Duke Ball Boy Runs For His Life From Stampede Of Basketball Players

  • Jake O'Donnell

UNC-Asheville’s Sam Hughes jumped an ill-advised Rodney Hood pass at mid court, en route to Jabari Parker, giving him a nothing but daylight, an open basket, and a twenty-something dressed like a nerdy Johnny Cash. Wait, what? Glad he got that sweat droplet at the top of the key, though.

This kid probably spent the next few moments envisioning the multitude of internet posts — much like this one — that would put him on blast for almost getting trampled on a basketball court during a televised game. And his stumbly-bumbly evasive maneuvers. And his face. Sheer terror.

Hey man, worse things can happen. Look on the bright side: Had you been wearing regular khakis instead of black jeans, we’d be writing about “the ball boy that got in the way and visibly peed his pants.” Probably should clean that up…

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