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Barack Obama’s 2013 NCAA Bracket Has Been Revealed

It’s that time of year: that time of year when people fill out NCAA brackets. People like President Barack Obama, who, once he was finished keeping Kentucky out of the NCAA Tournament, joined ESPN’s Andy Katz in his yearly bracket-filling-out tradition. The full ESPN segment is airing as I write this, and we’ll include video below as soon as it’s available, but you can already see the majority of his bracket here, and his Final Four is as follows:

East Region: Indiana
South Region: Florida
Midwest Region: Louisville
West Region: Ohio State

From there, POTUS picked Louisville and Indiana to make the final, and further revealing his SHAMELESS BIG TEN BIAS, picked Indiana to win it all. Again, video when it becomes available. For now, feel free to yell about how OBAMA TURNED IN HIS BRACKET ON TIME WHAT ABOUT A BUDGET because filling out an NCAA bracket and crafting a proposed federal budget are entirely analogous processes, and also, Gonzaga star Kelly Olynyk now has the distinction of having his hair praised by the President of the United States on television. Hey POTUS: how about you praise an AMERICAN next time? Thanks a lot, Obama.

UPDATE (again): Here’s the whole video.

Photo via – Official White House photo, by Pete Souza

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice he has time for this. Now can we get a budget, Barry. It’s been 4 years.

  • http://cp4ab0lishm3nt.wordpress.com/ Cp4Ab0115hm3n7

    Shutup Azzhole!

  • Indianafor2013ncaa

    Although I agree with liberalmediasux in the fact that this president is the worst we ever had and his focus should be on the state of the country, I do agree with Obamas pic to win it all. Oh and typical liberals trying to hush up the more conservative. Cp4ab01 is a complete loser. Go live in Canada if u think Obama is so great. He is garbage. Cannot wait for him to leave office. Worst president ever. Worse than bush. Yea that bad

  • thedemon

    Love it that people get so up in arms about this. It tak mere minutes to fill out a bracket. And even the president has down time just like anyone else. Heaven forbid he spends that down time doing something popular. Am not an obama fan at all but this is tad bit rediculous.

    If there is a black eye on his president to get bent out of shape, his bracketology is at the bottom of the list.

  • tax payer

    He should be running the country and not worry who is going to be the Champion in the NCAA Tournament. I picked Kansas to win it all, so he better stick with my pick.

  • Bracketology151

    Work hard play hard, it’s called multi-tasking.

  • Cory

    There is a proposed White House Budget. Just Google “white house budget.”

  • Anonymous

    But that budget’s for fiscal year 2013, which is already underway. The proposed budgets coming out now are for fiscal year 2014, which starts in October. (and for the record I think the bracket/budget “zing” is incredibly stupid)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ReadItForYourselves Omaar Aziz

    Obama is the 15th of the last 18 presidents to play golf. Not only is he a hugely avid golfer, but a pretty fair one, too. As far as how much time he spends on the
    links, his annual rate of play is about the same as President Dwight D. Eisenhower, with President Bill Clinton right on their heels.

    It’s clear, the presidency and our great game have quite a thing going. And it seems the golf bug is bipartisan.

    Many people fondly recall Eisenhower and his utter passion for the game. During his presidency, he played some 210 rounds at Augusta National, the home of the Masters, many with his good friend Arnold Palmer. Such was his fervor for the
    game, he even had a putting green installed on the White House lawn.

    But Ike didn’t play the most golf among our presidents, nor was he the best.

    The honor for the most golf played goes to Woodrow Wilson. It’s said that he played at least a few holes each day — even in the snow — reportedly logging more than 1,000 rounds in his two terms. Maybe that’s why the League of Nations failed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ReadItForYourselves Omaar Aziz

    You Have A “Budget”

    How In The He!! Do You [Think] The Federal Government..

    Has Stayed Open For Business [?]

    Stop Listening To Fox News & AM: Hate Radio Propagandist

  • http://www.facebook.com/ReadItForYourselves Omaar Aziz

    List The Balanced Budgets And Paid Off Debts Of Republican Presidents..

    Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr & Bush Jr.

    Answer: None of The Above, The only Balanced Budget Nixon Ever Received.

    Was The Balanced Budget Left to Him In His 1st Year As President, After That, Nixon Never Had A Balanced Budget. Lyndon B. Johnson Had A War Tax, To Pay For The Viet Nam War, Where Bush-Cheney- Never Provided A War Tax, Thus Iraq War & Afghanistan War Were Unpaid For Wars, After Interest Is Applied..

    Both Iraq & Afghan Wars Will Cost American Tax Payers $6 Trillion Dollars

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.j.pajak Daniel John Pajak

    “Worst President we have ever had”? You don’t have to be an Obama supporter to laugh your a$$ off at that one. Ever heard of Grant (great general; horrible POTUS)? Ever heard of Hoover (a humanitarian while not in office, but anything but while in office)? Ever heard of Buchanon (the guy who let the South slip further and further into secession prior to Lincoln taking office)? Ever heard of Harding or Coolidge and “The Teapot Dome Scandal”? Ever heard of Bush43 who ran up a trillion dollar deficit on a war which only strengthened Iran and had no effect on Al Queda except providing fodder for recruitment videos? This is not about the troops; they did the best they could in a horrible situation; it is about the fact they should not have been sent to Iraq in the first place! But, even if you like Bush43 and hate Obama…if you really believe Obama is the “worst” of the 44 we have had, you are an idiot because we have two hundred years of history to look at. And if you know that, yet still say Obama is the “worst” ever…you are merely engaging in hyperbole and rhetoric. Obama spends less time picking brackets than Bush43 spent clearing brush at the Waco ranch and on the golf course as New Orleans was swept away and the evidence that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction came flooding in (even prior to the war) and the sub prime loan crisis began (several months before the 2008 election), so give me a break! Even if you hate Obama and love Bush43…you should admit this, or you are nothing short of a political hack who has no valuable opinions on anything at all. Personally, I am just glad to see Obama is starting to get over his former ACC bias…………..

  • Sequestered

    He plays to damned much! Now, if he could follow his foreign policies and issue points from memory like he does with his running team commentary in bracket choices, he’d be able to look like a leader rather than a puppet who can’t string two sentences together without a teleprompter!

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