Awkward, Baby! An Increasingly Confused Dick Vitale Cannot Hear A Local News Anchor Shouting At Him

  • Dan Fogarty

Dick Vitale was the unfortunate victim of a malfunctioning earpiece during a recent WGN interview in Chicago. Luckily, if we were to pick one ESPN college hoops analyst to be the unfortunate victim of a malfunctioning earpiece during a local news segment (and be forced to sit in confused silence as a live television camera is trained on him) it would be Dick Vitale. So this is a good thing.

Why is Dickie V perfect for this situation? Well, for one, he’s fun to watch as things decline into the very deep depths of local news awkwardness. The child-like wonder never leaves his eyes, even as he becomes panicked that he’s been on television this whole time.

And even as things get weirder, and he delivers Charlotte-related basketball anecdotes to a morning news team in Chicago, Dick Vitale is able to salvage some sort of hope out of a hopeless situation, because he is always prepared.

This is March, after all, and anything can happen.

Thanks to tipster Andrew.

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