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NCAA Basketball

Mormons Can’t Jump? Kevin Blackistone Thinks Jimmer Fredette’s SI Cover Was “Photoshopped”

Earlier, we told you about BYU star Jimmer Fredette‘s appearance on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated, and noted that the ups he displayed made him look superhuman. Well, Kevin Blackistone thinks Fredette’s leaping ability may have been a bit exaggerated.

During PTI’s “fill in the blank” segment today, Blackistone, who was filling in for Mike Wilbon, said that he thinks Jimmer’s SI cover was “photoshopped.” Truth be told, Blackistone sounded like he was half-joking, and his criticism sounded more like it was aimed at the media’s love affair with Jimmer than the SI cover itself.

“We know he is a fantastic scorer,” Blackistone said. “We know he is open as soon as he walks in the gym and will shoot it from anywhere. Now I’m led to believe that he is going to get in the NBA, and not only win the three-point shooting contest, but the dunk contest now? Stop it.”

Watch video of the segment here, courtesy of ESPN.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what a stupid adult urkle of a hater……. I saw that pti and you could tell that this negro seriously had had it with a white boy (who leads the country in scoring and who’s non powerhouse byu team is in the sweet 16) actually getting some love from everybody…. almost venomously he said, enough with all the jimmer hype, then proceeded to say the pic was photoshopped…. its pretty sorry that this racist chump gets to spout his mouth off and make unfounded claims and no one get upset, but you let it go the other way, a white journalist, dog out a black athlete for being stupid, or selfish, and the NAACP is filing a junction… im sick of the double standards in this country…. you basically had this bozo poke his chest out and flaunt his disgust that finally a white guy from a school not rich in basketball tradition is getting national love…. you didnt see white guys despising stephan curry and making stupid statements during his jimmer like run a few years back, instead they all adored curry, cause he was a great kid, and it didnt matter what color he was…. he was basketball ecstasy to fans period… jimmer is the same type kid, and shouldnt have to deal with some hater all the way up the latter (probably due to affirmative action) telling the whole world to stop being excited by this white BOY……. kevin i guess ur last night is fitting, black and casting stones..
    PS PTI ticked me off so bad i went back and super slow mowed the shot that SI got the cover for… i paused and its highest point, and he is freekin up there… blackastone prob tries to convince himself CBS photo shopped it to… live…… lol

  • Aplusone

    He is overhyped. Everyone is entitled for their own opinion and I also think this photo is altered…

  • transplant99

    “I saw that PTI and you could tell that this “negro” seriously had had it with a white boy ”

    “its pretty sorry that this racist chump gets to spout his mouth off ”

    Are you freakin serious?

    he is racist because he is black and is questioning a photo…and you call him a “negro”

    Grow up.

  • gatorpowah

    as a racist chump, I don’t think you should be calling others racist chumps. and Jimmer is a little mormon boy who’s gonna get his bright white butt handed to him by the gators.

  • wtf…

    p.s. how the hell do you report someone for racism on this site??

  • Crouch117

    Alright… So here is a screen shot of that shot in the game. I paused it where I felt it was the exact moment. Look at how high he extends on his jump (and this is from the camera angle above).

    Also keep in mind, my VERY 1st thought was the same as PTI… Photoshopped! However, after wasting work hours to find the video and compare, I think it is completely real. Keep in mind the angle of the SI Photo also helps Fredette a bit…

  • Gnarshmallow

    @Aplusone Jimmer averages 28.8 points and is leading scorer. Good reason to pay attention to him. Overhyped? Nah, just a great player that deserves the attention he is getting. Get off your high horse

  • wvrydr

    Over rated yeah right this guy makes shots that are ridiculous! Every time I see him play he does something amazing and as for the NBA he’ll make it maybe not big but he’ll make a ton of money!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WZAQCGKW3M2MYFPNLLUURNSORI Alan

    Jimmer has a 36″ plus vertical, the guy is the best player in College basketball, just shut up, sit back and enjoy the Jimmer show!

  • JimmerGaucho

    Overrated!? Who are you guys kidding? I’ll be watching the Jimmer show in a few hours and I’m sure I’ll be amazed by almost every 3 he drops all night! Who are you comparing Jimmer to if you say hes’s overrated?

  • Anonymous

    flag. left-hand side under comment. sometimes they ignore you. leave site, re-enter, continue until it’s gone.

  • Anonymous

    the photo is altered. no question. the kid can shoot, but he cannot and does not even try to jump.

    am i watching a ncaa game (byu vs florida) or a tribute to jimmer? the game is tied, jimmer is off his game, and they are running their mouths about the heroic jimmer. florida has held him to 10 pts. what’s the deal?

  • Anonymous

    i’m watchin’ him right now. 10pts in one half. not real impressed.

  • Anonymous

    OVERRATED TO THE MAX….the next G W H!!!…

  • DC hoops

    Blackistone is a racist

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