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Fab Five Member Jimmy King Talks Duke, Definition Of An Uncle Tom: “A Sellout”

The most talked-about moments from last night’s ESPN Fab Five documentary were the ones involving Duke, and the perception among the Fab Five that Duke only recruited a certain type of player. That type of player: white, or from a polished, well-to-do black family.

This perception is not new. But what ruffled some feathers last night was when Jalen Rose used the term “Uncle Tom” to describe how he felt (as an eighteen-year-old) about Duke’s black players. From the documentary:

“For me, Duke was personal. I hated Duke. And I hated everything I felt Duke stood for. Schools like Duke didn’t recruit players like me. I felt like they only recruited black players that were Uncle Toms.”

Today on ESPN’s First Take, Fab Five member Jimmy King was asked about these comments. It’s an interesting segment: King describes how he couldn’t identify with Duke’s program growing up, and some of the feelings that that engendered. He was also asked to give his definition of what an “Uncle Tom” is. Video here, courtesy of ESPN.

  • Mikelnick

    Jimmy King is from Plano, TX, an extremely well off Dallas suburb, what a joker

  • Jnorr

    Duke recruits players who can count timeouts.

  • http://twitter.com/ProObamaAgenda Kevin G

    not all of plano tx is affluent…if you think that youve never been there, jimmy king is from the other side of the tracks in plano where the po folks live

  • Sloo22t

    Jimmy did not live on the other side of the tracks…..I lived in the same neighborhood. The neighborhood was not the upper echelon of Plano, but DEFINITELY not where “the po folks live.”

  • Andthehorseyourodeinon

    Would be an interesting to see how successful black players who played at the duke, notre dame, Stanford, who did NOT go on to play at the professional level were compared to say the same group from Alabama, Florida, Ohio State.

  • matt

    so let me get this straight……do homework, go to class……..sellout?

    wonder why young african american kids are haing trouble in society. guy who made it is saying they are sellouts if they get an education.

    he hated what duke stood for:

    and didnt break a dozen ncaa rules

    how is that a bad thing jalen???

  • MH

    THANK YOU Matt!!! I wish i had enough time to type ALL the talented black players that have come through Duke and left their mark. Hey Jimmy King, Duke doesn’t have black players on their squads over the last 20 yrs??? Grant Hill, Loul Deng, Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, Chris Carawell, William Avery, Jay Williams, Shelden Williams, Carlos Boozer, Lance Thomas, Gerald Henderson, Nolan Smith, Andre Dawkins, Seth Curry, Kyrie Irving…. Guess I had some time to type, SOME of the talented black players to play at Duke. True scholar-athletes… what a horrible way to live. And guess what, your right… you would never see a “Fab 5″ at Duke. And that’s because we haven’t seen it anywhere else for that matter. What you guys did was incredible and left a mark on the NCAA that will never go away. But it is tarnished. And it seems like the more you guys open your mouths, the more you tarnish it.

    GO Blue Devils!! (’91, ’92, ’01, ’10)

  • Baller48_2000

    here we go. A bunch of Dukie Riders misinterpeting what Jalen and Jimmy said. Cause of course as WHITE MEN, you’re well aware of what goes on in BLACK neighborhoods… What a bunch self serving crap!!!! The black kids recuited to Duke are kids that resemble what WHITE AMERICA wants blacks kids to be. Individuality by black kids is automatially looked at as being hood or thuggish. The Fab Five would have never been at an institution like Duke. I respect Duke, however I don’t want you to be mad when your punk rocker, earing in nose wearing teen gets passed over for a scholarship because they dont fit the Duke profile. I do have to agree though that “Uncle Tom” or “sellout” were not the correct terms to use. However, they were real enough to give you a perspective from almost 20 years ago. Thats what makes for good debates.

  • MH

    Baller, I agree 100% with what you have to say that, WHITE AMERICA wanting black kids to look and act a certain way. I wasn’t making this a black/white issue. And as a white male who grew up in a suburban area that was pretty affluent, and surrounded by poor black neighborhoods, and a substitute teacher in a poor black school, i understand what goes on and what these kids go through. But i didn’t misinterpret anything. Jimmy and Jalen flat out said what they said. And they meant what they said. You said it yourself, that those weren’t the correct terms to use. And the problem is, a lot of African American youths are going to take it as, they’re “uncle toms and sellouts.” That’s my whole problem with their comments. Just because these black players come from good homes and get a chance to go to these schools, doesn’t mean they’re Uncle Toms. I respect Jalen and Jimmy for not holding anything back. And actually Jalen gave Laetner credit for being a great player, after he said he was an overrated bitch haha.. The thing is, even though i was a Duke fan, i loved the Fab 5 because of the style of play, clothes they wore, and attitude they brought to the college game. You think as a 9 yr old kid i wanted to wear tight little booty shorts? LOL Anyway, your right Baller, this is made to spark debates, as are a lot of things on ESPN. And i loved the documentry! looking forward to seeing more like this one. (PS.. if my punker, earing-in-the-nose, teen gets passed over, I’ll tell him that there are plenty of other colleges to go to and play ball, and earn your degree.)

  • Clp15

    Yes, Jimmy King and Jalen Rose are not the kind of players Duke recruits. Coach K doesn’t like players who cheat.

    If you go into Crisler Arena, you won’t see the jerseys of any of the Fab 5 hanging from the rafters. In fact, you won’t really find any record of those players at all — because UM forfeited all their games and erased them from the stat records.

  • Madink3

    As I remember it,he kind of Black player tht Duke recruited was was the type whom would cast his eyes down when approched ortalked to by a white; who would say, “Yassuh, I’m not one of those ‘civil-rights’
    type guys! I’m not gonna get involved with them!”

    No matter what kind of sports, that’s the kind of dark-skin athlete that Duke likes; especially if their basketball team has a white star whom the school prefers to be the ‘featured’ star.

    That way, the alumni and majority students can feel more comfortable with their sports program. As you can read in the posts concerning this subject, the anti-Black bigots find Duke’s basketball to be the kind they can really get behind. Nothing unique about that; everyone involved are just doing it the way that makes them feel better.

    No one forces the Black so-called ‘Toms’ to go there, it’s their choice. Just like the ones who play for BYU, Wyoming, Liberty U. and Pepperdine.

    I have no problem with it because it’s not Duke’s, etc. problem; it’s the Toms’. Let and let live.

  • Shamika456

    What a crock!!!…Jimmy you came from lily white Plano, TX. A predominantly white suburb that provided you with an education and an athletics program that got you to Michigan. Are your parents Uncle Tom’s for sending you to Plano schools? Your argument is weak and immature.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    White America are a bunch of cowards when it comes to any candid discourse about race..Eric Holder was right about Whites so was Jalen…Uncle Toms are a creation of white supremacy without white racism and white privledge you have no UNCLE TOMS

  • Justice

    Not for nothing, Jalen clarify that this was his state of mind back then as a 17 yr old inner city honor roll student who happened to be a good basketball player

  • Justice

    I meant to say clarified

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    I have no problem with Jalen or any Black person discussing how Uncle Toms were created and cultivated by whites and white insitutions…As I noted in my post Uncle Toms are a reflection of white racism and white privledge in America…Black Americans have been forced always to react to white racism in America

  • Tcc1300

    yeah right now white america is FORCED to react to the black bull shit, everyday all day. this is really getting old

  • jono614

    Instead of Uncle Toms, Jalen should have said squares. I think that is closer to what he meant.

  • Madink3

    Na, he meant ‘Tom’. But those who go to Duke are STILL less tom than those who recruit to BYU. Or those coloreds at Notre Dame who didn’t say a word when Willingham got screwed and his replacement did just a bad – but didn’t get fired until they couldn’t stand it anymore.

    But this is a Black problem; it doesn’t involve whites.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of hood blacks being jealous of successful blacks and keeping them down by forcing them to act “ghetto”. “White privilege” doesn’t keep blacks down, black “thug life” does. Winning titles, earning a degree, and getting a good job should be valued. Get off welfare, put some effort into your life and stop acting like an entitled victim and good things will happen.

  • Anonymous

    Without blacks playing the victim, you have no BS comments from Rose and King.

  • Anonymous

    They go to Duke because they want to get a useful degree, win a title, and go to the NBA- in that order. Go to UM if you want to be infamous! BTW, King and Webber were rich kids. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that they PRETENDED TO BE POO to give them a license to act out.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    Without Whites engaging in white supremacy, racism, jim crow and all manner of inhumanity in America towards Black Americans you have no Black Victims… Whites created slavery in AMerica..WHites created Uncle Toms…Get out of denial

  • Jphbucks

    So the blacks in Africa who sold their brethren bear no responsibility? Get real.

  • Jphbucks

    The anti-Duke bigots sound just like you. One can thrive at Duke if one wants to learn, regardless of one’s social orientation. This desire for some people to behave in antisocial ways so as not to appear “Tom” is so self-defeating. Wake up! The chains that bind you are of your own construction.

  • Cheese

    I was growing up in Michigan at the time, and I don’t even remember who this “Jimmy King” guy was. Did he even play?

  • Madink3

    No problem. It’s we Blacks who have to face the fact that we’re more at ease blaming and talking about it.
    We’d rather fight and betray each other rather than become a disciplined culture. I find racism as practiced by ANYONE, Black, White, Albino, Brown or Purple-Green, to be foolish and anti-capitalistic. You bigots in this discussion are nothing but collectivists – as much or more so than those evil ‘commies’ you used to rant so much about.

    You’re stoopid if you put all the blame on others, you’re stoopid to say that America is blameless for the current state of things and you’re especially stoopido if you parrot the same old racial stereotypes about
    those lowly,lazy inner-city minorities who are poor, go to substandard schools and are ignorant ‘by choice’.

    Those Blacks who have had to experience inner-city life AND surbie-life KNOW exactly what we mean
    when we say someone is a “Tom”. We’ve met them, had to deal with them, see them on television talk shows. Others have NO idea what we’re talking about – and it’s foolish to expect them to know.

  • Prowling Woofie

    Went on to ‘star’ with the Grand Rapids semi-pro team…

  • Jjh

    Are you stoopid if you incorrectly spell stupid three times in the same post?

  • Hoopscoach21

    Listening to Jimmy King carefully….
    An Uncle Tom is a “sellout”….a person that forgets their heritage to go to a predominately white school……He admits that his issue is that Duke doesn’t recruit “inner city” kids and that when he looks at them, he sees the white players.

    First, let me be transparent. I am a white man, who grew up in the actual, real-life inner city, poor as anyone southwest Atlanta. I grew up in a one parent household on welfare, and I was 1 of 8 white students in my high school and middle school. That doesn’t make me black, but it does make me “hood”.I understand the black community better than most. That doesn’t make me black. I was a victim of black on white racism growing up, but that doesn’t make me condemn all black people. That would be ignorant.

    Second, racism is a two way street. White people aren’t the only racists in the world. When black people refer to people as “that white boy”, that is inappropriate and racist. You can’t have it both ways.

    Jimmy King is right. Duke recruits people that fit their profile. Is that racist? Maybe. Or is that the convenient argument? Would a “real” inner city kid feel comfortable at Duke? It is much deeper than just merely about race. That is superficial, convenient and obtuse. Duke cannot admit students with SATs lower than their admissions will allow. This is a fact. The football team is a perfect example of that. Black kids can and do well on the SAT. However, there are players playing in the NCAAs who are minimum qualifiers. Duke cannot admit those students. It isn’t racist not not recruit students who don’t fit their idea of a Duke player/student, it is unabashed honesty. If anything, it is more morally correct than bending standards simply to let a student in to play basketball.

    People that are against racism shouldn’t cry racism at the first opportunity. They should support fairness and education. If anything, Duke is fair. They recruit students that fit their profile, and don’t bend standards. Selectivity in standards is maintaining an even playing field. Grant Hill, William Avery, Kyrie Irving, Elton Brand, Corey Maggette and others all meet the standards. They are educated black men, who are living their own lives, regardless of what other people believe that they should be doing. Is that wrong?

    That’s what the world should strive for.

    On the flip side, Jimmy King says that he couldn’t relate to Duke. None of his friends related, nor any of his family. Is it wrong then, for Duke to not relate to him? Is that really racist?

    Guys, racism is real. But it isn’t the answer/excuse/reason for everything that doesn’t work out in life. Calling a man an “Uncle Tom” and assuming (by King’s own words) that Grant Hill and others are forgetting their heritage to go to a predominatley white school is ignorant. How did Grant Hill (who owns the largest collection of African-American art in the country, and study AA studies as a major) just suddenly forget his heritage? Simply by going to a “predominately white school”? By being born into a wealthy home? Because he wasn’t poor?

    And now that we are talking about that, how is Michigan not a predominately white school? I hate to tell you that U of M is as “blue-blooded” as Duke.

    I can show you racism in the world. King is bordering on racism in his words. Racism harms people and perpetuates ignorance. The fact that Duke did recruit Chris Webber makes this whole thing stupid.
    Racism is real. There are white racists. There are black racists. There are Asian racists. Not getting recruited by Duke isn’t any more a racist issue than Adrian Peterson claiming that the NFL lockout is like “slavery”.

    You probably won’t agree, and that’s fine. I am sure I will get the typical, “you don’t understand racism because you aren’t black argument”. That’s crap. Racism isn’t central to one race. That’s just dumb. Then, I will get suburban life vs city life argument. Yes, they are different. But why does it define an entire race/culture? So being from the city makes someone “more black”? So does that mean that because I grew up there, I am “less white”? Are the struggles different? Yes. Does one define heritage more than the other. Absolutely, postively not. That is stupid.

    GBT- I will have a candid discourse on race anytime as long as it is thoughtful and honest. You’re right. One of the problems is that people can’t be honest, and no progress can come. However, if Uncle Tom’s were “created by White America”, then you should first hold Jimmy King accountable for perpetuating that stereotype.

    That’s all. Feel free to call me racist, stupid, ignorant…whatever. Just be honest and logical about why I am racist and stupid and ignorant.

  • Hoopscoach21

    One last thing….before you get carried away- listen to Jalen discuss his comments now. He says he spoke as a 17 year old, and as a grown mature man, he has changed his perception. Maybe you all should think about that too…..

  • Trkite1115

    Just goes to showh the double standard of sports loud mouths. If a white announcer had made these comments all the black media and pundits would have called for his job. Jalen should me made to at the very least say mia culpua amd shut up.

  • KGSDesignLab

    You have just proven to us and defined what an idiot is. Its all about “White men” in “White America” calling the shots for what’s accepted in society – blah, blah blah. Give that crap a rest. It’s SOOO tired. If anything these 5 clowns, like Matt said, continue to tarnish their great accomplishments by running their mouths, and continue to play up to with the vicious definition of bigotry, and how loosely ignored and prevalent reverse racism is in our society. My friend, you are either (a) ignorant, (b) stupid, (c) racist or (d) all of the above. My educational guess would be “d”. Find something decent to run your mouth about.

  • runriggorun

    Hoopscoach21. The Fab Five players could not have gotten into Duke academically.

    That’s all there is to it.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    I don’t need to call you any names I just will deal with the facts in America Whites created slavery, jim crow, segregation, disparate treatment, redlining, racial profiling all under the color of law…There would be no Uncle Toms without White racism in our country..

    In our nation whites had to legally compelled and force to provide equal opportunity etc..The civil rights laws of 1964 are reality..I would be ashamed and embrassed if I was a white american having to be legally forced to be humane and civil and decent to another American…It is a sad legacy white racism in our nation..

    It is a simply historical fact…

  • Bandango

    Actually, whites were only partially responsible for slavery. Black leaders in Africa were so desperate to crawl their way out of poverty that they sold their own people as slaves to the Americans. Let’s direct our anger at the true “sell-outs”.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    Please spare me the revisonist history and race card dodge..Fact remian in North America aka USA WHite folks created slavery, race card, Uncle Tom, segregation, jim crow, racial profiling, redlining, gerrymandering, disparate treament, block busting, white quotas..all manner of discrimination..

    Stop being a coward and running from the truth..

  • Lashe44

    Actually, if you paid attention and did some research, Duke also wanted Chris, yet he chose UM. So I guess he was academically acceptable for them. BTW- how do you know the academic records of any of them.

    Personally, I liked the documentary. I think a lot of people forget that they were telling us how they felt as 17, 18 and 19 year olds (kids) playing against other kids. They were not speaking of how they feel now, as mature adults.

  • Mr. Duke

    interesting comment from Baller. “what WHITE AMERICA wants blacks kids to be”. And what is that – educated, successful, good sports and good citizens. What a concept. There is education everywhere, even “BLACK neighborhoods”, but too many black kids choose to ignore that and take the easy way out. Completing education takes hard work, becoming successful takes hard work, being a good citizen and a good sport takes hard work. Blaming white america is the easy way out, so stop taking the easy way out and start challenging black youth to work harder to better themselves. Yes, it’s hard, but worth it – ask any Duke grad.

  • gotohellduke101

    Slavery was not created by White America — nor was racism. I am White and I am ashamed that slavery was ever a part of our country’s history, let alone the history and legacy of the black families it directly impacted. But slavery was not started by White America. It existed in Egypt thousands of years ago. It existed in South America. It was sustained by White America, but it did not start here.
    Racism is a terrible word that stands for something even worse — hatred. It runs within races both ways unfortunately. White racism is a sad legacy in our nation. I totally agree with you on this. But black racism, or racism of any kind is a sad legacy just the same.

  • gotohellduke101

    Would have been canned immediately. EX. Jimmy the Greek. I dont agree with wht Jimmy the Greek said and he should not have said it, like others who have followed him to the unemployment line for similar comments. But there is a double standard here. Same with women who have slipped with the tongue. Not saying Jalen Rose should be fired, but I am saying there is a double standard. Waiting to see Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson weigh in on Jalen’s comments. I would expect a much softer tone from them on this issue. I equate them right along with the white bigots that practice hate and strife on a daily basis.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    Slavery and White racism in North America aka USA was created and practiced by Whites it was legally sanctioned and invoked 24/7 on Black Americans..Black racism could never have the depth or legacy of White racism in America..Yes all racism is wrong and hate but that is not the subject of this chatter..

    Uncle Toms and every other low self esteem incarnation by Black Americans were caused by white supreamacy, white privledged and white racism..The pathology of white racism in America has contaminated not just the lives of people of color but tragically whites as well..

    It is sad to know that our nation had to pass civil rights laws to compell whites just to be humane towards thier fellow Americans of color..Tragic!!!

  • Anonymous

    That was true 40 years ago. Now you have kids looking for reasons to play like they are being mistreated. Get out of the stone age.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    I don’t have to go back 2 decades to tell these truths..I don’t need to engaged in revisonist history to tell this truth…All I have to do is look at the landscape of college sports and professional sports where Blacks dominate despite being only 8% of male population in America..No I live in the digital age where modern slavery, high tech lynching and the contempt for Black folks is a staple of social networks and chatter 24/7

  • Rc

    Bottom line is that was a few years ago. I dont hear any other race bitching about their past. Was is horrible yes so was millions of jews being killes just because of their religion. Guess what they arent crying they are some of the most successful people in the world. Quit crying about it and work hard and do something to get where you want.

  • http://twitter.com/mwpolitico Shirley Grigsby

    I’m a African American woman who isn’t a Fan of Duke. No one is misinterpreting what Jalen and Jimmy are saying, their ignorant comments are well understood. How is attending Duke a predominately white school makes one a Uncle Tom, but if you attend Michigan a predominately white school you are not?

    The Fab Five was all hype, no championships nada. These guys are now middle age and still haven’t gain any self-awareness. They know good and damn well that they didn’t have the intellectual capability to succeed at Duke. Michigan is an excellent public university, but it was obvious that they lowered their standards in regards to academics and test scores in order to get the Fab Five and still didn’t get a Championship.

  • http://twitter.com/mwpolitico Shirley Grigsby

    Eric Holder was right, Jalen Rose and his posse are NOT. Uncle Toms are people who hate being Black and kiss up to white people PERIOD. Having an education or coming from an affluent family does not equate being an Uncle Tom.

  • http://twitter.com/mwpolitico Shirley Grigsby

    You are attaching way too much significance to Jalen’s comments, he wasn’t ragging against white supremacy etc. He was spewing his envy and projecting own his inferiority complex, simply because he wasn’t qualified to get into Duke.

  • http://twitter.com/mwpolitico Shirley Grigsby

    You are ignorant. What are you a tea bagging Republican moron?

  • Bctwright

    Duke didn’t recruit Mateen Cleaves because they recruited a guy by the name of Jason Williams to be PG instead. Does that name ring a bell? Check out Duke’s record against Mateen’s teams. Undefeated. Check out where Jason Williams was drafted vs. where Mateen was drafted. Lottery vs. late second round. Why is any of this even an issue? If anything the Fab 5 are ALL sell outs because they accepted a scholarship (free favors) from a white college with a white coach and accepted money (illegal, free favors) from white men. They literally sold out for money and still had the nerve to underachieve as athletes. I’m telling you, white folks can’t control black folks physically anymore but they sure do have a mental grip on many of us black folks. Jalen is an idiot because ALL of his earnings (legal and illegal) have come from white folks (NBA = white ownership, ESPN = white ownership). Who really sold out to the white man when Jalen is the one who eagerly for his white bosses at ESPN portrayed his fellow black folks (black players at Duke) as Uncle Toms on national TV?

  • http://www.bc-tw.blogspot.com Bctwright

    I respect much of what you say but only a white person could say that black people can be racist. Calling a white person “white boy” is far from racist. Racism connotes power — where is the power in that statement? On the flip side, the term Uncle Tom was coined by a white person, Harriet Beecher Stowe. So really, Jalen calling other black people Uncle Toms plays right into the hands of the white man, who would rather see dissent and discord among black people instead of harmony. This is how the white man gets ahead — by dividing and conquering. This strategy is still a winning strategy to this day as long as 40 year old black men like Jalen help perpetuate this madness. The fact is Duke went after the best player out of the bunch — Webber — and realized that they could get just as good a player, if not better, than the rest of the Fab 5. So why recruit those other players? Especially King and Jackson, who were nothing more than high profile role players. It’s sad to see that even after a valued education from U of Michigan, these guys are still as ignorant as ever, but it’s even sadder to realize that Jalen’s words will help mold the mind of a young black kid from the inner city into thinking a certain way about a black kid his age who is from a well-off family in the suburbs. Note to Jalen — it’s not the kid’s fault he was born into a good, stable, educated family!! And that’s the part that Jalen just can’t understand. Meanwhile Duke is poised to win its 5th NCAA title this season and Michigan still hasn’t won anything in more than 2 decades. Word to Rumeal Robinson.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    You are to dismissive of the nature of white racism and the legacy of it in our nation..Uncle Toms are narratives created by white racism in America..Blacks have been wounded and demonized by white racism as such many Blacks react accordingly.. Duke is a white university that for decades did not even admit Black students ..Please spare me your venom about Jalen it is easy to do that rather than dealing with the legacy of racism in America

  • Anonymous

    So being a pro athlete making millions or getting a scholarship is slavery? Give me a break. Look at the white guy walk ons at the end of the bench that go to every practice, pay tuition, and hardly ever get to play. The white practice players are more slaves than the starters… I’m not sure where you’re going with the high tech discussion…

    I think your heart is in the right place, but you lack understanding of poor black culture. I help minority kids every day. I coach and teach and have helped over 100 get into college over the last 10 years with more than half graduating and getting jobs instead of being on welfare like most of their parents. The kids that become successful work hard and don’t blame whitey or “uncle toms” for their problems. The whiney victim types look for any reason to blame someone else for their problems, become burdens to society, and try to keep other blacks from being successful.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    @ Mich Mes,

    Your inability to grasp the construct Jalen was referring to is your shortcoming not Jalen’s nor mine..Please spare me your back story I as well have mentored and coached and hundreds of Black youth and I have paid for some to attended college which is not revelant to this issue..

    Please also spare me the tired conservative verbaige of victimhood themes and work ethic nonsense..In our country the only people that have been obstacles to Black advancement have been whites for centuries..As I have noted earlier in America whites had to be legally forced and compelled to engaged in equality etc..The civil rights laws are eveidence of failure not progress..

  • Anonymous

    Webber didn’t go to Duke in part because he’d have to sit behind Laetneer and Cheroke Parks. That movie was far from a documentary. Executive producer: Jalen Rose. All those dudes took money. It’s was well documented in COURT.

  • Catchall

    We are all products of our experiences and environment. We all carry bias. It is not hard to understand how the ” 5″ might have felt at that time. Fortunately, things and people change and I would expect their attitudes and perceptions have over time.
    What is a shame is that they did not take advantage of the educational opportunity establishing a pedigree as opposed to being satisfied to designer breed status. The complete person would make a much louder statement for whatever cause they espoused/s.

  • Anonymous

    You write like a liberal academic whose livlihood is made by spewing excuses. You need a class in reality. Spare yourself the self-righteousness.

  • Bballhandles23

    He obviously wasn’t intelligent enough to make it to Duke. Let him cry as he is obviously jealous of the Black individuals that made it out successfully. Duke puts academics first. Tell him to look up the average team GPA and see if he says sellout again. And who cares if a lot of the kids recruited are white or from “a well to do black family,” if they study hard and can play the game, they will be scouted no matter what color skin. People always pull the race card when it doesn’t go their way. Why cant whites have all white scholarships or all white schools? That would be racist huh.

  • Bballhandles23

    I am a Duke fan =) but I agree whole heartedly with your statement. This is them just lashing out because of the fact they never were very successful and will never have their jerseys hung or retired.

  • we’ve all been inslaved

    Well, GBT, I can only assume you reside in America since you are so well versed in its history of slavery, racism, et al. I don’t understand how you can endure it. Perhaps you should return to your home land where there is so much less unjust adversity for “luminaries” of your ilk.

  • enslaved

    enslaved… damn:)

  • Josh

    I live where Jimmy King lived, it is not the inner city. It’s not even low income housing, it’s just middle to low class folks, mostly blue collar. Much like everything else these guys claim, this is also a fabrication.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    I like it here my why should I leave lol lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AM7GT4D6F4R4C3VZKRHJAD5K3I African Warrior

    What a pile of Racist Gutter Trash you are. It’s imbecilic morons like you that make our people sound ignorant. What the “H” would a shuck n jive piece of ghetto trash like you know about

    “The black kids recuited to Duke are kids that resemble what WHITE AMERICA wants blacks kids to be.”

    Your to inbred stupid to realize that not all of our folks choose to live like trash while running around serving your White Demo-Fed Massa’s. Now run along a serve your Massa like a good two bit red-bone closet cracker slave. See how Racism sounds whe it’s aimed at you?

    Everyone knows the Felony 5 were a bought and paid for bunch of 2nd rate cheaters taking money hand over fist and at least Weber got nailed and their coach was fired for it. Breaking the NCAA rules by taking payoffs should nullify all their wins. They should be stricken from the records.

    You would think they would get up off their knees after Duke made them their B Boys 20 years ago.
    If ESPN will fire an announcer for making a private comment like “sweet baby”, they dang sure better fire these two bigots

    To twice infer on air that one of the most respected coaches and programs in the game’s history are Racist is inexcusable and appalling. Then to imply all African Americans in Dukes history are subservient Blacks who are submissive to white folks as he defined Uncle Tom. What he failed to include is that it is also a Racist and prejudicial slur and has no place in this tournament

    All one has to do is listening to the ESPN interview where as an adult on a recent episode of “First Take,” Rose didn’t shy away from calling Duke players Uncle Toms, nor did he avoid the use of the word toward another black man. All Rose and his racist pal King chose to do is justify their Racist rhetoric, the only thing it clarity’s, is that it has nothing to do with then, and everything to do with now

    Now the rest of his racist minions want to try and shift blame to Grant Hill for responding to an unwarranted Racist attack upon everything and everyone he cares about as though it is his doing. Grant Hill did nothing to invoke this Racist assault, he had to take it in warm ups 20 yrs. ago as well. He has every right to denounce it however he sees fit

    Rose and King reveal themselves as Racist Gutter Trash in this. I am highly offended and embarrassed by Rose & Kings Racist rhetorical references, as well as ESPN for allowing this vile rhetoric to be played out in front of my children watching the tournament.
    To imply players in this tournament are Toms is disgusting

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Gresley/756366531 James Gresley

    fuck you nigger, learn your history before running shit out your ass

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    So in other words you cannot measure up to my logic and you lack the integrity to admit your shortcomings..It understand must be tough being a loser

  • Hstteach

    Duke doesn’t recruit real black players? Have you not seen Shelden Williams? The boy makes Wesley Snipes look like Charlie Sheen! How Candace Parker’s sexy behind married him I have no idea

  • ihateignorance

    you people realize that suburban doesnt mean rich right? you can be poor as fuck(and by poor as fuck i mean for an american, which is not really that poor) and live in the suburbs and opposite be true of living in the city. also being poor doesnt mean you have a tough life, you can be poor and live a pretty stable life with good friends and a lot to do growing up….as to people saying black schools are sub-standard, for the most part that is total crap, as a person who wen to dc public schools for much of his life, i can tell you the education was fine, i had teachers who cared and tried there best for the most part to be helpful just like at every other school, yes we lacked nice new books but that was really the extent to it, whether a school is defined as being a good school or not is defined by incorrect things such as grafduation rate, if have a pulse and you show up to school and do bare minimum work you will graduate, black kids in situations where they are in environments where they go to a school labeled as bad, they think oh well then its ok to fail, because its expected, and if they do good, there peers look down on them as if what theyre doing is wrong, now i am white so i was able to see this through a different perspective, and it always bothered me to see those around me waste potential so that the they could fit into the bullshit social construction of what it means to be black….overall whether or not a school has a high graduation rate, test scores blah blah blah depends on the kids and the attitudes and expectations instilled in them, if you took the kids from the “best” school in the country who all work hard and expect to succeed and put them at a school like ballou high school for instance, all of a sudden ballou would have a 100% graduation rate and high test scores, its not that difficult to understand

  • Hart

    Wow, did you just call GBT an American and then tell him to go back to his homeland? If you don’t understand how moronic that is, it only gives me a reason for why you incorrectly spelled enslaved.

  • Hart

    I don’t think that white people are holding black folks back (even though they have tried to with all their might and continue to try without as much enthusiasm). I think the biggest enemy now is the mental damage that was done to us in the past. It is self-perpetuating and destructive and it actually seems to grow worse with time. At first black hated themselves because because they were made to feel ashamed. Now we hate ourselves because we’re angry with each other. We’re angry with each other in response to the hate that’s been shown. Crazy.

  • Shawn

    The civil rights laws that were passed in this country were legislated and passed, by whites by the way, to protect the minority from the majority. In democracy, majority rules, but in a republic, mechanisms exist by which the minority is protected. Many such laws exist in most societies that are democratic or republican by nature.
    I fail to see how the otherwise factual chain of white racism-slavery-self-esteem-Uncle Tom is germane since Jalen was not a slave, nor his parents, nor his grandparents, nor his great grandparents. There is no reason for Jalen or the contemporaries he speaks of to make the slavery-self-esteem connection that was thus argued as the Uncle Tom originate any more than the Irish now suffer self-esteem issues over being used as slaves and indentured servants prior to the beginning of the African Slave Trade.
    Anyone who has children knows this chain is not genetically passed along. Therefore, if the self-esteem to Uncle Tom binary still exists, then it has nothing to do with the 160 years in the past institution of slavery.
    My point is that the slavery-self-esteem-Uncle Tom conjunction has nothing to do with this discussion. In fact, this anachronistic reference only obstructs an actual useful discussion of the issue, a discussion relevant to the realities of today.
    Even though I am a fan of Jalen Rose, I would opine that Uncle Tom is a racist construct, even if Rose does not think of it that way. An Uncle Tom is a black who conforms to the desires of whites. However, what is wrong with that? There are, of course, whites who conform to the desires of blacks. Whites who hate blacks have derogatory names for them as well. I would contend that Uncle Tom is merely the black equivalent of the same. As such, to blacks who hate whites, a black who conforms to whites is an Uncle Tom. Let’s not pretend that Jalen was using the term as a mere descriptor here. It was clearly a derogatory term, at least in his 18 year old mind. And why derogatory? Because a black acting white was wrong to him. And why was it wrong? Because acting white was wrong. Or simplest put- racism.
    It is nearly the exact same as heteros using “gay” as a derogatory term. Why? Because being “gay” is wrong.
    In summation, Uncle Tom may have originated from white racism, but the Uncle Tom of today may actually originate from black racism. After all, how could it be derogatory otherwise? If blacks have no issue with whites, then how would conforming to white culture be wrong?
    Jalen is free to his opinions. Good for him. This is just an honest discussion of a complex issue.

  • TimeOutChris

    Duke is everything wrong with America and it always will be. So is UNC. Go to their stadiums and they have pictures of voodoo dolls of the Fab Five and Steve Fisher. I’m the third generation of my family to go to Michigan. I’m better than anybody who ever went to Duke.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad and pathetic that you’ve resorted to name-calling. Sure, whites played a historical role in black suppression, no one said they didn’t. Your unwillingness to put at least SOME responsibility on blacks perpetuates the problem. By your logic, whites are responsible for black on black crime and black women having 5 kids with 4 different dads. You must think whitey forced the black Pitt player (by your logic a slave) to commit a dumb game ending foul on the white Butler player (by your logic the suppressor- although both are privileged scholarship athletes) even though the Pitt player admitted responsibility… Have you ever examined the civil unrest in many African countries where the black population is 99%+ ? Zaire/Congo, Rwanda, etc. Is that whitey’s fault too? Seriously dude, pay attention. “It understand must be tough being a loser”. I guess you need classes in Reality, Logic, and English.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad and pathetic that you’ve resorted to name-calling. Sure, whites played a historical role in black suppression, no one said they didn’t. Your unwillingness to put at least SOME responsibility on blacks perpetuates the problem. By your logic, whites are responsible for black on black crime and black women having 5 kids with 4 different dads. You must think whitey forced the black Pitt player (by your logic a slave) to commit a dumb game ending foul on the white Butler player (by your logic the suppressor- although both are privileged scholarship athletes) even though the Pitt player admitted responsibility… Have you ever examined the civil unrest in many African countries where the black population is 99%+ ? Zaire/Congo, Rwanda, etc. Is that whitey’s fault too? Seriously dude, pay attention. “It understand must be tough being a loser”. I guess you need classes in Reality, Logic, and English.

  • Anonymous

    Mateen Cleaves played for Michigan STATE, was an all American, won 3 conference titles, a national title and was the 10th overall draft pick of 2000… doesn’t have much to do with Jalen Rose.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    Stop obessing over me and it is quite apparent you simply cannot measure up with my logic or our nation’s history with regard to racism.. Please get lost and stop using racial terms like ‘whitey”..Truth is you are not worthy of my time and intellect..You are an intellectual coward ..I am tired of crushing you in here..Loser…lol,lol,lol

  • Anonymous

    You can’t compose a reasonable argument and that is why you will never win hearts or minds. Bye.

  • http://planeideas.blogspot.com GBT

    This is a chat forum not a english class..Apparently you liked my logic given your endless replies..what a intellectual coward you are..Loser

  • Bengalhoel

    Wow, I just cannot believe some of the comments that I am reading. I cant for the life of me understand this White America crap that is being spread by the Black commenters. I am a white American, not by choice but by luck of the draw. I came out of the womb of a white woman who happened to be impregnated by a white man. I did not get a special card or any special privelidges in my life. I have went to schools that were mostly black and schools that were mostly white. The education that I recieved was equal at the different schools. The difference that I did notice though was that the white kids that went to black schools were treated like crap by the black kids. The black kids at the mostly white schools were treated like everyone else.

    Rose and King seemed to imply that they hated Duke because they were everything white America stands for and Black Americans that went there were sell-outs or Uncle-Toms. Okay let me get this straight. Black Americans are supposedly held out of every high paying job, kept out of the best universities, and not given equal chances to succeed in White America, yet when a Black American takes advantage of an equal opportunity, they are sell-outs. So young Black Americans are being taught that Whitey is still keeping them down but yet when an opportunity presents itself they cant take it because they are turning their backs on Black culture. So what the hell are they supposed to do? This is the kind of thinking that not only drags a people down, but a whole nation as well.

    And this whole thing of comparing sports to slavery is just embarrassing. People in the United States cannot even begin to relate to what our Black brothers and sisters had to got through at that period in time. At the same time though, just because Im white, I am not going to take responsibility for what happened back then. I do know that if it wasnt for slavery, the majority of the Black Americans in this country would not be here right now. If you think that there arent any opportunites for Blacks in America try getting a good paying job in Sierra Leone.

    You could add up they combined salary of every person in my familie’s lifetime and it still would not even come close to what Jalen Rose and Chris Webber have made in their career’s and yet they are still playing the victim role. It’s sad to know that people that I looked up to and wanted to be dont even like me because my skin color or where I live. I guess that is reverse discrimination and maybe I deserve it.

  • hb

    Interesting that you never see these kinds of comments from UNC or Duke about Michigan. No need.

  • Jasonward54

    I am from Detroit,(Cody Comets) and I believe they spoke about the Duke players from the heart. As a young man growing up in Detroit I felt the same way about Duke. Be it right or wrong,this is what we believed at that time. Jalen spoke how Grant had the things he did not have in life.(A structured family) These gentleman gave inner city Detroit youth something other than “Crack” to talk about.

  • Bjf3

    as i m part cherokee. black and white i must say that all that hire me do so because of what I know how to do not my backround. I would be glad to have 1 year of any of the ” fab five” money. If white america controls the money when enough of black america is there it will equal out. enough of this racism. All are guilty , blacks too. Who sold the original slaves.

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