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NCAA BasketballVideo

ACC Referee Allegedly Told NC State Coach To Shut His “F—ing Ass Up” During Wildly Controversial Game

North Carolina pulled out a thriller against NC State this afternoon, winning 69-67 in a game that saw 42 fouls in 40 minutes. But the last few possessions of the game had some surprising no-calls, which lead to a surprising outburst from one of the referees.

According to a tweet by reporter Adam Smith (and confirmed by another source at the game), NC State coach Mark Gottfried yelled at referee Brian Dorsey that he had missed a charge call. Dorsey’s response?

Wow. Alrighty then. We don’t know how often referees curse at coaches, or at anyone else for that matter, but it can’t be too often. And a slip-up is understandable, especially in the heat of a rugged game like this one, but “shut your f—— ass up” is less of a slip and more of a verbal assault.

And yet, later tweets by Smith show that maybe this wasn’t even that big a deal. “It was a heated situation. Gottfried didn’t think it was weird at all. He just turned, yelled more at ref Ray Natili,” said another tweet. So maybe we should all relax. Except for NC State, which seems to have some legitimate beef with the officiating at the end of the game.

Here’s the last UNC possession, which looks an awful lot like a charge to us. Gottfried loses his mind. Might this have been the offending call?

[h/t SFN]

  • ncstate

    Absolute unacceptable, Dorsey should be forced to apologize then fired

  • ncstate


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NN25ZT7AK2XGFAXQ6DJJMKDTYI Chris


  • Guest

    Investigate this travesty!  Unacceptable even for “lowly” State. I agree!

  • Guest

     How’s that football investigation going for you!?!?! I think cheating and getting caught for a win (barely) at the Music City Bowl is much more pathetic!

  • Pinkbubblesyo

    Pathetic because we had a lead almost the entire game…

  • Robyncmptn

    Officiating was poor the whole game, on both sides. Funny how State fans don’t mention how the final foul on Zeller was crap, how, if they didn’t turn the ball over twice in the last minute, they may have gotten a shot off, or how this WASN’T A CHARGE, it was a block, Marshall should have had an and one if they were going to make any call, Brown wasn’t close to set. 

  • Abcd

    your fucking stupid i bet your a walmart fan to huh bitch he shot after the charge but yeah im suprised they didnt give marshall that call like they always do

  • Sonson14

    Your ignorance inevitably shined through here. It wasn’t even Brown you assclown, it was Alex Johnson. Get your facts right, or like Dorsey said “shut your f-ing ass up”

  • Guest

    Zeller’s last foul was a blatant over the back.

  • Guest

    unc/duke refs.  that’s the way they work.

  • We Are STATE

     I am a State Fan and I agree with you… 42 fouls in the game, most of them were crap calls including the final foul on Zeller but so was the last two called on CJL.

    The issues I have is CJ Leslie 4th foul was a play almost identical to the Marshall one, lower your shoulder and drive into someone its an offensive foul.

    If you are going to call it then call it consistent, 42 fouls in the 39 mins and the refs then forgot how to call one. Just seems convenient, anyhow those two turnovers cost us the game, the Ref’s didn’t need to help.

  • Mlbarnes1970

    ok if you watch the replay from another angle Marshall did not lower his shoulder the state player moved into him an drew the contact

  • Stan blackburn

    If you wear blue you will not get a call in the ACC.Outside carolina thats a charge EVERYTIME.I used to love ACC basketball but its so bias toward unc its pathetic.

  • Ok4u2smile

    Yet the entire Internet is fuming over what a mess the acc allowed to transpire just to get unc in the final!!! I guess it’s worth it if this getsswofford out the door!!!

  • Ok4u2smile

    Perhaps u should leave the commenting to a heels fan that actually watched the game!!!! Moron!!! Brown wasn’t even involved on the place!!! Nice try though

  • Barelypure

    Coach Gott couldn’t respond to Dorsey at that point. State was down 2 and still had a chance, if he refs would do their job. If he had responded no doubt Dorsey would have T’d him up and game over.
    One has to remember that Dorsey was one of the refs on Karl Hess’ crew at the game where Corch and Googs were ejected. Did he have a chip on his shoulder due to the notoriety that followed.
    Also, one has to remember the refs coming out on Thursday with the KH sticker on their shoes to show solidarity with Karl Hess not being at the ACCT.
    Add all of this up and State wasn’t going to win this game regardless. 

  • Mrbouchez06

      state might get passionate about getting cheated out of a win against unc, but unc just flat out cheats
    how did i “arove” at that conclusion? cuz i got learnt at unc – english major

  • “Ticky tack” is still a foul

    Does anyone else feel that the “KH” on the shoes was mocking the NCSU “LC” in remembrance of Lorenzo Charles?  Makes my blood boil even more if it was mocking a Wolfpack legend.

  • BouchezBoner22

    mr. bouchez you sir are a douchez. 

    Get a real education, you probably went to some community college.  Our rivalry is with Duke not you State fags.

  • Usual Suspects

    Fire Dorsey.

  • Usual Suspects

    Coming from the biggest cry baby team in the nation.  Chris, get back on your meds, and quit screaming with your all caps.  It’s annoying.

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