in question had chosen a better location to feed her baby, and keep it moving, or B) go on a Twitter rant that includes the phrase “One boob put away one boob hanging!!! #nasty” and call a female follower a “dumb bitch.”

If you chose “A,” you clearly don’t know how this works. But if you chose “B”: ding ding ding! You’re correct.

Kahne would later try to outsmart the internet by deleting some of the tweets and wishing everyone a merry Christmas. Side note: we’re not sure if/when he’ll be able to shop in the dairy aisle again.

[SBTB, Mediaite]

  • Larkinvos

    What a dumbass.

  • Haroldk

     Allstate  hasn’t been his sponsor in years! Those commercials are 4 years old! Do your research better before ranting and crying 

  • Gjackson1

    Good grief! He has a right to his opinion. I would have found it offensive too.

  • lara

    men are so insensitive, sometimes.

  • Guest

    Just wait till he’s a father and his wife wants to breastfeed–maybe he’ll call her a dumb b**** too? What a class act.

  • Tarheelchik15

    I think everyone needs to get a life…there are more things going on in this world to worry about than what a driver says about Breastfeeding….most women who breastfeed cover themselves up like respectful women!

  • Irish Mullarky

    Casey, Casey, Casey, what were you thinking boy? First, there’s nothing more beautiful than the nourishing, undeniable bonding and intimacy that is the realty between Mother and Child while breasts feeding. Second, there’s no alternative formula that offers a newborn more than that which the Mother gives to her newborn child. Third, have you ever compared the appeal of packaging – cow’s milk, petro chemical plastic jug -with the container - mother’s milk in a refined, non-toxic, sculptured work of art that is clearly perfection personified perfectly!

  • Laura G

    What about (c) realize that she has a legal right to breastfeed in that store, realize that breastfeeding is precisely what a boob is made for, and have some compassion for a new mom with a hungry baby GET OVER IT?? How do we know she wasn’t “covered up?” A baby generally covers the “offensive” boob? Would you rather she wear a burqa or perhaps a pioneer dress a la the Warren Jeff’s FLDS/child bride cult compound? BOttom line, women who breastfeed are generally better education and wealthier than those who don’t.  It is a class thing. That is why some people just don’t “get it.”

  • Comicjeenyus

    I have no problem with breastfeeding in public, but can you leave the produce aisle? I remember when my wife breastfed, sometimes a head move or cough would cause a spray of milk…at least go to an area where the food is covered… oh, and someone tell Speedracer it is “you’re”…


    i wonder how many groupie boobs he’s autographed trackside…

  • Coleus

    Maybe his next sponsor will be Target, I hear  that they are also having breast feeding problems. Maybe next time he will not only turn his head, but also watch what he calls female fans.

  • TJ

    He is obviously very young and may have some mommy issues, but he is entitled to his opinion, but he lost a lot of IQ points with me and my husband thinks he is a lunatic. My husband is a wonderful guy that thinks the site of a breastfeeding woman is one of the true wonders of the world. Yes, I am a lucky gal.

  • Ed321836

    He’s a boob.

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