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Is The NRA Covering Up A “Self Inflicted” Gun Death At The NRA 500?

Racing is an inherently dangerous sport. But watching racing? That should be relatively safe. Well, after another spectator injury at a NASCAR event, it’s beginning to seem like that isn’t true. But this time, tires weren’t flying into the stands, flaming shrapnel wasn’t scissoring through protective nets. Someone died from a “self-inflicted” injury, after an argument, where alcohol was involved, at the NRA 500, and nobody is saying how it happened.

Is it possible that some drunk guys got into a fight, one of them whipped out a gun that accidentally went off, killing one of them, and somebody doesn’t want anyone to know about it?

Considering you only hear the term “self-inflicted” used in regards to gun shot wounds, things begin to seem suspicious. If you know it’s self-inflicted, why not just come out and say what inflicted the fatal damage? If it was a fall, say he fell. If he drank himself to death, say that. If it was a gun shot, well…you get the point.

Compound that with the gun-centric atmosphere of a National Rifle Association sponsored event in Fort Worth, Texas, where people love to publicly brandish weapons, and you have yourself a compelling conspiracy theory. Did people there have guns on them? Possibly. Were they drinking? Definitely. Could someone have shot themselves at an NRA sponsored NASCAR event in Texas? You tell me.

Now consider what a self-inflicted gunshot wound, at one of their own events nonetheless, would do to hurt the NRA’s cause. It’d be a PR nightmare. And I don’t think anyone in their right mind would put shady cover-up tactics beyond the realm of possible actions for an organization that is working to allow felons and the mentally ill to legally purchase guns. (NOTE: the NRA does not support background checks, which are the only way to screen those trying to buy weapons.)

The longer details about this tragedy take to come out, the more reasonable it becomes to speculate the NRA is trying to cover up a self-inflicted gun shot death at one of it’s own events.

Here’s all we know so far: The deceased, now identified as Kirk Franklin, 42, of Saginaw, Texas, died after a verbal altercation, where alcohol was involved, in or around a pick-up truck. No one else was injured, though people did witness the death, which occurred in a field near the backstretch. They also saw police officers investigating said pick-up truck.

Cause of death? Nothing. We’ll keep you updated if it turns out this guy just fell off the back of his flatbed.

Regarding the race: Kyle Busch set a track record, winning the Sprint Cup Qualifying race, after having won the Nationwide race there on Friday. In doing so, Busch now holds the record of most back-to-back wins, with seven. This is the first time back-to-back wins have happened this year.

Photos by Getty, Washington Post Story Via Fox Sports

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.gray.7965 David Gray

    It was the NRA 500. Figures.

  • Johnny N. Rickard

    War or racing? They die somewhere.More drinking and drugs in war! Figures!

  • Davis

    LOL wow PLEASE stick to facts. You had a fairly well reason point going until you made blatant false statements. The NRA is NOT “an organization that is working to allow fellons and the mentally ill to legally purchase guns:. They in fact are the one organizations working to ensure firearm owners are well trained and responsible. BTW the word is FELON not FELLON! One would think with all your great education in becoming a reporter that you would be able to spell… Next time, facts please. As hard as it is for liberals to deal with actual facts, it really is best.

  • Bill

    Gunshot wound to the head per the Tarrant County ME.

  • Bill

    My comment was deleted?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1273763631 Julie Dinkins-Borkowski

    This article lost all credibility after it included this sentence, “Compound that with the gun-centric atmosphere of a National Rifle Association sponsored event in Fort Worth, Texas, where people love to publicly brandish weapons….”

    I was at the race. If there was a gun incident the race would have been stopped and the track evacuated. Firearms were not allowed.

    Bell Helicopter’s sponsored a car in the race. An helicopter killed five member’s of owner Rick Hendrick’s family. Was there a coverup there too?

  • Thundergod

    Incompotent journalism. The NRA is not proposing new legislation to allow felons and the mentally ill to purchase weapons. They are already prohibited from purchasing firearms under current background checks and The NRA is not the ones pushing new legislation.

  • http://twitter.com/AmitieKassis Amitie Kassis

    If you think Howard`s story is unimaginable…, 2 weeks ago my uncle’s girlfriend basically also recieved a check for $7949 just sitting there sixteen hours a week from there apartment and their co-worker’s aunt`s neighbour done this for six months and errned more than $7949 part-time on their pc. use the guidelines on this page,……….. ZOO80.ℂom

  • Thundergod

    Jake O’Donnell should be ashamed of his dishonest characterization of the NRA. Jake your are not a journalist,you are a propagandist.

  • http://twitter.com/Alvin691 Alvin691

    Wow Jake, you really showed your agenda.

  • sgtji

    Personally I think your a putz. . The NRA had nothing to do with his death. He did it himself. It was his body and it was his choice. He aborted himself. This guy was probably a die hard, brain dead progressive, now he really is.

  • NVAJeeper

    O’Donnell is of course an outright liar.

    He deliberately lies when he writes that the NRA seeks to allow felons and the mentally ill to buy guns. He knows this is a lie.

    The NRA has fought for decades for strong enforcement of our gun laws.

    For example, the NRA helped design “Project Exile” along with the State of Virginia and the ATF. It is a law enforcement program designed to crack down on gun trafficking and gun crime through stepped up enforcement and stronger penalties for crimes committed with guns.

    But O’Donnelll knows this. He is a deliberate liar like most hard-core leftists. The truth wouldn’t support his gun confiscation agenda.

    ..standing by for O’Donnell’s shrill retort about supporting hunting…growing up with guns…etc..the usual lies.

  • Anonymous

    LOL Where do you come up with tis crap you call “fair” reporting…….
    I have seen you liberals come up with some good BS but now the NRA is tying to get felons and mentally ill guns? Where the heck do you get this information from? Lay off the Kook-Aid!

  • corri anderson

    At a NASCAR race. You’re funny.

  • sherry

    In 1986 the NRA pushed through legislation to end the federal ban on felons buying firearms. The NRA is fighting simple background checks to screen out the mentally ill from buying guns.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Vega/1481141622 Frank Vega

    Felons do not purchase weapons they steel them. And the mentally ill are able to steel the weapon from a lived one do so. There instances when the mentally ill put have a weapon and kill others like in Colorado and Virginia tech oh an Arizona how about

  • DuckDuckGoose

    What a flippin’ moron this O’Donnell crackpot is. Dude, if you want to blame someone for allowing felons and the mentally ill to obtain guns, start with the government, then look towards those who are supposed to be enforcing the laws already on the books. I can’t believe the idiocy that has penetrated the modern media — it’s a testament to the poor quality of education throughout the country. Yet, all of these idiots feel they’re the brightest bulbs in the room. It’s the Trophy Generation mating with the Survivor Island America crowd… idiots, one and all.

  • DuckDuckGoose

    Those who support restoring the rights of SOME felons — those who didn’t commit a violent crime (e.g. a president lying under oath, knowingly committing perjury, etc.), and who have fully paid their debt to society (or not, in the case of the lying president) — are supporting second changes. Isn’t the Left the group of second chances? And the NRA isn’t fighting deeper background checks to allow the mentally ill to purchase firearms. As a card-carrying NRA member, I oppose the truly mentally ill from owning weapons, but you know what — Left-wing organizations like the ACLU would fight that tooth and nail, just as they’ve fought to allow the mentally ill to walk the streets among us, instead of being locked up where they belong.

  • sherry

    The federal law barring felons from buying guns has not been in effect for 20 years.

  • DuckDuckGoose

    I didn’t say it was — I simply gave you the reason why the NRA, and other organizations, may support restoring the rights of some non-violent felons. So, I guess you believe the 18-year old kid who goes out one night, in a moment of sheer stupidity, and spray paints graffiti onto the side of a government building should lose his right to own a firearm, for life? Or the college student who gets caught selling a doobie to a friend? After their debt to society has been paid?

  • sherry

    The NRA is a gun lobby that would sell guns to the devil to make a buck. You support murder. You NRA murderinmg thaugs should not be allowed to touch a gun

  • DuckDuckGoose

    Sherry — who’s being insanely ridiculous now? I have never even committed a crime, and my guns have NEVER killed a single, living creature. Not one. And they never WILL be used to kill anything, unless an intruder is in my house threatening my family. But, you know what? Not every gun kills, but every abortion murders a child — every, single, one.

  • sherry

    tell your excuses to God.

  • DuckDuckGoose

    I’m not religious — imagine that. And, if there is a creator, I certainly don’t believe he’s divine. Got any other wrong assumptions you want to throw out there about me? You haven’t called me an uneducated redneck yet…

  • sherry

    Murder is murder.

  • DuckDuckGoose

    That is true, and profound. Thank you, Sherry. And thank you, most of all, for answering all of my questions honestly — it’s been an enlightening, thought-provoking discussion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky


  • SteveS

    Bite me, Sherry. You’re another one of those Liberal handwringing, emotion driven pantswetters that like to shriek incessantly about how NRA members “have blood on their hands!” As if the NRA was directly responsible for Newtown. Newsflash: I’m an NRA member, a law abiding citizen, and I’ve never shot anyone nor do I ever hope to. And I find people like you, so-called Liberals, to be the most closed-minded and dangerous people out there. You’d take away my God-given right to protect myself just because… well… “Newtown and the kids!”
    Sherry. STFU before you *really* make an ass out of yourself.

  • DuckDuckGoose

    I actually like it when she talks, Steve — it shows how stupid she really is. This is a textbook example of how a discussion with a dumbass progressive usually regresses. It’s hilarious she considers law-abiding NRA members murderers (or the NRA itself), yet she’s most likely a pro-choice liberal Democrat, or at least votes for pro-choice Democrats, and doesn’t consider herself a murderer. Profound logic!

  • JBnID

    The NRA doesn’t have a thing in the world to do with investigating un-attended deaths. That’s the county coroner and sheriff. Check with them.

  • corri anderson

    Actually they are. The NRA is responsible for the expanded background checks failing to pass the Senate (helped by the filibuster of course.) This bill would have ensured the mentally ill and felons could not purchase guns through the gun show loop hole, forcing them to pass a background check. The NRA only cares about gun sales, not safety.

  • corri anderson

    Spray painting is not a felony.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    Just because we do not believe in limiting the rights of MILLIONS of law abiding citizens does not mean we are pushing to allow felons to purchase weapons. The NRA is the voice for about 3.5 million of us, not a corporation or a single entity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    NRA is a group of 3.5 million people….

  • Seahawk

    If you are a law abiding citizen, then you would support legislation that makes it harder for criminals and the mentally unstable to get a gun. And a majority of NRA members support expanded back ground checks. So what’s your point?

  • pollyann003

    and 3.25 million of them are criminals that can t pass background checks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    The majority of them are concealed weapon holders and their family members who have a criminal background check.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    I support the US Constitution and not some emotional frivolous law passed due to an event that it would not have protected against.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    and you do know that EVERY handgun owner has a background check ran when they purchase a firearm from a dealer correct?

  • pollyann003

    So what?

  • pollyann003

    pretending to be constitutional scholars never cease to amaze me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    You are a troll and do not deserve a response.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.davin Davin Evans

    You mean when Jesus told his apostles to pick up swords? I love your selective reading of the Book.

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