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NCAA Basketball

You Will Cringe Watching This BYU Basketball Player Getting Poked In The Eye

Eric Mika Eye PokeBYU was playing Iowa State in basketball… and Cougars freshman Eric Mika got his eye poked. Bad. It’s gruesome. It’s tough to see, but if you watch the replay at ~25 seconds, you should be able to see it. Do not watch if you’re squeamish. Watch if you’re not squeamish.

Via SB Nation:

#50 DeAndre Kane was quickly thrown out of the game for a flagrant foul.

As of the end of the game, all we’ve heard is that Mika was on his way to the hospital to seek an official examination. Keeping our fingers crossed that the injury is only temporary and he’ll be seeing clearly with both eyes for the games to come.

We hope he’s alright.

[SB Nation]

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t see it in the video.

  • Paul

    Okay, Johnson above is obviously a baiter. He is almost certainly not a BYU fan. I was at the game. The poke looked bad. Heaven only knows whether the Iowa kid did it on purpose. If he did, he may be a terrible human being. If he didn’t, he still deserved the flagrant 2. Either way, there is no place for hate speech like “johnson” is throwing out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure how anyone can look at that and not see a blatant attempt to injure. Either that or that’s the worst attempt at going for the ball in the history of the sport. If he’s not suspended there is something seriously wrong.

    Too bad the Y doesn’t have Bronson Kafusi on the roster yet. I think he might’ve had an appropriate response.

  • Anonymous

    It was an intentional foul, he was about to shoot a layup and the ISU player decided to make him earn it at the FT line. Was the eye gouge intentional or accidental? Only he knows but I’ve been playing basketball for more than 40 years and when I try and stop a layup I grab on to the shooting arm, not someone’s head. Either way the flagrant 2 was correct, but if the eye gouge was intentional he should be prosecuted for assault and battery.

    I had the same thought about Kafusi.

    It’s also possible that the ISU player did it out of retaliation for Mika’s earlier elbow which the refs rules a ;egit basketball play and no foul.

  • Eric

    HAHAHA, he was going for the ball, unfortunate for Mika, but ISU aren’t training ninjas, consider this in real time when the kid did a ball fake and Kane reacted with a potential ball strip. It was just 5 minutes prior that Mika elbowed Hogue in the jaw and drew blood. This was a hard fought game, no doubt about that, but Kane did not intentionally gouge his eyes, that’s ridiculous, and is proof how a “story” can be spun by twisting the facts.

  • Eric

    Here’s something else incredible this Kane guy did, you won’t believe it! http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20131106/SPORTS020604/131106021/

  • James Cheva

    The foul was absolutely without a doubt intentional, as it appears Kane was trying to take Mika out. I was at the game, ten rows up and witnessed his coaches congratulating him, patting him on the back etc. When Mika finally was helped to his feet and escorted to the locker room, Kane just sat with his teammates laughing. Game would have had a different ending had this cheap shot shiz strategy not played out. Way to play Iowa State, ‘whatever you need to do’ to get the W right?

  • Finally watched replay video

    The flagarant 2 and ejection was a necessary outcome and the correct call. But there’s nothing about that play, if watched in real time, that looked like Kane was trying to take anyone out. Too much stock is put into watching plays like this in slow motion. You watch that play in real time and he was reacting defensively, maybe even fouling intentionally, but there’s no reason to think he was trying to injure the guy…if he was doing that, it would’ve been a heck of a lot harder foul than the tedious nature of getting your fingers into a guy’s eye. It even appeared to me that he immediately started to reach down to try to catch his fall when he realized what had happened. As far as your statement about him sitting with his teammates laughing and the coaches ‘congratulating’ him…he was ejected…he can’t sit on the bench anymore and had to go to the locker room just like Mika. And the coaches were absolutely patting him on the back for a game well played – he was heading to the locker room and had just put up 21 points and 11 rebs. Finally, re. your point about the game having a different ending had it not the play not occurred, BYU lost a talented freshman who was having the best game of his young career w/ 17 points and 9 rebs (even counting that game, he’s 3rd in scoring on the team, last in rebounds and 5th in minutes played). ISU lost Kane, a senior PG, who is their 2nd leading scorer, 2nd leading rebounder, and their leader in assists. I can respect your emotional feelings about being a fan for your team. But at the end of the day, the evidence doesn’t support the claim that this somehow benefited ISU.

  • Anonymous

    Took me a few times of watching it. Fast-forward to 25 seconds. That’s the best angle IMO.

  • Dan W

    BYU fan: I didn’t think the eye poke was on purpose until I saw the Iowa States expression when he was kicked out of game. Zero remorse and slapping hands and smiling. What a tool. Suspension for multiple games should be the minimum penalty.

  • shockdoc

    Stop the video at 21 secs, Kane is looking directly at Mika’s face and is not interested in where the ball is. He was definitely going for the head/eyes and not for a “potential ball strip.”

  • Pc

    His paints a picture of how plays. In his first two years he lead the NCAA in technicals. He was name by one web site as one of basketball’s angriest players. I hope the conference and NCAA review this play and his past history.

  • James Cheva

    There is everything about that play that says it was intentional. If that Kane guy was at least going for the ball it would make sense, but the ball was at Mika’s waist the entire time. If he wanted to intentionally foul without taking him out, he could have just wrapped him up instead.

    As with my statement about Kane laughing and getting congratulated by his coaches; it was directly after the play and he was still on the court, as the officials didn’t call anything officially for a few minutes. (Remember, I was actually in attendance) I would have gave him the benefit of a doubt that the foul was somewhat unintentional had he not been so stoked to have hurt Mika as he walked towards his bench.

    As for ISU losing Kane (their leading scorer)… he only has himself to blame. Mika didn’t come back and his status is still questionable, but ISU was able to power their way in down low against a smaller, skinnier Nate Austin and had success each time. It is obvious this was a strategy on the Cyclones part, take Mika out and they can power their way down low. I’m glad you respect my ‘feelings’ but I could care less about that. At the end of the day, we just want to see the game played fairly with no dangerous cheap shots like these given.

  • Johnson aka slime ball.

    You’re a loser.

  • Bobby Joe

    Whaaa… It wasnt malicious, but you B.WHINE.U fans are acting like he shot Joe Smith or something.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish but it certainly was not an attempt at getting the ball.

  • Marbo

    James, I too watched that game. Both teams were playing pretty even down the stretch, with a very slight edge to Mika-led BYU. Take out Mika (and consequently Kane) and you saw a slight advantage go to ISU. With the quick reactions required of a player to qualify as a major D1 guard, did you see him EVER go for the ball in that sequence? Really James?

  • Marbo

    Sorry James, I meant Finally watched replay video , not you!!

  • Brigham

    B.Whine.U Niang had 19 points, the majority were scored against Mika. Ejim had 21 points, the majority were scored agains Mika. Hogue, our primary post player was four of six from the field and…you guessed it, the majority were scored against Mika. Iowa State would have won by more than two had Mika not been poked in the eye.

  • Cyclones Suck Donky D

    Brigham, haha. Correction- the last 6 points scores by Georges Niang were against Nate Austin (Mika’s replacement).
    Fact- Mika had 5 offensive rebounds before his eyes were gouged out (which is huge in a close game).
    Fact- Over a fourth of points scored by Ejim etc. we’re from perimeter and beyond the arc.

  • Anonymous

    Not only does heaven know it was intentional, so now does the entire World.

    Look at his (Kane’s) left hand, used to steady Mika’s neck in preparation for his assault and battery. A clear attempt to gouge Mika’s eyes out.

    Now, look where the ball is? There was not a play on the ball whatsoever.

    Iowa State is collectively the dirtiest bunch of thugs I’ve ever seen in College Basketball.

    This punk should never play basketball again.

    As for the racist speech, there is no place for that whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Iowa State…Thugs of College basketball.
    Proud of yourself, are you?

  • Dahojas

    It doesn’t take a ‘ninja’ to be grab someone in the face. The eye itself may have been accidental, but grabbing the face was intentional. Kane is athletic and coordinated. NO WAY that was a play on the ball. I agree that it was retaliation for the elbow. Kane comes from a rough upbringing, I feel bad for the guy, but is it really that far of a stretch to think he might have been “taking care of his boy”?

  • Anonymous

    Real time never tells the whole story.
    Instant replay reviews aren’t watched in real time, but frame by frame.
    When viewed frame by frame, Kane did not make a play on the ball.
    The ball is below Mika’s waist while Kane is gouging Mika’s eyes out.
    Don’t be so daft.

  • Anonymous

    Banned forever!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Good Lord didn’t bless us with our eyes, just so they could be gouged out by street thugs from Iowa State.

  • Dahojas

    As Kane was jogging to the tunnel, you could tell he was holding back a smile. In 2010-2011 season AND 2011-2012 season, Kane lead the NCAA in Technical Fouls, and is currently tied for 9th so far this year. He is a chump. A dirty player. No way that was an unintentional foul. He meant do hit him in the face (not saying the eye; the eye could have been incedental). He is the Suh of college basketball and deserves to have a ban on playing college sports.

  • Eric

    Probably not a stretch to assume that it was in retaliation, but none of us will ever know for sure, so why say for sure that you know there was “no way” it wasn’t a play on where he thought the ball might be in a split second? The B.Whine.U fans have been blaming ISU for their terrible loss that they should have won by just making more of their free throws. I’m sure that Haws going 6 for 19 from the field had an impact on the game. Your comment is loaded with racism. “His boy”? “rough upbringing”? Yeah, he lost his father, but where do you get the notion that he had a rough upbringing??

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the fact that his older brother was doing time.

  • Anonymous

    Dirty dirt bag play. You are lying to yourself if you think otherwise. The fact that he has a history of such play AND his and the team’s reaction afterwards only confirm that. If you really want to see something else interesting, take a look at all the angles of the supposed hit with the elbow to the ISU player’s face. Notice that Mika’s elbow never touches the other guys face and it is quite a long time after the supposed collision that he turns his head and flops to the floor. Also note that he towel he holds to his lip in complete fakery never has any blood on it. Then look at him on the free throw line later in the game…no evidence of a contusion whatsoever. It was a beautiful flop and would have got a technical in the NBA.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Mika was guarding all three players. What wast the rest of the team doing?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Eye Gouger State fan, the language you’re trying to speak? It’s called English. Intentional does not have the same meaning as malicious. Not in English anyway.

    As for Joe Smith, he committed treason and was going to hang soon anyway, but the Court should have decided that. By killing him in that gunfight it actually helped keep the LDS church together, it was starting to fall apart with Smith’s crimes being a primary factor.

  • Bowser-fan

    Amen to that. I’m surprised they didn’t take this to court. And Ejim, you’d better be hiding in your mother’s house, cuz nobody else is going to protect you, wuss!

  • Dahojas

    Maybe the fact that ESPN talked about his upbringing during the game. And please point out where I said that I’m blaming ISU for BYU’s loss? Not once did I say, or even imply, the notion. BYU lost because they didn’t make the plays they needed to. That’s not what I’m upset about. I’m upset about a freshman with incredible potential (much more than Kane) getting hit in the face by a chump. He has a history of plays like this. It’s not crazy for BYU fans to feel it’s intentional. Only black people have ‘rough upbringing’? What a stupid thing for you to say. That is not a racist thing for me to say about him. I know plenty of peopel of every race/color that had a rough upbringing. And I put quotations around the entire sentence, not just ‘his boy’. It’s a phrase all athletes use of all color on any level of sports. I played organized sports my whole life and used that phrase myself on the football field. Apparently the education, along with class, is lacking at ISU.

  • Eric

    you are pointless to talk to, the BYU fans have been screaming bloody murder over this but the BYU kid got what he deserved for elbowing Hogue and then laughing about it, my first reaction when I watched the game was glad he got it given back to him, he had it coming, maybe Mika will learn to play with “class”

  • Eric

    laying on the ground crying! Not to mention hitting their heads on their teammates’ legs, getting kicked by their own physical trainer, elbowing ISU players, relying on the refs to send them to the line, and whining about how the ISU players were more physically dominant

  • Anonymous

    You were obviously watching a different game. Computer game perhaps.

  • Eric

    eye matey!

  • Mike

    Eric you are a moron, you classless fool.

  • mike

    You are seriously a punk loser, would like nothing more than to knock you out!

  • Eric

    Must be a Utah thing about this “classyness” cliche, keep crying about it, no one else cares, good job beating Texas

  • Eric

    an eye for an eye?

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