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Jim Boeheim Spoke Out About Gun Control After His 900th Win (Video)

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre, there have been loud and numerous calls for tighter gun control laws in the U.S. Last night, Jim Boeheim joined the chorus, making some pointed comments after he became the third Division I men’s coach to reach 900 wins.

Boeheim, who himself is a hunter, questioned why there are weapons — such as the semi-automatic used by Adam Lanza to kill 20 small children and 6 adults — made available to the public.

“If we cannot get the people who represent us to do something about firearms, we are a sad, sad society,” Boeheim said. “If one person in this world, the NRA president, anybody, can tell me why we need assault weapons with 30 shots – this is our fault if we don’t go out there and do something about this. If we can’t get this thing done, I don’t know what kind of country we have.”

  • triza78

    Because people can’t commit mass murders with anything other than a semi-automatic rifle…never mind that he was carrying two handguns but chose not to use those.

    But if it makes you feel better to get on a soapbox…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Thompson/1796945732 Dennis Thompson

    What an idiot. Shut up and coach. The 2nd amendment is for people to protect themselves from a tyranic Government. One we have now in Obama. If you did a little homework you would find all of these shooters have one issue in common. SSRI drugs. Mind altering anti-depressants. Columbine, Colorado, Va Tech and more. Read the bottle.Can cause sudden death, and Suicide. That is what you need to ban.

  • darladoon

    so citizens need semi-automatic, military-grade weaponry to protect them from a tyrannical government?

  • Henry

    I usually don’t respond so angrily but your absolute lunacy and ignorance is dangerous. It is people like you who have caused these events indirectly by spreading misinformation about mental health. I bet you think Obama was born overseas and that creationism is real. One day I really hope you open your mind and decide to listen to other perspectives because honestly I feel quite bad for you. An ignorant mind is just as dangerous as a loaded gun.

  • mason

    Even if the government has stricter gun laws people who want guns will get guns illegally. Then people who would own guns legally will have nothing to protect themselves from the people who are illegally carrying firearms.

  • henry
  • henry

    Again, another nice pro gun argument that doesn’t hold water. James Holmes (Aurora shooting) was diagnosed as mentally ill and was able to buy semi automatic assault weapons, The CT shooting took the guns from his mother as did they Columbine shooters. These were not black market criminal weapons. I am completely for the 2nd ammendment but don’t you think that mental health background checks, and bans on assault weapons (you know, the guns made specifically and solely to kills large amounts of human beings.) Also, why are you so interested in Sandyhook when hundreds of children die each year from gun violence but it’s only when those who are not supposed to be killed (white, upper middle class) when we get offended.

  • Greg

    Semi automatic or not, guns in the right hands mean nothing. Are you seriously trying to argue that these killers would not have gotten their guns illegally then you are incredibly biased. Even if that holds true, 20 kids were stabbed in a Chinese elementary school a day before this massacre. People how are mentally ill, criminals, psychopaths will kill with any means necessary. Gun control will not stop this.

  • henry

    Yes Greg but those 20 Chinese children are alive and recovering. Can’t say the same for the Conn. or Colorado victims. If the shooters did not have access to legal guns how would they have gotten them? Go down to the local gang and buy them? I dont think so. You are confusing general gun violence with mass shootings. The majority of guns used in large scale massacres are legal assault rifles. The vast majority of illegal guns used in crimes are hand guns. Huge difference between the two. A 12 chamber hand gun can do a lot less damage than a 30 mag semi auto assault rifle

  • http://twitter.com/Hurriflames Tron Rodriguez

    Right, and the fact that these people on mind altering drugs have easy access to semi automatic military grade weapons has NOTHING to do with it, right? That can’t possibly be part of the problem. I get the whole “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument. But the guns sure make it a heck of a lot easier and more efficient to do it. Do you think someone could walk into a theater with a knife and mass murder a hundred people in a matter of seconds? Any moron can pull a trigger, it is far more difficult to stab or strangle or kill by other means. It gives potential victims more of a chance to fight back or get away or something. The countrys dependance on these weapons is ludicrous and unnecessary. There is NO NEED for there to be as many guns as there are. NONE. If you don’t think that is a part of this problem then you are blind and ignorant. The right for lunatics to own assault weapons is more important than the average citizens right to feel safe in a school or theater? You’re an idiot, and i truly feel bad for humanity because of mentalities like yours.

  • http://twitter.com/Hurriflames Tron Rodriguez

    So because he didn’t use the backup weapons he brought means it’s not a big deal? Yes, people can commit mass murders with handguns too. There is also no need for there to be as many handguns as there are. No different from semi automatics. People like you assume that the right to own as many deadly weapons as you want is more important than the lives and safety of average citizens. It’s not just automatic weapons that are the problem, it’s the general ease and availability with which any moron or criminal or lunatic can obtain firearms. The countries perceived dependance on firearms is stupid. It is unnecessary. And you gun loving idiots with your spew about constitutional rights are why we hear these kinds of stories multiple times a year. Because owning easily concealable handguns and semi automatic assault weapons is “your right”. Well if that’s the case then i say F— your right. F— your narrow minded dependance on your tools of death that easily and repeatedly fall into the hands of murderers and mentally unstable whackjobs. If pissing off a bunch of NRA loving gun toting murder defending d-bags is what it takes to make the average person safer in everyday regular life settings then DONE. So be it.

    So yeah, i hope more people DO get on that soapbox you refer to

  • Pat

    Once again the ignorant chime in. Assault weapons? Multiple times a year? Why don’t you do some serious study of actual numbers and crimes and then get back to us with your chest thumping, F-bomb dropping empty platitudes. The fact that you think murders and assaults are being committed with “automatic weapons” shows you have no serious scholarly knowledge, just the feigned outrage of the internet. It is nigh impossible to purchase such a weapon, notwithstanding the requirement to be specially licensed by ATF, the cost alone is prohibitive. 2% of the crimes committed in the US involved the euphemistically named “assault weapons” and the media ghouls relish the stories. Why don’t you be honest and just say you are for a complete ban on all firearms, as if that will solve the problem.

  • Pat

    Guy, you’re all over the place…12 chamber handgun? WTF is that? Please provide a source for your claim that the “majority of guns used in large scale massacres are legal assault rifles.” The shooter in Connecticut killed his mother and stole her weapons, i.e he did not legally obtain these weapons. In fact, he was not old enough to purchase any of the weapons he obtained through the commission of a crime, the murder of his mother. Are you claiming that the majority of the people that committed the large scale massacres came about their weapons legally? What do you mean by the statement “The vast majority of illegal guns used in crimes are hand guns. “? Are you saying that the people that commit crimes are not legally obtaining firearms, rather they are committing the crime of illegally obtaining a firearm and then committing additional crimes with that illegally obtained firearm? I think you’re confused regarding how criminals obtain firearms and their utilization in the commission of crimes.

  • henry

    Pat, stop using semantics and my poor word choice to stray from the real issue. I meant to say 12 round magazine which is the standard clip for a handgun from what I understand. This is 18 fewer founds than the standard 30 round assault rifle clip. Had this man only had access to hand guns and not an assault rifle the death toll would very likely be lower (same in Aurora, Co.). So I have but 2 questions, why not background check for all weapon sales (including the currently excluded private gun show sales), and why not limit the standard clip size for all magazines to 6 shots? Offer a buy back program for all bigger magazines and offer replacement 6 shot magazines in their place. Otherwise, what is your solution, and please don’t say arming teachers because that is just one of the worst ideas I’ve heard (Republicans always argue that our teachers have gotten lazy and are incompetent so why are some of them now ready to put guns in the hands of these same teachers?)

  • Joseph Kool

    Damn you guys are a bunch of gun fearing pussies

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